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Pomace management reduces spread of vine mealybugs
between vineyards. We investigated the. potential for vine mealybugs to survive in. one type of winery waste (or pomace) that. is often spread over the vineyard floor dur-. ing the harvest period. The pomace we investigated contains. ... ter (0.085% survival). In the second trial, (0.3 meter) and 3-feet (0.9 meter) deep covered, vine mealybugs were reduced. single infested clusters were placed inside into pomace piles that were 4 feet. by nearly 100% in both “stemmy” and.
Reducing the rate of spread of disease
Practices that reduce the initial levels of inoculum include selecting appropriate planting materials, destruction of crop residues, elimination of living plants that carry pathogens, and crop rotation. The selection of appropriate planting material can involve planting resistant cultivars, planting a number of mixed cultivars, using certified seed and ensuring that disease is not spread on vegetative propagating material or on equipment.
Reduced-Sugar Fruit Spreads: Peach-Pineapple Spread
Making Jams and Jellies. Reduced-Sugar Fruit Spreads: Peach-Pineapple Spread. ... Allow juice to drip about 15 minutes. Save the juice for jelly or other uses. Measure 4 cups of drained fruit pulp for making spread. Combine the 4 cups of pulp, pineapple, and lemon juice in a 4-quart saucepan. Add up to 2 cups of sugar, if desired, and mix well.
Reduce the Spread of Illness | EH&S
Downloadable posters intended to remind students and staff about simple steps they can take to reduce the spread of illness on campus. Print and post these in high traffic/common areas.
NF93-121 Practices That Reduce Risk of Spreading
Practices That Reduce Risk of Spreading Rhizomania. John A. Smith, Extension Machinery Systems Engineer Eric D. Kerr, Extension Plant Pathologist, Panhandle Research and Extension Center. ... The most practical and easily-applied field practice for reducing the spread of rhizomania is the elimination or reduction of soil movement from an infested field.
Cooked Jam or Reduced Sugar Fruit Spread Score Sheet
4-H 794e Rev. 4/2015. Cooked Jam or Reduced Sugar Fruit Spread Score Sheet.
Reduced-Rate Retransmissions for Spread-Spectrum
Reduced-Rate Retransmissions for Spread-Spectrum Packet Radio Multimedia Networks. Lei Zhou, Student Member, IEEE, Yu-Dong Yao, Senior member, IEEE, Harry Heffes, Fellow, IEEE, and Ruifeng Zhang, Member, IEEE. Abstract— A reduced-rate retransmission (RRR) scheme is proposed for improving the throughput performance of spread-spectrum packet radio networks.
Impact of reduced tick
They also found that execution costs reduced after the change, with large institutional orders experiencing the largest reduction, suggesting that spread reduction dominates depth reduction. They concluded that a tick-size decrease improves liquidity and decreases execution costs in a futures-market setting.
Reduction of Multipath Errors in Spread-Spectrum Code...
However, the complexity is reduced in [12] through use of a noncoherent MEDLL and incorporating a phase search unit, based on statistical distributions of multipath phases. Other schemes such as Peak tracking (PT) algorithms use a combination of feedback ... REFERENCES [1] Roger L. Peterson, Rodger E. Ziemer, David E. Borth, ”Introduction to Spread-Spectrum Communications”, Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1995. [2] A. J. Van Dierendonck, and M. S. Braasch, ”Evaluation of GNSS Receiver Correlation Processing Techniques for...
A short heat-treatment of luggage may reduce spread...
Irvine, Calif., Aug. 15, 2016 — A University of California, Irvine entomologist has discovered that a brief blast of heat can kill bedbugs traveling on the outside of luggage, suggesting an additional way to use this nonchemical means of controlling ...
Reducing the Spread of Flu - Ball State University
Reducing the Spread of Flu. You can take many steps to reduce your risk of contracting the flu or spreading the flu to others. When you are sick, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you sneeze or cough. If you don't have a tissue, sneeze or cough into your upper sleeve, not your hands. Promptly put tissues into a wastebasket or plastic bag.
Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the
Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses: systematic review. Tom Jefferson, coordinator,1 Ruth Foxlee, trials search coordinator,2 Chris Del Mar, dean,3 Liz Dooley, review group coordinator,4 Eliana Ferroni, researcher,5 Bill Hewak, medical student,3 Adi Prabhala, medical student,3 Sree Nair, professor of biostatistics,6 Alex Rivetti, trials search coordinator1.
Coordinated Response Could Reduce Spread of Emerging...
Home > News > News Releases > 2016 > Coordinated Response Could Reduce Spread of Emerging Superbug in Health Facilities by More Than 75 Percent, Study Suggests. ... A simulation of how the so-called “superbug” carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) might spread among health care facilities found that coordinated efforts prevented more than 75 percent of the often-severe infections that would have otherwise occurred over a five-year period.
Theory of Spread-Spectrum Communications-A
achievable?What is the performance of any user pair in an. 0 Antiinterference. environment where there are many spread spectrum users. 0 Low probability of intercept. (code divisionMultipleaccessj? To what extent does spread. 0 Multiple user random access communications with selec- spectrum reduce the effects of multipath? How is the relative. tive addressingcapability.
You can reduce the spread of some
How to reduce the spread of infectious diseases at home. Families with small children get sick a lot. The bodies of young children can’t fight germs as well as adult bodies can.
Handout #1.2
Handout #1.2. How to Reduce the Spread of Infections through Stools Since children and staff who have digestive illnesses don’t always feel sick or have diarrhea, the best method for preventing the spread of these diseases is to have a constant prevention program (universal precautions) in place at your program. The hepatitis A virus, rotavirus, and giardia lamblia cysts can all survive on surfaces for periods ranging from hours to weeks.
The IMF in a World of Private Capital Markets
Consistent with this assumption, banks reduce spreads as they obtain more information through repeat transactions with borrowers. By comparison, repeat borrowing has little influence in bond markets, where publicly-available information dominates. But spreads on bonds are lower when they are issued in conjunction with IMF-supported programs, as if the existence of a program conveyed positive information to bondholders.
We consider
8)I, where the estimation model has to allow for differences over cross-sec-. 13The long trading-period requirement might have eliminated from our sample the riskier and higher-spread stocks, thus reducing the variability of the data. Throughout, ‘equal’ portfolios may differ from one another by one security due to indivisibility.
How to Close a Stock Market?
We show that the Closing Call Auction (CCA) reduces spreads and volatility right before the close. We attribute this change in market quality to agents’ reactions to the new trading opportunity offered by the CCA and we document this explanation by analyzing the effect of the introduction of the CCA on the trading aggressiveness of various types of market participants around the close.
* Part 1 of this 3-part series (Volume 16, Issue 1, 2007) focused on common types of communicable diseases, how germs are transmitted, and the importance of handwashing as an effective strategy for reducing the spread of such diseases. In this issue, we will focus on tips for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting surfaces that pose a risk to children and staff, and best practices for handling food.
Biosecurity Basics for
The Three Principles of Biosecurity. 1. Reduce risk of pathogen introduction to the facility 2. Reduce risk of pathogen spread throughout the. facility 3. Reduce conditions within the facility that increase. ... l An important strategy to reduce transmission of pathogens. l Should include sick as well as dead fish. l Act as reservoir for pathogen proliferation. l Cull at least once per day. 33. Prevent Infection and Disease via Stress Reduction. l Reduce noise & vibration
Collateral Spread And Financial Development
A one standard deviation improvement in …nancial development due to stronger institutions leads to a reduction in collateral spread by one-half. We also …nd that the composition of collateralizable assets shifts towards non-speci…c assets (e.g. land) with increased risk. ... The cost of collateral in terms of collateral spread declines sharply with the level of …nancial de-velopment. A one standard deviation improvement in …nancial development reduces collateral spread by almost one-half.
Reducing the Effects of Component Mismatch by
1 [9]. We can improve the gain error tolerance by arranging the capacitors so that the mismatch error of the top pair is of the opposite sign of the bottom pair. This is done by picking the top feedback. Figure 1. Fully differential gain of two circuit and the reduced spread when the capacitors are arranged based on relative size.
Non-stationarity in bid-ask spreads: the role of tick size...
to-trade spreads for every NYSE stock for each year 1993-2006 and find that tick size. reduction in 1997 and 2001 substantially reduced the incidence of mean-reverting NYSE. ... We attribute this growing non-stationarity of spreads to “legging” in the bid and ask. quotes, and relate the reduced resiliency of the NYSE book to arbitrage threshold bounds. relative to the radically declining tick size. In addition, we show that mean-reversion tests are.
Competition Doesn’t Reduce
Competition Doesn’t Reduce the Spread of Priming. Kimberly Wear David S. Gorfein Harriett Amster The University of Texas at Arlington. Acknowledgements.
The Task Co-scheduling Problem
Combination Approach Reduces Spread of Drug-Related HIV
A computer model has created the most effective formula for reducing the spread of HIV among drug users in New York City over the next 25 years. ... Increased HIV testing resulted in a 12% percent reduction; with expanded access to substance abuse treatment there was a 26% reduction. The other reductions were 34% for increased needle and syringe program usage, and 45% percent for scaling up treatment as prevention.
Riskfree Rates and Default Spreads
Country Risk Premium for Peru. n Default Spread for Peru. • Sovereign Bond spread = 1.55% • CDS spread = 1.52% • Bond rating (Baa3) spread = 2.00%.
Blog Archive » Help reduce the spread of colds
Help reduce the spread of colds: Oct. 5, 2009 by nchesbro.
Care in handling firewood reduces the spread of harmful...
You can reduce the chance of impacting the health of adjacent stands and individual trees by reducing the movement of firewood, splitting it as soon as possible after cutting, and covering it tightly with plastic so the stack gets a chance to heat up. Once the bark loosens and begins to fall off the chance of problems spreading is reduced considerably.
B iosecurity includes all the things producers do to
AI also reduces disease spread between the boar and sows, whether the source of semen is on-farm or purchased. The use of AI cannot prevent all disease transmission, because some diseases, such as porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), can be spread through the semen. The use of semen from shedding boars can result in many sows being exposed to disease.
Vertical Spread Design
Vertical Spread Design Based on data on options on Eurodollar futures, the design and trading of vertical spreads (a.k.a. bull and bear spreads) are examined. Reducing the cost and/or increasing the profit likelihood of long positions appears more important than risk reduction on short positions in most traders’ decisions to employ vertical spreads instead of single options.
Competition on the Nasdaq and the Impact
Our results show that changes in inventory and information costs cannot explain the post-reform decrease in bid-ask spreads. We interpret this as evidence that the reforms have reduced Nasdaq dealers’ rents. Additionally, we find that the difference between NYSE and Nasdaq spreads have been greatly diminished with the new rules.
Eighths, Sixteenths and Market Depth
Similar to other studies, we find that quoted spreads and quoted depth declined after the change. However, we find that depth declined throughout the entire limit order book as well. The combined effect of smaller spreads and reduced cumulative depth in the limit order book has made liquidity demanders trading small orders better off.
(A) Spread of WT GFP-Lm from C57BL/6 (n = 4) or NOS2-decient (Nos2?/?, n = 3) donors into Nos2?/? recipients was reduced compared to C57BL/6 recipients. Furthermore, the LPS enhancement did not occur in the absence of NOS2. ... Enhanced spread was seen in the liver compared to the spleen. Treatment with 1400W signicantly reduced Lm spread in the liver. Data points represent each mouse, means ± SEM from all mice. n = 5 mice per experiment, performed twice.
• Very high ventilation rates (10+ m/s): – Assumed long delay phase and reduced growth rate, unlimited fire size, shorter flames may hinder spread. Tunnel Fire Safety Engineering www.tunnelfiresafety.co.uk. 9.
IFA is a variant of the logistic growth curve of a
pesticide treatments, coordination of efforts to Examination of both spread reduction and. limit spatial spread of the pest (quarantine demand factors seems appropriate for mobile. activities) and scale economies in technology to pests besides the IFA. reduce adverse side effects of pesticides are given as justifications for public or large-scale pest control programs.
Channel Models for | Median Gain Reduction Factor (dB)
Antenna Gain Reduction Factor (GRF). In local scattering, when compared to an omnidirectional antenna, the nominal gain of a directive antenna can be significantly reduced. ... Where ?rms is the rms delay spread, d is the distance in km, T1 is the median value of ?rms at d = 1 km, ? is an exponent that lies between 0.5-1.0, and y is a lognormal variate. The model parameters and their values can be found in. Table III of [3].
Substrate-Mediated Spreading and Phase
(100) surfaces as a function of temperature and exposure to oxidizing and reducing environments. On YSZ(100), LSM particles were found to decompose into Mn- and La-rich phases and spread over the surface upon calcination in air at temperatures above 1123 K. The Mn-rich phase was observed to have a higher mobility and spread more rapidly.
Can also limit the spread of disease
• Can also limit the spread of disease infections: – Effectively dilutes the density (or contact rate) of susceptibles in the population and reduces the effectiveness of vectors. Dr. S. Malcolm. BIOS 3010: Ecology. Lecture 10: slide 8. 9. Reduced survivorship, growth and fecundity of hosts: • Host survivorship is reduced with increasing parasite load. – See Figures 12.17 and 12.18. • Also reduction in: – Age of maturity.
Modelling the Spread of Hepatitis C via
2000, primary prevention programs, risk reduction counselling, and needle and syringe exchange programs seem to have substantially reduced infections via injection drug use. ... 2. point in the spread of an HCV epidemic are expensive regulatory interventions cost-effective in terms of the resulting benefits from reduced spread of HCV?” or “What is the minimum level of success for a control program to guarantee cost-effectiveness?”
The Credit Spread Puzzle - Myth or Reality?
Keywords: Credit spread puzzle, Merton model, Structural models, Corporate bond spreads, Realized default frequencies; JEL: C23; G01; G12. ? We are grateful for valuable comments and suggestions received from Antje Berndt (discussant), Harjoat Bhamra, Hui Chen ... Journal of Banking and Finance 28, 2789–2811. Jarrow, R., H. Li, S. Liu, and C. Wu (2010). Reduced-Form Valuation of Callable Corpo-rate Bonds: Theory and Evidence. Journal of Financial Economics 95, 227–248. Kealhofer, S., S. Kwok, and W. Weng (1998).
Spread Spectrum and Code
be reduced by processing gain. 5. Multipath can improve receiver performance by capturing the. energy in paths having different transmission delays. 6. In fading channels, spread-spectrum receiver can obtain important. advantage in diversity by using RAKE receiver. 7. Choice of spreading codes is critical to reduce multiple-access. interference and multipath self-interference.
Bid-ask Spread and Order Size in the
This information then spreads in the market through inter-dealer trading. So, dealers have more incentive to reduce spread to attract large orders in the customer market than in the inter-dealer market. Therefore, the strategic trading effect is likely stronger in the customer market.
Midwest Biological Control News
By excluding predators from certain plants researchers were able to study the ability of generalist predators to reduce establishment of aphid colonies and thus limit the spread of the virus. In field trials, a combination of predators, including soldier beetles and lady beetles, reduced aphid numbers by 80% in 24 hours. Over 90% of those aphids protected from predation survived during the same period.
Anyaogu: An Adventist Pilot Project to Reduce the Spread...
In the Umuahia Capital Territory, the spread of HIV/AIDS is growing at a terrifying rate; therefore, there is a compelling need to consider how HIV/AIDS has spread in the past, to dis-cover the factors responsible for its rapid spread, and to develop and implement an Adventist pilot strategy for reducing its spread.
Re-Educated Immune Cells May Reduce Breast Cancer...
Researchers at Ohio State University Medical Center have discovered a novel strategy for reducing the growth and spread of breast cancer tumors by slowing the metastasis or spread of tumor-associated inflammatory cells. "We found that we could 're-educate' macrophages within the tumor so that rather than promote new blood vessel formation they will block it," said Dr. Clay B. Marsh, director of Ohio State Medical Center's Center for Critical Care and senior author of the study...
Are Product Spreads Useful for Forecasting?
We document MSPE reductions as high as 20% and directional accuracy as high as 63% at the two-year horizon, making product spread models a good complement to forecasting models based on economic fundamentals, which work best at short horizons. ... Similarly, Goldman Sachs in April 2013 cut its oil price forecast citing signicant downward pressure on product spreads, which it interpreted as an indication of reduced demand for products (see Strumpf 2013).
Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Health - Topiramate Reduces...
Needle and Syringe Provision and Opioid Agonist Treatment May Reduce the Spread of HCV in People with Injection Drug Use. ... However, there is little direct evidence linking such interventions to reductions in HCV incidence. This meta-analysis pooled data from 6 studies to assess whether NSP* (alone or in combination) and OAT were associated with reduced incidence of HCV.
And asset price
Modeling preference shocks as we do is a ‘reduced form’ for many possibilities. We use extreme values purely for simplicity of interpretation. The Glosten-Milgrom (1985) model is consistent with more general shocks and types of private information. Some motive for trade other than speculative profit is necessary to construct a model of trade by unin-formed individuals: unless they have some potential gains from trade, they will be unwilling to pay the bid-ask spread.
Hakea sericea : Development of a model of the impacts of
The agents are known to reduce seed banks at the individual plant level but the population-level effects are not well understood. The aim of the study was to esti-mate the extent to which the biological control has reduced the population growth and rate of spread of this species. H. sericea is a serotinous species which releases its wind-dispersed seeds en masse when the parent plants are killed, usually by re.
Spread Spectrum
Spread Spectrum. q Input is fed into a channel encoder. o Produces analog signal with narrow bandwidth. q Signal is further modulated using sequence of digits. o Spreading code or spreading sequence o Generated by pseudonoise, or pseudo-random number generator. ... o Jammer must jam all frequencies o With fixed power, this reduces the jamming power in any. one frequency band. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS).
The kinetics of spreading for hexadecane droplets were slowed down and the n value was reduced to n=0.36-0.39 when deionized water was replaced by sodium dodecyl sulfate solutions. These results suggest that the kinetics of hydrocarbon spreading can be controlled through molecular arrangements at the water-fluid interfaces.
Spread Spectrum
C (bps) = BWfrequency x log2(1+SNR) (1). Let’s first consider the case of a non-spread narrowband signal. If an RF interferor (e.g., RFI from other transmitters, electrical equipment, etc.) overalps our narrowband signal, then our SNR can be dramatically reduced, possibly to the point that no signal is received at our receiver. With a reduced SNR, capacity is also reduced or eliminated.
Super spreading of oil by condensed water
However, it is more important to consider the reduction of the resistance to fluid motion in the presence of condensed droplets. We provide an explanation of the phenomenon by drawing an analogy to the spreading on a rough surface, in which each water ... However, as the hexadecane continues to spread on the rough surface, it thins and consequently the oil–vapor interface roughens considerably. With an appreciably roughened oil–vapor interface, the driving force for spreading reduces to that shown in eqn.
Testimony on H.R. 1053
7. How much do you estimate the public will save from decimalization for each cent of spread reduction? Since it is very difficult to quantify the costs that front-running imposes on large traders, I will ignore these costs. I will note, however, that large traders are ... To realize these savings, dealer profits would have to decline by 300 million dollars per year per penny of reduced spreads. Although I do not know about dealer profitability in Nasdaq, I do know that NYSE specialist firms profits last year were about 200 million dollars.
Seton Hall University
These results, in addition to the observed Significant associations between organizational support and registered nurses' knowledge, attitudes and practices, lend support to the recent CDC data on reduced incidence of Nls. Conclusion: Findings in this study suggest that nursing education, concerted efforts of infection control, state mandates and organizational support play pivotal roles toward reducing the spread of Nls.
Blocking protein reduces cancer spread in mice...
A new study co-authored by Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences Jack A. Elias finds that suppressing a protein called “chitinase 3-like-1” dramatically reduced the spread of two different types of cancer in mice. Read more… Tags: research.
Supervillin slows cell spreading by facilitating myosin
However, F-actin bundling cannot be the sole mechanism by which SV reduces the rate of cell spreading. The N-terminal 171 residues in SV (SV1-171), which do not bind F-actin but do bind to myosin II (Chen et al., 2003) and to the L-MLCK N-terminal Ig domains (Fig. 11C), also slowed cell spreading (Fig.
Programmed Allee effect in bacteria causes a tradeoff
With the circuit ON (+IPTG), when the number of target wells was increased from one to three, the maximum total growth in-creased (P = 0.01; SI Text), but the range of dispersal rates allowing spread was reduced. ... Our results may suggest that reduction of dispersal rate may be counterproductive, and this may push a cooperative species into a range of dispersal rates that allow optimal spread or increases.
G7254 Elm Phloem Necrosis | University of Missouri Extension
Because the leafhoppers that carry the phloem necrosis virus inject it into the trees as they feed on elm leaves, spread of the disease can be greatly reduced by spraying with an insecticide to eliminate these insects. ... Severing root grafts with a soil fumigant material such as Vapam (sodium N-methyl dithio carbamate) is recommended to reduce spread of phloem necrosis from infected to adjacent healthy trees.
The Geography of Information
Given this context, we find strong evidence that Asia-Pacific real estate firms facing enhanced level of political risk and uncertainty are characterized by increased information barriers, and reduced financial market liquidity as measured by higher bid-ask spreads. JEL classification: G30, G38 Key Words: REITs, Liquidity, Political Risk, Transparency, Bid-Ask Spreads. 2. I. Introduction Information moves markets.
