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Single-point resistance
USGS IN YOUR STATE. USGS Water Science Centers are located in each state. Suite of geophysical logs in a crystalline-bedrock aquifer, central New Hampshire. Suite of geophysical logs in an alluvial-basin aquifer, southern California.
Prediabetes and Insulin Resistance | NIDDK
Insulin resistance can be assessed by measuring the level of insulin in the blood. However, the test that most accurately measures insulin resistance, called the euglycemic clamp, is too costly and complicated to be used in most health care providers' offices. ... A blood test indicating prediabetes means that insulin resistance has progressed to the point where the beta cells in the pancreas can no longer compensate and a person's blood glucose levels are rising toward type 2 diabetes.
NHTSA Tire rolling resistance test development
While multi-point rolling resistance test methods are necessary to characterize the response of a tire’s rolling resistance over a range of loads, pressures, and/or speeds, either of the two shorter and less expensive single-point test methods were deemed sufficient for the purpose of simply assessing and rating individual tires in a common system. ... Benchmark the current rolling resistance levels in modern passenger vehicle tires in terms of actual rolling force, rolling resistance coefficient, as well as indexed against the ASTM F2493-06 Standard Reference Test Tire (SRTT).
Implementation of the National Action Plan will also support World Health Assembly resolution 67.25 (Antimicrobial Resistance), which urges countries to take urgent action at the national, regional, and local levels to combat resistance. ... Goal 2 activities will also enhance monitoring of antibiotic sales, usage, resistance, and management practices at multiple points along in the food-production chain, from farms to processing plants to supermarkets. GOAL 3: Advance Development and Use of Rapid and Innovative Diagnostic Tests for Identification and Characterization of Resistant Bacteria.
The key points
Consumer Information Program
13 Reference number ISO 28580:2009(E), International Standard, First Edition 2009-07-01, “Passenger car, truck and bus tyres -- Methods of measuring rolling resistance -- Single point test and correlation of measurement results.” 14 See 49 CFR § 575.104 (2008). 15 NHTSA’s Phase 2 research tested 15 models of replacement tires, as well as the original equipment tires on a fuel economy test vehicle, to examine possible correlations between tire rolling resistance levels and vehicle fuel economy as measured on a dynamometer, wet and dry traction, and indoor and outdoor treadwear.
Standard Platinum Resistance | Required Fixed Points
The Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer (SPRT) Calibration Laboratory of the NIST Thermometry Group realizes the ITS-90 from the argon triple point (Ar TP, –189.3442 °C) to the silver freezing point (Ag FP, 961.78 °C) for the calibration of SPRTs. ... millimeters thick (about three to five minutes). 33. o Fill the re-entrant well with crushed solid CO2 to the same level as that of the liquid water in the TPW cell.
Drug resistance
Malaria control and prevention efforts need to be designed for the specific environment in which they will be used and need to take into account the local epidemiology of malaria and the level of avail-able resources and political will. Antimalarial drug resistance has emerged as one. ... For some drugs, only a single point mutation is required to confer resistance, while for other drugs, multiple mutations appear to be required. Provided the mutations are not deleterious to the survival or reproduction of the parasite, drug pressure will remove susceptible parasites while resistant para-sites survive.
The author(s) shown below used Federal funds provided...
To provide better customer service, NCJRS has made this Federally-funded grant final report available electronically in addition to traditional paper copies. Opinions or points of view expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect. the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice. ... A little more than 4% of the officers deviated from this normal process when resistance was slight, 19% when resistance was moderate or high, and 13% when resistance was violent or explosive. These results may be influenced by the high level of resistance experienced by the officer or the...
Draft Panel Questions
2. Is a retrospective report alone (i.e., use of a questionnaire such as the Antidepressant Treatment History Form-ATHF) adequate to demonstrate treatment resistance and/or level of treatment resistance in pivotal trials? ... a. Should the primary effectiveness analysis be based on a single measure assessed at a pre-specified time-point compared to baseline or a repeated measures analysis over time? b. Since depression scores may improve immediately following surgery, should the design incorporate a post-implant period for the subjects’ depression scores to stabilize prior to the initiation of stimulation?
Point Reyes National Seashore
Point Resistance was one site where a territorial pair was observed taking eggs and the raven pair’s nest was located 0.09 kilometers south of the sub-colony. Distance of murre colonies from the coast or ranches did not appear to influence likelihood of depredation (Table 6). ... 1999. Ecosystem-level management of common ravens on the Point Reyes National Seashore.
Skid resistance of a road pavement
2.5 Differential Friction Level (DFL)—100 times the difference between the SCRIM Coefficient value obtained for each wheel path at the same chainage. 2.6 Section Sideways Force Coefficient (Ssfcm)—the calculated minimum section skid resistance levels for each wheel path over 100 m. ... (b) Calculate the section skid resistance (Ssfcm) by determining the minimum value of all data points for both wheelpaths (40 points) of the values determined in Step 5.1(f). (c) Determine the section differential friction level by identifying the maximum difference between adjoining adjusted sfcm readings over the 100 m section.
Response to Resistance | Reports by Level of Force Used
• Weaponless - includes soft-hand control (techniques such as joint locks, pressure points, and escort hold) and hard-hand control (techniques such as hand and leg strike). • OC Spray - chemical weapon known as "pepper spray.” • ... The Dynamic Response to Resistance Model is a philosophy that supports progressive and reasonable escalation and de-escalation of officer-applied force in proportional response to the actions and level of resistance offered by a subject.
Host plant resistance
Lines presented were screened using point-inoculations with Fusarium graminearum in 2002 and verified in 2003 at the Univ. of Missouri and represent lines with resistance levels better than ‘Ernie’, the soft red winter resistant check. ... Spikes were inoculated at heading with a solution of F. graminearum macroconidia (5 x 10^4 spores per ml) from a bulk of isolates by spray or point inoculation.
HSE Approved specifications for fire resistance and
The performance requirements set out in certain test specifications in this document are those that have been found to give an adequate level of safety. More information on these requirements and on the properties of fire-resistant fluids can be found in Appendices A to C. 3. Fire resistance and hygiene standards. ... 3.1. Standards for coal mines. 3.1.1 Ignition of flammable vapours - flash point. When measured by ISO 2592 (the Cleveland open cup flash point test) the flash point of the fluid should exceed 200 oC. Additional information on this test is given in Section B2.1 of Appendix B.
Change Management Plan
4.5 Resistance Plan Identify the key areas of resistance and develop a resistance management plan that can be managed by the change management team. The direct supervisor is usually the best person to deliver the survey to identify the level of employee resistance. This plan will be reviewed as the project progresses as more points of resistance may emerge whilst project is being implemented.
Phase 2 – Effects of Tire Rolling
intended to examine possible correlations between tire rolling resistance levels and service variables such as vehicle fuel. economy, wet and dry traction, and outdoor and indoor treadwear. Tires of 15 different models with known rolling. ... It was concluded from Phase 1 that while multi-point rolling resistance test methods are neces­ sary to characterize the response of a tire’s rolling resistance over a range of loads, pressures, and/or speeds, either of the two shorter and less expensive single-point test methods were suffi­ cient for the purpose of simply assessing and rating individual tires in a.
6.1.6 A “Train the trainer” system can be used where one or a few “Master” or “Level A” instructors train larger number of “Level B” trainers, who in turn train operators and program monitors. “Master” or “Level A” instructors are certified by the assignee who has overall responsibility for the organization’s ESD Control program. ... b. Certification: The recommended verification levels and verification intervals for chairs and stools are shown in Table 7-1. The resistance shown in Table 7-1 applies to measurements between any part of the chair and a groundable point.
Antimicrobial Resistance
Median Resistance levels across Europe in comparison with the UK for years in which at least 10 countries provided data on the bug drug combination shown 1999 to 2013. Model-based cost-effectiveness evaluations of interventions in the control of healthcare associated infections. ... A variety of mechanisms can lead to acquired resistance of Candida species to azole drugs, the most common being induction of the efflux pumps encoded by the MDR or CDR genes, and acquisition of point mutations in the gene encoding for the target enzyme (ERG11).
Surveying made easy | The level
Anyone wishing to know how and where they are used will find the answers here. • What are the main. features of these instruments? • What needs to be taken. into account when measuring with a level or with a total station? • What are the effects of. instrument errors? ... Contents. The level. The total station Coordinates Measuring angles. Preparing to measure Setting up the instrument anywhere Levelling-up the instrument Setting up the total station over a ground point.
The analysis of climate data: theory and examples
The most common change-point problem involves a change (discontinuity) in the level (mean) and is the focus here. Testing for non-stationarity due to a change in the dispersion (variance) has been addressed recently by Downton and Katz (1993) although not in a resistant framework. ... A widely used measure of resistance is the breakdown point or breakdown bound, which is the minimum proportion of observations that can take the estimatorto plus or minus infinity (Staude and Sheather, 1990); it is a fraction that ranges from 0.0 to 1 .O with higher values indicating greater resistance.
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
Lastly, a correlation is usually made with the most important parameter, the average cow contact current, to see if the parameter in question may have any influence on the magnitude of current that can be measured at the animal contact point or itself be influenced by the cow contact current. ... Primary profile resistance Rpp Primary profile voltage. Vne. Pipeline/other delivery Electric/pneumatic pulsation. Herd size. Test program. Milk production level Somatic cell count (SCC).
Windows and window protection systems | Public Website
Applied directly to the glass, it is important that the correct film is specified for the glass type to ensure that the desired level of mitigation is achieved. CPNI has developed guidance notes on the use of ASF in buildings, key points for specifying ASF, how to assess the quality of its installation and how to assess existing ASF. ... Resistance to Ballistic Attack. It is possible to manufacture window systems that are resistant to a range of ballistic threats.
Pressure, Flow, & Level
Pressure. • Piezoresistive transducers. – Resistance bridge – 4 active arm strain-gauge. – Calibration required at temperature – Example: Endevco 8510B – Typical price: ~ $1K per each. • Pressure capillary extension. ... § Discrete level measurement. § Liquid-vapor detectors (resistive, superconducting) § Acoustic “Dip stick” method. § Mass measurement (gauging). Superconducting wire level meters.
Ecosystem resistance is the capacity of an ecosystem to withstand the impacts of drivers without displacement from its present state. Ecosystem limits refer to different factors present in the environment that control biotic and abiotic processes within an ecosystem. The ecosystem threshold describes the point or level at which new properties begin to emerge in an ecological system which invalidates predictions based on relationships that apply at lower levels.
ERIC - Fault Lines in New Labour's Education Project: Points...
The author explores key tension points and suggests that fractures might be opened up where the government is most vulnerable to critical scrutiny and interventions by grassroots resistance. ... Publication Type: Journal Articles; Opinion Papers. Education Level: N/A.
Measuring PV System Series Resistance Without Full IV...
(2) IV curves can usually only be measured at the string level or less, due to power limitations of the measurement hardware. ... An alternative method to estimate series resistance based on measuring the slope of the IV curve near the maximum power point has been suggested [4,5], but the technique is sensitive to variation of voltage and current around the maximum power point (MPP), which can vary significantly for different inverters.
Primary and secondary level temperature calibrations including resistance thermometers, thermocouples, digital thermometers etc., fixed-point realizations, construction of reference fixed point cells and reference thermocouples are main technical fields of his studies. He has provided training and consultant services both on the national and international levels. He has participated in several international comparisons for establishing the traceability of TUBITAK UME Temperature Laboratory.
ART Adherence and Class-Specific | Resistance - General
Resistance - General. • HIV-1 reverse transcriptase fidelity is low: – Every point mutation occurs 1,000 – 10,000 times daily in HIV-infected individuals not on therapy. ... • The lower the genetic barrier to resistance the greater the likelihood (rate) of developing resistance during viremia. • Low-barrier antiretroviral medications. – A single mutation leads to high-level resistance.
HOSDB Body Armour Standards
An armour model submitted for either knife resistance testing, or knife + spike resistance testing5, should be designed to meet one of the three protection levels listed below: KR1 or KR1+SP1. The lowest protection level allowed, and tested at a performance level of 24 joules of energy. ... Potential points of weakness, such as seams or other joins between materials used in the protective pack of the body armour, shall be subjected to at least one additional strike at energy level E1. These strikes shall be carried out at each seam or join type, in an orientation most likely to show weaknesses in the joint or seam.
Blood was collected for leptin at various time points throughout the study and was used as a measure of insulin resistance (the inability of insulin to control blood sugar levels). Baseline for the with pioglitazone arm occurred prior to the start of 16 week run-in period and for the without pioglitazone arm prior to the start of anti-HCV therapy.
“Antimicrobial Resistance”. As we might expect from the high overall level of knowledge and the lack of overall change since 2009, country-level changes are minimal and without geographic pattern. In 15 countries, levels of knowledge have risen, with the greatest increase in France (+5 percentage points). ... - There are no notable socio-demographic differences by age, education, difficulties to pay bills or levels of objective knowledge about antibiotics when looking at the specific items.
Topic 1.4: projectile motion | Entry Level Knowledge
Suggestions for instruction. Entry Level Knowledge. The special equations for constant acceleration are covered in Topic 1 and students are familiar with free fall from Senior 3 Physics. Notes to the Teacher. ... Specific learning outcomes. S4P-1-16: Draw free-body diagrams for a projectile at various points along its path (with or without air resistance). S4P-1-17: Calculate the horizontal and vertical components with respect to velocity and position of a projectile at various points along its path.
Precast concrete | YourHome | Fire resistance
The BCA specifies the fire resistance level required in various applications in terms of the fire resistance periods (FRP) for structural adequacy, integrity and insulation. AS 3600-2009, Concrete structures (Section 5, Design for fire resistance), gives methods for determining the various FRPs for concrete walls. ... Durability and moisture resistance. Dense precast concrete is generally not subject to rising damp or structural damage from condensation or dew-point formation. However, condensation problems can arise in any building due to temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions that encourage...
Department of Fire Services
Rope rescue technician level. Student manual. 05.01.2015. ... Massachusetts Firefighting Academy. ANCHORS. Anchor Point • A single, structural component used either alone or in. ... • If any increase in resistance, haulers stop and...
HIV/Aids Training
• low genetic barrier to resistance: develop high levels of resistance as a result of a single mutation - RAPID eg NNRTI and Lamivudine (however even if resistant on genotyping lamivudine still lames other drugs). ... – weight gain points to good response to ARV’s and / or Tuberculosis treatment. Golden rules. • Generally, the viral load should always be < 400 copies per ml after the first 6 months in treatment na?ve patients ( unless they have primary resistance ).
Risk Of Alfalfa Winterkill | Soil Potassium Level
Planting winterhardy varieties of alfalfa with resistance to these major disease pests will lessen the risk of stand loss. Soil Potassium Level. Forage stands should be soil sampled regularly and recommended fertilizer levels applied each year before the September rest period. ... Surplus food produced by the leaves begins to move to the roots and crown and is stored there. In two to three weeks of such food storage. root reserves will be back up to maximum. This point is usually reached at about full bloom.
Class Schedule for Class 482 EXERCISE DEVICES
Select Expansion Level: Expand All Indent Levels Contract To Mainlines Indent Level 1 Indent Level 2 Indent ... Equipment control. 5. Amount of resistance. 6. Regulates rate of movement. ... For thrusting a pointed weapon (e.g., a fencing foil, etc.)
Blank HTM
The National Domestic Preparedness Office (NDPO) assists first responders at the state and local levels in developing and sustaining a fully interoperable capability, which is coordinated and standardized in: education and training, equipment acquisition and integration, exercise and evaluation procedures, yielding mutually supportive operations across federal, state, and local governments. ... Electric cord reels. Copper grounding rods, ?” x 4’ (minimum length). Grounding cables, point-type clamps on both ends, 1/8” stainless steel (uninsulated) 50’ minimum. Ohm meter, intrinsically safe. Ground resistance tester.
National Horizon Scanning Unit
Horizon scanning prioritising summary. Volume 10, Number 3: Diatest™: Point-of-care diagnostic test for detection of insulin resistance in patients at. risk of Type 2 diabetes. September 2005. ... ARTG number. The Diatest™ insulin resistance test is currently not available in Australia. INTERNATIONAL UTILISATION: COUNTRY Canada. Trials Underway or Completed. LEVEL OF USE Limited Use. Widely Diffused. IMPACT SUMMARY
Liquid Helium Level Instruments
The resulting resistance of the wire above the liquid is converted to a level signal. Advanced circuit designs offer our customers many advantages. Years of trouble free service are the result of rugged construction both inside and out. ... The Model 135-2K is ideal for operation in systems where it is important to monitor the liquid helium level where transitions through the Lambda Point are needed. AMI highly recommends using the specially designed 2K helium level sensor with the 135-2K instrument for best results.
Single range ohmmeters or resistance meters are normally calibrated at 5 cardinal test points. For multi-range equipment, calibration will be performed at the full range level for all working ranges and linearity check will be carried out at 5 cardinal test points, for one meter range selected by the client.
A very small change was observed between the baseline resistance values and the high-level resistance values of the electrical contacts. Therefore, any increase found in the loop resistance value was not due to a change in the contact resistance. ... The data were recorded on magnetic tape using a TEAC data recorder (see table D-1 for calibration information). Data were sampled to 2000 Hz with a 1024-point frame size to give a bin size of 5 Hz, as specified by RTCA/DO-160D. The data analysis was performed on a TEK2630 analyzer and plotted using Matlab.
National strategic framework for
systems to monitor resistance patterns to demonstrate the extent of the problem in both human and animal health · Ensure the establishment of surveillance network to develop linkages between human and veterinary sectors at national and regional levels · Quantify resistance patterns of clinically important microorganisms through networks of laboratories equipped with the capacity to perform quality assured AM susceptibility testing · Disseminate data to users, national and regional focal points and stakeholders · Encourage healthcare providers to utilize resistance data efficiently.
Download AWARE Publications and patient information sheets
Oregon Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education (AWARE) works to reduce the problem of antibiotic-resistant ... Seventh grade reading level. ... Oregon AWARE invites advocates of the judicious use of antibiotics to become a point-of-distribution.
Infection at the different periods of damage | Relatively resistant
The other sources of resistance are the varieties Frontana of the Brazilian origin and Nobeokabouzu from Japan, and Ernie and Freedom, although they have only a medium level of resistance [6]. The studies of the Institute of Plant. ... The slightly resistant varieties are: Snizhana, Demetra, Bogdana and Zolotokolosa with the disease progression of 1.09, 1.22, 1.29, 1.30 points respectively. The sensitive varieties are Bilotserkivska semi dwarf (1.36 points), Perlyna Lisostepu (1.4 points), Poliska 90 (1.42 points), Vesnianka (1.5 points).
Temperature Facilities
ITS-90 Fixed Point Cells for Resistance and Thermocouple Thermometry. NMI maintains a number of primary and secondary fixed points used to define the ITS-90 temperature scale for temperatures from 83.805 8 K to 960 °C ... F-18 AC resistance bridges: allowing determination of resistance ratio at the 0.1 ppm level.
Inmetro - New channels for information | Reference Fixed Point
Motor Vehicle Electrician – Craftsperson Level
The main characteristic of resistances in parallel is that the voltage on each load is the same but the current flowing depends on the resistance. A good electrical conductor offers a low resistance to the flows of electricity. Typical insulation materials are rubber, mica, plastic and shellac. ... The circuitry of the battery / coil ignition system. 5. The function of the coil, condenser, contact points and distributor. Some idea of modern engine management systems.