Efcient Communication over Highly Spread Underwater
The primary diculty in applying MCM to the doubly dispersive UAC is that, as the symbol interval is increased (to reduce ISI span), the subcarrier spacing must be decreased (to preserve data rate), making the system more susceptible to Doppler-spread-induced inter-carrier in-terference (ICI). While ISI and ICI could be simultaneously reduced via long symbols and distant subcarriers, this would necessitate low spectral eciency, which is impractical given the UAC’s already limited bandwidth.
Mini-Project: Spread of Staph Infections in Hospitals
Reasonably, it would seem that if we could reduce the length of a hospital stay for the CA-MRSA patients, possibly we could reduce the spread of this strain, since it would allow for less time for these patients to come into contact with others (directly or indirectly). First, see if there is any dierence in the outcome for the disease if the length of stay for the CA-MRSA patients is reduced to 5 days.
Nyquist-Rate D/A Converters
4-bit. • Reduced resistor spread • Keep repeating this procedure —> R-2R ladder. University of Toronto. slide 8 of 20.
Assessing the Risk of Invasive
Land management to reduce invasive spread for species with localized dispersal should instead cre-ate a dispersed or fragmented pattern of disturbance across the landscape. Because these species cannot cross gaps of unsuitable habitat (nondisturbed sites), fragmentation would serve as a barrier to control their spread.
The potential for fire to spread, according to Bormann and Likens (1979), is determined by factors such as patterns of wind flow, distribution of water bodies (lakes, stream and wetlands), topography and dryness of soil (due to texture, soil depth, slope and aspect), as well as composition, accumulation and spatial distribution of organic fuel on the ground. With reference to organic fuel, susceptibility to fire and its spread may be greatly reduced in the humid Tropics, where effective decomposition by bacterial...
Lee Freitag, Milica Stojanovic, Sandipa Singh, and Mark...
In a DSSS system, the spreading rate is increased through use of more chips per data symbol, thus increasing the SNR per symbol in additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN). How-ever, in a time-varying multipath channel, the actual gain de-pends upon the stability of the propagation environment. If the channel changes appreciably during one symbol period, the gain of the receiver will be reduced, ultimately resulting in a net loss. 0364-9059/01$10.00 © 2001 IEEE. FREITAG et al.
Plant Gladiolus Early to Reduce Spread of Cucumber Mosaic...
Plant Gladiolus Early to Reduce Spread of Cucumber Mosaic Virus. Citation: Bing, Arthur, and George Johnson . "Plant Gladiolus Early to Reduce Spread of Cucumber Mosaic Virus." New York State Flower Industries, Inc. Bulletin #247 (1996): Keywords
Financial innovation and bank behavior: Evidence
We also …nd that the risk management bene…ts extend to …rms that are unlikely to be traded in the credit derivative market: their spread is reduced by 5% (13 bps).2 Signi…cant risk management bene…ts are thus passed on to the entire portfolio of borrowers and ... We note that the channels vary with their prediction regarding the impact on loan spreads (a spread reduction is suggested by the risk management, hedging and capital relief channel; a spread increase is consistent with the incentive channel).
Nancy Murray (Department of Energy and Environmental...)
Control actions in Fairfield County should focus both on reducing spread to other areas and on reducing the amount of mile-a-minute vine present on private, public, and commercial properties. UConn and CAES scientists are working cooperatively to release biological control agents (Rhinoncomimus latipes, a stem-boring weevil) in some Fairfield County locations, including Fairfield (2010), Greenwich (2009, 2011), Newtown (2009, 2011), Norwalk (2011)
It’s not about one doctor. It’s about shared wisdom, a common
It’s not about one doctor. It’s about shared wisdom, a common passion and teams assembled uniquely around every child. Let’s do amazing things. amazingstorybook.com.
Mean and Variance of Random Variables
Properties of Variances. If a random variable X is adjusted by multiplying by the value b and adding the value a, then the variance is affected as follows: Since the spread of the distribution is not affected by adding or subtracting a constant, the value a is not considered. And, since the variance is a sum of squared terms, any multiplier value b must also be squared when adjusting the variance. Example.
More Point Operations
Then the desired mapping function is. Selective contrast control. Logarithmic LUT enhances low intensities and reduces spread of high intensities.
Ken Pechtl: Individual Web Page
We do, however, know that it is spread primarily by a species of mosquito called Aedes aegypti. The logical solution to reduce the spread of the dengue virus is to remove the vectors, or virus-carrying mosquitoes. Up until currently, countries have resorted to methods such as insecticide beds and chemical spraying to kill Aedes aegypti with small rates of success.
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That changed just over two years ago, when the markets moved to decimal pricing, reducing spreads to a penny. The idea was sold as being good for small shareholders, who not only got better deals on their own trades but whose mutual funds would profit from reduced "slippage," the amount of investor money that slips away due to "less than optimal" execution of a fund manager's trades.
Reducing application scales with spinner spreaders is really not feasible. The material is centrally metered and distributed. Furthermore, VRA with spinner spreaders is a challenge. Spread distribution patterns are typically a function of flow rate onto the spinner. Air Boom Systems.
Discovery Of "KiSS" Gene May Help Stop Spread Of Melanoma
- Researchers at Penn State's College of Medicine in Hershey have discovered a new gene that suppresses the metastasis--or spread--of melanoma, the often fatal skin cancer. According to a report in the December 4 Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the gene reduces the spread of melanoma in laboratory mice and may help in determining whether human melanomas are prone to metastasis.
If heart fibrillates or stops completely it wil Mechatroni -Defense Ap Advanced technology is making our soldiers s Stealth Unmanned Ae Mechatroni -Sanitation System Uses Proximity sensors Control circuitry Advantages Reduces spread of germs by making device hands free R Mechatroni -Sanitation Systems Uses Motion sensors Control circuitry Ele Paper Towe Soap Di Advantages Reduces spread of germs by making device hands free.
Keeping Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard
Keeping Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard. Mosquitoes undergo four life stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Disrupting a mosquitoes' life cycle and habitat may reduce the number of mosquitoes around you and your environment. There are steps you can take to reduce mosquito populations before choosing to use a pesticide product. ... Control Mosquitoes that Spread Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika Viruses - Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
Analytical Research Series
Moreover, their sensitivity to credit spreads and the cross-country correlation in spread changes have increased significantly. An increase in investor and dealer risk aversion, the reduction in leverage of risk capital employed by relative-value hedge funds (which were typical ... In a steep yield curve environment, borrowers who typically issue fixed-rate debt have greater incentives to reduce the debt servicing cost by swapping into floating. This would lead to a receiver bias in the swap market, which ought to reduce swap spreads.
The principle sources of the EMI problem | dB EMI reduction
The principle sources of the EMI problem come from the system clocks. Therefore, rather than patch the problem with ferrite beads, EMI filters, ground plane and metal shielding, the most efficient and economic way to reduce the peak radiation energy is to use the low EMI clock oscillator. Compared with the conventional clock oscillators, Mercury HM57 series spread spectrum (dithered) clock oscillators can reduce EMI as much as 12 dB.
Rapid pre-mixed consumption. After burning quickly through the premixed vapors, the overall flame spread returns to reduced speeds, termed “crawl”. Pseudo-uniform spread. Flames that extend through the premixed flammable layer may quench after arrival. ... Regimes of flame propagation. Characterizations. Uniform spread, pulsations eliminated. Further reductions in liquid flow velocity. Primary heat transfer mechanisms. Gas-phase radiation.
Wetting and spreading phenomena
However, in practice this reduction in free energy is not always converted to macroscopic motion of the drop. Instead only some of the molecules near the contact line may spread out creating a sort of thin precursor lm around the drop. This process uses up the energy that could have gone toward spreading the entire drop. As Fs reduces, the eective radius R still increases. This causes spreading coecient to approach an equilibrium value slowing down the rate of spreading.
Can you imagine a hospital bedside curtain that could help...
Northwell Health employee Lorenz “Buddy” Mayer did. Thanks to Buddy's new design, removable panels of cleanable fabric on both sides of our bedside curtains can be disinfected in seconds. This reduces the spread of infection, and raises not just our standard of healthcare but the standard of healthcare. Buddy’s idea was worthy of a patent and has since become an industry-wide innovation.
Double-page spread rotated 90? and reduced to 67%to fit on page.
We have no data on effectiveness of copper fungicides to reduce spread or the potential for plant damage and yield reductions for this disease here in DE because it occurs so infrequently at this level of infection. ... The bacteria are known to contaminate seed and be found on weed hosts where it can spread during rain storms to beans. Populations can be reduced on the plants with applications of fixed copper fungicides such as Kocide 3000, Champ DF, and others.
Always work in plantings when they are DRY to reduce the spread of the disease. Remove and destroy all severely infected plants. These should be buried or thrown out with the garbage. General thinning of the planting to promote good air circulation will help reduce spread by allowing plants to dry out more quickly after rain.
R EPORTS | Crust at a Slow-Spreading Ridge
Trapped gabbroic bodies have been argued to form a considerable portion of the upper mantle be-. neath slow-spreading oceanic crust, where melt extraction is inhibited by reduced spreading rates (28, 29). These observations are corroborated by the. absence of primitive lower crustal rocks sam
The loan (bond) rating has an equally robust spread reduction effect across credit cycle phases. The results also suggest that international reserve holdings and investment ratios have a significant effect on reducing credit spreads for loans, while higher reserve holdings and longer maturities matter more for bond spreads.
Best Management Practices Result in Reduced
Management practices were introduced through the Agriculture Environmental Management (AEM) plan on four watersheds. AEM represents a total farm planning process whereby customized recommendations on nutrient and runoff reduction, including soil analysis for nutrients, manure spreading, strip cropping, buffer strips and various methods for reducing barnyard runoff, were implemented for each farm.
Dopamine and semantic activation: An
On interpreting the reduced indirect semantic priming for the L-dopa group, it was postulated that the L-dopa was increas-ing the signal-to-noise ratio of information processing in cor-tical networks. The researchers suggested that this increased signal-to-noise ratio was associated with a reduced spread-ing of activation within a semantic network, thereby reduc-ing the accessibility of indirect associations, rather than direct associations.
Organic Controls for Insects
Staking crops, like tomatoes, reduces leaf wetness and promotes foliar drying. Staking also reduces spread of inoculum that may splash onto foliage and fruit from the soil. • Reflective row covers deter insects that carry plant pathogens. • Organic and plastic mulches reduce the spread of some soil-borne pathogens and also reduce weeds that may host plant pathogens.
Risk management
The Institute is exposed to various risks, which are either insured or uninsured, depending on the specific objectives being performed while fulfilling the Institute’s Mission. Our goal is to identify the risks and determine if they may be avoided, reduced, spread, transferred or prevented. Having recognized the need, and taken the responsibility to preserve the Institute's resources, the following guidelines assist in managing the insurance and risks the Institute may encounter
Spread-Spectrum Digital Watermarking
This is where the spread spectrum techniques come into play. Its features of redundant signalling, local adaptability, and its resistance to many types of distortion, leads it to be the preferred vehicle for many commercial watermarking technologies in use today. ... Confusion: Make it impossible to detect watermark (loss of synchronisation). 3D Video: Frame: reordering, deletion, duplication, average, interpolation, compression, jitter. Lossy Compression: Reducing redundancy using perceptual rules may distort the watermark.
Reduced-sugar Spreads
A variety of fruit spreads that are lower in sugar and calories than the traditional jellies and jams may be made. These products may use modified pectin, gelatin or gums to thicken them. Noncaloric sweeteners or reduced amounts of sugar provide the sweetness. Two types of modified pectin are available for home use. One gels with one-third less sugar and is sold as a light fruit pectin. It contains preservatives to help prevent microbial spoilage.
Market | Table 9: Impact of Daily Volatility on Quoted Spread
For the stocks that switch from Nasdaq to the NYSE we find distinct improvements in price volatility and efficiency, quoted spreads, and execution costs, and we provide evidence linking these improvements to the reduction in fragmentation associated with the stock exchange listing. ... Christie and Huang (1994), Barclay (1997), Bessembinder (1999), and Heidle and Huang (1999) find that when Nasdaq stocks switch to the NYSE, their effective and quoted spreads are significantly reduced.
Develop a More Effective Vaccine ”
This new assay provides an efficient and effective way to evaluate animal and human responses to vaccines and also to evaluate and compare mono- and poly-clonal antibody-based therapeutics. The technology reduces drug development costs by providing a good quantitative measure of “spread” to aid in the development of vaccines or antibody-based prophylactics.
Environmental Studies · Reduce Runoff: Slow it Down Spread...
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Botanic Garden produced this 9-minute on-line video, “Reduce Runoff: Slow It Down, Spread It Out, Soak It In,” that highlights green techniques such as rain gardens, green roofs and rain barrels to help manage stormwater runoff. The film showcases green techniques that are being used in urban areas to reduce the effects of stormwater runoff on the quality of downstream receiving waters.
PLANT | Resistant Cultivars and Potential Disease Spread
Disease Spread. Infected seed tubers and volunteer potato plants serve as. over-wintering and primary sources of PLRV inoculum. Some weeds in the nightshade family are hosts of the virus. Insects play a very important role in virus spread, particularly several aphid species. ... Spread from one plant to another within a season is entirely by aphids, so. insect control is one of the chief means of reducing current season spread of leaf roll.
Spread spectrum and CDMA
• Advantages of CDMA • Improving the voice quality & eliminating the. audible effects of multi-path fading. • Enhancing privacy and security through the spreading of voice signals. • Reducing average transmitted power. • Also reducing interference to other electronic devices. Multiple access using spread spectrum.
Field evaluation of reduced-growth, glyphosate
Recommended Citation. Blume, Christopher James, "Field evaluation of reduced-growth, glyphosate-resistant Kentucky bluegrass in competitive and noncompetitive settings" (2007). Retrospective Theses and Dissertations. Paper 14823. ... It spreads via underground stems (rhizomes), asexually by apomictic seed development, and by a certain degree of sexual development. The main propagation method for Kentucky bluegrass is by seed. It holds many advantages over other cool-season grasses, including better color...
Spread Spectrum
n Further spread result by a PN sequence (scrambling code). n Provides mutual randomness (low cross correlation) between users in different cells. n Requires sufficient bandwidth (since each ‘spread’ increases the data rate) but is effective for decoding users in the same cell and reducing interference between users in different cells.
eCite - Editorial: Patients: Passive subjects or active...
Editorial: Patients: Passive subjects or active participants in reducing the spread of infection?
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
The ‘spread spectrum’ signal has properties which help to achieve these ends. Spread spectrum signals may be divided into two main groups - direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS), and frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS). ... T4 initially reduce the noise output from the ADDER to zero. T5 instead of connecting the bi-polar message sequence to the X input of the first MULTIPLIER, connect instead the 2 kHz MESSAGE (sinusoidal) signal. This makes the output from the first MULTIPLIER a DSBSC signal, easily...
Comparison of Ridge Estimates with OLS Estimates of Full and Reduced Models. Standardized Coefficients for the Longley Data (Dependent Variable TOTAL). ... Note how the ridge estimator seems to "spread out" the effect over all the independent variables.
Spread Spectrum
Since the message is transmitted numerous times, as seen from the graph above, this reduces the amount of message lost due to interference. However, the redundancy of direct sequence causes a reduction in security as opposed to frequency hopping. ... There are other advantage to Spread Spectrum. For example, as with Hedy and George’s Secret Communications System, it has good anti-jam performance. Another advantage is random access possibilities, that is messages can be transmited at any time.
Guidelines for Reducing the Spread of “Fishhook waterfleas”. (Cercopagis pengoi). David MacNeill, Michael Snyder, Kimberly Schultz, and Joseph Makare
Designing MAC Protocols for Spread Spectrum Ad Hoc...
The path loss ex-ponent ? is typically assumed to be between 3 and 5. A receiver, in our model, sees the degraded powers from other concurrent transmit-ters, as interference, albeit reduced by spread spectrum processing gain. ... plies a reduced efciency in spread spectrum systems if we use thin-. ning. When m is large, such degradation can be signicant and lead.
Commercial Vegetable Production
If seeds are more than 1 year old, have germination tested, and increase the sowing rate as is necessary to compensate for reduced germination rate. Overwintered and the earliest spring and later fall plantings benefit from the use of floating row covers and/or low or high tunnels for protection from freezing. Floating row covers can create conditions favorable for bacterial leaf spot infections to start and spread.
Aerodynamics | How Things Fly
Aerodynamics is the study of forces and the resulting motion of objects through the air. Studying the motion of air around an object allows us to measure the forces of lift, which allows an aircraft to overcome gravity, and drag, which is the resista...
Re-lighting the
10731. Spill light from portraits allows observers to read the descriptive plaques and vinyl lettering of the timeline. Spread lenses, louvers, and custom bafes were used to rene beam spreads, reduce glare from light sources, and soften frame shadows. After 3460 19376. Annual Savings. 6748 40239.
Low Complexity Transmitter Structure
In the past different techniques for reducing the PAR by changing the transmit signal independently from knowledge of other parts of the OFDM transmitter have been developed. But the PAR of the transmit signal envelope which employs an OFDM-FDMA multiple access scheme can signicantly be reduced if additional spreading techniques are applied which spread the user data over the allocated subcarrier only.
DS/SS PS Direct-sequence spread coherent phase-shi Waveforms at t Tb Bit interval Tc C Spread Spectr Problem of radio transmission: frequency dependent fading can wipe out narrow band signals for duration interf spread sig po po spread in detection. ... Easy to guess connection setu DS XOR the signal with pseudonoise (PN) sequence (chipping sequence) Advantages reduces frequency selective fading in cellular networks b T user.
High-throughput screening of shape memory alloy thin-lm...
The indentation hardness and the reduced elastic modulus were mapped across a large fraction of the ternary phase diagram. The large shape memory alloy composition region, located around the Heusler composition ?Ni2MnAl?, was found to display signicant departure in these mechanical properties from the rest of the composition spread. In particular, the modulus and the hardness values are lower for the martensite region than those of the rest of the phase diagram.
DRAFT Zika Virus Community Response
An extensively used method for reducing the spread of mosquito-borne diseases is to reduce the reproduc-tion of mosquitoes. This method has been used effec-tively to eliminate Dengue fever in Cuba and eradicated mosquitoes from Brazil in the 1950s. These past eradica-tions relied on liberal use of DDT, an insecticide that is now banned in many regions based on concerns over ecological damage.
field spread between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. This allows about 2 hours between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. for the liquid manure to soak into the soil and dry before the period most favorable for odor transport. Liquid manure should be spread on days when wind direction is away from the nearest dwelling, well traveled highways or other sensitive areas. Odor from field spread manure can be further reduced by soil injection of the liquid manure and plowing or disking the soil during or soon after field spreading.
Probing the Role of Protein Surface Charge
Although somewhat modest, this reduction in actA expression could account for the reduced efficiency of cell-to-cell spread exhibited by the prfA K64Q and K122Q mutant strains as it has been demonstrated that a threshold level of ActA must accumulate before actin-based motility ... J Bacteriol 189: 473–490. 26. Miner MD, Port GC, Bouwer HG, Chang JC, Freitag NE (2008) A novel prfA mutation that promotes Listeria monocytogenes cytosol entry but reduces bacterial spread and cytotoxicity. Microb Pathog 45: 273–281.
Estimation of Doppler spread and
Estimation of Doppler spread and signal strength in mobile communications with applications to handoff and adaptive transmission. Cihan Tepedelenliog?lu*,† Ali Abdi, Georgios B. Giannakis and Mostafa Kaveh. 200 Union St. SE, Department of ... Notice that. Equation (7) reduces to Clarke’s ‘U-shaped’ spec-. trum [6] when y D 0. In this case we have: Sh ? D 1[1 ?/?D 2] 1/2. The derivatives of the correlation function of the diffuse component at zero, rxn 0 , play an impor-tant part in estimating the maximum Doppler fre
Predicting the Spread of an Infectious Disease
7. Many people in areas where SARS is widespread try to reduce the spread of the disease by wearing masks. The Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CDC) did a report of the ability of masks to. reduce the number of microscopic particles breathed in. Table 2 has some results of their study. Using N = 50, 000 and k = 0.000005 , if the value of k is reduced by the suggested percentages, how would. the progression of the disease be affected.
Planting crops on land spread
Naturally occurring microbes reduced the 6% total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) concentration to 3.8% in a few months (a 37% reduction), but reduced it no further, possibly due to an insufficient amount of nitrogen or water or both. ... The addition of manure (rather than straw) to land spread with tank bottoms appears to be favorable to plant growth by increasing water infiltration and retention. Key words: tank bottoms, oilfield waste dispoasl, bioremediation, landfarming, hydrophobic.
Effective Mesoscale, Short-Range Ensemble Forecasting
The reason for the reduced spread is that the bias correction adjusts each ensemble member toward the verification (gridded analysis) differently. The members have different biases, both in magnitude and direction from the verification, but are all corrected toward a common center, thus reducing variance.
This evidence implies that installing antivirus software alone
The proposed CMC reduces the size of virus infection significantly when the countermeasure-propagation network has properties that favor countermeasures over viruses, or when the countermeasure-propagation rate is higher than the virus-spreading rate. In addition, our work reveals that CMC can be flexibly adapted to different uncertainties in the real world, enabling it to be tuned to a greater variety of situations than other strategies.
Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus
However, such high yield losses are unusual. Yield reductions of 10 to 20% are more common; thus, it is often economically feasible to maintain the current crop rather than plow it under and replant with other crops such as beans or corn. In 2012, fall infection ... • If bird cherry-oat or English grain aphids are present in high numbers, insecticidal seed treatment is recommended to reduce infections (imidacloprid or thiamethoxam as seed treatments). • Foliar insecticides may reduce secondary spread within the eld.
Once established in tomato and pepper seedbeds and production fields, bacterial spot is extremelydifficult to control. The practices outlined below are all important in controlling the disease. The rate of disease spread in seedbeds and production fields and gardens can be reduced by avoiding overhead irrigation, handling plants, and working in and moving through fields and gardens when the plants are wet.
Spread Spectrum AccesMs ethods for
The contribution to the bound spread by components (1) and (2) are not reduced by successive applications of the multi-step algorithm. In this section, we show how we can reduce these errors and obtain tighter bounds by re-evaluating previously calculated bounds for state probabilities. The bound spread reduction algorithm we propose is iterative in nature.
Reducing Manure
Past yields showed that edible beans respond favorably to manure application. The lowest rate they could achieve when injecting manure with their tank spreader was 4,500 gallons per acre. A dilemma arose when the farm CNMP showed a need to reduce manure application ... plow for higher application rates. The drawbar frame was built with 4 X 2 X 1/4” tubing. and attached to the spreader chassis using the brackets from the discarded injectors. To provide a spreading pattern for both incorporation tools they developed an.
Multivariate models | Obtaining the Reduced Form (cont’d)
Equation (14) contains Y2 and Y3 - but do we really need equations for them? • We can formally test this using a Hausman test, which is calculated as follows: 1. Obtain the reduced form equations corresponding to (14)-(16). The. reduced forms turn out to be ... likelihood. 25. An Example of the Use of 2SLS: Modelling the Bid-Ask Spread and Volume for Options. • George and Longstaff (1993) • Introduction. - Is trading activity related to the size of the bid / ask spread? - How do spreads vary across options?
Trees spaced to reduce fire spread
To reduce the chance of fire spreading to your home, increase the spacing between plants. (x = plant removed). Most wildfires begin as surface fires. They will not reach the crown of a tree if the vertical fuel continuity has been eliminated. ... steep slope or in a windswept exposure. Specific recommendations for each zone. Trees spaced to reduce fire spread. are described below and pertain to the State Responsibility Area (SRA) protected by CAL.
Strategic Planning for the
Caused by an insect-spread bacterial infection, the disease reduced citrus produc-tion in 2008 by several percent and continues to spread, threatening the existence of Florida’s $9.3 billion citrus industry. A successful citrus greening response will focus on earlier detection of diseased trees, so that these sources of new infections can be removed more quickly, and on new methods to control the insects that carry the bacteria.
Hospital-acquired Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus...
In the intervention hospital the introduction of alcohol hand gel reduced the spread of MRSA by 21% (9). The decrease experienced in the intervention hospital was likely smaller than that compared to the control hospital because the prevention measures of environmental swabbing for MRSA as well as chlorine disinfection of environments contributed to a 32% decrease in the spread of MRSA and these.
Spread Plate
The number of bacteria in solution can be readily quantified by using the spread plate technique. In this technique, the sample is appropriately diluted and a small aliquot transferred to an agar plate. ... The glass rod is sterilized by first dipping it into a 70% alcohol solution and then passing it quickly through the Bunsen burner flame. The burning alcohol sterilizes the rod at a cooler temperature than holding the rod in the burner flame thus reducing the chance of you burning your fingers.
This can modify fire behavior and slow the spread of fire across your property. • Incorporate a diversity of plant types and species in your landscape. Not only will this be visually satisfying, but it should help keep pests and diseases from causing problems within the whole landscape. • In the event of drought and water rationing, prioritize plants to be saved. Provide available supplemental water to plants closest to your house. • Use mulches to conserve moisture and reduce weed growth.
Garnet Gemstone | Garnet Stone – GIA
Garnet gemstone is not a single mineral, but a group of several closely related minerals forming a group, with gemstones in almost every color.
or months between fishing trips, felt is soles offer drastically reduced wading relocating to another fishing site. 18 California Sportsman NOVEMBER 2010. Mixed bag. In this issue • hip click/outdoor lineup • big picture • watch dog. The good news is that with the appro-priate gear and education,fishermen can both safely enjoy fly fishing and prevent the spread of AIS to uncontaminated Cal-ifornia waters,preserving sport fishing for generations to come.
Country Default Spreads and Risk Premiums
While you can use these numbers as rough estimates of country risk premiums, you may want to modify the premia to reflect the additonal risk of equity markets. To estimate the long term country risk premium, I start with the country rating (from Moody's: www.moodys.com) and estimate the default spread for that rating (based upon traded country bonds) over a default free government bond rate.
Interest Rates and Credit Spread Dynamics
This linkage, however, is not captured in the parameterization of reduced form bond pricing models, structural models, and credit spread option-pricing models. The omission is important because Duan and Pliska (2004) show that, under reasonable conditions, ignoring cointegration will significantly bias the calculated price of spread options.
PREFACE. In the nine years since the publication of the first edition of Spread Spectrum Communications, the world’s political situation has changed con-siderably. The U.S. Department of Defense has reduced its support for the development of new communication systems as well as their acquisition.
Application for KRMP
Title of project: Can homeopathic remedies such as the Neti pot reduce the spread of the common cold? A Boolean networks approach. Abstract: In this project we are exploring the dynamics of the spread and recovery of the common cold in a network of individuals that can be in one of two states: infected or not.
DSSS | As=(-1,+1,-1,-1,+1,+1) (Spreading Sequence)
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) is a spread spectrum technique whereby the original data signal is multiplied with a pseudo random noise spreading code. This spreading code has a higher chip rate (this the bitrate of the code), which results in a wideband time continiuous scrambled signal. ... If an undesired transmitter transmits on the same channel but with a different PN sequence (or no sequence at all), the de-spreading process has reduced effect of the undesired signal.
Routes of Spread and What Can Be Done
The added benefit of preventative measures is the satisfaction of reducing weed spread to weed-free neighbors and natural areas. Although invasive weeds primarily establish new plants through seed germination, given the right condi-tions, many invasive weeds can propagate through pieces of stem or root; therefore, consider any plant part as hav-ing the ability to establish new infestations. Routes of Spread and What Can Be Done.
"Modeling Consequences of Reduced Vaccination Levels..."
Recommended Citation. Ortiz, Guillermo. (2016). Modeling Consequences of Reduced Vaccination Levels on the Spread of Measles. In BSU Honors Program Theses and Projects. Item 145.
Spread Spectrum Systems
"Efficacy of Infection Control Interventions in Reducing..."
The effect of an ongoing increase in the influx of patients colonized with MDRO into the hospital setting is also quantified. We find that most recommended strategies have substantial effect in decreasing the prevalence of MDRO over time. However, screening for asymptomatic MDRO colonization among patients who are not receiving antimicrobials is of minimal value in reducing the spread of MDRO.
CA-NV PHTC | Training | Training Information
Objectives: Discuss the role of environmental cleaning and disinfection in preventing the spread of infectious diseases Identify evidence based methods and best practices for environmental cleaning Discuss methods to improve environmental cleaning to reduce the spread of infectious diseases Describe the impact of the hospital ecology on healthcare associated infections.
Discussion paper series | Pre-crisis spreads
Furthermore, IMF money could be granted at a rate that incorporates a spread, say of 300 basis points, so that countries will not necessarily want to tap IMF resources. One may fear that the informational content of spreads will be reduced as they become a policy variable (a version of Goodhart’s law). It is true that lenders, being aware of the fact that countries will take actions against rising spreads, will change their pricing policy.
Crop: Holiday cactus
Subirrigation reduces spread of the disease because splashing water from overhead watering carries the spores. 2. Phytophthora parasitica and Pythium aphanidermatum causes basal stem rot and root rot. Plants infected with Phytophthora parasitica appear wilted and dull gray-green with water-soaked necrotic areas near the soil line that are rather firm and faded reddish margins.
Plant-derived compound may reduce cancer recurrence...
A compound and an enzyme that occur naturally in cruciferous vegetables—cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts—may help prevent recurrence and spread of some cancers, according to associate professor Moul Dey of the health and nutritional sciences department. She has been doing research on phenethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC) through a five-year grant from the National Institutes of Health for more than $875,000 and support from the Agricultural Experiment Station.
High-Resistivity SOI Wafers
1. SOI wafers (a) with and (b) without a gate oxide. (b) At low frequency, the ac signal spreads further. (c) At very high frequencies due to the low-pass lter nature of the RC network, the ac signal remains closer to the contact area. (d) At high frequency and low positive bias, the depletion region separates the accumulation and the inversion region, reducing the spreading.
Tarun Chordia , Richard Roll
6 T. Chordia et al. / Journal of Financial Economics 56 (2000) 3}28. identi"able noteworthy event (Roll, 1988), yet was characterized by a ubiquitous temporary reduction in liquidity. Trading costs should be cross-sectionally related to expected returns before costs simply because after-cost returns should be equilibrated in properly ... The medians of all the spread measures tell the consistent story that greater market-wide volume brings reduced spreads while industry volume increases spreads (presumably due to informed traders).
Sagging progressively reduced as basal rigidity in-creased, and spreading structures began to dominate. There was no fixed threshold between the styles of deformation: they coexisted over a large range of brit-tle layer thicknesses. Spreading led, via an increase in basal diameter, to a convex-upward structure typical for spreading volcanoes.
Reducing Flu in the Workplace
Hand-to-face transmission is the number one way in which the flu is spread. 3. Each employee should remember to cover their nose and mouth with a tissue when they cough or sneeze and immediately dispose of the tissue, then wash their hands. ... Universal Precautions, when practiced regularly, are a method of infection control and can greatly reduce the spread of illness in the workplace.
Texas Systems Day 2003
We will show that by designing spreading sequences in the frequency domain, the performance of some existing algorithms for the design of spreading sequences can be improved, while reducing the computational complexities of them. We further show that the proposed idea can be extended to the design of spreading sequences where the chips of the spreading sequences are derived from a constant amplitude alphabet.
Surgical Split-Brain
The corpus callosum is severed during this surgery. The idea behind this separation of hemispheres is that the seizure cannot spread from one hemisphere to the other if the callosum is severed. The hope was that if the spread was reduced, then the brain activity patterns associated with seizures would be interrupted, and the seizures would be reduced as a result.
Fireproofing can reduce the spread of forest fires - Web...
"The spread of forest fires is not just an act of God," says Michael Ghil, UCLA professor of climate dynamics and geosciences and co-author of the research, "Fireproofing houses can make an enormous difference in whether a fire sweeps through a community or not..."There is actually more flammable material in a house per square yard than in a forest." Fireproofed homes can dramatically reduce the chances of forest fires growing and coming into populated areas.
Mathematics of derivative
The significance of reducing spread costs in financing can be quite dramatic for corporations and for sovereigns: for instance, a 1 percent (I.e., 100 basis point) reduction in debt-spread cost in Italian gpvernment debt would reduce the deficit by 1.25 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of Italy.
Lecture Notes 10 | DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) II
Spread Spectrum Technology. Effects of spreading and interference. Spreading and frequency selective fading. ... ? XOR the signal with pseudonoise (PN) sequence (chipping sequence). ? Advantages. • reduces frequency selective fading. • in cellular networks – base stations can use the same frequency range – several base stations can detect and recover the signal.
Case Studies - PTTC Rockies
Naturally occurring microbes reduced the 6% total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) concentration to 3.8% in a few months (a 37% reduction), but reduced it no further, possibly due to an insufficient amount of nitrogen or water or both. ... The addition of manure (rather than straw) to land spread with tank bottoms appears to be favorable to plant growth by increasing water infiltration and retention.
Low-Power and Process Variation Tolerant Memories...
In this paper, we show the opportunities of using post-silicon adaptive repair technique for designing low power and process variation tolerant SRAM in sub-90nm nodes. In particular, we present: • A self-repairing SRAM which uses leakage monitor and body-bias to simultaneously improve parametric yield and reduce leakage spread.
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
Abstract— In this paper we present Walsh-quadrature phase-shift keying (Walsh-QPSK) pseudonoise (PN) modulation schemes for both coherent and noncoherent direct-sequence code-division multiple-access (DS-CDMA) systems, wherein the PN spreading sequences for in-phase and quadrature data in a conventional QPSK PN modulation scheme are coded by Walsh sequences indexed by a special rule to reduce the envelope.
The effect of decimalization on the components
Abstract Previous empirical studies that decompose the bid-ask spread were done when securities traded in. discrete price points equal to one-sixteenth or one-eighth of a dollar. These studies concluded that inventory and adverse-selection costs were economically insignicant compared to order-processing costs. Natural questions arise as to: (i) whether price discreteness allowed market makers to enjoy excess rents, thus reducing the signicance of the inventory and adverse selection costs; (ii)...
NMSU: Fire Blight
Removing active infection sites as they appear is important in reducing secondary inoculum. Active infections must be removed at least 12 to 15 inches below the margin of visible infection because the bacterium moves inside the plant ahead of visible symptom development. Pruning tools must be disinfected between cuts to reduce the spread of the bacterium on tools.
Modeling the
Abstract— Active worms spread in an automated fashion and can ood the Internet in a very short time. Modeling the spread of active worms can help us understand how active worms spread, and how we can monitor and defend against the propagation of worms effectively. ... either vulnerable machines without being infected or invulner-. able machines, and the total number of vulnerable machines. (including the infected ones) will be reduced to "yD?@??r)y5 . Therefore, on the next time tick the number of total infected.
Stephen f. austin state university | (SALARY SPREAD)
This election will continue annually until I request the spread be discontinued. I understand that no changes can be made after August 31 for the following fiscal year unless I become ineligible to participate in salary spread. Any additional summer pay which I am authorized to receive will be added to my regular monthly pay during the summer months. My payroll withholdings, deductions, and reductions will be made in equal monthly installments for all twelve months, including the summer months.
ZEISS Microscopy Online Campus | Microscopy Basics
The point spread function is generated from the z series of optical sections and can be used to evaluate the axial resolution. As with lateral resolution, the minimum distance the diffraction images of two points can approach each other and still be resolved is ... The PSF is valuable not only for determining the resolution performance of different objectives and imaging systems, but also as a fundamental concept used in deconvolution. Deconvolution is a mathematical transformation of image data that reduces out of focus light or blur.
(8) That the use of proper tree maintenance techniques benefits the public because of reduced costs, reduced hazards, reduced public liability, protection from premature decline or death (conserving. energy reducing carbon dioxide and ozone, absorbing particulate matter, producing more oxygen by increasing canopy spread, reduction in wind speed, reducing noise pollution, increasing real property.
Marking Guidelines
malaria • Demonstrates thorough knowledge of the mechanism of a vaccine in. rendering immunity to the individual • Relates use of vaccine to reduced spread of malaria • Relates use of the vaccine to reduction in occurrence and/or possible.
Cyclic Code Shift Keying
In traditional direct-sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) systems, the signature sequence has a higher chip rate than the data sequence. The signature sequence, referred to in these cases as a spreading sequence, increases the bandwidth of the signal. ... Specifically, the alternate CCSK receiver might not perform as well as the standard matched-filter bank receiver, which might outweigh the reduced hardware required. Also, a practical system might use a non-coherent receiver instead of a coherent one, so the performance of...
Pathway risk analysis for weed
UNE61 – Pathway Risk Analysis for Weed Spread within Australia. of key messages, including encouraging gardeners to remove problem plants and replace them with low risk alternatives, adopt responsible gardening practices to reduce weed spread, and seek advice from a local expert on local problem species. Mediums used to communicate these messages include Regional ‘Grow Me Instead’ booklets, posters and other in-store promotional material...
that physically adjacent cells are assigneddifferent frequency bands, or channels, in order to reduce inter-cell interference. Here we present a multiple-access scheme in which. TDMA. is used inside each cell, but different transmitted pulse shapes with low cross-correlations are assigned to adjacent cells. For example, these pulses could be Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum pulses, which have been proposed for CDMA wireless networks.
Credit Rationing, Risk Aversion, and
Finally, if Colombia were to reduce the spread between its borrowing rate and its lending rate, wealthy households would shift their portfolios away from businesses investments toward the financial sector, increasing the average return on wealth portfolios by 8 to 25 percentage points. Our study is distinctive in that we econometrically estimate a dynamic structural model of entrepreneurship with uncertainty and endogenous borrowing constraints.
Sustainable Hop Production
Once bines reach approximately 6 feet in height, the lowest 3 feet of leaves and lateral branches are generally re-moved (stripping) to encourage airflow and reduce spread of downy and powdery mildew. Stripping can be accomplished manually, chemically, or even with livestock. The timing of both pruning and stripping are important in determining current and future-year hop yields.
FIN 683
Chapter 7: Foreign Exchange Risks. 22. If an FI has the same amount of foreign assets and foreign liabilities in the same currency, has that FI necessarily reduced the risk involved in these international transactions to zero? Explain. ... The spread decreased by 10 basis points. According to the spread affect, as spread decreases, so does net interest income. In this case, the increase in NII due to the CGAP effect was dominated by the decrease in NII due to the spread effect.
Spreading Dogbane
o has similar leaves to hemp dogbane, but stems are more wide spreading, and leaves are attached more horizontally or drooping from stems. o flower larger, bell-shaped, pinkish-white at tips of branches; fruit is pair of slender, long pods. o more common in northern Midwest in pastures, some in reduced tillage areas. o also toxic to livestock.
Modeling the Point Spread Function Using Principal...
Telescope images are distorted by the point spread function, which is produced. by many physical sources. A new model is needed to describe the point spread function. variations on shorter scales than the distance between stars. Principal Component. Analysis is a method whereby a large collection of images can create its own global.
Southwestern beef roll-ups
2. Spread about 1 teaspoon of spread on each tortilla. 3. Top each tortilla with one lettuce leaf and 1 ounce roast beef (about two slices). 4. Fold sides in, and roll. ... Ingredient Tidbit The benefits of adding whole grains to your diet include: ?? Stroke risk reduced 30-36% ?? Type 2 diabetes risk reduced 21-30% ?? Heart disease risk reduced 25-28% ?? Better weight maintenance ?? Reduced risk of asthma ?? Healthier carotid arteries ?? Reduction of inflammatory disease.
Ch 11:Databases | Excess storage reduced
Less data redundancy – Because data is shared, there are less files. Excess storage is reduced. Data integrity – data stays consistent since it is centrally located instead of spread among several files in different locations.
Health | Global Education
These Millennium Development Goals focus on reducing poverty and hunger, child mortality and the spread of disease and improving education and gender equality: MDG 1 Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; MDG 2 Achieve universal primary education; MDG 3 Promote gender equality and empower women; MDG 4 Reduce child mortality; MDG 5 Improve maternal health; MDG 6 Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
Macroeconomic and market determinants of banking sector
If it is indeed a fact that these rates are not being used as a means of controlling the money supply, then they represent a fairly straightforward means by which governments can assist in the reduction of banking sector spreads. In fact, our results suggest that governments could be more successful in reducing spreads through this means than through anti-inflationary measures, as the coefficients for the discount rate in both the first-difference and levels estimations (approximately 0.10 and 0.14, respectively)...
C Ooperative e xtension
Cultural Controls: Good vegetative cover considerably reduces the chance of infestation. Black henbane with mature fruits can be burned to kill the seed and reduce spread. It will not tolerate plowing, disking, or cultivation. Biological Controls: There are currently no known biological controls for black henbane.
Lecture 18 | Spreading Codes
Spreading means increasing the signal bandwidth. Channelization codes are orthogonal codes, based on Orthogonal Variable Spreading Factor (OVSF) technique Can separate the transmission to multiple users from a single source (downlink) Limited orthogonal codes must be re-used in every cell; need additional long (scrambling) codes for inter-cell ... Cells can use directional antennas to “sectorize” the cell At right, 120 degree antennas create 3-sector cells – very common For CDMA, this reduces the interference by a factor of three.
Environmental Management & Pollution
removed, inactivated, or otherwise controlled, they can spread to surrounding produce, potentially contaminating a significant proportion of the produce Sanitizers or anti-microbials in wash water and other processing water may be useful in reducing pathogens on the surface of produce and/or reducing pathogen build-up in water.
Linear Algebra Toolkit
Find the matrix in reduced row echelon form that is row equivalent to the given m x n matrix A. Specify matrix dimensions. Please select the size of the matrix from the popup menus, then click on the "Submit" button.
Purlple Loosestrife
These insects will not completely destroy loosestrife, but they may significantly reduce the population of cohabitation with native species becomes a possibility. The details pertaining to numbers of insects to be released, location of release sites, time of releases, use of multiple-species verses single-species release, and so on, are still being developed (Malecki 1993). With this in mind we as humans need to help in reducing the spread of purple loosestrife.
Spread Spectrum
Narrow bits are susceptible to various types of noise and multi-path effect resulting in high Bit Error Rate (BER). OFDM technology converts narrow bits into wider bits. Thus, BER is reduced. Spread Spectrum and Wi-Fi Basics by Syed M. Mahmud. ... If data is transmitted using one channel, then BER will be high due to noise and inter-symbol interference. OFDM reduces BER by transmitting data over multiple sub-channels. Spread Spectrum and Wi-Fi Basics by Syed M. Mahmud. 31.