Grip - hsl
The HSL GRIP rating scheme uses rigorous, scientific testing to measure and grade the slip resistance of footwear. GRIP will enable manufacturers to; Clearly show the level of slip resistance at point of sale, Improve slip resistance during the design and development process, Gain competitive advantage over non-rated footwear. GRIP will help footwear buyers to; Choose the right level of slip resistance for their employees, Ensure maximum staff protection against slips
Project Title
Molecular studies were conducted with aim to determine the molecular basis of the mechanism of resistance. With protein studies total, membrane and soluble proteins extracted from seed, leaf and rosette stages of wild mustard resistant and susceptible populations were compared on proteom level. ... DNA studies were conducted as partial ALS gene sequence of wild mustard resistant and susceptible populations with aim to find the points of mutations being due to protein.
Technology Brief
Modeling that includes shunt-resistance values can predict perfor-mance for the actual sunlight levels at a particular location. Qualification testing screens mod-ules for reliability and durability. Shunt-resistance testing can provide an electrical baseline, including immediate identification of problem cells, and can then be repeated at any stage of the full qualification test procedure. ... Minimum acceptable shunt-resistance limits can be set, and patterns of low resistance can point out problems with the production process.
Comparison of Resistance Level to Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl...
Therefore, these two lines exhibited the highest level of resistance. These results clearly demonstrate the ability of the various resistant tomato cultivars and lines to inhibit the effects of the virus, even following inoculation at a very early stage of plant development. ... Samples were collected weekly, beginning at 14 days after inoculation (DAI) and continuing until the end of the experiment at 84 DAI. The results are the means of six replicates of each line and cultivar. The least significant difference is marked on the graph for each time point.
Welcome to Department of Health website | Department...
Doh and who unite to win the war against anti microbial resistance >>. ... 10-Point Socioeconomic Agenda of the Duterte Administration. ... Metro Manila pollution level higher...
V O j n o t e h n I ? k I
Abstract Threat levels of individual ballistic protection equipment from the point of view of resistance to small arms ammunition are explained. The method of equipment testing is shown from the moment of raw-material input, during the production to a final product. ... Key words: ballistics, ballistic protection, personal protection, ammunition, small arms ammunition, special ammunition, cartridge, bullet velocity, penetration, bullet proof vest, impact resistance, method of testing.
History Syllabus
Appreciating the Ethiopian patriotic resistance against fascist occupation and rule. • Realizing the contribution of Pan-Africanism to the National liberation struggle of Africa. • The major reforms of Lij Iyassu. • Exemplify African people resistance against colonial expansion in Africa. ... Teacher then pulls together the discussion by highlighting the key learning points. Assessment. The teacher should assess each student’s work continuously over the whole unit and compare it with the following description, based on the competencies, to determine whether the student has achieved the minimum required level.
TNEB- Transformer oil testing charges
TNEBs' Level of Performance. Forms. FAQ. ... Flash Point. 1350.00. ... Specific Resistance (Resistivity).
Classifications of Safety Shoes According to ASTM F 2412...
Compression Resistance - 1750 lbs (7784 N). Electric Shock Resistant Footwear has a non-conductive electrically resistant outsole and heel to protect the wearer against the hazards of incidental contact with electricity. Static Dissipative Footwear provides protection to the wearer by reducing static electricity from the body by conducting the charge to ground and at the same time providing certain level of protection against the hazards of ... Puncture Resistant Footwear has a mid-sole device to protect the wearer against the possibility of injury from accidental contact and penetration of sharp and pointed materials.
Record Details
As an optimal cutoff point, a HARI level of 0.715 determined IR with 81.2% sensitivity and 71.9% specificity. Conclusion: Our findings suggest that HARI might be used as a simple and non-invasive screening method to predict IR in obese children with NAFLD. To determine the role of hepatic artery resistive index (HARI) measurement in the prediction of insulin resistance (IR) in obese children with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).
Resistance and rebellion
Three methodological points emerge. First, the unit of analysis should not be the “nation” or a “peo-ple” because tremendous variation in rebellion activity exists within these large units. This variation can be readily observed at both the community level and the individual level. ... By specifying the reasons for variation at this level, the fundamental mechanisms that drive high-risk resistance action can be identified.
Property flood resilience grant
Resistance measures can include flood doors, door barriers, self-closing airbricks and pumps. In many cases resilience measures should be the preferred measure considered because resistance measures will only keep the water out up to a point. ... Where you are looking at resistance measures you should consider the potential benefits of pooling your grants with neighbours in order to carry out larger scale property level flood resilience work.
Surveillance of antibiotic resistance in
About 11,000 gonococci were examined in 15 focal points. Widespread resistance to the penicillin group of antibiotics was confirmed. Resistance to quinolone antibiotics, already widely dispersed, increased further with a shift to higher levels of resistance in many centres. Gonococci with decreased susceptibility to third generation cephalosporins were observed in 5 centres. Spectinomycin resistance was infrequently encountered.
General services administration
It also provides guidelines for incorporating redundancy into the progressive collapse resisting system to mitigate single points of failure and provide increased robustness for extreme loading scenarios not explicitly addressed in the design. ... While this level of damage is recognized as severe, it should be emphasized that the design objective for progressive collapse resistance is to mitigate the propagation of damage to a disproportionate extent such that structural instability will not occur and emergency evacuation procedures can be implemented.
Increasing penicillin resistance in pneumococci isolated...
The epidemics in 1980s with resistant S. pneumoniae strains and high-levels of resistance with clinical treatment failures brought this issue into the light once again. Especially the high levels of re-sistance detected in some regions of the world have brought attentions to these severe, life-threatening infections. Great changes have occurred in resis-tance patterns of pneumococci and break point val-ues in recent years.
Permanent Committee on Tides and Mean Sea Level
Shock/Vibration Resistance: Resistant to 2g at 5 to 50 Hz. ... Instrument Specification for High Precision Sea Level Monitoring Stations. of adequate current carrying capacity shall be provided on the outside of the field unit for connection to an earthing system. All surge protection circuits should be directed to this point. In addition the water level sensors, which are part of this field unit specification, will be exposed to turbidity, biological fouling and water borne marine life expected in the tidal areas of Australia and surrounding territories.
D.A.R.E. Officers Training
10 POINT AGENDA. ... The Drug Abuse Resistance Education or D.A.R.E. program was established in the U.S. and brought to the Philippines by Estrada during his tenure as Vice-President. At its core is the objective of teaching elementary level students how to say “NO” to drugs by educating them on the destructive effects of these illegal substances.
Drug Resistance Tuberculosis
• >98% due to point mutations in the rpoB gene in the beta subunit of DNA?dependent RNA polymerase. • Uncommon occurrence except in HIV?infected patients. • In patients with extensive cavitary disease or to shorten the. ... Rarely in the coding region of inhA. – Most isolates that contain inhA mutations in the absence of mutations in katG have relatively low level isoniazid resistance, < to 1Ug/mL. – Isolates with a complete deletion of katG can have MICs as high as 50Ug/mL.
NC DPH: Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE)
A newly emerging type of these bacteria are carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or "CRE." CRE are untreatable or difficult-to-treat Enterobacteriaceae that have developed high levels of resistance to antibiotics, including last-resort antibiotics called carbapenems. ... Users may download the webinar slides, recommendations for CRE Infection Prevention in Acute Care and Long Term Care Facilities, templates for a transfer form, and a CRE education power point template based on the webinar.
Point Allocation
Point Allocation. In the past, same question types were given the same number of points, regardless of what they were testing. Now, points per item are allocated according to the level of reading comprehension involved and not the question type. ... The points per question in the FINAL computation of all the modules comprising a given level (e.g. C + D + E = four point level) will range from two points minimum to four points maximum per question.
Specification of Terminal Equipment Interconnected
Test Methods DC Resistance in Quiescent Condition Characteristics of TE for Ringing Signals Impedance for Ringing Signals DC Current During Ringing Impedance Unbalance about Earth in Quiescent Condition Sending Power Limitations Maximum Mean Sending Level Maximum Instantaneous Voltage Maximum Voltage in a 10 Hz Bandwidth Maximum Sending ... TE. ); • Connector points which are likely to be connected to earth during the normal operation of the apparatus, e.g. the earth connection on Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) ports. • dBm: Absolute power level with respect to 1 milliwatt, expressed in decibels.
DOE Advanced Materials | Creep Resistant Alloy Features
– The creep resistance of the solder is a significant factor in minimizing failures in solder joints due to strains incurred in thermal cycling. ... Melting Point. ... • Passes Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) Level 1. • Applicable to Both Vertical and Flip Chip Die.
Chapter VIII | loop resistance Transformer Joints : The circuits on the main cable are derived/tapped through tapping transformers and extended on derivation cable to the utilisation points. ... All measurements shall be carried out from Repeater to Repeater. 1. Checking Attenuation 2. Checking Cross Talk Level 3. Checking Noise Level 4. Loop Resistance Test 5. Insulation Resistance Test. Monthly Quarterly Quarterly Monthly Yearly.
National Public Health Laboratory
§ Detect emergence of resistance and monitor resistance patterns. § Implement measures for prevention of AMR. The surveillance started its monitoring with 8 participating labs which gradually increased to 20 till 2014. These include. § National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL), Teku, Kathmandu (focal point for AMR surveillance). ... High Level Planning Meeting on HIV DR 2015/2072 2015-08-05 In the presence of Honorable Minister Mr. Khag Raj.
3. In process control terminology values which can change without distinct increments, such as temperature, pressure, or level are called _. binary values digital values bumpless values analog values. ... A 200V, 200kW electric furnace is required to raise 500 kg of brass from an initial temperature of 15°C to the melting point of 910°C. If the overall efficiency is 0.8, calculate the time of the operation. Specific heat capacity of brass is .39 kJ/kg°C. 10. A coil, having an inductance of 0.5H and a resistance of 60, is connected in series with a 10F capacitor.
Carrot ipm protocol | Harvest and Storage level IPM Decisions
___5 points ___5 points. Do you use any of the following cultural methods to control insect pests and prevent resistance: (check all that apply). Use of a floating rowcover to exclude pests from the crop Do you manage insecticide resistance by rotating chemical groups. ... ___3 points. Island Nature Trust, etc...) Harvest and Storage level IPM Decisions. During harvest do you: (check all that apply) Evaluate all fields for potential harvest or storage disease problems Harvest during proper weather conditions. ___3 points ___2 points.
Whole-body Exercise Band Workout
Front Raise Turn the ball so that one of the resistance bands is directly under you. Grab the handle and, keeping torso straight, lift arm straight up in front of you to shoulder level. ... Main-taining erect posture with contracted abdominals, shift your body weight onto leg furthest from the chair. Keep this leg softly bent at the knee throughout the exercise. With your foot flexed and toes pointed out-ward, lift the leg closest to the chair slightly forward. From this starting position, cross the leg in front of the body, leading with the heel.
Simulation of two-phase flow on shell side of
Anisotropic shell side resistance of the tube bank and the resistance of pipe supports have been calculated by using 2D and 3D micro-models. Due to the overheating of water phase the bubbles are growing while rising towards the surface. In regions characterized by high local void fraction the bubble agglomeration process can occur as well further increasing the bubble size. ... 7), the lowest point (40 cm-s below the highest level) is close those end wall that is at maximum distant from the hot leg. Water surface at the lowest level point approaches (or reaches) the heat exchanger tube bank.
technologies based on one EF level? While there is some agreement that tankless water heaters will generally be more efficient in heating water (due to decreased standby losses) the Federal EF test overstates this advantage. Several research studies have documented this particular shortcoming of the EF test procedure. ... EPA would like to acknowledge that the potential for energy savings with point of use water heaters comes from multiple effects - improved unit efficiency (EF > 0.97), improved distribution efficiency, and negligible standby losses compared to a tank style electric resistance water heater.
Measurements Made During
Points relevant to gross failure detection are cited as appropriate and typically involve sim-plifications of an illustrated IR measurement approach. The IR value is obtained by applying Ohm’s law – the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance (i.e., V = IR). ... Figure 5-20 shows a plot of how the leakage currents for Conductors 1 and 2 changed in their relationship to one another and to ground as the test progressed. Leakage currents remained at very low levels throughout the test. Based solely on the results of the IR measurements made during Test 5, it appears that the IR cable experienced vir-tually no...
Hong Kong Global Geopark of China - GeoExperience - Geo...
Wang Chau is the smallest amongst the Ung Kong Islands. The highest point is merely 80 metres above sea level while the narrowest part measures only 500 metres. It is a barren island with poor soil and hardly any vegetation. ... As a result of geological factors and sea level movements, they are greater in depth than width. Major geological factors include the types of shore-forming rocks or substances and their resistance to erosion, attitude of rock beddings, geological composition and crustal movement of the coastal region.
Pharmaceuticals in Our Waters: An Emerging Concern
PPCPs, however, are rarely tested for at the low levels that may be present in water ... Human Health A number of health concerns (e.g., microbial antibiotic resistance ... looked for, and the presence of some compounds at a single test point can vary with time and...
Table1. Maximum Compartment Volumes
(3) For any use not covered by Table 2, the fire resistance period required will be determined by the Building Authority having regard to the fire load, hazard level, fire service installations and other relevant features of the building. ... It should also be imperforate, unless protected by fixed light which should not occupy more than 25% of the area of the external wall of the storey in which it is located with an FRP as described in (iii) above or, in the case of the discharge point at ground level or roof level, a door with an FRP of not less than.
At some very low temperature point, scientists felt that there would be a leveling off as the resistance reached some ill-defined minimum value allowing the current to flow with little or no resistance.Onnes passed a current through a very pure mercury wire and measured its resistance as he steadily lowered the temperature.
Weathering & Erosion - Introduction to Geomorphological...
Rock Type determines the resistance of the rock to the weathering processes that operate in that particular environment. ... As sea level rises or falls, the stream profile will adjust to the new base level, either by eroding (in times of sea level ... Also known as a knick point.
Antimicrobial resistance in Enterococcus spp. isolates from human clinical cases was surveyed in a point-prevalence study in Australia in 2007 (AGAR 2007). Seventeen sites around Australia were sampled and a total of 1695 isolates were collected (up to a 100 per institution) and tested for susceptibility to vancomycin, high-level gentamycin and/or high-level streptomycin. High-level resistance to gentamycin was 30.8% in E. faecalis and 57.1% in E. faecium (figures for 2005 being 35.8% and 52.2% respectively).
Radar blind ranges occur because
relative spectral width: See spectral width. relative transmission level: The ratio of the signal power, at a given point in a transmission system, to a reference signal power. (188) Note: The ratio is usually determined by applying a standard test tone at zero transmission level point (or applying adjusted test tone power at any other point) and measuring the gain or loss to the location of interest. ... residual modulation: Synonym carrier noise level. resistance hybrid: A network of resistors to which four branches of a circuit may be connected to make them conjugate in pairs.
Tropos 5320
Individual departments can operate independently on the network, segregating information access applicaations, and access levels. ... 36dBm (EIRP) point-to-multipoint, sector. ... (165 mph): <300 Newtons • ASTM B117 Salt Fog rust resistance compliant • Shock...
In the world
The association between drug resistance and re-treatment has been repeatedly demonstrated, both at the individual and the programme level; however, the prevalence of drug resistance varies greatly among subgroups of this population. Chronic cases and failures of a first treatment tend to be at greater risk of harbouring resistant and ... Trends in drug resistance in new cases were determined in 46 settings (20 with two data points and 26 with at least three). Significant increases in prevalence of any resistance were found in Botswana, New Zealand, Poland, and Tomsk Oblast (Russian Federation).
Ghareeb Zaki | First level / Physics I
Quiz. 1. ? * Power point using computer and projector. W = Workshop , CL = Class room , CO = company Curriculum Department. -1-. Occupational area. Occupation. Level / Training Year. ... 7-Recognize positive and negative charges, insulators and conductors and electric field. 8-Comprehend the nature of electric current. 9-Recognize to potential difference and e.m.f. 10-Recognize to resistance, resistivity and apply Ohm’s law.
FIST 3-30
level points are also. ... A standard dc megohmmeter is then attached between the core ground lead (or the top of the core itself ) and the tank (ground). The megohmmeter is used to place a dc voltage between these points, and the resistance measured. A new transformer should read greater than 1,000 megohms.
A Voluntary National Standard Promulgated by the
Two helmets shall be tested for resistance to ballistic penetration in accordance with paragraph 5.2. Penetration by any fair hit shall constitute failure. ... Set up the test equipment as shown in figure 6 and locate the line of fire and point of impact of the bullet as described in paragraph 5.2. Use the test weapon and ammunition combination in accordance with paragraphs through as appropriate for the threat level classification of the helmet as rated by the manufacturer in accordance with section 2.
Bureau of Meteorology › Weather Services › Aviation
The boiling point of pure water at the standard sea-level pressure of 1013.25 hPa is 100°C (373°K). BROKEN CLOUD Used to describe an amount of cloud covering the sky of between five and seven oktas (eighths). In aviation forecasts and reports it is coded as BKN. ... In aviation forecasts and reports it is coded as FZRA. FRICTION The mechanical resistive force offered by one medium or body to the relative motion of another medium or body in contact with the first. In meteorology, it is the drag or resistance of the earth on the atmosphere.
Chapter 1
Studies have pointed out that the M. tb become resistant to RIF due to mutations in rpoB (Ren et al., 1999), INH due to katG (Parson et al., 2005) and ahpC (Ramaswamy et al., 2000), EMB due to embB (Siddiqi et al., 1985) and pncA (Portaels et al., 1999). ... In EMB resistant isolates as compare to STR resistant isolates the resistance level is much lower in MDR-TB isolates. MDR-TB can be effectively treated if the strain involved is susceptible to at least two drugs.
A technique for the determination of center of gravity and rolling
Once the center of gravity is known, it is possible to evaluate the stability of a wheelchair (in terms of tipping over) and the interaction between the level of stabil-ity and rolling resistance. ... support frame was built using 2.5 cm square aluminum tubing and covered by 1.0 cm-thick plywood (Figure 1). Two tapered steel plates were welded to the narrow ends of the aluminum frame so that the platform was level when resting on the tapered edges. These plates were used so that the contact point between the platform and the sup-port surface was minimized, thereby providing a pivot point on each end.
Level 5. Muscular Strength/Endurance Program This is a resistance program designed to improve your total body strength and endurance. This is not a bodybuilding or a power-lifting program. It is designed to prepare you specifically for the Candidate Physical Ability Test. ... 1. Chair Squats Glutes, Quadriceps, Hamstrings. CPAT Events: Stair Climb, Hose Drag, Ladder Raise, Forcible Entry, Search, Rescue Ceiling Pull and Breach. Stand in front of a sturdy and stable chair with legs shoul-der width apart and toes pointing slightly outward. Hold arms out straight in front of you.
Resistance Factors for Settlement Design
In particular, the resistance factors required to achieve a certain level of settlement reliability as a function of soil variability and site investigation intensity are determined analytically using random eld theory. ... Another complicating factor, which is more of a concern in soils than in other quality-controlled materials, is that of spatial variability and its effect on design reliability. Soil properties often vary markedly from point to point and this variability can have quite different importance for different geotechnical issues.
Dexron III | levels ? jaso 1A
• Excellent friction and anti-shudder performance • Excellent viscosity stability in operation • Very low pour point • Good sheer strength • Excellent parts material compatibility • Very good thermal stability • Excellent resistance to oxidation • High fretting resistance. ... Automatic transmission lubricant power steering application heavy duty and passenger car application semi synthetic base oil very good friction performances standard drain interval. Levels.
The EU Agencies and other members of various networks
25. Discussion points for future analyses. n To improve integrated analyses, more detailed and comprehensive data required. n Factors such as antimicrobial consumption per animal species, resistance data from all countries, from relevant animal species and food, at a detailed level, would be required. n Other factors to be considered include: resistance to other antimicrobials (co-resistance), resistance in non food-producing animals (e.g., reptiles), travel, imports of meat from countries outwith the EU.
Wildlife species provide clues to spread of antibiotic...
Aquatic or semi-aquatic animals, such as crocodiles, otters and waterbucks, harbored significantly greater levels of multidrug-resistant E. coli, said Jobbins. "But consumption of water alone was not the driver here," she said. "Several water-dependent species, such as impala, buffalo, cattle and sable, had little or no evidence of exposure to antibiotic resistance. ... Wildlife communities may provide clues to points where humans, animals and natural systems are coupled and the transmission of antimicrobial resistance is occurring."
Public Assessment Report
This mechanism results in low to mid-level resistance. ... From a microbiological point of view, the reconstituted and diluted product should be used immediately. If not used immediately, in-use storage times and conditions prior to use are the responsibility of the user and would normally not be longer than 24 hours at 2 to 8°C, unless reconstitution /dilution has taken place in controlled and validated aseptic conditions.
Corporate Overview Presentation
11 levels of incline. 20 levels of resistance. Two water bottle holders. Combines elements of a climber, hiker and skier for more workout versatility. ... 12. Strength Equipment. VR3 Line –23 pieces – middle price point. Sales up 42% in 2007! 13. Strength Equipment. NEW VR1 LINE – ENTRY LEVEL PRICE POINT – 15 Pieces –.
Guidance notes | skid resistance test
Skid Resistance Test - Portable Pendulum Tester. 1. Test Method Reference. (i) Road Note 27. (ii) ASTM E 303-83. 2. Applications. The resistance of wet road surfaces to skidding can be checked by means of a Portable Skid-resistance Tester (Portable Pendulum Tester). ... Repeat the same procedure at each test points. m. Pavement temperature at the depth of 40 mm below road level is measured by inserting a thermometer into two holes containing glycerol at each location.
Precursors of change: Pivotal points of involvement and resistance in psychotherapy. ... Increase Client Anxiety Levels A. Arouse cognitive dissonance by pointing out contradictions in the person’s life 1. Do so with empathy and courtesy 2. The contradictions must be significant to the client 3. This requires knowing the value system of the client B. Then seek to resolve the contradiction by courteously challenging the client 18.
In briefs, it should have resistance to
The mixture of scrap about 30% by weight and molten pig iron that is poured into refractory lined vessel (converter) from the blast furnace. The reaction start immediately and temperature reaches to about 1536? C. Carbon, manganese, and silicon are oxidized which are reduced to desired levels by adding lime and fluxes. ... Hardness and yield point of steel increases but decreases ductility. (ii) Adding alloy elements– Other elements of alloy are such as manganese (Mn) silicon (Si), nickel (Ni), chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo) and vanadium (V). Manganese makes steel more resistance to abrasive forces, increase...
Therefore it is necessary to assess resistant lines through local studies. Considering actual situation of North and Souht Leaf Blight Diseases in Turkey, the first and the cardinal step should be determining the characteristics of different pathogen isolates in regional or country level. ... These datas will make up a starter point for resistance breeding studies against this pathogen. It will be clarified that which resistance genes should we use to improve the new resistant varieties.
Zone Refining Unit
Zone refining for purification of semiconductor elements, zone leveling for uniform addition of dopants to the semiconductors and Bridgman’s or float zone technique for crystal growth. It is being widely used in the semiconductor industry for refining of germanium and silicon to purity levels of 9N and above (i.e. >=99.9999999%). ... With use of induction heating the time required for achieving the melting point is faster as compared to a resistance heater.
Talking points on soviet strategy and performance...
pc,.. 7 October 1986. Talking points on soviet strategy and performance in afghanistan. ... The purpose of the Soviet military campaign is not to destroy the resistance o'utright because, as in all guerrilla wars, this is impossible. Rather it is to keep the resistance at bay, to grind it down to manageable levels of activity. and. thereby. to protect the primary task of building a communist regime on the basis of a few loyalists. a lot of opportunists and a mass of exhausted Afghans.
Antibiotic Resistance : Ak?lc? ?la? Kullan?m?
The discovery of antibiotics was a major turning point in terms of human health and due to the use of these drugs in infectious diseases, mortality and morbidity rates have decreased dramatically. ... Therefore, national regulations and studies play a key role in controlling antibiotic resistance worldwide, but national programs must reach the same level of success to achieve this goal.
Featured Projects: Center for Materials at Irradiation...
Center's foundation: LANL research on metallic nanocomposites The scientific foundation of this Center comes from LANL work on metallic nanocomposites showing that interfaces serve to block slip as well as sinks for point defects. The nanocomposites materials can exhibit over an order of magnitude improvement in strength and resistance to damage from particle irradiation and shock deformation. The Center is funded at a level of $19 million total for five years.
2) Some automated susceptibility testing systems fail to detect low-level carbapenem resistance. FC Tenover, et al. EID 2007 Karen (Kitty) Anderson, et al. ... n In non-contact wards 0-1% positivity n The addition of active surveillance. coincided with control of the outbreak. Point Prevalence Survey- Puerto Rico. n Rectal swabs were obtained from all patients currently hospitalized on SICU and diabetic ward- 20-30 patients. n 2 patients had unrecognized colonization with CRKP.
WisDOT Bridge Manual
Straight-sided friction piles are recommended for placement in cohesive soils underlain by a granular stratum to develop the greatest combined shaft and point resistance. Steel HP or open-end pipe piles are best suited for driving through obstructions or fairly competent layers to bedrock. ... These techniques are used to document that the assumed pile driving hammers are capable of mobilizing the required nominal (ultimate) resistance of the pile at driving stress levels less than the factored driving resistance of the pile.
Level 1. 5. conclusion. History examination guidelines. ... PAPER 2 (ONE question per topic will be set) 1. Civil Resistance, 1970s to 1980s: South. ... Union • Turning point in South Africa. Question focus: New World Order (2017–2019).
Biological Sciences Series, GS-0400
Level 1-4 -- 550 Points. Employees at this level use a knowledge of the processes, methods, and procedures associated with aid types of duties to resolve the full range of irregular or problem situations when performing a wide variety of either highly interrelated tasks or nonstandard assignments. ... In addition, the technician may maintain, calibrate, and modify complex equipment used for a variety of test and evaluation procedures; set up and conduct standardized tests for seedling or other infection in resistance screening studies; design and conduct limited aerial photography missions to detect pest...
Serum Drug levels
“slow response” = persistent symptoms/smear+. P = NS. Many potential factors Extensive disease Drug resistance HIV. Other comorbidities Low drug levels Diabetes …… •We have been routinely checking serum anti-TB drug concentrations in. “slow responders” since ~2007 (thanks to some add’l funding). ... • Single incremental increases without rechecking. – Easy, practical, generally increases the levels, patients are doing well at this point so we don’t go for broke. Early TDM in diabetics corrected low drug concentrations in the majority and may limit slow response. As expected many had low levels •Of the 21...
Panelized wall systems: making the connections
There are two levels at which performance is considered: (1) at the individual ... Minimum of 2 connection points or more, depending on length and design of panel. ... Connection fire resistance need not necessarily match the resistance of the panels, but connections...
[17] The technical goal is to increase the resolution of chemical composition (here, the Sr doping level) and the density of data points by a factor of hundred or more. The expectation is that this can reveal some discontinuities or kinks in one or more of the most relevant physical properties such as the. ... In this sample, fluctuations in the measured resistance from sample geometry are less than 0.05% of the total resistance. Nearly all of the observed variations in the resistance of the sample B are caused by pixel-to-pixel variations in stoichiometry at the level of 0.41%.
Chapter XI
11.12 Disaster management mechanisms exist at district level in the State. ... A common meeting point inside the city and a contact outside the city should be ... Revision) IS 13827, 1993, Indian Standard Guidelines for Improving Earthquake Resistance of Earthen...
Point & Figure charts consist of columns of X's and O's that represent filtered price movements over time. Their distinctive look may be alien at first to people who are more familiar with traditional price bar charts but once people learn the basics of P&F charts they usually become hooked. ... ? Remove the often misleading effects of time from the analysis process, ? Make recognizing support/resistance levels much easier, ? Make trend line recognition a 'no-brainer', ? Help you stay focused on the important long-term price developments
An easily identifiable continuous and relatively level path free from obstruction or any kind of hazards shall be provided for persons with a disability to enter, move within and leave a building to reach the accessible facilities. Provision of Access Route. Access shall be provided from a prominent point or points on the plot boundary ... • Dropped kerb should have slip-resistant surface. Raised traction strips should be avoided in order to reduce the hazard to everyone. Recommended Design Requirements Slip Resistance.
Some | POINT
Temperatures were measured using Meteorological Office flat-plate resistance thermometers with balanced-bridge indicators, the readings being corrected for airspeed. ... No significant difference of frost point at 50,000 ft between winter and summer has been found. (4) When the heights are referred to the tropopause level the ' high tropopause' cases show a lower temperature and also a lower frost point, level for level, compared with the 'low tropopause' cases.
GAIN - Home
The mission of the Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE) is to advance nuclear power as a resource capable of meeting the nation's energy, environmental and national security needs by resolving technical, cost, safety, proliferation resistance, and security barriers through research, development and demonstration ?RD&D?. ... GAIN provides the nuclear community with a single point of access to the broad range of capabilities -- people, facilities, materials, and data -- across the DOE complex and its National Lab capabilities.
Earthing and bonding of aircraft
72. The ground earthing point should be installed in such a manner that when the base of the cap has been driven to the level of the hard-stand there should be no lateral or vertical movement of the ground earthing point cap. 11. AC 21-99 Aircraft Wiring and Bonding Sect 2 Chap 14. ... a. Newly Installed Ground Earthing Points -Resistance Measurement: (1) Immediately after installation. (or any replacement).
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
Do Oxacillin sensitivity testing only to determine presence or absence of MRSA. [Level I] 2. Vancomycin sensitivity testing should be done when monitoring resistance trends is indicated. ... The sudden increase in the incidence of a disease or condition in a specific area. PREVALENCE. Number of cases of disease in a population at a certain point in time. RATE.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
The US Civil Rights Movement (2017–2019). PAPER 2 (ONE question per topic will be set). 1. Civil Resistance, 1970s to 1980s: South Africa. Question focus: The crisis of apartheid in the 1980s (2014–2016) • Government attempts to reform. apartheid • Internal resistance. ... Question focus: The end of the Cold War: The events of 1989 (2014–2016). • Gorbachev's reforms in the Soviet Union. • Turning point in South Africa.
Standard commissioning procedure for
Instructions: All control points listed under each unit refer to sensors and stats that are dedicated to that unit, and for the most part physically located close to or in the unit, not global (building-level) points. ... If method #3 is used, energize resistance heat and measure amps, volts, and temperature before and after heat source, in well-mixed locations. CFM=(volts x amps x C x 3.413)/(1.08 x (Tout - Tin)). C is 1.0 for 1 phase, and 1.732 for 3 phase. Note that “1.08” in this formula applies to sea level altitude only.
This could include an assessment of whether pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic relationships are optimised to minimise selection for resistance without compromising treatment outcome (see CPMP/EWP/2655/99 Points to consider on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in the development ... Assessment of the impact of disease caused by infections due to antibiotic resistant microorganisms (and transferable genetic elements) in humans in the risk categories of negligible, low, medium, high or not assessable. Impact should be considered on the levels of both the treated patient and the community.
Ballistic Resistance of
The scope of the standard is limited to ballistic resistance only; this standard does not address threats from knives and sharply pointed instruments, which are different types of threats and are addressed in the current version of NIJ Standard–0115 Stab Resistance of Personal Body Armor. ... As of the publication of this standard, ballistic resistant body armor suitable for full-time wear throughout an entire shift of duty is available in classification Types IIA, II, and IIIA, which provide increasing levels of protection from handgun threats.
Holocaust and Resistance | EDSITEment
The authors of the Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust point out that resistance took many forms during the years of Nazi genocide: Resistance...usually refers to a physical act of armed revolt. During the Holocaust, it also meant partisan activism that ranged from smuggling messages, food, and weapons to actual military engagement. ... New Deal Network. The Basics. Grade Level. 9-12. Time Required.
Development of Geotechnical Resistance Factors
Hence the COV can be used in lieu of the standard deviation to represent the spread in the data. The limit state function “g” is linearized at the mean values (i.e., µ) of the random variables, rather than at a point on the failure surface (i.e., where the load Q is equal to the resistance R), hence the term “mean value.” ... While the level of safety represented in the final resistance factors they recommended may theoretically not be at the target level (i.e., ? of 3.5), they are reasonably close or conservative relative to the target level (theoretically).
Modeling and simulation of micro-hydro power plants for
The control consists of a multi-level hierarchical structure and incorporates a maximum power point tracker (MPPT) for better use of the micro-hydro resource. Furthermore ... 4. This. ideal inverter is shunt-connected to the network through an equivalent inductance Ls, accounting for the leakage of the step-up coupling. transformer and an equivalent series resistance Rs, representing the transformers winding resistance and VSI semiconductors conduction. losses.
Minister’s Specification
Fire resisting, when applied to a structural member or other part of a building, means having a fire resistance level (FRL) required for that structural member or part. ... 6.2 Measurement of distance (a) The distance between a brush fence and a building is measured from any point on the brush fence in a straight line in any direction from that point. (b) Where an external wall is required by clause 6.1 or 6.4 of this Specification to be constructed in a certain manner, only that part of the.
the final point of resistance. The foundation shall be designed to accommodate the forces developed or. the movements imparted to the structure by the design ground motions. ... wi, wx = portion of W that is located at or assigned to Level i or Level x, respectively. hi = height, above the base, to Level i. At each Level x the force, Fx, shall be applied over the area of the structure in accordance with the distribution of mass at the level.
Choose the odd Sam to move to the next level. There are 10 levels total. Each level = (10 points). Guess wrong= (-5 points). You are allowed (3) wrong guesses. The faster you finish, the more bonus points you can earn!
Rail Accident Report | Points ECR06M COR07
The resistance of the short circuit created by a tram is shown by the number of indicator lights illuminated on a bank of 16 lights on the point controller. A greater number of lights indicates a lower rail to rail resistance. At least 12 lights must be illuminated for the point controller to lock the points and this was all that was achieved by the test tram. ... These records indicate that the receiver voltage for the track circuit at points ECR06M was at 5.2 volts when first tested, and that it remained at about this level until after the accident when it was recorded at 5.24 volts.
Analysis of Asset | DC & AC Resistance measurement
5. DC resistance measurement to check the status of conjunction points on cell top casing, and 6. CT scan to to inspect the physical connecting condition of the electrical path for gaps or signs. ... The ICP analysis of the electrolyte on 459 Cell 5 is summarized in Table 1, with the comparison of Battery 412 cell 3, 5, 6. No abnormal metallic ion level was deteted in the electrolyte, which implies that the corrosion reactions have not been induced in the leaked 459-5 cell.
Editors: Pak Leung, HO & Samson Sai Yin, WONG
Sharp point tester. ... inclined surface Appropriate instrument to. determine the elctric resistance. ... Sound level meter. Suitable measuring device for velocity, 25 kg mass Thermometer.
FEMA National us&r response system
• Wind or a gentle push can move the object out this "balance point" of static equilibrium. • With applied force changes into a state of unstable equilibrium. • Object will move (fall over) into another position of static equilibrium. FRICTION and RESISTANCE FORCE. ... • Anticipate the best location for crane operation & setup. • Initiate clearing activities prior to the arrival of the crane. • Is surface sloped or level? • Is surface hard or soft? • Obstacles and hazards
Individual Protection Systems
Sealing on nose bridge Low breathing resistance High level of speech transmission Adjustable to all face sizes Easy donning and doffing Status: Introduced into the Services and supplied to the Army. ... The mask offers maximum protection up to 24 hr BTT. It weighs less than 500 g and has a five- point harness system for ease of donning and doffing. It provides a wide field of vision and has swivel drinking water facility that provides the means for taking liquid refreshments whilst wearing the respirator.
Welsh joint education committee
It is acknowledged that there will always be disagreement on precise definitions, but the aim has been to produce wording which is accessible to students while preserving a fair level of rigor. ... [It is the fractional change in resistance per degree rise in temperature above 0°C.] Unit: °C-1. 3.2.4(a) The Law of Conservation of Charge. Electric charge cannot be created or destroyed, (though positive and negative charges can neutralize each other). In a purely resistive circuit charge cannot pile up at a point.
Fire door means a complete door assembly having the same fire resistance level as the surrounding wall and has a certification tag fixed to the door and frame on the hinge side at 1500mm. ... (b) In budget accommodation buildings with a floor area greater than 300 m2 and except where fire-isolated stairways are provided, the distance between a doorway of a bedroom or any other point on a storey not in a bedroom and the point of egress to a road or open space does not exceed the distances set out in Schedule 4.
Particular Specification for Large Diameter Bored Piles...
However, the contribution from the minimum socket depth of 600mm stipulated in Clause 5.19 (iii) of the General Specification for Building shall be ignored in the calculation of frictional resistance (i.e. the top level of effective rock socket shall be 600 mm below the bedrock level). ... load index strength PLI50 not less than 1 MPa). Notes: (i) Concrete should have a minimum characteristic compressive. strength of 30 MPa at 28 days. (ii) The point load index strength of rock quoted is the equivalent. value for 50 mm diameter cores.
Dsi teknik b?ltenleri - 10. sayi
the study of resistance to flow, it is clear that
channel, is not yet accomplished on the level of our recent knowledge.
Existing theories provide only a starting point which needs to
Effective insect resistance management can reduce the
A Cry1Ac-resistant ECB strain (produced by Dr. Hutchinson, University of Minnesota) and a Cry1Ab-resistant ECB strain (produced by Dr. Keil, University of Delaware) had a moderate level of resistance, about 30 to 60X. None of the resistant larvae survived on Bt corn beyond the second instar. ... Shelton and Roush (1999) pointed out in their recent commentary in Nature Biotechnology that in other cases in which inheritance of resistance to Bt was studied using transgenic crops that recessive inheritance was considered to be the most important factor determining the success of the refuge strategy.
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Such 'resistance' is often viewed as a failure or inadequacy of developmental efforts, on the one hand, but it could also be viewed as a 'triumph' of 'resistance' in cultural terms, on the other. It is another point that this 'triumph' is pyrrhic, because, while preserving local cultures, it has also promoted debilitation forms of conservatism, and there are enough markers in our recent political and cultural history to bear this out. ... It has already been pointed out that the level of technology in the building industry has to be upgraded.
Leveling Instructions and Points
The point levels within each factor are designed to describe the thresholds of distinct levels of work. When a job does not meet the full description of a point level, the next lowest point level is used. Only the stated point values are used. ... AND Contacts are to influence, interrogate, or control others through debate, persuasion, or authoritative recognition; contacts are often in situations subject to divergent views, skepticism, resistance, and/or uncooperative attitudes and behavior. 280 Points.
Fluid level sensors duzh. Fluid-oil heat exchanger tjm 5143.1013010-21. ... 0.7 / 0.25 Sensors are used in agricultural machinery and are produced of two types: DUJ-MA.01 - oil emergency level sensor - for conversion of oil level in the oil tank into resistance equivalent and release of signal on minimum oil level by means of switching signal lamp; DUJ-T.01 - fuel level sensor - for conversion of fuel level in the fuel.