Case 279 --Clinical Microbiology Case
Human can become infested, but is extremely rare and thought to be accidental. There are only few reports of Thelazia californiensis infestation in humans. How do eyeworms reproduce and how are they spread? The adult female worm lays her eggs in the tears. ... Controlling the fly population would be helpful to reduce spread of this particular nematode.
University of california, san diego | 3.2 Basis Reduction
Chapter 3 Least Squares Regression with Basis Reduction . ... . . ... There are some cases where the average absolute relative error for performance predictions are very large and exploring the residual plots for some of these cases showed two things: a pattern of reduced spread as the measurement for a bench-mark grows and possible inuential points.
Reduced-Rank Signature–Receiver Adaptation. Yakun Sun and Michael L. Honig. Abstract— Interference in code-division multiple access (CDMA) and multi-antenna systems can be avoided by choosing a signature (in space and/or time), which lies in the direction of least interference plus noise. ... Interference mitigation and avoidance becomes espe-cially important in ad-hoc and peer-to-peer Direct Sequence (DS)-Spread Spectrum (SS) networks, where power control cannot be used to solve the near-far problem.
Implementing Electronic Trading at the New York Stock...
specialist -participation. fraction of + e-trade -. + reduction of. R. volatility through. ... Since high order flow has the effect of reducing the spread, this creates a reinforcing feedback loop which works positive for the exchange with the greatest market share.41 The spread can be reduced because, as noted earlier, it code-termines the specialists’ income.
Engineering Details of a Stable Force-Directed Placer
Once the relative ordering of cells has been well estab-lished, and the circuit begins to spread consistently, k can be increased in each iteration to encourage faster spreading. k should be reduced if the spread metrics detect too much reduction in the amount of overlap (and vice-versa for too little improvement in the spread-ing).
rec10 | How Diseases are Spread
Spreading factors are chemical compounds which enable microorganisms to spread between layers of cells and tissues, or to elude some nonspecific forms of host resistance. Examples include exoenzymes such as hyaluronidase, collagenase, and lecithinase produced by Clostridium perfringens to ... If the potential host is compromised, meaning that its immune response has been lessened by some other factor, the normal infectious dose can be reduced and the likelihood of infection and disease can be greatly increased.
High-frequency trading and execution costs
After the reduction in trading latencies, we show that HFT are more successful at trading ahead of non-HFT limit orders. The execution probability of non-HFT limit orders falls, thereby increasing the costs of their limit order strategies. ... Using traditional measures of market quality, earlier studies find that HFT market making reduces spreads and enhances informational efficiency (see Jones, 2012; Brogaard, Hendershott and Riordan, 2013; Carrion, 2013; Menkveld, 2013; Hagstromer and Norden, 2013).
Swine Flu, Fiction or Reality
You can reduce, but not get rid of, the risk of catching or spreading swine flu by: Always covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Disposing of dirty tissues promptly and carefully. Maintaining good basic hygiene, for example washing your hands often with soap and warm water to reduce the spread of the virus from your hands to face, or to other people.
Dear Parents
Dear Parents, As you may know, flu can be spread easily from person to person. Therefore, we are taking steps to prevent the spread of flu at Portland State University for as long as possible, but, we need your help to accomplish this. ... • Stay home if you have flu or flu-like illness for at least 24 hours after you no longer have a fever (100 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius). This should be determined without the use of fever-reducing medications (any medicine that contains ibuprofen or acetaminophen).
How to Compress An Image
Spread Spectrum
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) – Spectrum. DSSS in 802.11 / 802.11b. DSSS Using BPSK. ... o Large number of frequencies used o Results in a system that is quite. resistant to jamming. n Jammer must jam all frequencies n With fixed power, this reduces the.
Current prevention measures (administrative closure and public notification) would continue regardless of which alternative is chosen. These measures were put in place to reduce disturbance of the infestation and to minimize the potential for spread outside the project area. Although effective at reducing the spread of noxious weeds, prevention measures alone will not control the medusahead population.
MTBE (methyl-tert Sarah Lil History First introduced in 1979 Used as an oxygenate to curb lead emissions Wide-spread use following CAA of 1990 Reduced The Found to contaminate groundwater as early as 1980 Doesn’t adhere to soil particles Easily soluble in water, difficult to remove Main leak source: underground storage tanks Contaminated water tastes like turpentine States which once had.
Paleobiology: the precambrian: life's genesis and spread. ... There are some paleontologists who suspect that the Vendian faunas were reduced by an extinction event, possibly related to massive glaciation, at the close of the vendian time. In any event, many animals in the Vendian assemblages are quite unlike anything living today, while others can be traced to extant phyla.
Genetic 'Gang Of 4' Drives Spread Of Breast Cancer
It is the deadliest transformation that a cancer can undergo, and therefore researchers have been looking for specific genes that propel metastasis. In the newly published experiments, the researchers also found that they could reduce the growth and spread of human breast tumors in mice by simultaneously targeting two of the proteins produced by these genes, using drugs already on the market.
The spread of technologies through the vehicle fleet
As the technology spreads through the vehicle fleet, so a corresponding (although proportionally less) reduction in fatalities is to be expected. ... As has been shown with seat belts, legislation can make a difference in bringing down the lags. But as has also been shown with fuel efficiency, the lags, plus off-setting traffic growth, can both operate to reduce the benefits expected from the spread of technologies through the vehicle fleet.
Other uses, including reproduction and distribution, or selling or
Vertical tests conducted at 0.5 atm pressure demonstrated no difference in ame spread rate between normal and microgravity. These results suggest that the re risk associated with the use of PVC tubes during general anesthesia in either space or ground applications may be reduced if the application of a high-energy surgical tool is prevented during an active phase of the breathing cycle (inhale or exhale).
The Term Structure of Credit Spreads and Credit
In two following notes, rst Lee (0) and later Pitts and Selby (0) rened espe-cially the graphical depiction of these dependencies, removing some inaccuracies incorporated in Merton’s paper. Despite this using the “quasi”–debt–to–rm– value ratio d as an indicator for credit quality, a split behavior in terms of the relationship between credit spreads and maturity is derived. 2.2 Reduced–Form Models.
Systems-based Pest
Systems-based pest management is just that – preventing pests at each step in the production system. By using a systems-based approach to pest management, growers can reduce the spread of pests, better understand the source of pests, safeguard their nursery from accepting infested liners from suppliers, and ensure that only pest-free plants are shipped to their customers.
Creation and introduction of new varieties resistant to pathogens significantly reduces spreading harmful pathogens and using fungicides in agricultural practice which cause environmental pollution. The objective of this study is to evaluate bread wheat and durum spring wheat varieties of different eco-geographical origin and to identify among them sources of resistance to leaf fungal diseases.
Health Alert | Emergency Management | CSUSM
If you are suffering from these symptoms, stay home. Students should call Student Health & Counseling Services at (760) 750-4915 for an evaluation and instructions on how to care for yourself and reduce spreading the infection to others. Faculty and staff should contact their healthcare provider.
"Using Graph Clustering to Analyze the Spread..."
The purpose of this work is to analyze the spread of an infectious disease on a random large social network graph. The goal is to determine if graph clustering techniques are a viable option to reduce workload of analyzing of a large data set. ... We then use this graph to model the spread of an infectious disease. We develop a preliminary trivial reduction method in which to use as a baseline to formulate and compare more efficient reduction methods.
Eastern Michigan University: Making EMU Better
Every Thursday from 10am until 2pm, I sit with students and community members and help reduce the risk of transmitting or acquiring the virus. We talk about their current risk behaviors as well as risk reduction strategies. ... In my own way, I am appeasing my friend's transition by helping people reduce their risk of contracting or spreading the HIV virus.
Methods that reduce seed dispersal during harvesting opera-tions can reduce the spread of wild oats within and across fields. For example, chaff collection removes up to 74% of wild oat seeds that would otherwise be dispersed by the combine. ... Destruction of weed seeds by predators, pathogen attack and reduction in seedling recruitment have all been shown to significantly impact weed abundance.
Coastal Engineering & Fluid Mechanics
Mixing, which reduces the ambient density difference, has a tendency to reduce spreading, while the spreading of the plume was found to increase the intensity of mixing processes by enhancing the energy in local turbulence that occurs at scales on the order of 10 cm. This research has continued in MeRMADE II (2009-2014), which focuses on the transition of this high-energy region outside the mouth to a more passive coastal current that can travel down the coast for 50-100 km or more.
The Reduced Neubert-Kot Model
This page generates plots for the reduced Neubert-Kot Model: The model helps to descibe the dynamics between the population levels of two different groups -- the predators and the prey. The measure for the prey population is denoted byxt. ... Neuron, 21: 959-980. T.A. Duke, N. Le Novere, D. Bray (2001). Conformational spread in a ring of proteins: a stochastic approach to allostery. J. Mol Biol, 308:541-553.
Study notes
Thereby bringing more small and uninformed investors into the firm, the adverse selection costs are reduced, allowing the specialist to lower the bid-ask spread. Secondly, firms can disclose more info. This narrows the gap b/w uninformed and informed investors, thereby lowering the cost of capital. Thirdly, friendliness toward security analysts would be very helpful.
Record Details
In experimentally invaded plots, arthropod abundance was reduced by 39%, and species richness declined by 19%. Carnivores experienced greater reductions in abundance than herbivores (61% versus 31% reduction). ... The cascading effects of plant invasion on arthropods reported here reinforce motivation to control _M. vimineum_ spread.
Subsection RREF Reduced Row-Echelon Form
Example USR Three equations, one solution, reprised. Sage RO Row Operations. Subsection RREF Reduced Row-Echelon Form. The preceding example amply illustrates the definitions and theorems we have seen so far. But it still leaves two questions unanswered. Exactly what is this “simpler” form for a matrix, and just how do we get it?
Wastewater Lagoons
Advantages : Reduced odor, solids can be refed, spread on land or used as bedding (after one full year of aging), reduced lagoon loading (lagoon size requirement is less), liquid with low solid content is easier to handle. ... Seepage control liner. Single or multiple cells. Reduced solids volume. High nitrogen reduction. Moderate/good odor control. Can recycle effluent back to operation for flushing systems.
Predicting Credit Spreads
Current credit-spread and riskless-yield curves impound essentially all marketwide and rm-specic information necessary for predicting future credit spreads. Our ndings have signicant implications for establishing theoretical models of credit spreads in future. ... According to structural models, an increase in stock return (stock return momentum) raises the equity holders’ option value and reduces the default probability, which, in turn, should decrease credit spreads.
All About Spices | Gorkem Demirtasoglu
In mice with well-established prostate cancer tumors, neither phenethyl isothiocyanate nor curcumin by itself had a protective effect, but when combined, they significantly reduced both tumor growth and the ability of the prostate cancer cells to spread (metastasize) in the test animals. The researchers believe the combination of cruciferous vegetables and curcumin could be an effective therapy not only to prevent prostate cancer, but to inhibit the spread of established prostate cancers.
The Term Structure of Credit Spreads and Credit
In two following notes, rst Lee (0) and later Pitts and Selby (0) rened espe-cially the graphical depiction of these dependencies, removing some inaccuracies incorporated in Merton’s paper. Despite this using the “quasi”–debt–to–rm– value ratio d as an indicator for credit quality, a split behavior in terms of the relationship between credit spreads and maturity is derived. 2.2 Reduced–Form Models.
A Multifactor Model of Credit Spreads
In contrast, reduced-form models are flexible enough to empirically fit the term structure of credit spreads, but they do not provide an economic interpretation of default. Reduced form models such as Jarrow and Turnbull (1995) and Duf-fie and Singleton (1999), define exogenous stochastic processes for the arrival time of default and exoge-nous recovery rates.
How to Not Spread Democracy | Brookings Institution
Both the American project to spread democracy in the Middle East in the aftermath of Sept. 11 and the Iraq War were doomed from the outset. That’s not because the Middle East is incompatible with democracy, but because the project was based on contradictions and erroneous assumptions. ... The very American policy that was said to be aimed at spreading democracy increased the conditions that terrify the public and reduced the attraction of democracy itself.
Bacterial Identification Tests
water and reduced cytochrome c / Cytochrome oxidase. Oxidized cyt C + reagent clear. Wurster’s blue + red cyt C. dark purple oxidized. Sulfur reduction test, Indole production, Motility (SIM) deeps. ... • Spreading growth + (Spreading growth looks like a. mascara brush in the deep) Escherichia coli (right) Proteus vulgaris (left) • Linear growth – Staphylococcus epidermidis (middle) • To test for the ability of bacterium to migrate in solid agar deep.
San Jose State University
The ultimate goal was to reduce the spreading resistance and eliminate localized hot spots. Hot spots occur when the temperature is not evenly distributed throughout an area. To reduce these hot spots, an array of micro heat pipes was implemented into the heat spreader. Seven array configurations, ranging from 2 MHPs to 8 MHPs, were evaluated for a range of power inputs varying from 3 W to 21 W. The finite element software, MECHANICA 4.0, was utilized for the simulations.
Assessing the influence of different inland lake management...
2008). The role of recreational boaters as a vector for secondary spread is well documented (Vander Zanden and Olden 2008; Rothlisberger et al. 2010; Kelly et al. 2013), thus management actions that reduce boat movement between lakes, or reduce the number of boats contaminated with invasive species, will likely be an effective approach for reducing economic and environmental damage.
College of Medicine Research Links Prostate Cancer Spread...
Cancer cells become very dependent on this sugar for growth and spread," said the study's lead researcher Mauricio J. Reginato, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Drexel University College of Medicine. ... The researchers have found that prostate cancer cells, with reduced levels of O-GlcNAc, had a significant reduction in the incidence of bone metastasis.
Drug misuse and trafficking act 1985 - sect...
(a) to reduce the number of deaths from drug overdoses, (b) to provide a gateway to treatment and counselling for clients of the licensed injecting centre, (c) to reduce the number of discarded needles and syringes and the incidence of drug injecting in public places, (d) to assist in reducing the spread of blood-borne diseases, such as HIV infection or Hepatitis C.
Not enough screening and control programs Genetic resistance to a majority Some Viral Diseases Kill L Influenza or flu virus #1 Killer Trans Some Viral Diseases Kill L Global strategy to slow down the spread of HIV Reduce the number of new infections Concentrate on those Some Viral Diseases Kill L Hepatitis B virus (HBV) #3 Killer Mode of transmission Viruses that move.
A generalized model for hydrocarbon drops
While significant progress has been made in reducing the number of accidents, crash safety equipment (like seat belts and air bags) has been a critical component in the reduction of fatalities and serious injuries. ... In that case, the non-axisymmetric oscillations are dismissed and therefore the surface tension energy Es is reduced. Thus, the remaining kinetic energy Ek' is increased and drop spreads faster than reality.
Australia’s carbon price and the emerging | Facility Spread
» Griffith University QLD: Carbon Pricing » 28 May 2012 » AGL External. • Policy certainty is important for power investments. • Debt spreads increased and tenors reduced during the GFC. • But they remain high in Australia, making us a global anomaly (due to policy uncertainty...) » Presentation Title » February 2008 » AGL Internal.
H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) | Prevent the Spread of Flu
Precautions Being Taken. Campus dining rooms, residence halls, academic buildings and other high-traffic areas have and will continue to be disinfected. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed in high-traffic areas and computer labs around campus, as have informational signs about reducing the spread of flu germs.
Army H.E.A.L.T.H. Home
Peanut Butter vs. Peanut Butter Spread (aka reduced-fat peanut butter). Many peanut butters on the shelf at the supermarket are full of added sugar and other ingredients, such as soybean oil. According to the National Peanut Board, in order for peanut butter to be labeled as peanut butter, it has to contain at least 90% peanuts.
Shrinking farms, spreading forests
Without machines but using a thousand bioinformatic tricks, Chinese farmers reduced the amount of land needed to support a person to 100 square meters. Compare this space, about equal to a one-bedroom American apartment, to a few square kilometers for ... Given possible future diets and numbers, how much land can people spare for Nature? This is a question agronomist Paul Waggoner and I started asking about 10 years ago. The answer explains why forests will spread. Before giving the answer, let me broaden the context.
— Principal Objectives: ? Safety of ALL occupants; ? Reduce number of outbreaks; ? Reduce internal spread of fire; ? Prevent the spread of fire; ? Rapid evacuation of lives in event of a fire.
A frequency hopping spread spectrum transmission scheme for
By adjusting the spreading gain, we can conveniently adjust the tradeoff between the interference to primary users and the data rate of the secondary trans-missions. Such adjustment can be optimized according to the accu-racy of spectrum sensing. More specically, when the white space detection error is large, which happens more often during the initial stage of the secondary transmissions, we can increase the spreading gain so as to reduce the interference.
Innovative Financial Instruments and Mechanisms
Table 1Impact of remittances on country credit rating and sovereign spread. Remittances as percent of GDP, 2004 Rating excluding remittances Rating including remittancesa Spread saving (basis points). Serbia and Montenegro 7 B+ BB- 150. ... As a result, the issuer can access international capital markets at a lower interest rate spread and longer maturity. Moreover, by establishing a credit history for the borrower, these deals enhance the ability and reduce the costs of accessing capital markets in the future.
Understanding Meningococcal Meningitis Can Help Prevent its...
Meningococcal Meningitis is neither an airborne nor a food borne illness. To reduce the risk of getting or spreading the illness cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, wash your hands frequently and do not share eating or drinking utensils. Early symptoms of the bacterial illness include: Sudden onset fever Intense headache Stiff neck Nausea often accompanied by vomiting A skin rash that looks like small purplish red spots Anyone with these symptoms should see a doctor immediately.
Surgeon General determines that such programs reduce both...
"The research up to this point shows that needle exchange is promising," says Dr. Fisher, "but that is not the proof people are demanding." In this connection, Congress has forbidden use of federal money for needle exchange programs until the Surgeon General determines that such programs reduce both infection and the spread of disease, and do not encourage more drug use.
The changing face of death
The spread of humans out of Africa into temperate areas is likely to have reduced this problem and in the case of some prehistoric groups, such as Indian tribes in Nevada, there is no evidence at all of intestinal infections. Death in childbirth and infant mortality are likely to have been fairly high, but probably no higher than in agricultural societies or even in early modern Europe, where, for example, in seventeenth century France about a quarter of all children died before their first birthday.
What is Good or Ok?
No known adverse effects in humans. Dairy blend, salad oil, instant mashed potato, reduced fat spread, margarine. 306: Tocopherols concentrate, mixed.
Sea floor spreading
Testing the sea floor spreading theory. By 1960, Scientists had mapped the magnetic field generated by the rocks on the ocean floor. These rocks (mostly the mafic rock basalt) are magnetized because as the lava cooled, the ... The resultant magnetic field is less than expected because the Earth's magnetic field is reduced by the magnetic field of the rock. When mapped, the anomalies produce a zebra-striped pattern of parallel positive and negative bands. The pattern was centered along, and symmetrical to, the MOR.
Broadband OFDM-FDMA System
Result: IBO can be reduced when DFT spreading is employed ! Imag. Broadband OFDM-FDMA System for the Uplink of a Wireless LAN. 14. Use of ?/4-QPSK for Subcarrier Modulation. Single carrier technique for PAR reduction ... Summary. Spreading can be used as a technique to modify the transmit signal. A DFT spreading matrix can reduce the peak-to-average ratio of and OFDM-FDMA uplink system without a performance loss compared to spreading with Walsh-Hadamard matrices.
Asian Roasted Vegetable Wraps with Apricot Orange
Asian Roasted Vegetable Wraps. Marinade: ? cup reduced sodium soy sauce ? cup rice vinegar 2 T. canola oil 1 garlic clove, chopped. 1 yellow squash, sliced (1 cup) 1 zucchini, sliced (2 cups) 1 red pepper, sliced (1-? cups) 1 small red onion, thinly sliced (1 cup) 4 ounces sliced mushrooms, sliced (1 cup) Apricot Orange Spread (recipe below) 4 (6-inch) whole wheat tortillas.
Not overzealous; causes skin cracking. Rest/exercise. Reducing stress. Immunization. Factors that Support Host Defenses. Medical asepsis: “A state of cleanliness that decreases the potential for the spread of infections”. Promoted through: Maintaining a clean environment.
Three-Dimensional Imaging using a Novel Rotating Point...
To be able to extend the depth-of-field while simultaneously encoding depth in the point spread function (PSF) itself allows an imaging solution which is less time consuming and less data intensive than the inefficient multiscan based conventional 3D imaging. Light-field cameras also achieve 3D imaging in a snapshot, but at the cost of greatly reduced resolution.
As roads spread in rainforests, the environmental toll grows...
R a d R e v i e w 2 0 0 1
The patient input exposure is reduced but the exposed area is now larger so that the surface integral exposure and total radiation energy imparted to the patient is about the same. There will be a decrease in the visibility of detail because the same number of video scan lines are now spread over a larger area and each line width is increased.