Houses in multiple occupation
2 individuals or households 1200mm x 600mm. increasing in width thereafter by 300mm per additional individual or household sharing. 6.11.2 In addition to any socket or point used for an electric cooker or oven, there shall be provided in each kitchen a minimum of; Table 8. 1-5 indivduals 6-10 individuals. ... The floor at or about 7.5m above ground level should be constructed to 30 minutes nominal fire resistance.
Lowest Places on Earth - Death Valley National Park...
Rock Bottom As the lowest point in North America, Death Valley belongs to a world-wide geographic rogues’ gallery, whose members share these defining features: To have exposed land below sea level, an extremely dry climate is necessary. ... Below Sea Level Sea level is the average elevation of the world’s ocean surface and is the standard from which all other elevations are measured. Regardless of tides, “sea level” remains constant.
Lowest Places on Earth - Death Valley National Park...
Rock Bottom As the lowest point in North America, Death Valley belongs to a world-wide geographic rogues’ gallery, whose members share these defining features: To have exposed land below sea level, an extremely dry climate is necessary. ... Below Sea Level Sea level is the average elevation of the world’s ocean surface and is the standard from which all other elevations are measured. Regardless of tides, “sea level” remains constant.
Antibiotic resistance threats
The first section provides context and an overview of antibiotic resistance in the United States. In addition to giving a national assessment of the most dangerous antibiotic resistance threats, it summarizes what is known about the burden of illness, level of concern, and antibiotics left to defend against these infections. ... Antibiotic resistance in healthcare settings is a significant threat to public health. Because almost all Americans will receive care in a medical setting at some point, the problem can affect anyone.
Israel-Syria Negotiations
During 1994, negotiations were held on the ambassadorial level in Washington. These talks led to focused discussions on security arrangements and the convening of two meetings between the Israeli and Syrian chiefs-of-staff in December 1994 and June 1995. ... On December 8, 1999, President Clinton announced that Prime Minister Barak and President Assad agreed that the Israel-Syrian peace negotiations would be resumed from the point that they were halted since January 1996.
Subject: Thermal efficiency of room sealed space heaters. Guidance to be provided: 1. To advise the measurement point for CO2 and temperature rise should be 300mm downstream from the flue spigot as for open flued appliances except for flues shorter than 300mm where the measurement point should be 50mm behind the flue terminal. ... It is difficult for testing laboratories to set up appliances with vertical flue runs that extend greater than 4.5m above floor level. 4. The method of test requires that thermal efficiency is measured with the. flue system which provides the minimum resistance to flow. It then.
The Lord’s Resistance
The Lord’s Resistance Army: The U.S. Response. While the Act does not specifically ... however, dispute this interpretation and point to the Ugandan military’s eventual ... The level of command and control linking LRA leaders to each other and to the fighters they...
Use of Force Annual Report
Displaying or pointing a firearm constitutes a use of force. Officers shall not draw or exhibit a firearm unless the circumstances surrounding the incident create an objectively reasonable belief that a situation may escalate to the point at which lethal force would be authorized. ... LEVELS OF RESISTANCE (see Use of Force Continuum). • Passive Resistance, • Active Resistance, • Aggressive Resistance, and • Aggravated Resistance.
Chapter 3: Floor and Ground Surfaces - United States Access...
Fire resisting garden
Hazard reduction activities such as clearing and fuel reduction burning, aim to lower the vegetation hazard to a safe level. Because some plants have a higher resistance to burning than others, we can use low flammability plants for added protection in addition to normal maintenance and hazard reduction activities. ... There is no point growing plants as a protective measure against fire if they are going to die when they are most needed. Indeed, all dead plant material will be a fire hazard.
Main points/Points to Remember :-1. Both knees and waist must be straight. and erect. 2. Foot of the swinging leg must be. dorsiflex and reached above the head level. [10]. Development of technique: 1. Front stretching and side stretching of legs 2. Strength of the quadriceps group of muscles and adductor group of. ... The ability to overcome lower resistance with high speed. e.g.: - low weight category below 45 kg of Sanshou, jumps of Sub-junior and junior Taolu. Methods to develop: a. Interval Method (intensive). Set Repetition Recovery Intensity Volume. 3-5 10-15 times 90-100 sec Medium 70-75% Low.
This investigation is generally directed toward pressures and/or levels of fluids, tightness, position of relays, pollution of insulating parts, but actions such as lubricating, cleaning, washing, etc. which can be carried out with the switchgear and controlgear in service are also included. ... The measured value of the d.c. voltage drop or the resistance shall be given in the type-test report, as well as the general conditions during the test (current, ambient air temperature, points of measurement, etc.).
System for building’s
dew point. ... Cladding ties are concealed and do not affect facade aesthetics and provide high level anti-vandal functionality. ... Frost resistance Ultraviolet resistance No salt efflorescence IX Earthquake resistance Flame resistance High-raise.
Prescribing Exercise to
Resistance training may have more profound site-specific effect than aerobic exercise (7). High-intensity resistance training may have added benefits for decreasing osteoporosis risks by improving strength and balance, and increasing muscle mass (7). Although patients with osteoporosis may think exercise increases the risk of injury from ... Programmes should begin at a low level that is comfortable for the patient. It would be the best if an initial assessment by a suitably trained individual such as a physiotherapist could be done for giving the patient a reference point from which to start the exercise programme.
Press Boxes :Facilities Planning: NYSED
Public school districts often construct a Press Box to provide shelter and a vantage point for score keepers, videography, and broadcast equipment. These facilities, like all other district facilities, may only be used if they have a current Certificate of Occupancy. ... 3) Buildings limited to one usable floor level, with no access to or use of the roof level may be constructed of Type V-B Construction. This construction type is Wood Frame and requires less fire resistance rating than the types noted above.
Type Approval Authorities
Do manufacturers have to change CoCs for those types which do not fall under the provisions of Reg (EU) No.2013/60/EU according to point 46 of the CoC (see Annex II, 1(a))? The changes apply only for new types! Changes are for example: The description of Euro Levels (1, 2, 3) is mentioned in 46.1, 46.2, 46.3. ... ISSUE : Regulation (EC) 661/2009 defines some maximum values for the rolling resistance coefficient for each tyre type, measured in accordance with ISO 28580. Rolling resistance coefficient impacts the CO2 emissions which are determined in accordance with EC Regulations 715/2007 and...
HIV Drug Resistance Early
HIV Drug Resistance Early Warning Indicators Survey in. Ethiopia, 2013/14. i. ... No Facility name Level Region. 1 Adama Hospital. ... Retention is also a critical issue for ART programs from a cost-effectiveness point of view.
Mrb & mai joint seminar
ROLES OF MAI • To transform the Malaysian automo7ve industry into a globally. compe77ve sector; • To harness and mobilise collec7ve eorts amongst the automo7ve. stakeholders in the planning and implementa7on of industrial strategy towards a common direc7on at na7onal level; • To undertake strategic research and studies for inputs and policy advice to the Government. ... • Material SubsBtuBon • Improve Rolling • OpBmizaBon of Rubber Resistance.
structure, but some stabilising force is provided by the ground resistance on the side of structure due to the strength of the ground. • HYD failure occurs when, due to the hydraulic gradient, the pore. water pressure at a point in the soil exceeds the effective stress or the upward seepage force on a column of soil exceeds the effective weight of the soil. ... Brussels, 18-20 February 2008 – Dissemination of information workshop. Excess hydraulic head. Groundwater level at ground ?h surface. Standpipe. Design effective soil weight, G'stb,d d Design seepage force, Sdst,d.
Proceedings of the ASME 2013 Rail Transportation Division...
lateral load is applied to the rail at a point on a section of track. By applying sufficient amount of load, the ties on either side of the point of load application are mobilized to some extent. ... Figure 11 compares the test data and analyses assuming the exponential lateral resistance characteristic, as defined in equation (5), in which FP is equal to 86 lb per inch and wp is equal to 0.03 inch. Based purely upon inspection, the agreement between test data and analysis at each level of vertical load is better in Figure 11 than that shown in Figure 10 where the lateral resistance is assumed to be constant.
Shoppers 7. ….. brought to burn about 160 calories during a typical forty-minute visit to the supermarket. Pushing the Trim Trolley for that length of time 8. ….. the resistance level at seven, the average person would burn as many as 280 calories, equivalent of 9. ….. twenty-minute swim. As well as pointing out to people that shopping is a subconscious form of exercise, the designers also hope to encourage shoppers to 10. ….. more attention to their health generally.
Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) | Building America Solution...
Know the location of structural point loads. ... 3. Ensure the foundation is plumb, level, and square. ... Documentation identifying the pathway with the least thermal resistance and its resistance value shall be collected by the Rater and any Builder Verified or Rater Verified...
National policy for | Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring
5.1 Rational Use of Drugs. Over the last 60 years, bacteria &in particular those pathogenic to humans have evolved towards antimicrobial drug resistance. Antimicrobial resistance is an issue of great significance for public health at the global level. ... For this the microbiologist of the hospital can take ward rounds at least once a week and do spot or point surveillance. · Cost related issues to be decided by the committee set up in each hospital for antibiotic policy.
Protective requirements from fire in facilities
To take into consideration while setting this list the following points: 1-1/3/3/1. The ability of the structural construction in resisting fire. 1-1/3/3/2. Kinds and levels of fire. 1-1/3/3/3. ... Made up of incombustible materials or fire-resistant in an adequate degree. Buildings that are totally made from cement bricks may have in its construction iron elements to give the same degree of resisting. Second. 1-2 hours. It’s mostly made from incombustible materials, and it is irresistible o fire, but it is dealt with to give the required degree of fire resistance.
Table 19 | Level
Level*. Count of Charge Code Description. Charges Filed^. ... Statutory sodomy - 2nd degree Assault - 1st degree - serious physical injury Child molestation - 1st degree Robbery - 2nd degree Assault - 2nd degree - vehicular injury Statutory rape - 2nd degree Domestic assault - 3rd degree - 1st/2nd offense Assault - 1st Degree Operated motor vehicle on highway while driver license/privilege revoked (for points) Resisting arrest for a misdemeanor.
Investigations of Possible Low-Level
humidity polyvinyl chloride specific humidity Remote Balloon Launching relative humidity resistance temperature detector surface meteorology sonde RH values sonde (values) temperature dew point temperature air temperature Universal Time Coordinates Zulu time zone height. ... The results up to this point failed to determine an operational cause for the low-level “anomalies” and thus prompted a similar investigation of the Gan and Nauru sondes.
A geodetic point is made up of the point stabilization (physical marking in the field) and the coordinates, determined on the basis of land survey and mathematical and statistical survey data processing. In order to provide a unified coordinate system the geodetic point coordinates are defined in groups of points referred to as the geodetic point networks. ... Basic geodetic network points are divided into: - basic levelling network points - basic elevation network points.
Rappel Master
Legally, the PPCT System teaches a simple use of force continuum which clarifies the appropriate force level for every level of resistance. Medical research has been conducted on every PPCT technique to refine technique efficiency and to ensure that medical implications are proportional to the level of resistance. Topics · Survival Learning Research · PPCT Control Principles · Tactical Handcuffing · Pressure Point Control Tactics · Joint Locks · Defensive Counterstrikes · PPCT Impact Weapon System · Instructor Development and Training Protocols.
Introduction to low
Low IF architecture. From system level to component level specifications. ... •In most cases condition for power optimum and noise. optimum resistance do not coincide ( challenge !!!) ... MOSFET current : 1 dB compression point. g(Vo), g(V+), g(V-) are the...
DHHS-OASH-2015-0123 - Antibiotic-Resistance Research...
...research to develop improved methods for combating antibiotic resistance and conducting antibiotic stewardship; 3.Strengthen surveillance of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections; 4.Prevent the transmission of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections; 5.Advance the development of rapid point-of-care and. ... The participant will receive a monthly stipend commensurate with educational level and experience. Proof of health insurance is required for participation in this program. The appointment is full-time at HHS in the Washington, D.C. area. Participants do not become employees of HHS or the program...
Key characteristics of policy networks
Contact Point of the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD 1 CP). ... Worked less well…. • Promoted knowledge sharing at EU level on relevant policy matters. ... Developing networks: managing institutional change. 1. DENIAL. 2. RESISTANCE.
Stepwise Approach for Detecting, Evaluating
Determining which NA to use is based on the medication’s efficacy (ability to suppress HBV DNA, to seroconvert to HBeAg-negative status, to normalize ALT levels, and to improve hepatic fibrosis), and its barrier to resistance. ... Steps 5c: Determine the end points of treatment. The end point for treatment of patients treated with NAs is less clearly defined than for patients treated with interferon and is determined by the HBeAg status at the start of treatment, and the presence of co-mordities such as cirrhosis, co-infections, or HCC.
Statewide Hazardous
DEC’s statewide hazmat response planning is intended to better protect public health and the environment from the effects of hazmat releases by: • Establishing an in-state hazmat response ca-pability that will facilitate rapid response to a Level A or Level B incident anywhere in Alaska. ... Akutan Unalaska/ Dutch Harbor. Port Moller. Sand Point King Cove. Chugiak Eklutna Eagle River.
1st range succeeding range Vdc, Vac, Idc, Iac, Resistance Up to 4? digits 6? digits. TEST METHOD Comparison Comparison Comparison Comparison Comparison. (low to medium accuracy) Comparison. ... 700/range. 4,300/voltage level. 1,890/test point.
OBJECTIVES | Antibiotic Resistance is Local
Antibiogram. Definition - aggregation of antimicrobial susceptibility data specific to particular location. Purpose - demonstrate the prevalence of antibiotic resistance among bacteria obtained from residents in your facility - starting point for empiric antibiotic therapy decisions. 2. 09/05/2013. ... therapy of penicillin, ampicillin, or vancomycin (for. susceptible strains), plus an aminoglycoside, is usually. indicated, unless high-level resistance to both gentamicin. and streptomycin is documented. * urine isolates only; (number of isolates).
Series resistance effect on i-v characteristics of
The effect of series resistance (Rs) on forward bias current–voltage-temperature ... In addition, deep-level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) measurements were made using a ... this case, the value of Rs and ?B can be obtained from at the minimum point of F(Vm) as
GRADE 9 SCIENCE | Type/Level
D. Define ampere as the number of electrons moving past a point in one second. ... B. Investigate and describe factors which affect resistance. C. Describe the effects of resistance on the flow of ... B. Identify applications of the piezoelectric effect. Type/Level.
Selection of paint system | Resistance Resistance
• Durability period, weather resistance, algal resistance, UV resistance, alkali resistance, scrub resistances, chemical resistance, waterproofing characteristic, etc. • Balance and reconcile a realistic budget with the expectations. ... Description is based on the required gloss level or texture. A 4-point grading scale is used to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the key properties of the system. Paint Type Typical Paint System.
2.14 Fire and rescue service facilities
The protected zone should have a long fire resistance duration where it serves a building where the topmost storey is more than 18m above the fire and rescue service access level. ... 2.14.7 Fire mains. Where there is an outbreak of fire high above the fire and rescue service access level, the time taken to set up a forward control point, assess the situation and carry hoses up several flights of stairs can be considerable.
Office of Contracting and Procurement
Point of Contact. ... Assessing the antimicrobial stewardship programs at various DC healthcare facilities will identify facility and district level gaps with regards to ... Georgetown University, Region Organized Against Resistance (ROAR) Coalition Determination...
Chapter 1 | Accessories 1.9 Point wiring 1.10 Telephone wiring
Testing: Insulation resistance test: All wiring shall be tested with 500V Meggar between phases, phase – neutral and to Earth. IR value shall not be less than 1M-ohm. Earth continuity: Earth continuity shall be ensured between termination points of Earth wire. ... 7. The cables shall be designed for point-to point applications as well as mid-span access, and provide a high-level of protection for fiber installed in the outside plant environment. S. No 1. 2.
Motivational Interviewing
The point is that it is the spirit of motivational interviewing that gives rise to these and ... Roll with Resistance In MI, the counselor does not fight client resistance ... The problem with this pattern is that it tends to elicit passivity and closes off access to deeper levels of...
Technical system requirements
Technical System Noise Level Requisites. Each Participat has to ensure the respect of noise level limits ... This system will be connected to Expo general grounding system in several points. ... • CEI 20-36 - Electrical cable fire resistance tests, Part 4 and Part 5.
Lawriter - OAC | Chapter 4101:1-7 Fire Resistance
Where a fire wall serves as an exterior wall for a building and separates buildings having different roof levels, such wall shall terminate at a point not less than 30 inches (762 mm) above the lower roof level, provided the exterior wall for a height of 15 feet (4572 mm) above the lower roof is not less than 1-hour fire-resistance-rated.
Building Control | C2 – Resistance to Moisture.
The extent and level of investigation is to be tailored to the type of development and further guidance on undertaking site investigations is given in BS5930: 1999 and BS8103-1: 1995. Resistance to Contaminants. ... Various forms of cavity insulation are indicated, together with different cavity widths and wall finishes/pointing are recommended, so that the wall construction does not allow water to penetrate.
3. Provide suitable dunnage/spacer to protect rail against point. contact. 4. Rails of same length are stacked on a firm level base providing. uniform support. Successive layers may be of the same or decreasing width for stacking of unequal length of rails. ... (iii) Homogenous structure of ballast bed is built up. (iv) Lateral track resistance increases resulting in enhanced safety against track buckling. (v) Speed restrictions are relaxed faster. 10. Ballast Cleaning Machines.
Guidelines on Formulation of | “Fire Resistance Rating (FRR)”
A location designated as the access point for emergency personnel, leading from street level or at grade to the trackside area. ... “Fire Resistance Rating (FRR)”. The period of time for which any element of construction, wall, door, fire shutter or other components of a building is capable of resisting the action of fire when tested in accordance with BS 476: Parts 20 to 24, or as specified in the Code of Practice for Fire Safety in Buildings 2011 (FS Code).
Management and/or Program Analyst 14 - OHRM
FACTOR 1: KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED - Level 1-8, 1550 points. Knowledge at a level to serve as an expert in the application of a wide range of qualitative and/or quantitative methods for the assessment and improvement of program effectiveness or the improvement of complex management processes and systems. ... The employee may encounter resistance due to organizational conflict, competing objectives, or resource problems. FACTOR 8: PHYSICAL DEMANDS - Level 8-1, 5 points.
Anthelmintic resistance in parasitic nematodes
Recent molecular analysis of previously reported point mutations related to BZ resistance in N. americanus, indicated that the mechanism is much more complex, possibly involving multiple genes and unidentified point mutations [21]. ... Our preliminary results (unpublished observations) based on individual transcripts indicate that the expression level is altered in anthelmintic resistant populations; therefore, we plan to compare the expression level of adult populations that differ in resistance to anthelmintics using the RNA-seq approach.
Project Implementation Plan
· Reducing the chloroquine resistance levels for deciding use of ACT from 25% to 10% as recommended by WHO. · Giving flexibility to states to decide on extent of areas to be covered (clusters of blocks) with ACT once chloroquine resistance levels of more than 10% are noted. ... There is a shortage of entomologists or insect collectors at the state level in Bihar. 2.3. d. Recommended actions on Kala-azar Elimination · Diagnosis and treatment of kala-azar should be offered free of cost at. the point of delivery in the government and private sectors. Additional.
Peat Depth Survey Guidance
Add further rods as necessary. When the rod comes to a halt or you feel additional resistance or note a change in progress of the rods, mark or note the surface level on the rod and remove the rods, unscrewing each section as it is removed. ... Ground conditions or access may restrict access to the exact grid point. An accurate national grid reference of the actual probing point is our main aim. 2. Select a probing location that is representative of the immediate area. Tussocks and hummocks raise the surface level above the actual peat level.
DHEC: Insulin Resistance and Pre-Diabetes
Can medicines help reverse insulin resistance or pre-diabetes? Points to Remember. Hope through Research. For More Information. ... Glucose in the blood is called blood glucose, also known as blood sugar. As the blood glucose level rises after a meal, the pancreas releases insulin to help cells take in and use the glucose. When people are insulin resistant, their muscle, fat, and liver cells do not respond properly to insulin.
Aviation Safety Investigation | Highest Injury Level: Serious
Minor 3 0 0 0. None 3 -0 3. Aircraft Details: Aerospatiale SA365C-2 Registration: VH-HCF Serial Number: 5068 Operation Type: Aerial Work Damage Level: Nil Departure Point: Westmead Hospital NSW Departure Time: 950 Destination: Westmead Hospital NSW. Approved for Release: 23 September 1991. ... 2. Inadequate bonding (high resistance) between the hoist, mount and airframe caused the current to flow through the squib (low resistance), resulting in uncommanded activation of the squib. Reccomendations
Ballot vote sheet
Cover fabric Imaterial (smoldering resistance). ... Note: Probability rounded to the nearest percentage point. ... After reviewing the probabilities of passing for different levels of p for each candidate plan, CPSC staff selected the test series plan above.
I nsulin resistance is a reduction in the
nsulin resistance is a reduction in the ability of tissue cells, mainly those in muscle, to use insulin. In this condition, the pancreas works harder to produce more insulin, and hyperinsulinemia develops to maintain blood sugar levels within normal limits. ... Insulin production then decreases. At this point, a person may be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Some researchers consider acanthosis nigricans (AN) to be a predictive marker for Type 2 diabetes. It appears to have a genetic component.
Applying best
Why is stubble height and level of use important? The grazing animal. ... bluegrass, are more resistant to grazing than are species that ele-vate their growing points. • ... • reduced plant vigour, • a shallower root system and less resistance to drought, • a change in plant...
What Is Diabetes?
Points to Remember. Diabetes interferes with the body's use of food for energy. While noninsulin-dependent diabetes are different disorders, they can cause the same complications. After a meal the digestive system breaks some food down into glucose. The blood carries the glucose or sugar throughout the body, causing blood glucose levels to rise. ... In people with noninsulin-dependent diabetes the pancreas usually produces some insulin, but the body's tissues don't respond very well to the insulin signal and, therefore, don't metabolize the glucose properly, a condition called insulin resistance.
Checking your digital content
At this point, many in the preservation community know they should be checking the fixity of their content, but how, when and how often? The need for guidance on fixity and audit and repair strategies was specifically noted in The National Agenda for Digital Stewardship (http ... These members come from 45 states and include universities, consortia, professional societies, commercial businesses, professional associations, and government agencies at the federal, state, and local level. NDSA organizations have proven themselves committed to long-term preservation of digital information.
For example, if you thought the culture was neutral (level 3), you may want to try to move up to level 4. If you are already at level 5, your goal may be to stay there. Review “Making Healthy Eating and Exercise Part of the Center Culture.” Write down a few ideas to get started. ... Enlist their help in the program. Review Garnering Support for Healthy Foods and Fitness. Try out some of the talking points with any resistant staff members.
Design Guidelines
1.5 sea level rise guidance. ... shall be provided with backwater valves in the building drain at its point of exit from the building and downstream ... fire-resistance rated construction § Vault shall be protected with alternative automatic fire-extinguishing system.
Official Journal of the European Union
The rolling resistance of tyres determines their fuel effi­ ciency grading. Measurement of rolling resistance must be reproducible; tests on the same tyres in different laboratories must produce the same results in order to ensure a fair comparison between tyres from different suppliers. ... Since a suitable harmonised testing method of grip on wet roads has been developed at ISO level, a wet grip grading of C2 and C3 tyres should now be introduced, in accordance with Article 11 (a) of Regulation (EC) No 1222/2009.

Decrire Ie role d'un condenseur dans une turbine...
On donne: . Resistance = 0,36 Q/km; inductance = Ix 10 -3henrylkm et capacitance = 2 ... a) Que devient la tension au depart de la ligne? b) Que peut-on conclure (au point de vue des ... I) The span ofa transmission line is 150 m between two supports of the same level.
- Measure the effect of tractor resistance on the tractor lost force and power. ... Agriculture Machinery. 4 Mechanics of tractor chassis ? Three-point hitch ? Automatic draft control system. ... Root crop harvesting. Laboratory testing: Digging level, soil preparation...
Contents of the Paton Welding Journal no 5, 2006 (in English)
Methods of optical and X-ray microcsopy, X-ray microprobe analysis, resistance measurement and three-point bending were used to show that the capacitor-type and laser welding processes do not change the material composition and its thermomechanical properties near the welding site, and may be recommended for application in manufacture of nithinol products. ... The automatic narrow-gap argon-arc welding technology will allow significant reducing labor content of welding operations, increasing productivity, reducing amount of deposited metal and level of residual welding stresses, and ensuring high...
Chapter 10. Making Physical Activity
Earlier, in “My Personal Profile,” you determined your starting activity level: Sedentary, Moderately Active, or Active. ... Usually, resistance exercises are done using weights or workout bands ... At this point, turn to part III, “My Physical Activity Tracker,” on page 113.
Certificates of Competency and Licences
2.6.1 Candidates may make enquiries about examinations and in doing so should ensure that the point on which information is sought is clearly stated. ... 3.18.1 During the initial education and training, candidates for Class 3 certificate must complete training in mechanical and electrical workshop skills which should cover the content and be assessed as detailed below : Function : Marine engineering at the operational level.
Module 4, Lesson 2
To understand fire resistance you must have knowledge of building construction types. ... The primary level of exit discharge is considered the first story when counting stories. ... The higher the structure, the more negative points it earns for construction disadvantages.
Leading Change … AND Getting | Levels of Use
Talking Points. Think about teachers in your district implementing new knowledge and skills ( i.e. Mondo Reading Program). . . • Do levels of use differ? • Does the teacher’s level of use impact student. ... ? “…emotions provide the passion and commitment that overcomes complacency and resistance to change”. Vivid stories, images and experiences are more powerful than research and analysis intended to offer logical reasons for change.
Intermodal Transportation Division
This point of intersection represents the factored net bearing resistance, qRn, for B'STR. ... Regardless of the way the data in a factored bearing resistance chart are evaluated, the bridge engineer can perform parametric analyses to optimize the size of footings. It is anticipated that some level of iterative analysis will be required to determine a footing configuration that meets.
Design and construction
Definitions. level— for the purpose of Clause 8.7.4, a vessel is considered to be at a level attitude when it is supported on its keel at the two points shown in Figure 11 b). person carrying area— means each area in a vessel in which persons can sit in a normal sitting position or stand while the vessel is in operation. ... Attachment of the buoyancy media to the vessel structure. Reliability of the buoyancy media including resistance to solvents, structural degradation over time, vulnerability of air tight chambers to leaking, etc. Fire risks associated with material of construction of buoyancy media.
Laboratory of Cell Signaling and Metabolic Disorders
...inflammatory gene expression by changing DNA methylation level in 3T3 adipocytes. ... desaturas-1 deficiency attenuates obesity and insulin resistance in leptin-resistant obese mice. ... Ntambi JM, Dobrzyn A: Stearoyl-CoA desaturase: A novel control point of lipid...
Towards | Levels 1 2 3 4 5
• Motivation • Resistive Magnetodynamics Model • Physics-based Preconditioner • Software Infrastructure • Preconditioner Components • Verication Eorts • Observations. ... 13. Implementation of Preconditioner Components. • Solves on the coarsest level using one V-cycle of the smg solver from hypre. • Simple red-black point Gau?-Seidel smoothing on ner levels. • Interlevel transfers use built-in geometric interpolation from SAMRAI.
Write MKS unit of resistive constant of the medium.
a. level. ... In parallel connection one end of all the resistances meet at one point and other end at another common point. Suppose three resistances R1, R2 and R3 are connected in parallel and potential difference V is applied across them by connecting a battery. Let I = the electric current passing through the battery.
Staff Writing
Logical and coherent. To the point. Bottom-line up front. Grammatically correct. ... the Comptroller of the Army). final approval has been delegated to lower levels, Level depends on the nature of the loss and ... Circle the wagons Mount resistance to defend a position.
Traction power system field acceptance testing
BART Facilities standards standard specifications. Traction power system field acceptance testing. 5. Measured insulation resistance shall be 25,000 MW, minimum. 6. For each test, record date, time, temperature, humidity, voltage levels, leakage current, and meg-ohms values. ... C. Perform resistance tests at each bolted equipment interface point joining bus connections or cable terminations. At each location tested, if the resistance of any connection differs by more than 50% from the lowest value among similar connections, take measures to bring high value to within 50...
Volleyball : AIS : Australian Sports Commission
Points can be scored regardless of which team has served. ... For the elite player, indoor volleyball is a year-round sport. At lower levels, volleyball tends to be a winter sport ... Include a protein containing food as part of your pre and post-resistance training snack.
Advice can be educational, such as providing information or an explanation. Advice should be provided in a nondirective, gentle fashion, and it should be simple and matched to the individual’s level of understanding, educational level, communication skills, and readiness for change. ... Trying to prove a point is likely to meet with resistance.
Herbicide-Resistant Weeds in Genetically Engineered Crops
From the point of view of herbicide-resistance management and the long-term efficacy of GE herbicide-resistant crops, it may be better to engineer a crop for resistance to herbicides that can efficiently control most weeds associated with the crop. If crops that are resistant to multiple herbicides—including ALS inhibitors, ACCase inhibitors, synthetic auxins, and glyphosate—are widely planted, continued use of the herbicides in fields that contain weeds already resistant to some of them could involve a risk of selecting for high levels of multiple herbicide resistance.
Glossary - U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)
Dam: A physical barrier constructed across a river or waterway to control the flow of or raise the level of water. ... Minimum streamflow: The lowest rate of flow of water past a given point during a specified period. ... Series resistance: Parasitic resistance to...
? Women are unable to produce enough insulin to overcome the overwhelming resistance and maintain euglycemia. ? If body cannot keep up with ? demand ? ? glucose in the blood ? Gestational Diabetes. ... Fetal-Based Strategy. ? ? fetal abdominal circumference (AC) on an ultrasound conducted between 28-34 weeks. ? Correlates with ? amniotic fluid insulin levels, a marker of poor maternal glycemic control. ? Indicates development of excess subcutaneous fat and visceral fat in the fetus.
In Europe during the next five years, efforts to roll back retirement ages and liberalize workplace rules are likely to continue to be met with stiff resistance. ... In particular, urbanization without sufficient economic development and consideration of environmental sustainability contributes to poverty and poor living conditions. Such stresses have spurred calls for social change and resource redistribution that adds to volatility at the local political level and causes regional spillover if people move elsewhere.
The Basic Physics and Design of | d. Resistance
If the path has no resistance, there is no voltage change, and thus, no work is done even though current is flowing. Most unintentional alternate paths usually have a non-zero resistance that can result in dangerous levels of power. ... Atoms in a solid are closely spaced, and their outer orbitals influence one another. The result is that instead of required discrete energy levels, the. outer energy levels become “smeared,” forming bands of allowable energy levels. At this point, the limitations of the Bohr model of the atom as a useful model are exceeded.
:: ...
Summary: Molecular markers were used for the identification of a gene responsible for a high level of wheat somaclone resistance to the Belarusian population of leaf rust. Investigations were pursued in the F2 plant population produced by crossing a leaf rust-susceptible cultivar Chinese Spring and the resistant somaclone 1001. ... Currently, we identified 45 fungus species from 8 genera living on 26 plant species from 18 families. A five-point scale was used to determine the degree of injury of certain plants.
Post-Earthquake Reconnaissance Report
Hence, most existing structures have not been shaken adequately to their design level, and therefore their true potential is not known. Based on the current construction practices, a number of these are deficient in earthquake resistance. ... Also, the faculty members could (i) study the construction materials available in different regions of the state, and provide guidance on the suitability of their use; (ii) document the traditional wood-frame construction typology practiced in the state, and elaborate strengths of this typology especially from their earthquake-resistance point of view; and (iii) develop strong undergraduate and...
Emergency Severity
To reach this point in the ESI algorithm, the triage nurse has already determined that the patient does not meet ESI level-1 or level-2 criteria and that he or she will require two or more resources. ... Resistance decreases as the group begins to notice that participants rate the same patient differently. The group begins to realize that with a three-level system, there is always some level of disagreement within the group.
Bridge design manual
Taken to be generally acceptable for the same applications as TL-4 and where large trucks make up a significant portion of the average daily traffic or when unfavorable site conditions justify a higher level of rail resistance. ... 4) Revise the bent model with the new depth of the fixity point and recompute the pile loads. 5) Compute the pile structural capacity (?Pn - ?Mn Interaction Diagram) for the slenderness of the pile using applicable software, such as PCI prestressed concrete pile design Excel file, RC-pier or FB-Pier, etc.
Parts & accessories for fire fighting
- low level suction strainer without non return clapper , oblique out let. ... - With excellent abrasion resistance . - oil chemical resistance . - operating temp ... Rate of penalty: 10% Delivery point: CIB basrah khor al zubair or om qasser.
Department of commerce | Facility Security Level
C. Phased Security Alert Level Samples DOJ Facility Security Level I Buildings DOJ Facility Security Level ... Review/establish new design standards for blast Resistance. ... Limit access points for vehicles and personnel commensurate with a reasonable flow of.
Rti in middle and high | Level 3: Level 4: Level 5
• Elementary: Validated Level I skill programs • Secondary: Lack of validated Level 1 content programs 2. 1. Some assumptions about rti. • Students who do well in Tier One won’t have problems in later grades (False Positives?) and Vice Versa (False Negatives?) ... n Decision-making team structures must be established to drive the change (independent of persons/personalities). n Resources to launch and sustain the initiative must be committed and protected (to weather points of resistance and stall). 40.
Common Services Centres (Scheme)
Common Services Centers (CSCs) are a strategic cornerstone of the Digital India programme. They are the access points for delivery of various electronic services to villages in India, thereby contributing to a digitally and financially inclusive society. ... Applicant should preferably have passed the 10th level examination from a recognized board. Applicant should be fluent in reading and writing the local dialect and should also have basic knowledge of English language.
Teaching & evaluation scheme
4. Level measurements. ... (a) Resistance Thermometers (i) State advantages of Resistance Themometer over other ... 4. ANALYSIS OF TRANSISTOR AMPLIFIER 4.1 Draw and explain load line analysis and determination of Q-point 4.2 Explain stabilisation...
Prepared Under GOI – UNDP Disaster Risk Management...
3.10.Flexible Diaphragm A floor diaphragm shall be considered to be flexible, if it deforms such that the maximum lateral displacement measured from the chord of the deformed shape at any point of the diaphragm is more than 1.5 times the average displacement of the entire diaphragm. ... 3.13.Lateral Force Resisting System The collection of frames, shear walls, bearing walls, braced frames and interconnecting horizontal diaphragms that provide earthquake resistance to a building. 3.14.Life Safety Performance Level Building performance that includes significant damage to both structural and nonstructural...
TxDOT Survey Manual: Monumentation
Datum Point Rod. This is a very stable and secure configuration and should be used whenever possible for major project control points and TxDOT levels 1 and 2 GPS positions. ... The rod should be driven to refusal when practical. A 3/4'' aluminum sectional rod may be used if it is not known how much resistance will be met. The hole shall be filled flush to the surface with concrete. Consult the district survey coordinator to determine what circumstances are appropriate for setting this type of monument.
What is Smog
Non-Point Monitoring Projects. Water Quality Surveys Section. Clean Techniques for Metals. ... It has been estimated that about 90 million Americans live in areas with ozone levels above the established standards for health safety. These individuals can be severely influenced by pollutants on a daily basis. Smog causes health problems such as difficulty in breathing, asthma, reduced resistance to lung infections and colds, and eye irritation.
Standard test methods
Resistance to penetration by blood-borne pathogens - ASTM f 1671. ... Most Protective. Level. ... One surface of the test specimen is subjected to a hydrostatic pressure, increasing at constant rate, until three points of leakage on its surface.
Tree health and ectomycorrhizal fungal communities...
The hyphae are also known to provide trees with a degree of resistance from drought and also serve as a protective barrier from diseases. The fruiting body, or sporocarp, of a fungi. ... Rannoch Level II plot: Soil core sampling points highlighted by flags along transects between pairs of trees. Baseline field survey work of ECM communities was conducted in the autumn of 2006 in the three UK Level II Scots pine plots situated in
Design standards stray
Tramways should achieve a low value of resistance in the following manner. • Frequent feeding points from the traction supply along the alignment thus reducing the distance that return current has to travel. For each feeder point ... This is defined for Great Britain at Section 8 below. • Welding by an approved process of all continuous lengths of rails in order that the electrical resistance of the rail is not increased by more than the level specified in BS EN 50122-2.
Request for proposal
Note to contractor: Contractor may note that table 6.1 & 6.2 shows spacecraft level pointing requirements; however payload beam pointing shall be met by appropriate methods. ... FUNGUS RESISTANCE Materials, which are nutrients for fungi, shall not be used. COMPATIBILITY WITH CORROSIVE MATERIALS All materials, subject to exposure to the propellants, ground test liquids or gas, cleaning materials or their fumes, or combustion products shall be compatible.
Guide for drafting Information to be supplied by the
These performances must be given as quantitative results or as performance levels. In all cases it must be indicated in which specification (standard) may be found the meaning of that result or level and which has been the procedure to obtain it. ... The static resistance of the anchor point shall be at least of 10 kN and the dynamic resistance shall able to support an impact in the direction of use with an energy of 2500 J (equivalent to the fall of a mass of 100 kg from a height of 2,5 m). Be sure that the way of securing the anchorage point to.
Higher secondary model examination 2012
b) Derive the expression for the effective resistance of the circuit in which current is the. ... b) Sate the rule which helps to find the direction of magnetic field acting at a point near a. current carrying conductor.
Calculating Artificial Support and Resistance Levels
More broadly, technical analysis is used as either a primary or secondary source of trading information by more than 90 percent of foreign exchange market participants in London (Allen and Taylor 1992) and Hong Kong (Lui and Mole 1998). The technical trading signals provided to customers vary over time and across technical analysts, but the vast majority of the daily technical reports include “support” and “resistance” levels. According to technical analysts, support and resistance levels are points at which an exchange rate trend is likely to stop and may be reversed.
High-Level Ciprofloxacin Resistance from Point Mutations...
DISCUSSION High-level ciprofloxacin resistance (MIC ? 64 ?g/ml) in E. faecium is associated with amino acid changes in topoisomerase IV and DNA gyrase and confined to a single clonal complex, previously identified as a global hospital-adapted subpopulation of E. faecium (CC17). ... 1). Cipr isolates belonging to other genetic backgrounds are only low-level resistant (MIC ? 4 ?g/ml) and do not carry these point mutations.
Technical Analysis | Support and Resistance Levels
• A support level is a price or level below which a stock or the market as a whole is unlikely to go, while a resistance level is a price or level above which a stock or the market as a whole is unlikely to rise. • Resistance and support areas are usually viewed as psychological barriers - bargain hunters help “support” the lower level, while profit takers “resist” the upper level. ... • Point-and-figure charts are a way of showing only major price moves and their direction.
User’s guide
Constant Resistance Mode Immediate Resistance Level The resistance level can be set at the front panel or via the GPIB (RES command). If the CR mode is active, the new setting immediately changes the input at a rate determined by the voltage or current slew setting (see description below). ... 6. Wait 30 seconds. Checking resistance range 1, high resistance point. Calculate and record resistance on test card.