News | The University of Sydney
"Our findings advance the theory that knowing how to manipulate and lower 'bad' cholesterol could significantly help to reduce the ability of cancer cells to spread." Associate Professor Grewal has been collaborating with Professor Carlos Enrich from the University of Barcelona (Faculty of Medicine) in Spain for 15 years on the link between cancer and cholesterol.
ab102699 | "Peculiarities of the Spreading of Volatile Oils"
"Peculiarities of the Spreading of Volatile Oils". ABSTRACT. I will present experimental investigations of an apparently very simple system which consists of a droplet of volatile oil deposited on a thick water substrate. In a three phase system, one of them being the atmosphere, the spreading properties are generally ruled by the well–known Harkins spreading coefficient S. The liquid spreads ... This sub-layer rotational flow is believed to provide the additional dissipation responsible for the reduced spreading exponent.
Cell Reports
Cell spread of CHO-WT and all NPC1 mutant models 12 hr after seeding was similar and consistent with other studies (Skalski and Cop-polino, 2005), excluding cellular dimensions as a potential inducer of reduced spreading in NPC1 mutants or upon drug treatment. ... Taken together, diminution of cholesterol in the Golgi leads to a signicant reduction in cell spreading, migration, and invasiveness of cells.
Reducing spread of masking
Spread of mask-ing increases with increasing noise level and thus by attenuating the noise, either by filtering or amplitude compression, spread of masking is reduced, resulting in an improved SII which, in turn, should result in an increase in intelligibility. Reducing spread of masking. Advanced signal-processing techniques have had relatively little success in improving speech intelligibili-ty in random noise for people with normal hearing.
Recommendations for reducing the spread...
This document includes recommended practices to reduce and prevent the spread of CWD through voluntary implementation by Wisconsin citizens. Through the use of these. recommendations with the cooperation of hunters, landowners, and other agencies and organizations, the potential influence of human related introductions of CWD may be. reduced. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 2014. Page 1. Revised: 07/11/2016 CWD Transmission Reduction Recommendations.
A Reduced Form Model of Default Spreads with Markov
We contribute to this literature by assessing the ability of observed macroeconomic factors and the possibility of changes in regime to explain the proportion in yield spreads caused by the risk of default in the context of a reduced form model. ... Keywords: credit spread, default spread, Markov switching, macroeconomic factors, reduced form model of default JEL classi…cations: G12, G13.
Reduce the spread
Reduce the spread. of European green shore crab. European green shore crab (Carcinus maenas). up to 7 cm. To help prevent the spread of this invasive crab, Victoria has new regulations
A reduction in runoff quantity can be achieved by the storage of runoff in detention/retention basins, storm drainage pipes, swales and channels, or other storage facilities. Outlet controls on these facilities are used to reduce the rate of stormwater discharge. ... If the computed spread exceeds design values, additional inlets should be provided to reduce the flow as it approaches the low point. Sag vertical curves and measures for reducing spread are discussed further in Section 4.4.
Antiretroviral Treatment Reduces Spread of HIV Among...
Treatment Expansion Parallels Drop In New HIV Cases Among Injection Drug Users As British Columbia extended highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), the number of new HIV diagnoses fell. A reduction was seen among individuals who had a history of illicit injection drug use (IDU) as well as in the general population. ... APA style citation. NIDA (). Antiretroviral Treatment Reduces Spread of HIV Among Injection Drug Users.
Section 3 | Case study – Preventing broom spread
Good hygiene can prevent broom spread Case study. Preventing broom spread along roadsides and other corridors – developing machinery hygiene protocols. Reducing the soil seed bank. Fire and broom management. Management considerations within specific habitats.
Reducing the spread of impetigo
Impetigo is very easily spread, but with care spread can be reduced. ... spots, spreading outwards. Impetigo is usually itchy. How is it spread? The sore is itchy, and children can scratch. it, spreading the infection to nearby skin or to other parts of their own body. The fluid and crusts of the sore contain the. bacteria, and contact with the sore or with things that have been on the sore (clothing, dressings, towels, etc.) can spread the infection to other people.
Agricultural Pathogen Decontamination Technology – Reducing the Threat of Infectious Agent Spread. Rita G. Betty, Jill M. Bieker, and Mark D. Tucker. Prepared by Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque, New Mexico 87185 and Livermore, California 94550 Sandia is a multiprogram laboratory operated by Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Company, for the United States Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration under Contract DE-AC04-94AL85000.
Reduced Ignition and Flame Spread... | NIST
Reduced Ignition and Flame Spread with Nano-Engineered Foam Project. ... We demonstrated (only in one test) that this technology does reduce flammability in a full scale fire test (50% reduction in pHRR and aHRR for a furniture mock-up). We measured an increase in foam stiffness from the coatings, but also measured that up to 90% of the flexibility is regained after compression three times (without loss in fire protection).
Developing a Water Management
Infection Control Guidelines
Wherever infection control measures have been introduced, their effectiveness in reducing the spread of communicable disease has been demonstrated. Community facility programs such as shelters and group homes also need infection control guidelines. Such settings have common characteristics that can include shared living space, communal food preparation, child care, and transient resident populations with potential health issues.
EHP – Germ Warfare? Strategies for Reducing the Spread...
Contaminated water and soil may then maintain and spread these antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ARB) and ARGs. A review in this issue of EHP examines strategies for reducing environmental pollution with antibiotics, ARBs, and ARGs from various sources, including traditional agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), pharmaceutical manufacturers, and hospitals.1.
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
Guidelines for Reducing the Spread of Staph/CAMRSA in Non-Healthcare Settings v. 2. I. Personal Hygiene. While on the premises, patrons and staff should be encouraged to: • Wash hands using liquid soap and water upon entering and exiting the premises and before and after any hands-on contact with other persons.
Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Key Benefits § Improved Electric Service Reliability and Power Quality § Reduced Costs from Equipment Failures, Distribution Line Losses, and Theft § Reduced Meter Reading Costs § Reduced Operating and Maintenance Costs § Reduced Truck Fleet Fuel Usage. June 2015. Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc. (continued). ops to respond to outage and customer requests more efficiently. · Advanced electricity service options: The project offered a pilot programmable communicating thermostat.
Reducing the Risk of fiRe | 3.0 Preventing Fire Spread
Reducing the risk of fire on your farm. 12. 3.0 Preventing Fire Spread. Design Codes and/or standards are minimum requirements established to protect the lives of people and the contents in farm buildings. ... To reduce fire losses, and as a best management practice, TACFF recommends using smaller compartment sizes in farm buildings with properly constructed fire walls and separation distances. 18. 3.0 preventing fire spread. (F) Air.
Dimensional Flow Cytometry | Calculating Spreading Error
• Establish the largest dynamic range per detector (reduced spreading error and optical background). • Maximize separation between detectors: separate the maximum number of conjugates within the visible spectrum and with the minimum spillover. • Monitor a reference instrument critical parameters to predict reproducibility (intra?instrument variation).
ESTUDIOS BCRA | II. Spread: descriptive analysis
Abstract We study the interest rate spread of the Argentine financial system during the last eighteen years. We analyze Granger causality of selected variables, and estimate econometric models that relate spread to macroeconomic and microeconomic factors. Results indicate that output growth and monetization reduce spread during the whole period, while country risk and prices are significant only by subperiods, suggesting changes in macroeconomic context.
Recommendations to Reduce Spread of
Recommendations to Reduce Spread of. Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in Potentially Infested Wood. Purpose These recommendations were developed to help reduce the spread of EAB in potentially infested wood, particularly within the EAB quarantine. Moving ash is legal within the quarantined area. However, EAB spreads slowly on its own and many communities and woodlands within the quarantine are still EAB-free.
Working Paper Series | Figure 1: Bank Interest Spread in Brazil
Although the overall spread has not reduced with the financial liberalization measures undertook in the early 1990s, the relevance of the different factors behind bank spreads were affected by such measures. In a single equation specification, the bank lending rate is regressed against the ratio of the deposit rate to (one minus) the reserve ratio, a scale variable represented by the volume of total loans, wages, and a measure of loan quality given by the percentage of nonperforming loans.
Philadelphia Department of Public Health
Guidelines for reducing the spread of staph / CA-MRSA in the community Proprietors and managers of facilities in which patrons and staff have bare skin contact with others or with shared equipment or surfaces (e.g., gyms, health clubs, recreation centers and spas), or where patrons share close living spaces (e.g., dorms, camps, youth hostels, and homeless shelters), should be concerned about.
Fact Sheet - Iris pseudacorus
For populations of yellow iris growing in standing water, removal of the leaves and stems above water before flowering can result in good control and reduced spread (Simon 2008 in Noxious Weed Control Program 2009). Sites should be monitored for the emergence of new plants from the seed bank or from rhizome sections that were not removed after control measures are completed (Noxious Weed Control Program 2009).
Why 100 Feet ? | Trees spaced to reduce fire spread
100’ DEFENSIBLE SPACE. Trees spaced to reduce fire spread. Trees trimmed at least 10’. from chimney. 12. 30’ 70’ (or to property line). Lower tree limbs removed to reduce. ... 1 “Lean, Clean and Green Zone.” – Clearing an area of 30 feet immediately surrounding your home is critical. This area requires the greatest reduction in flammable vegetation. 2 “Reduced Fuel Zone.”
American | control the spread
Seasonal influenza outbreaks are ex-pected annually. Influenza infection can be serious, resulting in hospi-talization or death of some children every year. Influenza immunization is the best strategy to reduce infec-tion and spread, yet immunization is not 100% effective. Some children who were immunized may get sick and spread infection. It is import-ant to protect all children.
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Moreover, because the reduced spread has an expansionary eect on aggregate demand, output declines slightly less in response to the shock than in the “NoFF” model; this is also a reason for the deposit rate to decline less. ... However, an increase in government borrowing crowds out private borrowing, and in the case of the convex intermediation technology, the reduced private borrowing implies a reduction in spreads.
Publications - To Reduce the Spread of Infectious Respiratory...
MOH Portal Hajj 1437 Awareness Publications Publications To Reduce the Spread of Infectious Respiratory Diseases.
NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND MENTAL HYGIENE Thomas Farley, MD, MPH Commissioner. HOME ISOLATION Instructions for Persons with Fever and Cough to Reduce Spread of Influenza in the Home.
Control of Knotweed | Preventing spread
This is only an effective method of control if it is carried out continually over a number of years and is only effective on small or newly established stands. Cutting and mowing can be used to prevent spread, to reduce vigour and to reduce underground biomass and are useful to use before applying herbicide but not as the sole control method. With all these methods the main problem is the safe disposal of the cut or pulled stems to prevent spread.
Does Fidaxomicin Therapy Reduce Spread of Clostridium...
Observational Model: Case Control Time Perspective: Prospective. Official Title: Does Using Fidaxomicin to Treat Clostridium Difficile Infection (CDI) Reduce the Recovery of C. Difficile From Patients' Faeces, Skin and Their Immediate Environment, Compared to Treatment With Vancomycin or Metronidazole?
Pubs.GISS: Liu et al. 2013: Reducing spread in climate...
Here we reduce the spread in the timing of an ice-free state using two different approaches for the 30 CMIP5 models: (i) model selection based on the ability to reproduce the observed sea ice climatology and variability since 1979 and (ii) constrained estimation based on the strong and persistent relationship between present and future sea ice conditions.
Guidance on the diagnosis and
Appendix 4 – Guidance for reducing the spread of PVL-Staphylococcus aureus. (PVL-SA) in schools and nurseries. 34. Appendix 5 – Advice for managers of care homes to help reduce spread of. PVL- Staphylococcus aureus.
The Carbopol and xanthan gum droplets spread more slowly on the treated surface and to a smaller radial distance. PIV demonstrated that this reduced spreading was associated with a substantial reduction in slip. For Carbopol, the effective slip could be eliminated entirely to within the precision of the PIV measurements; the reduction in slip was less effective for xanthan gum, with a weak slip velocity remaining noticeable.
Recommended measures to reduce the spread of White...
Actions to reduce the risk of transmission of WNS by humans (This applies to both WNS-positive and WNS-free areas.) Effective September 15, 2009. 1. Observation of cave closures: • Significant Bat Caves: The attached list (Table 3) shows sixty-three Virginia caves that have been identified by biologists at the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and the Virginia Natural Heritage Program for closure to help slow the spread of WNS.
The 90-Day DTF Interest Rate: Why Does It Remain
3.4 The Reduced Spread Cannot Be Explained by Changes in the Banks’ Funding. As discussed earlier, the repo rate was increased by 100 basis points in January 2003 and by a further 100 basis points in May that same year. The DTF rate did not react to any of these rate hikes. This implied that the spread between the two interest rates decreased by 200 basis points from around 250 basis points in the beginning of 2003 to approximately 50 basis points five months later.
HSE - Engineering - Health topics: Noise
Common noise reduction measures. design changes to a process, component or machine. segregating noisy machines from employees. damping machine parts to reduce vibration. isolation of machinery using anti-vibration mountings. ... Fit sound absorbing panels to ceilings of the room to reduce spread of noise to other areas of the work shop; Line bins and chutes with rubber, pvc etc; minimise component drop heights; Ensure machinery is properly maintained.
Uniform-Price Auctions
The average auction spread for 2-year notes during the multiple-price period, 0.41 of a basis point, was cut by about half, to 0.22 of a basis point, during the uniform-price period, and that for 5-year auctions was reduced by about a third, from 0.33 to 0.23 of a basis point. In spite of the proportionately large changes in the average auction spreads, we cannot say that there is a statistically significant difference between them for either the 2-year or 5-year note auctions.
Frequently Asked Questions A(H1N1) Influenza (Swine Flu)
5. How long can an infected person spread this virus to others? At the current time it is believed that this virus has the same properties in terms of spread as seasonal flu viruses. With seasonal flu, studies have shown that children, especially younger children, might potentially be contagious for longer periods. It is therefore important for people to stay at home for at least 7 days when they have symptoms to reduce spread to other people.
Probabilistic forecasts: • Gaussian centered on bias-corrected ensemble mean. • Spread determined by past error statistics. 10. Results (CRPS). • Method reduces Continuous Rank Probability Score. ... • Recent observations improve probabilistic forecasts. • Reduced spread • Recentered mean of distribution • Useful for operational probabilistic nowcasts.
An Analysis of the Economic Feasibility of
The Gypsy Moth Slow the Spread project (STS) has successfully reduced the rate of spread of the gypsy moth. This destructive, non-native forest pest was introduced to the U.S. in 1869, and is currently established in all or parts of 19 states and the District of Columbia (grey areas on maps). · More than 300 species of trees and shrubs.
Table of Contents
2.3 Flame spread reducing treatments
Paint and varnish materials, usually called flame-spread reducing coatings, are available on the market. These coatings can be applied to wood materials for the purpose of reducing the flame spread rating and work as intumescents that expand, or swell, when heated. The advantage of these coatings is that they can be applied to existing combustible interior finish for the purpose of addressing an excessive or unknown flame spread characteristic.
Recall -- Firm Press Release
Unilever United States, Inc. today announced a limited recall of Skippy® Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter Spread and Skippy® Reduced Fat Super Chunk Peanut Butter Spread, because it may be contaminated with Salmonella, an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.
Lower wholesale power prices reduce quark spreads...
Monthly wholesale power prices from SNL Energy. Note: Quark spreads are calculated using the day-ahead, on-peak and off-peak power prices for the MISO Illinois Hub (representing the Midwest) and the PJM Western Hub (representing the Mid-Atlantic). Average nuclear fuel costs aggregated on a regional level were provided to EIA by the EUCG Nuclear Committee on a $/MWh basis.
Mr. Jonathan G. Katz
Correctly predicting the result of 100 legitimate coin tosses does not reduce the risk of being wrong on the next “toss.” When lack of prediction capacity is combined with the laws of compound interest and a continuous reduction of investment value due to transactional spreads, fees and commissions, it is misleading to suggest that interest rate risk is reduced, in aggregate, by securitization.
Spread Footing Connection: Specimen 2 (reduced steel)
Hooked bars facing out (Conventional cip). Spread Footing Connection - Tests: Specimen #1 • Use footing steel identical to that required for cast-in-place. • Verify vertical punching shear • Verify cyclic lateral load resistance. Specimen #2 • Reduce tie steel and “shear friction” steel in footing. Spread Footing Connection: Construction.
Branch Managers empowered to sanction adhoc limits upto 20% of Working Capital Limits (both Fund Based and Non=Fund Based). Interest rate structure. Maximum Spread reduced from 4% to 2%.
The ECB unconventional monetary policies: have they
Simultaneous evaluation of the impact of all unconventional monetary policies on three euro-zone borrowing markets: money market, covered bonds and sovereign bonds markets. Results. Limited impact of UMP on interbank market: 3-year LTRO was the only measure that signicantly reduced euro money market spreads.
NC DPH: Infectious Respiratory Diseases
Transmission of infectious respiratory diseases from one person to another can be greatly reduced by taking the following precautions: Wash your hands frequently with soap and water — it is one of the most effective ways to reduce spread of illness. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are also effective if soap and water are not available.
Senate Bill 280
Senate Bill 280 FACT SHEET. Highlights. • Requiring shelters to be advised by and to follow the advice of a veterinarian regarding ways of reducing spread of disease and provision of adequate veterinary care. • Requiring vaccinations within 8 hours of an animal entering a shelter, requiring a health exam within 72 hours and on an as-needed basis outside of that timeframe.
Modeling the impact of random screening and contact tracing...
J. M. Hyman, J. Li and E. A. Stanley, "Modeling the impact of random screening and contact tracing in reducing the spread of HIV", Mathematical Biosciences, vol. 181, no. 1, pp. 17--54, Jan 2003. ... Mathematical models can help predict the effectiveness of control measures on the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) by reducing the uncertainty in assessing the impact of intervention strategies such as random screening and contact tracing.
· Salt Union to be informed of reduction in local service delivery and need for urgent supplies in line with Stock management protocols established within tendered contract conditions. (minimum deliveries to return Authority to ‘Minimum Stock Holding levels, i.e. 12 Days resilience). ... · If possible, based on residual salt levels further reduced spread rate should be implemented on these routes.
Stable Electron Beams With Low Absolute Energy Spread...
We present experiments demonstrating production of a stable electron beam near 1 MeV with hundred-keV level energy spread and central energy sta-bility by using the plasma density prole to control self-injection, and supporting simulations. Simulations indicate that such beams can be post accelerated to high energies, potentially reducing momentum spread in laser accelera-tors by 100-fold or more.
Archived Information
Over the last week, H1N1 has spread widely through the United States and the world. The outbreak of H1N1 has prompted school closures and cancellation of school-related events over the last few weeks. As the flu spreads, the Department of Education (ED) encourages school leaders, parents and students to know how to take action to reduce the spread of the virus and report illness.
Technology Impact on Capital Markets
Habermeier and Kirilenko (2003) review the microstructure literature, finding other negative impacts of transaction taxes including widening bid-ask spreads, reduced price discovery, reduced asset price growth, with no effect (or a negative effect) on volatility and market stability. This section presents a brief summary of the key academic research on the impact of transaction taxes. Chou and Wang (2006) examine the reduction of taxes levied on Taiwan Futures on 1 May 2000 from 5 to 2.5 basis points.
4.5 Example: Gaussian Elimination
Also in order to facilitate these comparisons, the entire matrix is reduced for each pivot, rather than just those columns needing reduction, so that each version of each algorithm involves about twice as many (scalar element) operations as are really necessary; with some loss of clarity the ... Viewed in these terms, the data-parallel version of Gaussian elimination is indeed attractive. Finally, a word on the Fortran 90 intrinsic function SPREAD, used in the primary reduction operation in both Simple_Gauss and Pivot_Gauss.
Local Health Department Officials
The New York State Education Department and the New York State Department of Health continue to collaborate on guidance for educational institutions in New York State (outside of New York City). We are writing to provide you with the latest guidance on ways schools can help to reduce the spread of the novel H1N1 influenza virus. The guidance expands and modifies previous guidance and focuses on numerous non? pharmaceutical...
PRECAUTION. The best means of reducing the spread of infections by promoting and practicing simple measures like : a. Personal hygiene b. Purification of community water supply c. improved water treatment and distribution system. During epidemics boiled and cooled water should be advocated for drinking purpose. e.Proper Autoclaving of syringes, needles or other equipments.
Health Tips
These healthy behaviors help families to reduce their exposure to germs. They include. • covering a cough or sneeze, • handwashing, and. • washing surfaces. What parents and families need to know about how germs spread in the home. As suggested in the vignette above, families may need some basic health information to understand these healthy behaviors and why they are important.
Straightforward guidance for livestock farmers to minimise
Reducing the volume of contaminated water may reduce pollution risk and could lead to cost savings with less dirty water to collect, store, handle and spread. Additional advice is also available within the PEPFAA Code or from your local agricultural adviser. ... This will reduce the likelihood of nutrients and bacteria entering watercourses and help to prevent deterioration of water quality. · Use a competent and appropriately trained contractor who is aware of the pollution risk associated with spreading on your land.
Mathematical modeling of the spread
Eect of cow-pox inoculation on the spread of smallpox. The initial plan is to discuss nonextended models in Section 1, and ex-tended models in Section 2. These constitute the classical theory of epidemic spread. Section 3 introduces complex networks ... All of these observations have consequences for control programs. The. susceptible density can be reduced with vaccination. The transmission can. be reduced by isolation, medical removal, etc, to stop an epidemic. The speed of the waves in dimensional terms results to be
Forest Research
In return, we will provide you with information about your Phytophthora risk and work with you to reduce it. Why get involved? Britain’s plant trade and natural environments are under increasing threat from a broad range of plant-pathogenic Phytophthoras that exist in many different parts of the world. These microscopic invaders are being brought into Britain and spread around the country in soil, water and tissues of a large number of plant species.
Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA)
Seasonal Salt Usage Reduction Techniques Fact Sheet. Pre-wetting salt: SHA is expanding the practice of wetting salt with brine or magnesium chloride prior to spreading to help salt better adhere to the road and prevent waste due to “bounce and scatter.” ... Using the pre-storm planning information, crews can pre-treat highways reducing initial salt spreading.
Harm Reduction Website Department of Health...
Harm reduction means reducing harm caused by drug-abusing. With the priority on public health, it is an application strategy aiming at reducing harm to both individual and society at large. The objectives of harm reduction strategy on drug abusers and spread of HIV/AIDS disease are
Accounts Chamber of Russian Federation
Poultry management
The house should have a good ventilation system, straw or sawdust or chips should be spread with 5 centimetre thicknesses over the floor. At the first day of rearing day-old chicks, the temperature should be 30-320C that can be produced by additional brooders and bulbs. After 2 days, the temperature should be reduced by 10C, and when they reach 1 month old it would be reduced to 20-220C.
Five Things You Can Do to Help Prevent the Spread of Flu
The Department of Health and Human Services is working together with the Departments of Homeland Security and Education to monitor the spread of the 2009 H1N1 flu and to prepare a voluntary fall vaccination program. The most important steps to reduce the spread of the flu will take place in your homes, schools, and workplaces. Taking precautions for the 2009–2010 flu season is a responsibility we all share.
A Quick Guide
The spread of communicable disease can be reduced or prevented by observing some simple precautions: 1. Practice good personal hygiene, including washing hands care-fully after toileting, sneezing and coughing, after touching pets and animals, and before food preparation. Cover mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing.
Bureau of Epidemiology-UDOH
The mission of the Bureau of Epidemiology is to prevent sickness and death from infectious diseases and environmental hazards, and monitor diseases to reduce spread. The Bureau is also responsible for monitoring and responding to potential bioterrorism threats/events, communicable disease outbreaks, epidemics, and other unusual occurrences of illness.
Improved treatment, handling and utilization of manure offers the greatest potential for the reduction of these gases from agricultural sources. ... If manure is spread late in the growing period or after the growing season, there is reduced benefit to the crop, and there is an increased risk of nitrate leaching to groundwater or surface runoff contaminating watercourses.
Soifua Maloloina
12 slices multigrain bread 1 tbs reduced fat spread 2 tbs sweet mustard pickle 6 slices Soifua Maloloina corned silverside* 6 slices reduced fat cheese 6 lettuce leaves, shredded 1 carrot, grated 2 tomatoes, sliced ? cucumber, sliced *see our corned silverside recipe.
Women prisoners
: 12 women’s prisons spread across England....
ALive coordinates and fills gaps in existing livestock programs, strengthens veterinary services, and initiates programs focused on poverty reduction, economic growth, research, and regional and international market access. ... If H5N1 vaccines are developed, they would be a primary mechanism for controlling the spread of the virus and reducing associated mortality and morbidity.
European Corporate Bond Markets: transparency, liquidity...
Greater transparency may also reduce search costs for investors. Then investors search more, this increases competition among dealers, and that narrows spreads too. On the other hand, greater transparency could reduce the supply of liquidity. ... As mentioned above, transparency reduces the profits of the informed agents. To the extent that these agents consume liquidity by placing limit orders, transparency reduces spreads, and thus enhances liquidity for the uninformed liquidity demanders.
Large Earth Bumble Bee
Potential impacts include reduced seed production of native plants and increased seed production of introduced plants. About the pest: The social large earth bumblebee is hairier and larger than the honeybee or the European wasp. It is black, with one yellow/ochre band across the front of the thorax and another across the abdomen. The tip of the abdomen is white. Spread: The pest is spread through human activity.
Republican Study Committee
Reduces Rampant Overspending. Blueprint 2.0 includes more than 200 specific spending reductions and reforms that will save taxpayers $8.6 trillion over the next decade. ... As reports of ISIS’s determination to spread terror in the U.S. and Europe continue to mount, it is imperative that we focus unwaveringly on America’s national security. As Chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), I stand with our 170-plus members who are committed to do all we can to protect and defend our homeland.
Promise as an AIDS
Irjection drug use is considered a major risk behavior that is helping to spread the human immunodeflciency virus (HIV), the virus that causes AIDS, among these groups. Injection drug users are at greatest risk for AIDS when they share HIV-infected needles and other iflecting equipment. One strategy to reduce the spread of HIVamong drug users who cannot stop taking drugs or get treatment is needle exchange.
Chapter 3
This 1.1% reduction cannot easily be quantitatively attributed to its various causal factors. However, it is clear that the Australian economy is more efficient by having the net cost of intermediation, as measured by the interest spread reduced by this amount. In simple terms, the benefit today to bank savers and borrowers of a 1.1% reduction in interest spread would be equivalent to more than $3 billion.
MDG6: Diseases
Through the needle. Australia is helping to pioneer harm reduction approaches to HIV prevention in Asia. The latest effort is an eight-year commitment which will concentrate on reducing the spread of HIV among drug users in six countries – Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, Philippines, and two provinces of China.
About 10% of America’s electricity comes from
Argonne’s Reduced Enrichment for Research and Test Reactors (RERTR) program, initiated in 1978, has long utilized our nuclear expertise to convert research & test reactors using high-enriched uranium (HEU) to low enriched uranium (LEU) fuel – a material that cannot be diverted for direct use in nuclear weapons. 63 reactors in 32 countries from Argentina to Uzbekistan have been converted; 66 additional reactors are prime candidates. RERTR is a key element of the nation’s efforts to reduce the spread of nuclear weapons...
Both the early recogni-tion of disease signs and the prompt notification of veterinary officials are essential if eradication is to be carried out successfully. Your warning may prevent FMD from becoming established in the United States, or, if it does spread, reduce the time and money needed to wipe it out. Additional Information For more information about FMD, contact
Royal Oman Police Website - Traffic Safety Competition
I. General Purposes of the Competition: Encourage the whole society of all categories to participate in enhancing road safety and reduce traffic accidents. Involve the governmental, non-governmental , private sector organizations, and individuals in the work for spreading traffic safety awareness. Encourage the private sector to train and qualify road users, and to implement road safety schemes.
Hygienic | Spitting in public places spreads diseases
Washing Hands Keeps Us Healthy. Harmful bacteria and viruses can stick to our hands. Washing hands is the single best way to reduce the spread of infection. It should be an essential habit for everyone! Here's how!
Project Nikshay
It prevents the spread of tuberculosis by prioritizing sputum positive patients for diagnosis and treatment, thus reducing the incidence and prevalence of TB. It helps in alleviating poverty by saving lives, reducing the duration of illness and preventing new infectious cases. It improves the quality of care and removes stigma.
Locate | Assume Spread
distance from the crest in feet width of drainage area in feet runoff coefficient runoff coefficient adjustment factor to account for reduction of infiltration and other losses during high intensity storms (See Chapter 7, Appendix F; for 10-year storm Cf = 1) rainfall ... A combination inlet consisting of a curb-opening inlet placed upstream of a grate inlet has a capacity equal to that of the curb-opening length upstream of the grate plus that of the grate, taking into account the reduced spread and depth of flow over the grate because.
Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) Gear: Military...
Cannot protect against exposure to high energy, highly penetrating ionizing radiation. Neutrons and gamma radiation pass through all forms of PPE. Reduces spread of contamination. Not intended for hot zone entry. Pictures of MOPP Gear.
2.1 Annual site inspections to detect invasion of Phytophthora cinnamomi. 2.2 Promote and implement measures to ensure Phytophthora hygiene. 2.3 Development works to reduce the spread of infected mud: (a) re-direct access track and install footwear washdown station; (b) construct elevation walkway. 2.4 Treatment and quarantine of infected areas.
Why 100 Feet ? | Trees spaced to reduce fire spread
100’ DEFENSIBLE SPACE. Trees spaced to reduce fire spread. Trees trimmed at least 10’. from chimney. 12. 30’ 70’ (or to property line). Lower tree limbs removed to reduce. ... 1 “Lean, Clean and Green Zone.” – Clearing an area of 30 feet immediately surrounding your home is critical. This area requires the greatest reduction in flammable vegetation. 2 “Reduced Fuel Zone.”
There may be times when you would want to consider wearing a face mask to reduce spreading germs if you yourself are sick, or to avoid coming in contact with contagious germs if others around you are sick. If you have been exposed to a biological agent, remove and bag your clothes and personal items. Follow official instructions for disposal of contaminated items.
We Don't Serve Teens | Consumer Information
FAQ - Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health
1. Supply reduction (1)licit drug?scheduling and deviation control; (2)illicit drug?enforcing anti-smuggling activities and wipe out drug production; 2. Demand reduction (1) to stop new users; (2) to reduce illicit drug abuse; (3)to prevent misuse of licit drug; (4)treatment of drug addict; 3. Harm reduction (1)to reduce the criminal rate (2)to reduce spread of infectious diseases (3)to reduce family and social problems.
Residue Management for Successful Direct Seeding
These include increased snow catch and water infiltration, reduced moisture evaporation, increased soil organic matter, improved soil structure and plant nutrient cycling, virtually no chance for wind erosion and much reduced potential for water erosion, and the reduction of some weed species. Crop residue must be spread evenly to avoid or reduce such problems as: equipment plugging; poor seed germination; disease, weed and insect infestations; nitrogen tie-up in the chaff or straw rows; and cold soil.
Appendix F - Glossary
Mosaic - to reduce the total volume of vegetation within an area by removing vegetation in a cluster or mosaic pattern. Multicutting – A vegetation management method where cut vegetation is reduced in size by cutting vegetation into lengths no longer than 6 inches on length. ... Pulaski – a fire fighting tool used for digging out roots and soil to construct fire line. The head has one side with an axe blade and the other side with a hoe blade. Rate of Spread (ROS) - the speed at which a fire extends its horizontal dimensions, expressed in...
Progress and
The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) efforts have greatly advanced the state of the art of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies—making sig-nificant progress toward overcoming many of the key challenges to wide-spread commercialization. ... Reduced the cost of automotive fuel cells by more than 35% since 2008 and more than 80% since 2002 (from $275/kW in 2002 to $47/kW in 2012, based on projections to high-volume manufacturing).1. These cost reductions reflect numerous individual advances in key areas, including the...
Nonindigenous plants , animals , and microorganisms
These interactions generate risks of introducing or spreading nonindigenous organisms and causing a biological invasion. Concerns about the introduction and spread of nonindigenous species and subsequent biological invasions have led to laws, policies, management, education and other efforts to reduce the risk of such events at the local, state, regional, national and international levels.
Acts and Rules
: ...available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form: (Section 4......
New ways
Several studies have demonstrated that forest structures with low fuel accumulation and with no vertical continuity are more resistant to fire spread and have reduced fire intensity. ... It is clear that a correlation exists between active forest management and the reduction of fire risks but forest management could play an even greater role, if we analyse – and appropriately use - the factors affecting fire behaviour, how they spread, the effect of topography, weather and fuel.
Then conditions worsen through the evening and into early Friday morning. Snow will begin across the north and eventually spread southward through the Panhandles. I do believe conditions will go down to MVFR for reduced visibilities from snowfall and low overcast stratus around 1000 feet (or lower). Conditions will likely go IFR within the heavy snow bands, but this is not currently reflected in the TAF.
Reduce the risk of spreading winter vomiting virus | nidirect
Simple, practical steps can reduce the risk of getting the winter vomiting and diarrhoea virus, also known as norovirus. If you have the illness, it's important to prevent spreading it. Symptoms. For most people it is a short-term, unpleasant illness, with most getting better within a few days.
Damage by mealy bug begins in the field on underground corms during dry conditions and carries on to the storage. Nymphs and adults damage corms by sucking the sap causing shriveling and drying of affected corms. Control: Prompt collection and destruction of infested parts reduces spread of the pest.
Damage by mealy bug begins in the field on underground corms during dry conditions and carries on to the storage. Nymphs and adults damage corms by sucking the sap causing shriveling and drying of affected corms. Control: Prompt collection and destruction of infested parts reduces spread of the pest.
Economic and Environmental
Controlling Sericea Lespedeza with Goats. • Research and field experience in OK & KS. – Reduced seeds per stem from 960 to 3 – No new seedling spread – Reduction in stem count (25 – 30%).
How social security payments
Most of the integrated plans (60 percent) reduced private pensions by a portion of the social security payment. The remainder (40 percent) were coordinated with social security through percent-of-earnings benefit formulas that applied different percentages to earnings above and below specified ... On average, step-rate excess plans integrating at the social security tax base provided benefits per year of service equal to 1 .05 percent of earnings up to the tax base, and 1 .64 percent of higher earnings-a spread of 0.59 percentage points .'
Top Ten Dust Control Techniques | Reduce exposed ground
Good road drainage can reduce dust. If a road surface has poor drainage, puddles will form. Water floats the fine particles (fines) up from the soil beneath the road. With traffic, water and wind spreads the fines as mud or dust. ... Larger communities may have water trucks to take advantage of local water supplies. When water is applied alone, it provides a short- term reduction in dust. Regular, light watering is better than less frequent, heavy watering.
Taylor Jantz-Sell
We have been closely following the discussions relating to the specification and have some concerns with regards to the omni-directional requirements in particular. We believe that it would not be in the best interest of consumers, the ENERGY STAR brand and our individual programs to revert back to earlier requirements that would accept a reduced beam spread.
Most viral fevers take 3-5 days to recover.
reduced quantity of urine, breathing difficulty, and altered behaviour etc. d. Not able to take food. 9. Self medication is a dangerous habit. Over the counter medication is to be avoided. 10. Covering the nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing, and washing your hands often with soap and water, will reduce the spread of many viral fevers, and respiratory infections to others at home.
Best Practice Guidelines for Reducing
Best Practice Guidelines for Reducing Transmission of Antibiotic Resistant Organisms (AROS) In Acute and Long Term Care Settings, Home Care, and Prehospital Care. 1. Healthcare settings routinely implement best practices to prevent and control the spread of infectious agents, including the Public Health Agency of Canada?s “Routine Practices and Additional Precautions for Preventing the Transmission of Infection in Healthcare.”3.
Response to Transportation Events Involving Public Health. Presented by. Captain Lynn...
: Role of Transportation in Reducing the Spread of Contagious......
Keeps resident warm. 3. Keeps drape in place while linen is being removed. 4. ROLL TOP LINEN FROM BENEATH DRAPE TO FOOT OF BED 4. Reduces spread of infection and makes it easier to re-cover resident. 5. Perform procedure. 6. TO UNDRAPE, COVER RESIDENT WITH TOP LINEN 7. Ask resident to hold top of linen or tuck under resident’s shoulders.
• Poverty Reduction Expenditures in 2009 will be about 9% of GDP. • Planned Government Expenditures for 2009 – GH?7.205 bn. • Of this, planned PRE - GH? 1.856bn, about one-quarter of total Govt spending. ... • Target – Halt & reverse spread Malaria. – U5 case fatality reducing. 2.1 in 2007. Goal 7 – Ensure Environmental Sustainability.
Reduced susceptibility of
Strategies for prevention of the spread of S. aureus with reduced susceptibility to vancomycin should be prepared by Australian hospitals prior to their first cases being identified. This article outlines the background to this developing issue and discusses laboratory methods and findings, with some current recommendations for diagnostic laboratories.
Doubts spread about drug-free zones - Education...
NEW YORK - In reaction to the crack epidemic of the 1980s, laws creating drug-free zones around schools spread nationwide. Now, hard questions are being raised — by legislators, activists, even law enforcement officials — about the fairness and effectiveness of those laws. In New Jersey, Connecticut and Washington state, bills have been proposed to sharply reduce the size of the zones.
In western provinces Alexandrian goddess was mostly spread in Spain, in Northern and North-West provinces of the Roman Empire the credit for spreading cult of Jsis goes to Romans, but Alexandrian goddess was not popular here. In Gallia Jsis was popular basically ... Cult of Jsis was at its height during the reign of Caracallus and Septimius Severus. In the struggle against Christianity Jsis was losing its position. During the reign of the first Christian emperors cult of Jsis was reduced to standards of a pagan sect, that...
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sneeze into the bend of your arm, or into a tissue you can throw away, and then wash your hands. The #1 most important way to reduce spreading infectious disease or germs is by washing your hands!!! The #2 most important thing to do to reduce spreading infectious disease or germs is by getting your annual flu shot … which is offered to you free of charge by your employer!!!
UL Sondvd Fom~ 2 8 8 (Rev. 243) PWBfbd~AN6l~U28@-16 zsa-102. Reduced energy con- on evaporator for use in. Desalting impaired waters. bY ‘B. W. Tleimat and M. C. Tleimat WATERREUSETECHNOLOGY. ... The feed enters the first effect at point a and is spread on heat transfer A where part of it evaporates and the balance is taken out by pump Pl and introduced into the second effect at point b. This process is repeated in effects 2, 3, 4, and 5, however, the effluent from PS is discharged...
Outbreak of neurological disease caused by EHV-1
suspect horse without moving other horses from one group to another – segregation of horse groups is the key, because this will help you reduce spread if an outbreak starts. • Check temperatures of all horses on the farm twice daily (fever spikes can be missed if you check once daily). If fevers are detected, then test for EHV-1. •
National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility
? Environmental consequences are lessened if there is a viral release on Plum Island due to reduced opportunity for spread and growth. 22. ... ? 450 to 510 total jobs ? $25 to $31 million of labor income ? $2.8 to $5.5 million in Federal, State, and Local taxes. Potential economic benefit ? Prevention or reduction of economic loss through. containment or prevention of FAD outbreak.
Mitigation. The goal of risk reduction is to reduce the risk to life and property, which includes existing structures and future construction, in the pre and post-disaster environments. ... By sharing your first-hand experience of damaged areas, you help spread the word of how important, effective and life-saving mitigation can be.
Academic Journals
Colour and crispiness of the cookies showed a declining trend as compared to flavour and texture of cookies. Cookies containing 20% and lower level of the full fat flaxseed flour were acceptable in relation to their overall acceptability. Significant reduction in the spread factor of the cookies was observed. Addition of the flaxseed flour restricted the spread of the cookies.
The thick growth of both aquatic and terrestrial exotic plants in our canals and wetlands stymies the flow of much-needed water to the Everglades. Old World climbing fern continues to spread along the coast and eventually covers a huge stand of mangrove trees. The spread of alien species continues to reduce the number of native wildflowers.
Promotion of Rural Areas - Spreading happiness by reducing...
Spreading happiness by reducing the digital gap between city and country. Post Date? 05/10/2007. In this era of the knowledge economy, knowledge itself is power, and all countries have been actively promoting educational programs to harness the power of global information for future generations. Taiwan is no exception.
Accordingly, at its meeting on 25th June 2013, the Monetary Board was of the view that a reduction of the SRR would enable the banking sector to reduce lending rates further, while also reducing the interest rate spread. Hence, the Monetary Board decided to reduce the SRR on all rupee deposit liabilities of commercial banks by 2 percentage points to 6 per cent with effect from 1st July 2013, thereby bringing the SRR in line with several other emerging peer economies.
CDC’s Antibiotic Resistance | Stop spread; Protect People
3. Stop spread; Protect People. Act in every state. • Establish State AR Prevention Programs • Identify new ways to limit spread of antibiotic. resistant infections related to food-producing animals (i.e. Salmonella) using the National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS) • Better monitor treatment of multidrug-resistant gonorrhea (GC) and support rapid response to reduce spread of multidrug-resistant gonorrhea (GC)...
How much sodium is in Australian foods
Other high sodium foods include a range of sauces, spreads and condiments. These analysed values include sodium from salt, naturally occurring sodium and sodium from food additives. ... If you are concerned about your sodium intake you can check the Nutrition Information Panel on food labels for the total sodium concentration per 100 g of food and compare the labels of like foods to select those with low or reduced sodium amounts.
NLEP-guidelines on reduction of stigma and discrimination...
The process of achieving the acceptance of the leprosy patients in the community along with social status culturally acceptable in the absence of disease/ill health condition should be treated as stigma reduction. The strategy to reduce stigma in leprosy have to be mainly through : Spreading awareness: Spread the demystifying messages and its interpretations, mainly regarding nature of disease, whether hereditary, whether leprosy cases are touchable, role of immunity in occurrence of leprosy...
On compensating tune spread
Thus, for a bunched beam, these schemes could, at best, reduce the space-charge tune spread by a half, e.g. by. compensating it at the half of the peak value at z =0. ... We propose to use the co-propagating scheme, but with mismatched relativistic factors of the two beams. Such mode provides for a possibility to diminish the reduction factor while keeping the slippage between the beams under control. II. The idea of the method.
Alternative 1: Spread Reductions Across Programs
0 2006 2009 2012 2015 2018 2021 2024 2027 2030. Source: Congressional Budget Office based in part on data from the Department of the Army. Notes: 1 = Alternative 1: Spread reductions across programs. 2 = Alternative 2: Forgo the Joint Heavy Lift rotorcraft. 3 = Alternative 3: Reduce attack/reconnaissance modernization.