Technical Analysis: Introduction
Point 3 is the low that is established as the price falls from the high. For this to remain an uptrend, each successive low must not fall below the previous lowest point or the trend is deemed a reversal. ... This type of trendline helps traders to anticipate the point at which a stock's price will begin moving upwards again. Similarly, a downward trendline is drawn at the highs of the downward trend. This line represents the resistance level that a stock faces every time the price moves from a low to a high.
Four Point Probe
The Magnetron model 800 resistivity/conductivity test system measures the resistivity of silicon slices using a collinear four point probe array. These measurements can be taken either in units of Ohms (resistance) or Ohms per square (sheet resistance) - assuming and infinite thin layer geometry. ... This can be caused if the compliance voltage is exceeded (try reducing the current level), a probe tip has broken, the head is not making proper contact (make sure it's in the full down position), or the current source has malfunctioned.
Chem 628 | Resistance
Resistance is the tendency of a material to oppose the flow of steady current. In any material, the flow of electrical current requires partially-occupied electronic levels. ... 1) At any point in a circuit, I = 0. ? ?. 2) Around any closed loop, Voltage ?drops + V sources = 0. Kirchoff's First Law is another way of expressing conservation of charge. It simply says that at any point in a circuit, we can't accumulate or deplete charge. (If we try to apply this to a point right on the surface of a capacitor plate we run into trouble, but otherwise it's fine..)
Running Title: HIV-1 Drug Resistance Mutations
A POC genotypic resistance test is likely to involve the use of allele-specific point mutation assays for detecting drug-resistance mutations (DRMs). This document proposes a set of DRMs for POC genotypic resistance testing in LMIC settings and outlines how such an assay could be used to optimize ART. ... high-level NRTI and PI resistance usually results from the accumulation of multiple DRMs associated with low-level and intermediate resistance rather than from a single DRM associated with high-level resistance.
Varietal resistance to the
Two characteristics that emerge from seedling screening for Nilaparvata lugens resistance in Sri Lanka by the method described by Pathak (1971) are the frequent inconsistency of results, and the absence of a gradation of symptoms of damage leading to plant death. To illustrate these points, Ptb 33, which generally demonstrates a high level of resistance, may in some experiments have a survival range of 45 to 65% within four replica-tions, and plant death is often observed as sudden wilting and not as progressive yellowing.
Managing Resistance to Change
One of Fine’s most relevant points is that resistance to change is inevitable, and management must be prepared to respond to it (Fine, 1986). Fine’s research shows that “human beings tend to resist change, even when change represents growth and development...[and will lead to] greater efficiency and ... Fine (1986) implies that a major cause of this acceleration is inept management (pp. 91-92).This article will, therefore, explore two ques-tions: Can managers actually increase employee levels of resistance to change through poor planning, lack of support, or ignorance of employee needs?
Antimicrobial resistance monitoring in swiss
The resistance situation in clinical isolates from diseased animals reflects resistance levels in. problem animals, and provides information on the effectiveness of common veterinary drugs for. the treatment of diseases on swine farms. ... toring in healthy animals including sow, weaner pig or finishing pig farms, at slaughter, and at. retail level. The optimal sampling point may differ depending on the targeted bacteria and antimi-. crobial resistance involved. When monitoring resistance of bacteria originating from live animals
Electrical Resistance Strain Gage Circuits
It is a basic electrical parameter and ohmmeters for its measure are a common electronic instruments. In the present application, however, the accuracy and resolution needed for the measure of strain at engineering levels is beyond the capabilities of all but the most refined of these instruments. ... As a point of interest it should be noted that these results are valid only for infinitesimally. small changes in resistance, dRg, induced by the applied strain, ?. If we were to consider finite ?Rg values, the ballast circuit output, e+?e, is not linear with ?Rg as indicated by Eq.
Point defects in silicon after zinc
Spreading-resistance proling (SRP) plays a major role among the experimental tools used in the study of foreign-atom diffusion. It allows us to efciently sample a large number of electrical-resistance proles resulting from the in-diffusion under various annealing conditions. However, the local conguration of the point defects present after quenching from the diffusion temperature and the. 0268-1242/99/050435+06$19.50 © 1999 IOP Publishing Ltd. corresponding energy levels have to be known or assumed in order to calculate accurate concentration proles from SRP measurements.
Provides High Levels of Resistance to Fusarium
Point-inoculation tests in the greenhouse showed that transgenic wheat carrying HvUGT13248 exhibited significantly higher resistance to disease spread in the spike (type II resistance) compared with nontransformed controls. ... 1999). Intensive breeding efforts have been established that have resulted in incorporation of QTL into elite breeding lines; however, the level of resistance conferred by these QTL is in-sufficient to alone provide protection to FHB, and the mechanisms of resistance provided by these QTL are not clear (Buerstmayr et al.
Point machines with high speed switch points
2 shows a cumulative chart of measured switching delays for all point machines during left-side switching. A set of measurements for individual point locks and point machines was made to determine the base switching resistance and point elasticity. The results have proven that. ... It can, therefore, be said that the cooperation between the point machines and the switch points was on the right level throughout the whole range of analysed delays.
A New Resistance Standard
Because of this, using an atomic point contact to measure shot noise suppression has. self, which is known as an auto-correlation function [2] of the current, RI(? ). many practical applications for calibrating resistance. ... that, as shown in Figure (3), a plot of noise versus tion, the heart of our experimental setup. This tech-. voltage will show a at level of thermal noise with nique has been used widely to create an atomic point. shot noise linearly increasing with voltage. contact [10][11], but the purpose of a mechanical.
Gradients and Level Curves
Sketch the level curves of the following functions at the given levels. ... 36. Show that the gradient of the scalar field (6) always points toward ( 3,2) . What is the significance of this result? 37. A certain "mountain'' shown below, where units are in thousands of feet: Use the "mountain" plot above to estimate the levels of each of the level curves below: Sketch the path of least resistance from the highest point on the mountain to its base.
Support and Connection Types
In order to be able to analyze a structure, it is first necessary to be clear about the forces that can be resisted, and transfered, at each level of support throughout the structure. The actual behaviour of a support or connection can be quite complicated. ... This is often idealized as a frictionless surface). All of these supports can be located anywhere along a structural element. They are found at the ends, at midpoints, or at any other intermediate points. The type of support connection determines the type of load that the support can resist.
S oil resistivity measurements have a threefold purpose.
If we plot the resistance measured we find that the measurements level off when Y is placed at 62% of the distance from X to Z, and that the readings on either side of the initial Y setting are most likely to be within the established ­tolerance band. ... Therefore, E/I = Rx is established. If I is detected with E kept constant, m­ easured grounding point resistance can be obtained. Refer again to Figures 31 and 32. Current is fed to a ­special transformer via a power amplifier from a 2.4kHz constant voltage ­oscillator.
Challenging “Resistance to Change”
Flower—Overcoming Resistance to Change. This film is quick to point out that without change, there is no progress. However, people at work do not welcome change, and key people may resist it the most. ... Each author assumes that supervisors foster and implement change and that subordinates (at any level) resist change. In each example of resistance to change that the authors offer, the real issue, as stated by these authors, is a failing by the changer, not the change.
Cushion | End or Point Resistance
One or more of the followings: (a)Transfer load to stratum of adequate capacity (b)Resist lateral loads. (c)1Transfer loads through a scour zone to bearing stratum (d)Anchor structures subjected to hydrostatic uplift or overturning. ... R. KHERA. 7 PileExmplSolu.doc04/14/03 PileExmplSolu.doc. End or Point Resistance. qult = cN*c + q'oN*q + ?DN*? D = pile diameter or width.
H erbicides can provide impressive levels of weed
Resistance to glyphosate results from point mutations in the EPSPS gene, causing amino acid substitutions in the protein that affect the ability of the glyphosate molecule to bind to the enzyme; the enzyme is thus less sensitive to inhibition by glyphosate. These mutations confer moderate levels of resistance, which are nevertheless enough to enable plants to survive and selection for resistance to occur when glyphosate is applied repeatedly.
Detection of Spin-Flip Relaxation Using Quantum Point...
Following previous experiments [7], we separate the bias dependence of the edge/bulk scattering from the bias dependence of the bulk resistivity by performing longitudinal resistance measurements via quantum point contacts (QPC)s to the 2DEG. We observe that the edge/bulk scattering rate increases dramatically when the conditions necessary for hot electron spin-ip scattering are achieved: injection of electrons into the higher energy spin level, and an availability of empty states in the lower energy spin level.
Transformer AC winding resistance and
Because only resistance is our concern, an alternative way is to do the short-circuit test at lower voltage level if the linearity of the resistance holds. ... 2nd order fit for the AC Winding Resistance RAC (10 kVA, all points) According to (2.7), a least square fit of a second order polynomial is used for all. the data points in Table 4.2.
Modeling emf, Potential Difference, and Internal Resistance
| Starting Point-Teaching Entry Level Geoscience > Interactive Lectures > Longer Activity Examples > Modeling emf, Potential Difference, and Internal Resistance. ... This exercise on internal resistance is designed to be used during class/lecture to generate questions and discussion to help students distinguish between ? (emf) and ? V (potential difference). Internal resistance is modeled by a separate resistor displayed on screen. Next, the simulator is used to represent realistic batteries in modeled circuits.
Chapter 15 | MOS Level 13, 28, 39 others
When using the proprietary Level 25 (Rutherford CASMOS) or Level 33 (National) models, the SCALE and ... rd drain resistance. rs source resistance. 15-16. Star-Hspice Manual, Release 1998.2. ... reverse diode current transition point. Capacitance Model Parameters.
IEEE Power Engineering Society
The stator winding resistance for each load point can be estimated by comparing the temperature rise measured by an embedded temperature detector, a temperature sensor located on the stator coil end, or the air outlet temperature rise, with corresponding temperature rise measurements obtained as steady-state values during a temperature test. ... On closed slot rotors, however, there is also a distinct curve upward at low voltage. Derive the value of voltage and power input to determine the total reactance and rotor resistance at the required level of current from these curves.
Evolution of Fluconazole Resistance
However, studies indicate that infection recurs within about 3 months of treatment in up to 80% of HIV patients [4]. Because of this there has been a greater number of patients with C. albicans strains that are resistant to fluconazole. Although other azoles can be used for treatment resistance to these can develop as well [11]. ... representing the resident population, and one take off point, k2' where, if we. perturb x. + y = k2 the immune system will suppress the fungus back to the. low level equilibrium point or the fungus will grow exponentially.
Overview | PMMA Resist
Overview. Any e-beam exposure is highly dependant upon processing and the substrate. This information is provided as a starting point and will required experimentation to optimize things for your work. ... It is most useful in Bi-level resists with PMMA, to produce undercut profiles useful in liftoff processing. Characteristics: • Positive tone • Low resolution, low contrast • Poor dry etch resistance • Several dilutions available, allowing a wide range of resist thickness • No shelf life or film life issues • Not sensitive to white light • Developer mixtures can be adjusted to control contrast and profile.
Strategy Key | Mechanisms of Resistance
There may be different levels of resistance among cultivars. Example: the Prunus rootstock Nemaguard is resistant to Meloidogyne incognita , however, it is susceptible to Mesocriconema xenoplax. ... Liu, S., Kandoth, P.K., Warren, S.D., Yeckel, G., Heinz, R.,Alden, J., Yang, C., Jamai, A., El-Mellouki, T.,. Juvale, P.S., Hill, J., Baum, T.J., Cianzio, S., Whitham, S.A., Korkin, D., Mitchum, M.G.,Meksem, K. 2012. A soybean cyst nematode resistance gene points to a new mechanism of plant resistance to pathogens.
Resistance Paper
Just as some people have an easier time than others in getting through the grieving process, some students may immediately take to whichever SCI method you're using and short-circuit many of the eight steps, while others may have difficulty getting past the negativity of Steps 3 and 4. The point is to remember that the resistance you encounter from some students. is a natural part of their journey from dependence to intellectual autonomy (see Kloss 1994). If you provide sufficient structure and guidance along the way, by the end of the course most of them will reach satisfactory levels of...
Plasmid-mediated high-level gentamicin resistance in bacteria
Further studies are required to characterize these molecular elements, and to detect genes which may be co-selected in the presence of gentamicin. This work is one of the first to report dissemination of high-level gentamicin resistance in Gram-negative bacteria, particularly in environmental isolates of Salmonella enterica subsp. arizonae. ... This modified, FDA-approved treatment is summarized as follows: 1) Every day from April through September, eggs are picked from fresh nests; at this point each egg harbors approximately 10-75 million bacteria (Siebeling, R.J., et al, 1984).
Understanding Waves of globalization and resistance
Rather, there primary goal today appears to be to create a new political space at national, regional and global levels in which the many movements can meet together and share experiences of action and resistance, and sometimes plan or take common actions based on areas of agreement. ... Weaknesses of the new form of resistance point to a lack of coherent ideology, a lack of formal organizational structure, and the lack of a common political platform and strategy to achieve its goals.
Price Signals | EBF 301: Global Finance for the Earth, Energy...
One way to do this is to look at the “Support” and “Resistance” price levels. Support represents a price level at which Buyers will step back into the market after a period of selling. This interest establishes a “floor” price. ... So, how do we establish these pricing points? As the chart below shows, when we draw upper and lower trendlines, the lines continue through price points on the right, vertical axis. Where the upper trendline crosses the right axis is the Resistance point while the price where the lower trendline crosses the right axis is the Support point.
Submicron, double level
Topography smoothing is employed at two points in the process. ... Some results of this experiment are shown in Figure 2. The data indicate that increasing the oxide:SOG selectivity improves the planarization as shown by the decrease in metal-2 line resistance over topography. This is due to the change in selectivity at the microscopic level, otherwise known as the local loading effect [ 2 ] . Once oxygen is liberated from the deposited oxide during the etchback the SOG etchrate is increased.
Three dimensions of resistance in empirical subcultural
rhetorical methods preferred among CCCS scholars, gives each study of. resistance more internal validity because each is able to articulate both the. meaning and target of resistance from the point of view of the young people. themselves. ... through “communication interlocks” (Fine and Kleinman 1979) that may or. may not be antagonistic to mainstream culture. Subculture scholars. conceptualize meso-level resistance as that which targets peer and other. identiable groups. Returning to Lowney (1995), her analysis showed a.
Validation of QTL for resistance to pre harvest sprouting
Resistance to PHS has proved to be difficult to breed for in white wheats as part of a non-dedicated selection program, and there are no current Australian varieties with an acceptable level of resistance. ... We identified a second major QTL for dormancy on chromosome 3B in one of two populations, suggesting a significant epistatic effect on this locus of genetic background. We assessed the usefulness of including selection for alleles at the 3B locus from a breeding point of view.
The four-point resistance and the Hall coefcient were
To reduce contact resistance, the contacts were. made to small silver pads, which were sputtered through a. contact mask onto the lm surface. 0163-1829/97/56?21?/13742?4?/$10.00. 56. The four-point resistance and the Hall coefcient were. ... The presence of these two types of defects can also explain the observed spectral dependence with two excitation levels ?Fig. 3?. For higher doping (Tc?13 K? the two types of defects could act as traps for photogenerated electrons, which are accessible above different thresholds for the inci-dent photon energies (1.3 and 2.8 eV, respectively?.
Projectile Motion with Air Resistance
Projectile Motion with Air Resistance. Suppose that a projectile of mass is launched, at , from ground level (in a flat plain), making an angle to the horizontal. ... Let us adopt a Cartesian coordinate system whose origin coincides with the launch point, and whose -axis points vertically upward. Let the initial velocity of the projectile lie in the - plane. Note that, since neither gravity nor the drag force cause the projectile to move out of the - plane, we can effectively ignore the coordinate in this problem.
Characteristic Curves
The dynamic resistance is particularly useful if we seek small changes in current due to small changes in voltage near a particular "quiescent point" voltage VQ. ... That is to say, simple "models" of how devices behave normally and approximately are more valued than much more complex stories that might be more accurate. What is perhaps most valued is a sequence of increasingly accurate models allowing you to choose the needed level of accuracy and resulting burden of complexity.
IP-Level Implementation of a Resistance-Based Physical
Simple sequence repeat markers associated with three...
Black point resistance data and simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers, linked to the resistance QTLs and suited to high-throughput assay, were analysed in the doubled haploid population, Batavia (susceptible) ? Pelsart (resistant). ... Data are presented showing the level of enrichment achieved for black point resistance, using 1, 2, or 3 of these molecular markers, and the number of associated discarded resistant lines.
Patterns of Resistance to Antiretroviral Therapy
Higher levels of resistance were independently associated with current HAART therapy, lowest reported CD4 count, and high viral load. Of note, the reported prevalence was among patients with detectable viral load. ... In this setting of increasing resistance and continued risk behaviors, development and transmission of drug-resistant virus have become important points of focus in current research on HIV. Recent clinical trials have documented the prevalence of resistance over time in newly and chronically infected patients.
Both the series and parallel resonant frequencies appear resistive in an oscillator circuit. At the series resonant point, the resistance is minimal and the current flow is maximal. ... (1). Where CL1 and CL2 are the load capacitors and CS is the circuit stray capacitance, usually 3.0 to 5.0 pF. DRIVE LEVEL: The ?drive level? is the power dissipated by the crystal unit while operating. The power is a function of the applied current, and is usually expressed in terms of Milliwatts or Microwatts.
Data Mining for Multiple Antibiotic Resistance
This means that a database point can only embody a single correlation that encompasses all of the database attributes. Many datasets (particularly the sort of microbial resistance datasets studied in the project) can be modeled closer to the underlying reality if we drop this restriction. For example, consider the sort of patient-level antimicrobial resistance data described above.
Risk Factors Associated
Mupirocin resistance emerged shortly after this topical antibiotic was introduced into clinical practice, thus affecting the efficacy and effectiveness of mupirocin.8, 9, 12-14 A plasma-mediated mupA gene appears to be associated with high-level resistance, while low-level resistance is associated with chromosomal point mutations.6, 15-17 Data collected from susceptibility monitoring can be used to discern the population.
In Situ Electron Microscopy Four-Point Electromechanical
In silicon nanowires, measure-ments of the piezoresistance were carried out up to levels of 7% strain. For both types of specimens, we also compare the apparent (two-point) and true (four-point) strain-induced changes in resistance. ... Using the four-point-resistance measurements at zero strain and SEM measurements of the nanowire diameter and length of the gage region, the resistivity of the samples is cal-culated to be 45 ± 0.4 ? 10?9 ?m and 87 ± 4 ? 10?9 ?m for the 177 and 65 nm nanowires, respectively.
4-point Probe
Learning about the Change without Migraines™ Approach
• The potential power of resistance is taken too lightly. We still assume that if we explain things really well, then most people will go along. This misses a fundamental point – people resist for a variety of reasons, not just a lack of information. ... In combination with the levels of resistance, the cycle of change is the foundation of my approach to change. (The cycle of change was adapted with permission from the cycle of experience developed at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, a place where I studied and continue to teach part time.)
Fungicide Resistance
By delaying resistance and keeping its level under control, resistance can be prevented from becoming economically important. Because practical research in the area of fungicide resistance management has been limited, many of the strategies devised are based in the theory of expected responses of a pathogen population to selection pressure. ... Resistance development, caused by several point mutations in the succinate dehydro-genase gene, has been documented for over 10 diseases such as gummy stem blight and powdery mildew on cucurbits, and grey mold on grapes and strawberries.
4-point Probe
Fungicide Resistance
By delaying resistance and keeping its level under control, resistance can be prevented from becoming economically important. Because practical research in the area of fungicide resistance management has been limited, many of the strategies devised are based in the theory of expected responses of a pathogen population to selection pressure. ... Resistance development, caused by several point mutations in the succinate dehydro-genase gene, has been documented for over 10 diseases such as gummy stem blight and powdery mildew on cucurbits, and grey mold on grapes and strawberries.
Human Trials Over a Range of Heat Stress Levels
their heat exchange characteristics based on the total evaporative resistance properties. The purpose of this paper is to analyze evaporative resistance over a range of metabolic activity levels and heat stress stages. The null hypothesis is there will be no differences among Re,T,a values and five different clothing ensembles, three metabolic levels, as well as three stages of heat stress. ... systematically increased levels of exertion. The order of ensembles by metabolic level was randomized. Any trial that had to be repeated because of a failure to obtain an inflection point was repeated at the end of the schedule.
Partial resistance in the
tion is the result of the coevolutionary interactions between hosts and their pathogens has been termed the Red Queen Hypothesis (Van Valen 1973; Bell 1982; Lively 2010) and has been the focal point for many more recent studies of host–pathogen coevolution (Hamilton 1980; May and Anderson 1983; Lively and ... 4. Partial resistance [P4]: No sporulation, but with necrotic flecks on older leaves. 5. Fully resistant [R]: No macroscopic evidence of damage or sporulation. Categories 1–4 therefore show varying levels of damage to host plants, whereas category 5 represents complete resistance with no evidence of damage.
Supervisee Resistance
The second factor in counteracting resistance is the way the supervisory relationship is viewed. Supervisors viewing the relation-ship as the focal point in supervision usually advocate full exploration of conflicts. In contrast, supervisors view-ing therapeutic work as the primary supervisory focus advocate a more limited exploration of conflicts. ... Conclusions Regardless of purpose, resistance in supervision is a com-mon experience and will be encountered irrespective of the supervisor’s skill level.
Tunnel Diodes
Electrical-Electronics Department. Figure 1.1 Diode Characteristic. The DC or static resistance of a diode at any point an the characteristics is determined by the ratio of the diode voltage at that point, divided by the diode current. That is ... eq.1.2. The application of differential calculus shows that the AC resistance of a diode in the vertical-rise section of the characteristics is given by. 26mV. rD. ohms ID. eq.1.3. For levels of current at and below the knee of the curve, the AC resistance of a silicon diode is better approximated by.
Disinfection Terminology, Mode
physical methods) ?Mechanism of resistance ?Role of biofilm. Decontamination. • The use of physical or chemical means to remove, inactivate, or destroy pathogens on a surface or item to the point where they are no longer capable of transmitting infectious particles. ... • A chemical agent that destroys most pathogens but may not kill bacterial spores. • Should only be used if heat treatment is impractical. • The broad category of disinfection may be subdivid-ed into high-level, intermediate-level, and low-level disinfection according to the anti-microbial activity of the disinfectant.
Pre-delivery Inspection Checklist
Under Hood – Engine Off Engine Oil Level Steering gear housing fluid level Brake Master Cyclinder fluid level Windshield washer reservoir fluid level Radiator coolant level Battery fluid level Carburetor requirements for local altitudes Drive belt tensions Battery voltage and load-voltage drop Point resistance (coil-to-ground test) Ignition bypass circuit resistance.
The Integer Quantum Hall Effect
The experiments show that between two adjacent Landau levels, the Hall resistance has fixed values and the longitudinal resistance R vanishes, which means that the electrons are localized in this region. Localization is a key point to interpret IQHE. Due to impurity, the density of states will evolve from sharp Landau levels to a broader spectrum of levels(Figure 7). There are two kinds of levels , localized and extended , in the new spectrum , and it is expected that the extended states occupy a core near the orighinal Landau level energy while the localized states are more spread out in ener...
Resistin hormone level among Type 2 Diabetic Patients
Additionally, serum resistin levels were increased by approx. 20% in T2DM subjects, such findings have been re-affirmed by (Fujinami et al., 2004). In contrast, other studies have reported no associations between serum resistin levels and markers of insulin resistance in T2DM patients or insulin-resistant patients. ... Reagent volume (µl) Serum volume (µl) Calibrator 1 (mg/dl) Incubation time (s) Wavelength (nm) Calibrator type Measurement Type. 300 250 2.5 60 510 Multi-points End point. Calculation Triglycerides [mg / dl] = ?A sample X concentration of standard.
Spin works, Crafting a Media and training campaign
What are talking points or briefing points? Foreign Press. Recommendations for what your audience should recall. ... Once the prevalence of antimicrobial resistance in a population reaches a certain level, correcting the problem of built-up additives becomes extremely difficult to reverse.
Resistance to change
...readable and to the point and to make sure the information reaches people who can use it. ... There is a natural resistance to change for several reasons. People resist change ... Informed workers tend to have higher levels of job satisfaction than uninformed workers.
HIV Drug Resistance
1. Rapid evolution through point mutations. – RT error rate: ~1 per genome round – Replication rate: 109-1010 virus particles daily – All possible mutations generated daily. ... • Y181C and K103N are the most common mutations seen with NNRTI use – Y181C is selected more commonly by nevirapine – K103N is selected more commonly by efavirenz – Both lead to high level resistance. • Etravirine is a 2nd generation NNRTI: Higher genetic barrier to resistance.
The level of resistance exhibited by even the best performing varieties is still likely to translate into a high level of disease under field conditions due to the fact that 96% of the plant population shows little or no resistance to this pathogen. ... These results provide a starting point in developing germplasm of Agrostis stolonifera with resistance to Sclerotinaia homoeocarpa that causes dollar spot on this important turf grass species.
Reflection Points (EIS Simulation Follow-up)
Level 2: Our Change Management Experience. 4. Reflecting on the Strategy side. Which were the strong points, and the less strong ones? ... (6) Solution- vs People-orientation Trap Underestimate the impact of ‘soft’ consequences. (7) Single Perspective Trap Not take into consideration the 3 different perspectives: ‘Change Strategists’ – ‘Change Agents’ and ‘Change Recipients’. (8) Backfiring Trap Not foresee that resistance might not come only from the ‘bottom’, but also from the ‘top’.
Protein Synthesis Inhibitors | Mechanism of Resistance
A general review of protein synthesis (translation) is shown in the first few power point slides. ... Mechanism of Resistance: Resistance has limited the use of this class of drugs recently. Bacteria may be macrolide resistant due to a permeability barrier (enterobacteriaceae). Active efflux pumps can expel the drug in Gram positive species. A single step mutation in the 50 rRNA gene can confer high level macrolide resistance in some species.
Alterations in Glutathione Levels and Apoptotic
(2012) Alterations in Glutathione Levels and Apoptotic Regulators Are Associated with Acquisition of Arsenic Trioxide Resistance in Multiple Myeloma. PLoS ONE 7(12): e52662. doi:10.1371/ journal.pone.0052662. This work is brought to you for free and open access by the College of Arts & Sciences at FIU Digital Commons. ... observed during the 50 day time course following ATO removal to the sensitivity to arsenic at each time point. This analysis revealed an inverse correlation between intracellular GSH level or Bfl-1 expression and arsenic sensitivity.
Molecular Expressions: Electricity and Magnetism - Resistance
Resistance to current flow occurs at the molecular level of substances. For example, a metal conductor, such as copper, consists of atoms having free electrons in their outer most shells. ... A variable resistor consists of a sliding contact arm that makes contact with a stationary resistance element. As the sliding arm moves across the element, its point of contact on the element changes, effectively changing the length of the element.
stopping the Tarrasque
Seven Ways to Kill the Tarrasque on thirteen experience levels or less. ... Method 1: Well, it works in Starcraft... Tarrasque has some nasty Spell Resistance, meaning that our Level 13 wizard has only a 20% chance of affecting him with any given spell, even with the Spell Penetration feat. That's assuming that he can get underneath Tarrasque's carapace and attack him point-blank from underneath - which is usually a bad idea anyway since most high-damage spells tend to be area effects.
Treatment | Drug Resistance in Trichomonas
It is possible that these genes have point mutations which alter the interaction of the encoded protein with the drug. Alternatively, Tvpgp may not interact with metronidazole. The lack of a consistent relationship between metronidazole resistance and levels of expression of Tvpgp in T. vaginalis is reminiscent of that observed in other drug-resistant protists.
Change Resistance in Bureaucratic Organizations
Change Resistance in Bureaucratic Organizations in Jordan: … 19. these levels of resistance are to some extent blurred and indistinct, the individual resistance, which is the primary focus of this study, has triggered interest and concern among scholars. ... In the developing countries the challenges encumbering administrative change are immense. Employees’ resistance is said to be a common feature in these countries. The Bangladesh experience in that respect is a case in point. Within this context Khan succinctly states that
College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota
High level gentamicin, streptomycin resistance. Vancomycin resistance (alteration of amino acid). E. faecium > (vanco/ampicillin) resistance than E. faecalis. Van A, Van B, Van C. Van A: high level resistance vanco/teicoplanin; transferable/inducible/transposon. ... Concentration dependent: Proven for gram negative infections. Outcome predictors: AUC/MIC ratios, break point: 100-125. Pharmacokinetics: Large Vd, long T1/2 (BID or QD dosing), low protein binding. Difference between products: dosing/side effects/half-lives/drug interactions/spectrums.
Tribology of Graphite and
points experience the minimum stress in a cycle simultaneously. As a result, correlation is possible between the effect ?say the contact electrical resistance at the contact? and the dynamic stress during dynamic loading. This correlation allows identication of. the point in a stress cycle at which certain effect occurs ... 3 is 0.7 MPa, which is higher than in that in Fig. 2. The resistance changed similarly at the two stress amplitudes, except that, in Fig. 3, the contact resistance at zero stress decreased gradually upon cycling for about eleven cycles before leveling off. The leveled-off resistance ranged from 0.002 to 0.030 ?.
A Circuit Level Fault Model for Resistive Bridges
In this paper we propose a circuit level model for resistive bridge faults incorpo-rating both logic and delay fault behaviors. A general closed form delay calculation method for bridge faults is proposed and the accuracy compared with SPICE is shown. All possible fault behaviors are illustrated and the relationship between input patterns and output behaviors, which is useful in ATPG, is presented. ... Modeling the driving-point characteristic of resistive interconnect for accurate delay estimation.
An n-level flying capacitor based active neutral
Abstract An n-level flying capacitor (FC) based active neutral point clamped (ANPC) converter is discussed in this paper. The converter is based on an arrangement of a three-level ANPC converter and a number of two-level cells creating an n-level line-to-neutral waveform. ... Table II simulation and circuit parameters. DC-link voltage DC-link capacitors ??1 and ??2. Flying capacitors Carrier Frequency Fundamental Frequency Load Resistance Load Inductance.
Solar cell structure | Impact of Series and Shunt Resistances
y If the resistance of the load is equal to the characteristic resistance of the solar cell, then the maximum power is transferred to the load and the solar cell operates at its maximum power point. y The value of this resistance can be approximated by. Effect of Parasitic Resistances. ... y The effect of a shunt resistance is particularly severe. y at low light levels, since there will be less light-generated current. y at lower voltages where the effective resistance of the solar cell is. high, the impact of a resistance in parallel is large.
Low-Level Resistance. Examples. Herbicide Resistance Types. ... Fran?ois Tardif, PhD (University of Guelph). Financial support for this was provided by Global HRAC, North America HRAC, and WSSA. Our thanks are extended to the National Corn Growers Association for allowing us to use training materials posted on their website as the starting point for these training lessons.
Alternity Character Sheet (Page 1)
The six standard abilities along with untrained scores and resistance modifiers. I leave places for all six resistance modifiers even though constitution and personality usually don't have any, I've seen them in third party products. ... Circle the current level and that shows how many points you need to reach that level. When a level is reached erase all checked boxes and add to the number of points erased to Stored.
Thevenin Equivalent Circuits
Why Use Thevenin Equivalent Circuits? Whenever you need to predict how something is going to behave you don't need to analyze things down to the lowest possible level. For example, when current flows in a resistor, you don't need to know what happens to every atom in the resistor. ... So, we have the internal resistance, and it looks like the parallel formula. (But it really isn't!) At this point you can compute both the open circuit voltge and the internal resistance for the voltage divider, so you have a TEC for the voltage divider.
HIV drug resistance acquired through superinfection
After voluntary withdrawal from the trial at 4 months, testing revealed high-level drug resistance, including resistance to protease inhibitors (L90M) and other new polymorphisms in protease (M36I, L63P), although protease inhibitors were not used in the trial. ... In the sample collected from the time-point when drug resistance was first observed (29 April 2002), only 184V (lamivudine resistant) virus was detected.
History versus industry Path of least resistance Easy to count (transaction based) Agreeable user Culture Internal versus external Pilot/rollout versus organization-wide Scope (what doesn’t get counted) Evaluating the program Costs/Required Resource Less than 1% of total budget (labor) Internal ... to estimate cost and resources required for software development, enhancements and/or maintenance A tool to quantify performance levels and to monitor progress made from software process improv Approach to F A function point count is performed to produce a functional size measure The size can be...
Lol-R-SK8 | Abilities (32-point buy, 7 level points)
He swoops around like a gymnast, slicing and avoiding blows with a speed that belies his size, with ten long necks snapping and biting at everything around them. Abilities (32-point buy, 7 level points). Human Multiheaded [4] Yuan-Ti Anathema. Modifier. STR 33. 52 (0 points +2 levels +5 inherent +6 item +8 righteous might +4 visage). ... arcane level 0 - detect magic, prestidigitation, light, message. divine level 0 - detect magic, mending, create water, read magic, mending, resistance. druid level 0 - flare, guidance, guidance.
CU Information Package/Course Catalog
Level of Course. ... Relationship between aims of resistance breeding with other breeding aims. Reading of the papers about the lecture. Straight narrative technique, power point presantation and discussion. 3. The importance of the genetic variability for disease and pests resistance.
Target point (aka aspiration): the point at which a negotiator would like to conclude negotiations, his/her optimal goal. Each item in the bargaining mix will have its own target, resistance, and starting point. d. Resistance point (aka bottom line): the point furthest from the target point a negotiator will go, but the point can change. In a sales negotiation, this would be the most a buyer will pay, and the least the seller will accept e. Starting point: the first position a negotiator plans to take.
Lower Body Resistance Nick Marshak Adelphi U Use It o Resistance Training: any exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance Benefits of Resistance Traini Resistance Tr Free weights (dumbbells, barbells) Machines (pla Types of Resis Basic Training: Strength Training: Standard ... Assume a stance where your feet are shoul Hamstri Muscles used: Leg Ex Muscles used: quadriceps Adjust the seat so that the small of your back rests flush against it and your knees are in line with the pivot point of the pulley. Adjust the foot pad so it rests slightly above your foot at ankle level.
Pathogenesis | Drug resistance
6. Chloroquine resistance. ! Characterized using the following: ! Sensitive (S): asexual parasite count reduces. to 25% of the pre-treatment level in 48 hours after starting the treatment and complete clearance after 7 days, without subsequent recrudescence - Complete Recovery. ! ... Cambodia-Thailand border ! Interesting transfer to the African continent - spread very quickly at that point ! Now additional resistance ! Mefloquine ! antifolates.
Squat with resistance band. PRIMARY MUSCLES TRAINED – Gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quadriceps. EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Tubing. PREPARATION: Grasp the resistance band handles with a closed, pronated grip. Position feet shoulder-width apart with the toes slightly pointed outward and resistance band under arches of feet. Position handles level with the shoulders, palms facing forward. Create a neutral back, chest up, shoulders back. Flex the hips and knees to assume the lowest desired squat position.
Introd As the temperature of most conductors increases, the increased motion of particles within the molecular structure makes it increasingly difficult for the “free” carriers to pass through, and the resistance level increases. ... Varisto 3.14 - Ap Electric baseboard heating element Heat is generated by passing current through a resistive element. Dimmer controls in an automobile A two-point rheostat can be used to control light intensit.
Yeni Duyuru
Karamehmeto?lu ?.S., U?ur M., Arslan Y.Z., Palamar D., G?kdemir A., "The determination of the level of spinal cord injury according to the measurement of skin resistance", 46th ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting, IZLANDA, 27 Haziran-1 Temmuz 2007.
Understanding Waves of globalization and resistance
Rather, there primary goal today appears to be to create a new political space at national, regional and global levels in which the many movements can meet together and share experiences of action and resistance, and sometimes plan or take common actions based on areas of agreement. ... Weaknesses of the new form of resistance point to a lack of coherent ideology, a lack of formal organizational structure, and the lack of a common political platform and strategy to achieve its goals.
Beam in Three-Point Bending
resistance R brought about by strains of engineering interest is typically quite small, on the order of 10-3 ohms. To accurately measure such a small change in resistance using an ohmmeter would require a very expensive device. Fortunately, it turns out that we can construct an inexpensive and simple electrical circuit that is capable of measuring small values of R quite accurately. ... This will be the zero load point. The program will record the load level from the Instron load cell, as well as the strain level from the strain gage. The strain reading will then be multiplied by Young’s modulus to obtain the bending stress.
Level 2 (3 points)
Level 3 (5 points). o Student explains why a human population evolves resistance to malaria. ... q Graph shows time on the X-axis and number of people on the Y-axis. q Graph logically shows what would happen to the relative population level at each time point. q Graph shows that selective pressure from environment takes place from Time 1 to Time 2. q A brief statement as to whether this graph is most like the exponential growth.
Molecular Mechanism of Tamiflu Resistance
Potential Therapeutic Strategies to Overcome Acquired...
Interestingly, although the MEK1 P124L point mutation conferred resistance to MEK or BRAF inhibitors alone, the combination of a MEK inhibitor and BRAF inhibitor could overcome resistance in this setting. ... We found that the mechanism by which BRAF amplification led to BRAF and MEK inhibitor resistance hinged upon hyperactivation of MEK. We observed that the levels of phosphorylated MEK (P-MEK) in resistant cells were 5 to 6 times higher than the basal levels seen in parental cells.
. By setting the resistances at specic cross points, two 4 ? 4 subarrays of the crossbar were congured to be a nanoscale demultiplexer and multiplexer that were used to read memory bits in a third subarray. In order to realize functional nano-electronic circuits, researchers need to solve three problems ... At the device level, researchers in molecular electronics have achieved signicant progress recently, demonstrating tunnelling junctions [1, 2], devices with negative differential resistance [3], electrically congurable switches [4–6] and transistors made from a single carbon nanotube [7, 8] or a single molecule [9, 10].
Infectious Reservoir (M)
Analysis of this model indicates that resistance can coevolve with virulence in prairie dog populations, but resistance only increases to the point where extinction due to plague is avoided leaving small remnant populations. ... In this case, we find that the equilibrium level of resistance increases with z, which controls the resistance-reproduction tradeoff (Fig. 4). Large values of z indicate that there is a low cost to developing resistance when there is none, but high costs to increasing resistance when the population is already mostly resistant.
Six Causes of Resistance to Learning
Inappropriate level of required learning—Students get frustrated and angry when they can’t understand the content. They object to unfamiliar language and the fast-paced delivery of complicated material. The frustration quickly becomes resistance. ... He points out that teachers should not expect to be able to “overcome,” or completely dissipate, resistance. They should work to contain or mitigate its effects. To do this, he recommends that teachers start by trying to sort out the causes of resistance and decide if the resistance is justified.
Diamondback Moth in South Texas: A Technique for
Nature of DBM Resistance. An important point to be considered in dealing with insecticide resistance is to determine its cause in a pest population. There are two main mechanisms of resistance in most pest species. ... Resistance Monitoring in Texas. 445. the cause is usually interaction of both factors. In the DBM, there is evidence in a number of cases of greater levels of resistance. An excellent example is the high level of resistance to pyrethroids in the Ban-chau strain (Liu et al. 1982a).