Appendix | Fat Spreads 17 Butter3
Includes blended vegetable oil, suet (animal and vegetable), lard, compound cooking fat, dripping, olive oil, rapeseed oil, ghee made from oil, animal fats. 21 Reduced fat spread3. National Diet and Nutrition Survey. Headline results from Years 1-4 (combined) of the Rolling Programme ... 21B Reduced fat spread (not polyunsaturated). Spreads containing more than 40% and less than 80% fat, not claiming to be high in polyunsaturated fatty acids; includes spreads made with olive oil or rapeseed oil and light spreadable butter.
Risk of the spread of disease
The prevalence of the disease in herds, and its potential impact on farm economics - due to infected cows being more likely to abort, premature culling and reduced milk yields - make this an important disease to try to control. As there is no way to effectively prevent (through vaccination) or to ... Prompt disposal of carcasses and any other potentially contaminated material will help to limit the spread of disease. 2. • Working dogs - there is a need to raise awareness of the potential risk of infection of working dogs from eating uncooked meat.
To improve the nutritional and health status of children in the age group of 0 to 6 years. To lay the foundations for proper psychological, physical and social development of the child. To reduce the incidence of mortality, morbidity, malnutrition and school drop-out. To achieve effective coordination of policy and implementation amongst the various departments to promote child development.
Cybercell Mumbai
The Cyber Crime Investigation Cell of Mumbai Police was inaugurated on 18th December 2000. This Cell is placed under Hon'ble Jt. Commissioner of Police, EOW, Mumbai.
: forex oanda spread....
Reduced pollution loads. Increased user productivity. Enhanced image and marketability. GRIHA compliance for a typical office building used for 8 hours results in 30% - 50% reduction in energy consumption compared to GRIHA benchmarks, 40 - 65 % reduction in building water consumption compared to GRIHA base case and implementation of good practices on site at no/negligible incremental cost. It is envisaged that by the year 2015, the GRIHA footprint shall spread to 25 mn sq m registered built up area, which shall result in...
TY - BOOK AU - Meehan, Thomas K PB - National Aeronautics and Space Administration TI - Multipath noise reduction spread spectrum signals [microform] / inventor, Thomas K. Meehan T3 - NASA case ; NPO-18970-1-CU. KW - Spread spectrum communications. A2 - United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration CY - [Washington, DC N1 - Shipping list no.: 93-1096-M.
Chapter 4: wild animal issues
• To protect the public from situations where wildlife presents a threat to public safety by responding effectively to incidents involving wild animals that might have exposed a human or a domestic animal. • To reduce the spread of rabies between wild animals and from wildlife to humans. • To monitor the occurrence, progression, and advancement of this wildlife disease in the.
Ch. 20-21.pmd
(c) Trees of spreading habit – Example of threes of this type are : Delonix regia (Gulmohar) Lagerstroemia flosreginae (pride of India) Pithecolobium saman (Rain Tree) Though these trees vary greatly in size, their basic form is similar. ... The water requirement may be derived by data of humidity and rainfall of plants natural habitat. The water table of the area where the plantation is to be done has a crucial bearing on the design with plants as well as a financial implication for reduced maintenance if planted appropriately.
: National Dialogue and Pilot to Reduce Reporting Compliance Costs......
Australia | spread 3.5
1980s, major banks’ overall interest spread has narrowed from around 5? percentage points to 3? percentage points. Although this has been a desirable development, it has considerably reduced the scope for banks to use the margins earned from traditional financial intermediation to cross-subsidise the other services they provide.
What are Flexible Approved changes are incorporated into both the national and industry accounts on a flow basis rather than waiting another five years Major definitional Motivation for Flexi Advantages for BEA Better planning and spreading workloads Reduced pressures on staff More flexibility for introducing changes Advan Timing of Flexibl Scheduled to begin after the comprehensive revisions of the NIPAs in 2008 and.
The Environmental Impact
Also, increasing the intensity of production means that inputs associated with the maintenance of livestock are spread over greater output, and therefore emissions per unit of output (milk, meat or eggs) are reduced. This project will support the Defra vision: ‘To develop a profitable and competitive domestic industry which enhances the biodiversity and rural landscape of England while minimising its impact on climate change, soil, water and air quality.
Italy’s National Energy Strategy
During 2012 the situation has changed significantly compared to the scenario described above: there was a significant reduction of the 'spread' between the Italian and the North European prices, amounting to about 3.7 ˆ/MWh on average in 2012, supported by the Italian and European situation of oversupply due to the drop in demand, which has led to an increasing market liquidity. ... increased. underway) as. reduced spread. renewables-gas a result of. dif feren tials).
HMDA Rate Spread Calculator
The rate spread calculator generates the spread between the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and a survey-based estimate of APRs currently offered on prime mortgage loans of a comparable type utilizing the “Average Prime Offer Rates” fixed or adjustable table, action taken, amortization type, lock-in date, APR, fixed term (loan maturity) or variable term (initial fixed-rate period), and lien status.
Integrated pest management prescription
Prevent spread and establishment of horsetails by using only clean soil in your landscape and by checking nursery stock for unwanted plants. Horsetail stems are without functional leaves, so they don’t tolerate much shading. Densely plant areas with horsetail to shade them out and reduce spore germination. Use of landscape fabric can help horsetail from getting established in an area because germinating spores can’t grow through the fabric.
Train driver
Highly Experienced: ?45,000 to ?60,000. Free or reduced-rate travel is usually offered as an extra benefit. These figures are a guide. 5. Working hours, patterns and environment. You'll usually work a 35-hour week. This could be spread over 4 or 5 shifts (known as turns) including weekends, evenings and nights. On freight or engineering trains, you'll usually do more night shifts. On long-distance routes, you may have overnight stays.
AMI Communication Requirements
4.1 Method 1 – Reduce Density of Meters per Tower. 4.2 Method 2 – Reduce Size of Real-Time Pricing Signals. 4.3 Method 3 – Increase Data Rate. 5 Hybrid Spread Spectrum (HSS) Wireless Telecommunications. 6 Summary. ... 1. of the situations. A load reduction is desired in all cases; it is just that the emergency case is more urgent than the others. In each case, an incentive signal could be communicated from the local utility to the customer in near real-time.
Fire Performance as a Function of | Spread Velocity
Sample Behavior during Flame Spread. Correction for reduced preheating. Additional Fire Properties. Minimum Heat Flux for Sustained Burning. ... Sample Behavior during Flame Spread. •Deformation before reaching steady state (ALL) •Melting/Dripping (HDPE, POM, PMMA). •“Sooting” (HIPS, ABS). Correction for reduced preheating. Correction Example (ABS). 1.2.
Radiation therapy to the head to reduce the risk that cancer will spread to the brain.
TCRP Report 23
For the present, reducing conformal contact across the rail head appears to be most desirable from the standpoint of reducing rail corrugation rate. Prole grinding is also used to control wheel wear, or rut-ting. The Vancouver Skytrain employs contour grinding to vary the contact patch location from one section of track to another, thus spreading the wear on the wheel surface.
Systematic Evidence Review
Arrow 7a: How well does antiviral treatment reduce the rate of viremia, improve transaminase levels, and improve histology? Important clinical outcomes of treatment for chronic HCV infection include reduction in mortality, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma, and improvement in quality of life. ... virus infection, or. reduced spread of disease. 104. Table 1. Current HCV screening recommendations.
Short-scale collective effects
Linac simulations including LSC. (J. Qiang, IMPACT). Main adverse effect of micro-bunching instability is growth in energy spread (limits SASE performance; degrades HG in seeding methods and reduces longitudinal coherence of radiation). No collective effects. 11.
TCRP Report 23
For the present, reducing conformal contact across the rail head appears to be most desirable from the standpoint of reducing rail corrugation rate. Prole grinding is also used to control wheel wear, or rut-ting. The Vancouver Skytrain employs contour grinding to vary the contact patch location from one section of track to another, thus spreading the wear on the wheel surface.
Systematic Evidence Review
Arrow 7a: How well does antiviral treatment reduce the rate of viremia, improve transaminase levels, and improve histology? Important clinical outcomes of treatment for chronic HCV infection include reduction in mortality, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma, and improvement in quality of life. ... virus infection, or. reduced spread of disease. 104. Table 1. Current HCV screening recommendations.
Short-scale collective effects
Linac simulations including LSC. (J. Qiang, IMPACT). Main adverse effect of micro-bunching instability is growth in energy spread (limits SASE performance; degrades HG in seeding methods and reduces longitudinal coherence of radiation). No collective effects. 11.
Commercial Turkey Production
The main reason to provide housing for birds is to provide protection from the weather. Housing also provides protection from predators, reduces the spread of pathogens and provides protection from vandalism. Additionally, housing enables the separation of birds according to age for easy management.
Sample list of types of green initiatives
? Wide-spread installation of rain barrels within a community whose downspouts are connects to a single sanitary sewer system. ... ? Implementation of best practices in agricultural operations that reduce sediment and nutrient contaminations of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. ? Installation of solar aerators of wastewater storage that provide the direct benefit of reduced odor, greenhouse gas emissions and the potential for groundwater contamination.
Food Category Descriptors
Includes minarine, a spreadable water-in-oil emulsion produced principally from water and edible fats and oils that are not solely derived from milk.40 Also includes dairy spreads (reduced fat-based products derived from dairy fat (e.g., milkfat)), and other reduced-fat spreads derived from animal or vegetable fats (e.g., three-quarter fat butter, three-quarter fat margarine, or.
Record Details
The purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy of the filtration method with direct method (without filtration) for detection and enumeration of either aerobic heterotrophic bacteria or anaerobic sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB). In addition we compared the results of colony morphology types of heterotrophic bacteria performed by filtration-spread plate experiments with spread plate experiments (i.e. plating on R2A agar plates).
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: Six-year funding for arts organisations and reducing red tape are......
Statistical Language - Measures of Spread
Measures of spread describe how similar or varied the set of observed values are for a particular variable (data item). Measures of spread include the range, quartiles and the interquartile range, variance and standard deviation. When can we measure spread? The spread of the values can be measured for quantitative data, as the variables are numeric and can be arranged into a logical order with a low end value and a high end value.
Antenna Based SDMA | Angular Spread
• Angular spread is a function of base station location, distance and environment. ... – Combined beams eliminate gaps. • 6dB gain increase. – Cross channel interference is reduced. • 10dB improvement. – Frequency hopping dramatically improves worst case fading.
Protecting your baby | How is rotavirus spread?
Rotavirus can spread very easily and, once infected, babies can pass it on to others. The virus can be spread through hand to mouth contact and be picked up from contaminated surfaces such as toys, hands or dirty nappies. It can also be spread through the air by sneezing and coughing. Washing hands and keeping surfaces clean can help reduce the spread of the virus but can never completely stop it.
Texas WIC Program
Effective April 1, 2014, Texas WIC will authorize peanut butter in 16 ounce to 18 ounce containers, as the majority of the national brands have been downsized. As always, only the creamy and crunchy peanut butter will be allowed. Peanut butter with honey, jelly, candy pieces, peanut spread, reduced fat, omega-3 or organic are still not permitted.
CFTC Glossary - CFTC
Diagonal Spread: A spread between two call options or two put options with different strike prices and different expiration dates. See Horizontal Spread, Vertical Spread. ... Discount: (1) The amount a price would be reduced to purchase a commodity of lesser grade; ( 2) sometimes used to refer to the price differences between futures of different delivery months, as in the phrase "July at a discount to May," indicating that the price for the July futures is lower than that of May.
Milk Preparation
Cutting the curd into small cubes reduces the moisture content of the curd, whereas creating larger cubes increases the moisture content. Following the cutting step, the curd is cooked, which contracts the curd particles and acts to remove whey, develop texture, and establish ... To salt the cheese, coarse salt is spread over the surface of the cheese or the pressed cheese is immersed in a salt solution. Salting further completes the drainage of the cheese and also affects rind formation, growth of microorganisms, and enzyme activity.
Al-Azhar to set up centre to teach Arabic, true Islam in S. Korea
News. PM reviews plans to increase export, decrease import to reduce trade deficit. Antiquities,Tourism ministers to sign coop protocol on management of touristic service today. Pope Tawadros II receives Defense Minister, Top Brass. ... During welcoming South Korean ambassador to Egypt Yoon Soon-Gu, el Tayyeb added that Al Azhar is also willing to build up a center in South Korea to teach the Arabic language and true Islam that brings stability and spreads love and peace among people.
Institutional - Home
Issue Date. High Discount Margin. Spread.
George W. Bush
• Helped establish an emerging democratic Iraqi government and the Iraqi Army, and ordered the surge of U.S. forces, which dramatically reduced violence and created the conditions for political and economic progress. • Established innovative programs, such as Provincial Reconstruction Teams, to help create the conditions for peace and security in Iraq and Afghanistan. Created Institutions to Propel the Spread of Democracy Worldwide, Helped Oppressed People Secure their Freedom...
Redesigning a System of Care to Promote QI
Said another way, it is important to spread success, not a work in progress. The rest of this module will deal with considerations in redesigning your systems to sustain and spread improvements. The assumption now is that you have been successful in improving systems of care and ... Improved charge capture at POS decreased amount of billing staff needed. Open access scheduling reduced nurse FTE devoted to triage activities. Cross-training eliminated need for locum tenens and higher cost contract workers to cover staffing needs.
IB | Reduce expenditure on curative care
Increase demand by the community for access to public health services. Improve household health-seeking behavior to control the spread of disease and ensure healthy development of women and children. Provide financial support during health emergencies and illness. Reduce expenditure on curative care. The H&N Program implements four key strategies to achieve the objectives.
Official Website of Barrackpore Sub Division
People of all ages can contract tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is spread through the air. When a person with the disease coughs or sneezes the germs enter the air and any one inhaling the same will get infected. TB can spread rapidly where people are living in ... Measles can also lead to life-long disabilities, including blindness, brain damage and deafness. There is no specific treatment for measles, but death rates can be reduced by quickly responding to a measles incident to avoid complications and boost immunity with Vitamin A supplements.
Manufacturing of mehandi. The spread of beauty parlours in the cities and its expansion to the rural areas have increased the requirement of more decorative items for enhancing the beauty. The school/college girls especially more attracted towards the traditional beautycare. The wedding seasons, the market is more for this product.
Elminius modestus | Rate of spread and methods involved
Elminius modestus grows rapidly and it withstands reduced salinity, turbid waters, lower temperatures than the native barnacles Chthamalus spp. and higher temperatures than the native barnacles Balanus spp. Its initial growth rate can be 6 mm in 40 days and it ... Factors likely to influence spread and distribution. Shipping is very likely to effect remote dispersal. Low water temperature is likely to restrict northwards spread of this species. Barnes & Barnes (1960) described how Elminius increased considerably in abundance in...
HEC Student Search
Students of Govt. Degree & Postgraduate Colleges Islamabad & FATA please select the following options in order to apply: Islamabad: Select Islamabad under "University...
: a reduced....
White-nose syndrome management
This report identifies management alternatives, thought to be near-optimal (within the limits posed by significant data gaps and contrasting preferences and priorities) in terms of meeting wildlife conservation objectives, that center on the suite of actions that should be taken to control WNS, where control of WNS includes both reducing the effects of the syndrome and slowing the spread of the disease
A Synoptic Assessment of the | 3. Ensemble Spread
Note that in this case the GM error is on a slightly reduced scale relative to that of the ensemble spread. The growth of the ensemble spread is quite rapid, with the dynamically active areas developing larger spread and quickly showing increased sensitivity to the initial perturbations. ... Whilst a future increase in the resolution of the ensemble is likely to lead to a reduction in the observed RMS error of the ensemble members, past resolution upgrades have also shown a benefit in increased spread of the ensemble.
Annex E
• Under the terms of the scheme, unpaid special leave will available for periods of 2 to 13 consecutive weeks to any civil servant. • If requested, administrative arrangements can be made to have the reduced salary spread over 52 weeks. Departments will be taking action to minimise the effect of these schemes on service delivery as far as practicable.
WMO Radar Database
Several reasons for establishing this database: Presenting a comprehensive web-based database for radar network planning information and resource allocation for all members. Assisting a wide spread international exchange of radar data. Gathering radar information to protect radio-frequency spectrum allocation. Presenting common issues/problems and potential solutions gathered by questionnaire.
Due to twins and multiple babies affecting health negatively, Ministry of Health limited the number of methods assisting reproduction in 2010, therefore the reduction in the underweight birth rate is expected in the upcoming years. ... GOAL 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases. To reduce spreading of HIV/AIDS and 6.1 HIV Prevalence Rate in 15-24 Age Group. diminishing the cases by 2015. 6.2 Condom usage Ratio in the latest High-Risk Sexual.
Spread of Noxious
They are equipped with a high volume, low-pressure pump on the discharge end. Some models can draft. Water trucks and trailers have opaque tanks that prevent sunlight from reaching the water, reducing algae growth. Algae reduction is important for projects lasting more than 1 week. ... Washing equipment that moves between work areas helps reduce the spread of invasive plants and prevent diseases from infecting another area or destructive insects from inhabiting a new area.
Nutritious Sandwiches and Tips to Decrease the Unhealthy...
STEP 2: Spreads If using spreads such as margarine, mayonnaise, and salad dressing choose: · Polyunsaturated with reduced salt and use sparingly. STEP 3: Fancy fillings Fillings should include a combination of vegetables and protein and/or dairy foods. Ideally, a sandwich should contain at least two different vegetables and/or one serve of protein or dairy. If selecting meats choose lean/trimmed (reduced fat and reduced salt) options.
Food Categorization Code
...(plain), evaporated milk(s),sweetened condensed milk(s) Beverage whiteners Non dairy based beverage whitener Cream (plain) and the like cream and malai Pasteurized cream (plain), cream and malai Sterilized and UHT creams, whipping and whipped creams, and reduced. ... 1.7 Cocoa based spreads, including fillings Edible ices, including sherbet and sorbe. Fruits and vegetables (including mushrooms and fungi, roots and tubers, pulses and legumes, and aloe vera), seaweeds, and nuts and seeds Fruit Fresh fruit Untreated fresh...
Sample meal plan B - provides the nutritional and energy...
Glass of reduced fat milk Morning break. Apple. Coffee with milk Lunch. Wholegrain sandwich with roast beef, reduced fat cheese and mixed salad with polyunsaturated margarine. ? cup canned beans 1 medium tomato 1 cup (250ml). ... 2 grain 1 meat and/or alternatives ? milk/yoghurt/cheese 10g unsaturated spread (1 serve) 1 Vegetable. Afternoon break Unsalted nuts Coffee with milk. Evening meal Fish prepared with olive oil. Boiled rice Potato Carrots Broccoli Evening snack Fruit salad and reduced fat yoghurt.
Economic development and
Rwandans have benefited from rapid economic growth, reduced poverty, more equality and increased access to services including health and education. This has been possible only through the hard work and dedication of millions of Rwandans supported by friends ... The estimated total cost of implementing EDPRS 2 is RWF 9,929 billion, which is spread across the five years between 2013/14 to 2017/18. The overall purpose of costing EDPRS 2 is to prioritise budget allocations and public expenditure towards the EDPRS 2 core...
City of Burbank, Illinois
With a little bit of information and effort, you can greatly reduce your chances of getting this year's influenza virus. While most people know what it feels like to have the flu, they may not fully understand what the flu is and how it is passed from one person to another. ... The flu is contagious and can be transferred to someone else one day before symptoms occur and up to five days after getting sick. The flu virus is spread mainly through respiratory droplets of coughs and sneezes. Symptoms of the flu include sore throat, high fever...
My Home--Seattle Public Utilities | REDUCE WATER USE
Reduce, reuse recycle. Despite our city’s recycling efforts, Seattle still throws away a lot. Our landfills contain paper that’s only used on one side, food that could be composted, doors and windows that could be re-used, and extra packaging. ... West Nile virus is spread by infected mosquitoes and can be a serious health threat to people, birds and animals.
Multimedia and Educational Materials, Videos, Podcasts, More
Multimedia. If you are interested in learning more – or spreading the word – about food safety, check out these sources of free materials from Federal government agencies and the Partnership for Food Safety Education. ... Dr. Barbara Mahon gives us advice on what can be done to reduce this number. E Coli Threat and Investing in Food Safety (CDC) Medscape: Scroll to discussion about E.coli Threat and Investing in Food Safety.
The impacts of tourism: National Parks UK
Run green business schemes to encourage businesses to recycle, reduce energy, conserve water and be sustainable. Ask local communities for their views and ideas by setting up forums, groups and consultations. Reduce erosion caused by visitors, by creating and repairing footpaths. Use planning policies to control the spread of buildings in built-up areas development.
• With affordable 30+X, many Satellites above 20 degrees • Reduce Satellite antenna complexity (12 to 4 Elements?) • Total Power reduced ~ 0.6 dB – Spec RF Power at 20o Elevation reduced by 1.5dB – Total reduction 40% (2.1dB). ... 16. Basic Hi Quality Receiver. + Wider Spread Signal (L1C). + Inertial Aiding. + Digital Beam Forming Antenna.
DAFM - Spreading of Poultry Litter on Land
This advice leaflet is intended to reduce the risk of disease in animals. ... There should be a three-year interval between land spreading of litter; Do not make baled silage from lands where litter is spread; There are disease risks for animal and man associated with handling of and contact with poultry litter therefore care must be exercised at all times and any un-necessary contact should be avoided
S&TR | October/November 2012: A Major Step for Fusion...
The magnetic field lines spread the exhaust over a larger area, effectively reducing the heat flux by a factor of 10 to a manageable 10 megawatts per square meter. The distribution and magnitude of the heat fluxes in the divertor are determined by the shape of the poloidal magnetic field—the component of the magnetic field that loops through the hole of the tokamak doughnut.
National strategic framework for
During the past seven decades, antimicrobial (AM) medicines have saved millions of lives, substantially reduced the burden of diseases that were previously widespread and improved the quality of life as well as helped increase life expectancy. In the recent past, emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in several microorganisms has rendered the management of many infectious diseases difficult.
Water Department
Quagga mussels can dramatically change the food chain in lakes and reservoirs, leading to reduced sport fish populations. Importantly, once the ecosystem is altered, the growth of algae can occur and affect the taste and odor of a region’s drinking water. In addition, because the mussels are often spread by boats, attempts to stop the spread of the mussels could affect recreational use of the City’s reservoirs.
Rainwater | YourHome
reduce the need for new dams or desalination plants. protect remaining environmental flows in rivers. reduce infrastructure operating costs. Rainwater harvesting also decreases stormwater runoff, thereby helping to reduce local flooding and scouring of creeks. ... security of water supply you desire — a larger tank volume leaves fewer periods without rainwater. Approximate tank sizes for a four person household with mains water and evenly spread rainfall. Use.
InciWeb the Incident Information System: Terminology
Air Tanker A fixed-wing aircraft equipped to drop fire retardants or suppressants. Agency Any federal, state, or county government organization participating with jurisdictional responsibilities. Anchor Point An advantageous location, usually a barrier to fire spread, from which to start building a fire line. An anchor point is used to reduce the chance of firefighters being flanked by fire.
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Reduced hosts will then reduce the breeding success / survival of parasites - causing the numbers to drop again. In this way population size may be controlled by parasites - a population homeostasis.. Humans have successfully used parasites as biological control agents. ... It also spreads an endoparasite during its blood sucking - a protozoan which multiplies and causes sleeping sickness in humans and nagana in cattle (both potentially fatal). As the native herbivores in Africa are immune, the tsetse has limited the spread of...
Using Rain Gardens to Reduce
Using Rain Gardens to Reduce Runoff—Slow it down, spread it. out, soak it in! ... 6. Rain gardens … fSlow it down, spread it out, soak it in! fReduce runoff fRemove pollutants fRecharge ground water fAnd are beautiful.
skyline : jan - feb '13 | Spreading out
Spreading out. Hubbing outside the city centre. ... The planners first mooted this idea of decentralised hubs in 1991 to reduce peak-hour traffic going into and out of the city. It was also to bring jobs closer to homes. Coming up are more hubs and corridors to support further growth in the commercial, retail and entertainment sectors.
With reference to the safe pumping of cargo tanks of chemical tankers, Sketch and describe an arrangement used with the cargo pump or independently of the pump, to facilitate tank drainage. Fire protection for the accommodation spaces of passenger vessels incorporates means of detection, fighting and containment to reduce the spread of any fire.
Louisville Syringe Exchange Program
Louisville Syringe Exchange Program. A proven strategy to reduce the spread of HIV and other blood borne disease in our community. Public Health and Wellness. ... • According to the National Institute of Health, persons who inject drugs who have access to clean needles reduce risky behaviors by “as high as 80%.” • Syringe exchange is a best practice harm reduction model to reduce public health problems associated with.
Welcome to Corporation of Chennai
There are 1227 slums in Chennai City which meets immense demand for Health services.(Preventive, Promotive & Curative aspects). Health by the people for the people can be achieved by involving the Link Leaders in the health programmes & utllise them to spread the message of health, help in identifying the health needs in the community. Objectives: to reduce the higher order of births to 8 by 2007.
Welcome to Corporation of Chennai
There are 1227 slums in Chennai City which meets immense demand for Health services.(Preventive, Promotive & Curative aspects). Health by the people for the people can be achieved by involving the Link Leaders in the health programmes & utllise them to spread the message of health, help in identifying the health needs in the community. Objectives: to reduce the higher order of births to 8 by 2007.
Headquarters U.S. Air Force
n Reduced facility energy intensity by more than 30% 1985 – 2005. n Aggressive conservation program exists to meet EISA 2007 and EO 13423 goals; on path to meet 30% reduction by 2015. ... n Contract mechanism for dem/val of innovative technologies. § Identify BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER, & GREENER solutions § Appears in FedBizOps § Awards based on: technical merits and broad spread application § $3M-$4M/yr AFCEE -- leveraged -- $36M (total) SERDP/ESTCP.
Nuclear Material Recovery | Y-12 National Security Complex
For that reason the program work is spread out over many years. Before any material can reach the commercial market, the Secretary of Energy must determine that its sale would not cause a significant disruption in the U.S. uranium market. ... Because of this partnership, Y?12 and other DOE sites store significantly less legacy material; the U.S. stockpile of weapons-usable fissile material is reduced; costs to U.S. taxpayers are cut through reduced storage, security and disposal of the material and East Tennessee...
• invasive, when cells spread beyond the point of origin. It is the most common type and represents 70-80% of all tumors cases. But knowing the problem allows you to act beforehand. In fact, with simple tests you dramatically reduce the risk of illness: mammogram is the most important tool for the early detection, the key weapon for preventing cancer that, if discovered early, is cured in more than 90% of cases!
Information Resource Center | Hong Kong & Macau...
Fogarty trainees have participated in research studies that have resulted in key discoveries to improve care and reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS. These include determining that populations in low-resource settings can adhere to complicated treatment regimens and that anti-retroviral drugs and circumcision are effective at preventing disease transmission.
LightSquared and GPS
– De-spreading of the GNSS signals spreads any (even narrow band) interfering signal over the entire bandwidth. •The total power of all in-band interference is spread across the entire bandwidth, potentially increasing the noise floor •If the total in-band interference power is greater than thermal noise, GNSS performance is degraded ... Hundreds of millions of GPS receivers in the US would have been impacted by the original LightSquared design Subsequent reduced-power designs impacted fewer existing receivers.
Diabetes Nutrition Placemat
Polyunsaturated. Margarine: - regular - lower-fat spread. 1 tsp. 1 Tbsp. ... 1 Tbsp. reduced fat mayonnaise = 1 whole thumb. Please consult your certified diabetes educator or physician for medical advice.This information is for general education only, and should not replace the relationship you have with your health care professional.
National Environment Agency
Dengue Fever is spread though the bite of the Aedes Mosquito.
Flame-Spread Ratings
Though different species of wood differ in their surface burning (flame-spread) rates, most wood products have a flame-spread rating less than 200 and are considered Class C or III material. A few species have a flame-spread index slightly less than 75 and qualify as Class B or II materials. The chart below compiles information from various sources and shows flame-spread ratings for some common building materials
Your Guide to Healthy Eating
Choose low fat and reduced fat spreads and oils such as rapeseed or olive oil (monunsaturated) instead of hard margarine, lard or butter. To have a low level of saturated fat, which is very important for your heart, you need to limit butter to once a week. All oils contain the same amount of calories, so measure out the oil, don’t just pour it onto the pan.
NCDOT: Division of Highways
The Division of Highways is spread across the 14 NCDOT transportation divisions and is composed of Asset Management, Operations, Transportation Mobility and Safety, and Preconstruction. ... Implements and evaluates safety and traffic operational strategies to reduce crashes on North Carolina roadways. The Traffic Safety Unit includes the Traffic Safety Systems Section, the Mobility and Safety Field Operations Section, and the Mobility and Safety Information Section.
Reduction in Planting
Add to that the reduction of pesticide applications, due to high cost, and the disease has spread throughout much of the central cotton growing region (CLCV is spread via the white fly). Another important factor affecting yields is reduced applications of fertilizer due to rising prices. Urea prices increased substantially for the second year in a row reaching over $18/40-kilo bag this year compared to $10/40-kilo bag two years ago.
Fire risks in London's tall and timber framed buildings
Appendix 4 sets out some of the fire risks and fire safety features of the different methods of construction. 1.23 A further risk highlighted to the Committee concerns the risk from inappropriate modifications that may compromise certain fire safety features that are designed to reduce the spread of fire. Legislation and application to the building process 1.24 There is a significant body of relevant legislation that applies to.
Composting – Warwickshire County Council - Residents
Composting at home not only reduces the amount of organic waste going to landfill, but creates a free nutrient rich soil conditioner, ideal for digging into the vegetable patch or flower borders, using as a top dressing in tubs or even making your own potting mix. Interested in helping to spread the composting word to others? A one day composting workshop is all you need to do to become a composting volunteer.
Emergency shelter sanitation guidelines
Emergency shelter sanitation guidelines. It is critical to clean and sanitize articles and surfaces to reduce the spread of infections to residents and staff. • Cleaning and sanitizing requires a four-step process. For the sanitizing process to be effective, you must follow these steps in order: o (1) Wash with water and soap. o (2) Rinse with clear water. o (3) Use disinfecting solution: ? For small articles such as toys, soak in solution for at least 10 minutes. ?
Welcome to Indian Railway Passenger reservation Enquiry
Facilitate exact payment and reduce transaction costs. Convenience in payment and management of utility bills, purchases and other financial transactions. It helps to authenticate financial transactions and maintain proper record facilitating better tax compliance and increasing tax base. Digital payments indirectly reduces expenditure by reducing need for printing of currency notes and its transportation.
Community | Western Riverside
"It is lovely to see all these nice items being reused; I am very pleased with mine" Kathleen Jones a local resident who attended a Give and Take Day at Battersea Park. We all share a responsibility to reduce our waste and environmental impact and there are many ways you can make a difference in your community. Here are a few ideas how you could spread the recycling message locally
Health financing in developing and
respiratory infections and STDs in Swaziland, Yoder 1989) and/or differential effects on different groups (e.g. sustained reduction in rural utilisation in Ghana, Waddington and Enyimayew, 1990). • exemption schemes for the poorer are rarely well implemented, so the equity effects of charges have to be considered carefully in ... Equally, preventive services are often exempt from fees, because demand for them is low, and yet they provide benefits both to individual and society (reduced spread of infectious diseases, for example).
Kuwait Investment Authority Home
The Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) is the oldest sovereign wealth fund in the world. KIA traces its roots to the Kuwait Investment Board, which was established in 1953, eight...
: reduce the nation's reliance on oil....
Hand, foot and mouth disease
Symptoms may begin with a fever, reduced appetite, sore throat, and a general feeling of being unwell. One to two days later, sores may develop in the child’s mouth, which may be painful. A non-itchy skin rash may develop on the hands and feet, including the soles. ... You can also get infected by touching an object, like a toy or doorknob, that has respiratory secretions on them from an infected person and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth. The virus can also be spread from blister fluid or a person’s stool.
Reducing Waste and Composting at Home - Perth & Kinross...
Plants are healthier if they are grown in soil which has been enriched with compost - they are less susceptible to attacks by pests and diseases. Soil-borne pests and diseases are also reduced, soil fertility is increased and the soil's structure is improved. ... Compost can be either dug into the top 15-20 cms of soil (no deeper) or left on the surface to act as a mulch (make sure the soil is moist before doing this). It can be spread over soil surrounding established plants. For use with shrubs
January 8, 2007
Parents can also reduce the spread of common illnesses by keeping children who are sick with a fever and a cold or cough home from school. ... Since important control measures have already been taken to prevent the spread of infections such as the common cold and pneumonia, health department monitoring of illness should not result in changes or disruption at school.
List of Acceptable Foods and Beverages
cheese food, pasteurized process cheese spread or pasteurized process cheese products. Groups (FG); or 3) Combination Food (CF). ?200 calories. Low-fat or reduced fat cheese (including part-skim mozzarella) is exempt from the.
Do Not Pay
DNP allows agencies to check various data sources for pre-award, pre-payment eligibility verification, at the time of payment and any time in the payment lifecycle. It allows them to verify eligibility of a vendor, grantee, loan recipient, or beneficiary. This will help prevent, reduce, and stop improper payments, as well as prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.
With this year's flu shot shortage
Spread of the Flu. The following are suggestions from the American Lung Association: Wash your hands often. ... Remember, you can still spread germs up to 7 days after getting sick. Following these simple steps for up to a week after getting sick will help to reduce the chances of spreading the flu. 800-LUNG-USA www.lungusa.org.
Exhibit 11
If the Commission Credit exceeds one month’s shell rental, spread the credit equally over the minimum number of months to recapture the total. ... b. Notwithstanding Paragraph 3 of this Standard Form 2, the shell rental payments due and owing under this lease shall be reduced to fully recapture this Commission Credit. The reduction in shell rent shall commence with the first month of the rental payments and continue as indicated in this schedule for adjusted Monthly Rent
North East Regional Health Authority
While expressing condolences to the families of the patients, Director of Emergency, Disaster Management and Special Services in the Health Ministry, Dr. Marion Bullock DuCasse says Jamaicans should continue to observe good hygiene practices which will significantly assist in reducing the spread of any influenza virus.
Whether the spread income realized from a disqualifying disposition of stock purchased through the taxpayer’s incentive stock option ("ISO") plan constitutes wages under section 41(b)(2)(D) in determining whether certain qualified research expenses qualify for the credit for increasing research activities under section 41. ... The Service issued a notice of deficiency, proposing to reduce the taxpayer’s qualified research expenses by the income attributable to the disqualifying dispositions, thereby reducing the taxpayer’s credit for...
Physical Security Advice and Measures | CPNI | Public Website
Effective physical security of an asset is achieved by multi-layering the different measures, what is commonly referred to as ‘defence-in-depth’. The concept is based on the principle that the security of an asset is not significantly reduced with the loss of any single layer. ... Measures to protect against or limit the spread of chemical, biological or radiological material.
The State of Israel
ERG reduction in the rats injected subretinally with the viral vector containing the P23H opsin gene, started at 3 months after injection and continued to decrease gradually with time. This functional evidence of spread of degeneration was supported by photoreceptor apoptosis in regions, which were not transfected initially and could not be explained by diffusion of the viral vector since no GFP fluorescence could be detected in these regions.
The plant as noxious or invasive on the | Spreading
Spread by seeds and root sprouts. A 3’ deep barrier enclosing the plant reduces spreading. Many horticultural cultivars exist, most of which are considered invasive. Some do not produce viable seeds. ... Spreading: Spreads by runners and root rhizomes. A 3' deep barrier surrounding the plant may reduce spread. New root sprout. Foliage in July.
The reduction is designed so that the amount of the AFA -- reduced annuity plus lump-sum payment -- is actuarially equivalent to the regular annuity that otherwise would be payable over the employee's lifetime. ... (After-tax employee contributions generally are contributions you made from your own pay that was already taxed.) Payments Spread Over Long Periods. You cannot roll over a payment if it is part of a series of equal (or almost equal) payments that are made at least once a year and that will last for.
National Energy | Reducing Electricity Consumption 2010-2020
National Energy Efficiency Program Reducing Electricity Consumption 2010-2020. Executive Summary. Work purpose: On September 18th, 2008, the government decided to promote energy efficiency measures in order to reduce electricity consumption. ... Reference: There’s a specific reference for each obstruction: The efficiency measures are spread over many ‘players’ in the Israeli economy: In order to increase efficiency, the. following is required – system-wide effort in all sectors of the economy, provision of...
How grit works - West Dunbartonshire Council
The applicable amount of salt is spread on the roads to ensure, as far as possible, that the salinity of any moisture on the roads is sufficient enough to prevent the formation of frost and ice. At temperatures below minus 6 degrees the effectiveness of the salt is reduced.
Vibrio Cholerae: Cause, Spread and Control
Acute diarrhoea is a common cause of death and illness in almost every developing country.Vibrio cholerae thrives in water ecology, particularly surface water. The primary connection between humans and pathogenic strains is through water, particularly in economically reduced areas that don’t have good water purification systems Oral rehydration solutions (ORS) have had a massive impact worldwide in reducing the number of deaths related to diarrhoea.
Geography | Section 2: Areal spread and current distribution
Areal spread and current distribution. HIV is a primate virus that has become partly adapted to humans. It evolved in sub-Saharan Africa, crossing over from a sub-group of chimpanzees to people somewhere in Central Africa possibly in the 1930s. ... This reduction in productive capacity results in a reduction in available food which leads to malnutrition and more disease and a vicious circle of poverty. Some 20% of rural families in Burkina Faso are estimated to have reduced their agricultural work or even abandoned...
Lake District National Park - Bassenthwaite Lake Restoration...
Each litre of water arriving in Bassenthwaite Lake contains 25 microgrammes of phosphorus - it needs to be reduced to 15. ... This annual is becoming a real problem on the River Derwent from Borrowdale to Bassenthwaite Lake. An elegant, tall and very attractive plant, the balsam crowds out other native species and also scatters thousands of seeds - a single plant can spread over 6,000 seeds.
Three Scenarios for the Distant Future: Islands, Orbits...
The global pandemic of 2023 dramatically reduced global travel in an effort to contain the spread of the disease, contributing to the slowing of global trade and decreased productivity. The combination of these events led to a more defensive, segmented world as anxious states sought to metaphorically and physically “wall” themselves off from external challenges, becoming “islands” in a sea of volatility.
The department has its own complex at phase-VI, Mohali spread over 10 Acres which includes Training Institute, Auditorium with seating capacity of 500 persons, Conference Room, Rest House, Hostels for Trainees, Soil Testing Laboratory, Beautiful Lush Green ... Laying of underground pipeline saves water upto extent of 30%, which is also corroborated by evaluation studies carried out by ICAR and NABARD. Saving of irrigation water to this extent means that this amount of water withdrawal from ground shall be reduced.
Glossary — CSS
A partial invalidity benefit is a form of income maintenance, paid as a pension when your salary is reduced because a permanent medical condition causes you to be downgraded or to work reduced hours; also payable if you retired on medical grounds and then ... b. costs incurred by the trustee that: i. relate to the investment of assets of the entity; and. ii. are not otherwise charged as an administration fee, a buy-sell spread, a switching fee, an exit fee, an activity fee, an advice fee or an insurance fee. Involuntary retirement.
KwaZulu-Natal Treasury
Government reaffirms commitment to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS. To prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS, Deputy President, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa and the Minister of Health Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi recently launched the National HIV Prevention Campaign On Girls and Women in the UMgungundlovu District.
A small fire from one propylene cylinder spread to others and then to propane and acetylene cylinders. Exploding cylinders flew up to 800 feet, damaged property, and started fires in the community. The fire could not be extinguished until most of the flammable gas cylinders were expended. ... Fixed fire protection such as fire monitors, deluge, or sprinkler systems can immediately cool cylinders reducing the likelihood of additional cylinder releases, fire spread, and off-site consequences.
Portion size guide
1 slice white toast. 1. Thin spread reduced sugar jam. Banana smoothie with milk.
Grenada Growth and Poverty Reduction
gov.gd›egov/docs/other/GPRS_Draft3 Report_of …
This Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS) articulates the Government of Grenada’s strategic vision for promoting growth and reducing poverty and the related objectives and the key actions to be pursued. All of these will guide the preparation of the ... 10 Budget 2011. 18. prevention programmes outlined in the National Strategic Plan for HIV & AIDS 2009-2015, which seeks to contain the spread of HIV and provide care and treatment for those already affected by the virus. Figure 1: Cycle of Health and Poverty.
County of San Diego
2. A minimum of 40-50 cubic feet of air space/person 3. Bed units spaced a minimum of 3 feet apart 4. Beds arranged alternatively head-to-toe to reduce spread of communicable diseases 5. Auxiliary light source, primarily from battery-powered flashlight (do not use lanterns, candles or open flame until security of local gas supply lines is fully established) · Adequate.
Home Foreclosure Help - Oregon Homeowner Support | FAQ
A loan modification permanently changes the original terms of a mortgage. Most loan modifications reduce monthly payments, making the mortgage more affordable for the homeowner and enabling them to stay in the home . A loan modification may reduce your interest rate, spread your payments out over a longer period of time, and even reduce the amount you owe.
Information to reduce the possibility of falling victim to scam artists and unscrupulous financial professionals.
Brine Spreading Trial – Knowledge... - Highways England
It will build on the findings of the Salt Grading Liquid Treatment Project which presented a positive business case for brine treatments on the Agency’s network. Indirect cost savings, associated with reduced corrosion of the asset and vehicles plus environmental benefits, would be ... There was some dips in spread to the lane edges although it was felt that this could be improved if the spreader were better optimised; • at 80km/h (50 mph) rather than the standard 64km/h (40mph); • at the minimum assumed spread rate of 10g/m2 brine...
Some Mathematical Aspects of Spread and Stability of
Spread andS W i t y ~Tfime-Dekry Gonerrhea. 281. For the existenceof thisequilibriumstate, it isessentialthat b, 4c, c,>a, a,, i.e., FRd, 1. (11). In case F M = 1, the dhased state E,(x+,y*)reduces to the healthy state Ei, (O, 0). It would be natural to assume&a&the delayedsystemisoperative from the equilibrium.
For immediate release
Avoid swallowing water or getting water in your mouth and never swim when you are ill. This will help keep your family healthy and prevent the spread of disease to others,” said Kimberly Link, Program Manager for Communicable Disease Control at CDHD. CDHD urges everyone to follow these steps to help reduce the spread of recreational water illnesses

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