PH203 Chapter 23 solutions
ANSWER: = This is a parallel connection since the voltage across each resistor is the same. Part C For the combination of resistors shown, find the equivalent resistance between points A and B. Hint C.1. How to approach the question. ... ANSWER: = The next level of analyzing a circuit is to determine the voltages across and the currents through the various branches of the circuit. You will practice that skill in the future.
FUDGE: Freeform, Universal, Donated Gaming Engine...
(A trivial spell might not drain any Spell Point levels, while an average spell might drop a magician from Good Spell Points to Fair, for example, and more potent spells drain 2 or more levels at a time.) ... Otherwise, he uses the same level he rolled initially against. Control can mean many things to different GMs. Personal Magic Resistance would resist an attempt to read someone's mind to one GM, but not to another. Magic Resistance does not resist any spell that calls or creates physical energy to lash out at another being, though.
The Path of Least Resistance
The way these components become accessible ultimately depends on when the cue is con-sulted. We assume that there are two points at which cues might become easier to access: during cue acquisition and during cue evaluation. Cue acquisition can occur in two related but distinct ways: cue perception ... Decision makers often construe psychologically distant judgments in terms of high-level characteristics and psychologically proximal judgments in terms of low-level characteristics. High-level construal means thinking in terms of abstract, superordinate, and goal-relevant features, while low-level construal means the opposite.
Enhancing progressive collapse resistance of steel
The Ronan Point was a 22-story apartment complex designed with precast-concrete load-bearing panels in Canning Town, England. A gas explosion in the 18th floor blew out one wall which led to the collapse of the whole corner of the building as shown in Figure 2-7. ... 2. Specific Local Resistance Method- A method that seeks to provide sufficient strength to resist failure from accidents or misuse. 19. The indirect design method considers the resistance to progressive collapse during the design process through the provision of minimum levels of strength, continuity, and ductility.
Population Assessment in | Distribution of kdr Resistance
• Cross resistance to pyrethroids and DDT. • Mendelian inheritance; resistant (RR), susceptible (SS), intermediate (RS). • Single point mutation conferring amino acid change in the voltage-gated sodium channel. (Martinez-Torres et al. 1998). kdr Resistance in An. gambiae and others (cont.) • Single point mutation changing leucine TTA to phenylalanine TTT – confers high levels of resistance. • Physically mapped to 2L 20C – in range of resistance associated QTL, but unclear if GST related. • An. gambiae from C?te d’Ivoire and Burkino Faso.
The previous economic thresholds are a starting point. To fine tune a treatment decision, spray cost and economic value of crop should be considered. Glandular-haired alfalfa and normal alfalfa. ... R = Resistant (31% to 50%). MR = Moderately Resistance (15% to 30%). LR = Low Resistance (6% to 14%). PLH Resistance Level Categories. Only a percentage of plants within a variety.
Introduction to the 4-point resistance technique.
Introduction to the 4-point resistance technique. Low resistance samples are difficult to measure using an ohmmeter. ... Oscillator level: Oscillator frequency: Reference: Input mode: 2V 500 Hz Internal A-B, Float. An oscillator level of 2 V is the maximum output and will ensure the largest current and therefore largest possible voltage signal for the measurement. Still, the current will be small enough to avoid sample heating.
DC Resistance Factors
Of all of the dc-resistance factors considered, this is the only one that varies with the size or number of strands used at the lowest level of the construction. Thus, quantifying this effect on dc resistance gives a good approximation of the total variation in dc resistance as a function of the size or number of strands. ... The lower "staircase" curve is the tabulated data provided by [18] for minimum build' The points marked by 'x' are nominal build from a wire manufacturer?s catalog, obtained by subtracting tabulated nominal overall diameter and subtracting the exact theoretical nominal wire diameter.
Improved ADOM Guidebook - The Pyramid | 2.9.2 The top level
The entrance to the pyramid closes permanently if the PC reaches experience level 17. Ideally the PC should reach experience level 16 and keep very careful track of his experience points. Approach the pyramid when the PC is close to achieving level 17, within a couple hundred points. ... When used as a missile it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d1 points of damage. It modifies your appearance attribute by -8. It grants resistance to sleep attacks.
Escalating levels of glyphosate resistance in Iowa...
(2015) point out that comparing populations collected from different locations means that one may be comparing locally adapted traits other than resistance level, a greenhouse study could provide a good foundation for future genetic analyses to properly identify resistance related fitness effects. ... Results Variation in glyphosate resistance Of the 28 horseweed biotypes, 14 were susceptible, 6 were resistant, 3 were highly resistant, and 5 were extremely resistant; same resistance level for each family were seen in each cohort (Fig.
Question I (25 points)
Question II - LEDs and Phototransistor Circuits (25 points). a) (8pts) Using the three 1.5 Volt batteries in series, determine the resistance R1 necessary to achieve the desired operating conditions for the diode. ... The proof that the system is working as expected is that the low frequency part of the output signal is similar to the input signal (inverted). Thus the output contains the input along with something we cannot hear. The basic idea behind this question is to check for any level of understanding of how the transmitter-receiver works.
MOS Transistor | Effective Resistance
Effective Resistance. • Shockley models have limited value. – Not accurate enough for modern transistors – Too complicated for much hand analysis. • Simplification: treat transistor as resistor. – Replace Ids(Vds, Vgs) with effective resistance R • Ids = Vds/R. – R averaged across switching of digital gate. ... • To maximize noise margins, select logic levels at. – unity gain point of DC transfer characteristic. Vout.
Open Channel Flow Resistance 1
This paper extends that study by discussing the differences between momentum and energy resistances, between point, cross-sectional and reach resistance coefcients, as well as compound/composite channel resistance. Certain resistance phenomena can be explained with the inner and outer laws of boundary layer theory. ... Equations I–P require both hydrau-. Fig. 7. Geometry of example composite/compound channel at bank-full level ?from Yen 1991?. lic radius and wetted perimeter. Hence, they depend on the way.
Experiment 13: Make-Up Lab for 1408/1420
You will therefore need to use the table of Temperature versus Resistance that is affixed to the base of the Mechanical Equivalent of Heat apparatus to convert your resistance measurements into temperature readings. A more complete version of this table, covering a greater temperature range, is given at the end of this experiment. ... If you results are poor due to not following the procedure, then points will be deduced from your lab report. 1. Clamp the apparatus securely to the edge of a level lab table. If the apparatus is not level, the rope will tend to slip and bunch up on the drum, off towards one side.
If air resistance could be neglected, what would be the path of the package as observed by the pilot? As observed by a person on the ground? d.A snow ball is thrown from ground level with initial velocity v0 at an angle of 45o and lands at the small ground level. ... The ball leaves the bat at an angle of 45o with the ground. With that launch, the ball should have a horizontal range (returning to the launch level) of 107 m. (a) Does the ball clear a 7.32 m–high fence that is 97.5 m horizontally from the launch point? If so, by how much?
Concentric Braced Frame: Braced frame element in which component worklines intersect at a single point or at multiple points such that the distance between inter-secting components, or eccentricity, is less than or equal. to the width of the smallest member connected at the joint. ... Expected Strength: The mean value of resistance of a component at the deformation level anticipated for a population of similar components, including consider-ation of the variability in yield strength as well as strain hardening and plastic section development.
The Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering
Performs point-and-click measurements with graphical user interface. ... SWEAT (Standardized Wafer-level Electromigration Accelerated Test). ... Contact Resistance Measurements. Resistance Monitoring during Accelerated Testing.
Sabanci University Research Database
This chapter contributes to the theory and literature on online cross-cultural understanding and the impact website designers (meso-level) can have on improving the sustainability of e-business planning, departing from recent studies that focus mainly on firms’ e-business plans (macro-level) or final consumers (micro-level). ... A number of points of resistance to the inclusion of more e-social atmospherics are identified, and the implications for web designers’ roles and web design planning are discussed along with the limitations of the study and potential future research for e-business studies.
Fungicide resistance management
Research also demonstratedthat these resistant pathogen strains were resistant to MBC rather than either specific product. ... They inhibit electron transport in the mitochondrial membranes of fungi. Although it has been known for some time that a single point mutation within the cytochrome b gene could confer high levels of resistance, it was generally believed to be unlikely that this point mutation would occur in a majority of the mitochondria within a fungal cell.
Muscle Terms
Circumduction: Movement of a body segment around a point so that the free end traces a circle and the segment traces a cone. Joint Movements, cont. ... Dynamic exercise: exercises involving muscular contractions against resistance that result in movement. Examples: constant resistance, variable resistance, eccentric loading, plyometrics, speed loading, isokinetic. 7. Constant Resistance Exercise (free weights).
Orange Coast College | The Oscilloscope and Resistance
The Oscilloscope and Resistance. Part I. Adding Voltage Signals Goal ... Adjust the trigger level on channel 1 if necessary so you see a stable trace on the oscilloscope screen. ... Fig 1 Now connect the channel 1 and channel 2 oscilloscope inputs to circuit points A, B...
Evaluation of prevalence of low and high level
Results: High level and low level mupirocin resistance were detected in zero and 1 % of MRSA strains, respectively. Resistance to other non ? lactam antibiotics was also high. No MRSA strains were found to be resistant to vancomycin and tegicycline. ... This Clinical microbiology laboratory receives 400,000 specimens/year from both inpatients and outpatients from clinics and hospitals within the city as well as from all over the country via its laboratory collection points in 50 major cities and towns of Pakistan.
New Fusarium Head Blight-Resistant
effects of wheat lines on FHB resistance. of previously characterized wheat lines such as Fu 5114, Nobeokabozu, ‘Yangmai 4,’ and Wheaton (Bai et al., 2003; RESULTS. Liu and Anderson, 2003), the type II resistance levels of the. Variation in Three Types of Resistance. tested wheat accessions were used to assign them into one of four resistance categories: resistant (R), moderately resistant. All inoculated wheat lines showed FHB symptoms after (MR), moderately susceptible (MS), and susceptible (S), single-point or spray inoculation.
Vertical Levels
...volumetric soil moisture (non-frozen) Low cloud cover Maximum snow albedo Mean sea level pressure (Eta model reduction) Medium cloud cover Minimal stomatal resistance Moisture availability Momentum flux, u-component Momentum flux, v-component Number of soil layers in root zone Parcel lifted index (to ... of wind Upward longwave radiation flux Upward shortwave radiation flux v-component of wind Vegetation Vegetation type (as in SiB) Vertical speed shear Vertical velocity (pressure) Visibility Volumetric soil moisture content Water equivalent of accumulated snow depth Water temperature Wilting point.
Exercise Prescription for
? Measure 1 RM for each exercise and compute % corresponding to goal and level of training. ? Example: 100 pound 1 RM Bench Press ? Goal: Strength ? Level of Training: Intermediate ? 70-80% 1 RM. ? Resistance = 70-80 pounds for bench press ? Consider the client – is max testing appropriate? ? ... ? Match strength curve of muscle – provide more resistance at ROM where muscles can exert more torque – greater the horizontal distance from chain to cam pivot point, the greater the resistive torque.
Resista nce training | RESISTANCE TUBING
Move to the next level of resistance when it is (or feels) easy to do 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions. ... Upper Body: Body Weight Wall Push-up. STA R TIN G P OSITION Stand facing a wall with the feet shoulder width apart and approximately 6 to 12 inches away from the wall. Place hands on the wall at shoulder height and point fingers up. Resistance Training 17. MUSCLES USED.
Introduction to | Effective Resistance
MOS devices. CMOS VLSI Design. Effective Resistance. Shockley models have limited value. Not accurate enough for modern transistors Too complicated for much hand analysis. Simplification: treat transistor as resistor. Replace Ids(Vds,Vgs) with effective resistance R. ... To maximize noise margins, select logic levels at. unity gain point of DC transfer characteristic. Vout. VDD VOH.
Optimizing Temperature and Moisture to Minimize Fruit Bruising
Bruise threshold and bruise resistance seem, at this point, to be somewhat independent of each other and may be influenced in differing ways by changes in hydration level and other factors. Factors that Influence Impact Sensitivity The factors that influence impact sensitivity probably include the following, with the importance of each factor varying depending upon the species
What is Tamper Resistance? | Protection Levels
12/25/2012. Physical Attacks and Tamper Resistance. Mohammad Tehranipoor. ... 25 December 2012. 3. Protection Levels. n LEVEL ZERO. q No special security features. ... n FIB stations can be used to create test point, imaging and repairing.
Influence of Resistance Exercise Volume
It has been reported that during the early follicular (3, 20, 22) and midluteal (3) phase of the men-strual cycle, women have higher baseline GH levels than men, although heavy resistance exercise protocols elicit similar responses in both genders (3, 20, 22, 31). ... Results. For the MS protocol, a significant increase in serum GH and cortisol above resting levels was reported for all postexercise time points: immediate postexercise and at 15 min and 30 min postexercise.
At what input signal level does the waveform become substantially distorted. When the waveform is heavily distorted, compare the collector voltage levels with the expected values for cutoff and saturation. 15. Common emitter amplifier. Experiment 3.3. Part 3: Effect of Load Resistance, RL, on Voltage Gain. ... 2N5458. EXPERIMENT 5.2.2. This, for this example a value of RS = 340 W and RD = 4.4 KW will result in an operating point that is close to the middle of the Active Region. Perform an equivalent operation on the actual circuit using the combination of a resistance substitution box and fixed...
2 IEEE Floating Point Representation
about 7 accurate decimal digits. Numbers are normally input to the computer using some kind of high-. level programming language, to be processed by a compiler or an interpreter. There are two di erent ways that a number such as 1=10 might be input. One. ... resistance formulas have to worry about treating division by zero as an ex-. ceptional situation? In IEEE oating point arithmetic, the programmer is.
This level is characterized by the day-to-day rhythm of routine work, which can foster a disengaged and rote way of responding. At this level we see the "intermittent exercise of power" (Clegg, 1989: 187). Since "power always involves power over another and thus at least two agencies, episodic power will usually call forth resistance because of the power/knowledge nature of agency" (p. 208). ... Obligatory Passage Points Obligatory passage points are at the junctures where the three levels (or circuits) of power interact.
Biasing the MOSFET
First determine DC operating point -> Capacitors act as open circuit -> No current passes through RG. Vds = vgs -> saturation. For simplicity, channel-modulation is neglected for DC operating point. Use VGS that is found from 1st equation. ... Biasing MOS amplifiers. Fixing gate voltage (VG). For a fixed VG -> If ID increases (for any reason) -> VGS decrases (VG is fixed) -> decreases ID (remember ID depends on VGS) -> Therefore, Rs acts as a (negative) feedback resistance, maintains ID at a constant level. PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATIONS.
PAC @ 10: A Decade of Resistance
It is easy to point out where the system is broken, the challenge lies in formulating a solution. We welcome your critiques and suggestions for how to engage in effective resistance and make social justice a reality. ... PhD in Anthropology The PhD degree program in anthropology provides opportunities for doctoral-level training in urban anthropology; ethnicity; the anthropology of work; the anthropology of development; language, culture and cognition; gender and culture; cross-cultural quantitative analysis; and historic and public archaeology.
W orthwhile | On the Question of Antibiotic Use and Resistance
On the Question of Antibiotic Use and Resistance… A recent symposium sponsored by the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, entitled “Bridging the Gap between Animal Health and Human Health”, identified several important points on this important debate: 1. If you think you understand antimicrobial ... Banning the use of prophylactic antibiotics, as it was done in Denmark (1999) led to increase in animal morbidity and mortality, increased therapeutic antibiotic use (i.e., human class), and did not improve public health by reducing Salmonella and Campylobacter resistance levels in human infections.
On a frictionless level plane, will a cylinder roll forever?
For a level surface, N = -mg. ... Here's a better explanation of friction. Bodies that touch at surfaces or points experience reaction forces at all points of contact. ... Introductory physics books often lump this together with resistance, or even call it "rolling friction", a...
Effect of Pressure Support Level, Patient’s Effort
For each compliance level, Resistance of 5, 10, and 15 cm H2O/L/s were programmed so that each resistance setting lasts for 20 breaths. Fig. 2 Representative Tracings of Muscle Pressure (Pmus), Airway Presser, and Flow to illustrate definitions of studied. ... At longer Tc (as the case of increased resistance and/or compliance), expiratory flow decays at a slower rate. Therefore, it takes longer time to reach expiratory trigger point. This is the underlying cause for longer EDT that is associated with higher resistance and compliance.
XF.017 A | Just Four More Little Problems (40,000 points)
24 Heures du Mans – Circuit de la Sarthe (60,000 points). 1.) It was a miserable, wet, rainy Saturday and Sunday in France five years ago for the 69th 24 Hours of Le Mans. The number 1 and 2 Audi’s finished first and second. At one point they raced around the eight mile (12,870 m) course ... (c) Calculate the final speed that any object – water, the elevator, a tourist’s camera – will free fall to the ground from the Sky Pod level. Assume no air resistance, as usual. (d) One of Toronto Blue Jay baseball players is invited up to the Sky Pod level and throws a Major League fastball straight out – with v0x = 45.0 m/s (101 mph).
QUT - Maps and getting here - Gardens Point campus
Getting to and finding your way around our Gardens Point campus.
Process and Layout Dependent Substrate Resistance...
The extracted substrate resistance parame-ters are discussed along with their significance in section four, and followed by the conclusions in section five. Circuit Level Simulation Import Rsub and Rd as function of vd. Implement lumped element model. Done Figure 6. The flow diagram illustrates the system level set-up of the quasi-mixed-modemodel. ... (2), R,,b is the substrate resistance at the turn-on of the parasitic BJT (i.e. I, = I, = 0). At that point, eq. (4) reduces to
A Motivational Interviewing Perspective
Therapists who respond to client resistance with confrontation, arguments, or persuasion are said to be exhibiting counter-resistance (Miller & Rollnick, in press). In this way, both the client and therapist are critical in determining the total level of resistance present in the interaction. ... When using motivational interviewing, the therapist will almost always decline to pursue a point, regardless of the merit, at the expense of provoking resistance. Therefore, we might begin with Brian by broaching the topic of his “lifelong pattern of staying on the periphery of where the action is, such that I often feel unenthused and...
Medmicro Chapter 11 | Bacterial Resistance
Sulfonamide resistance of this type can result from a point mutation or from acquisition of a plasmid that causes synthesis of the new enzyme. A most serious resistance problem is an increase in resistance to trimethoprim. ... The highest level of resistance to the newer fluoroquinolones is most frequently associated with chromosomal mutations, causing amino acid substitutions in a highly conserved region in the A subunit of DNA gyrase.
Chapter 8
A resistance area is a price or level above which a stock price or market index is not likely to rise. 3. A correction is movement toward the long-run trend. ... It would be 818.68 – 817.37 = 1.31 points in length, the difference between the open and closing price. The upper shadow or wick would extend 821.25 – 818.68 = 2.57 points above the top of the body, reflecting trading at higher levels during the day. The lower shadow or wick would extend 817.37 – 806.29 = 11.08 points below the bottom of the body, reflecting trading at much lower levels throughout the day.
Evaluation of Resistance to Erwinia amylovora and
Disease resistance, fire blight, Botryosphaeria cane canker, Rubus. Summary. In order to gauge the level of resistance available, eleven blackberry cultivars were inoculated with two different pathogens, the bacterium Erwinia amylovora and the fungus Botryosphaeria dothidea. ... Additionally, two plants each of ‘Arapaho’, ‘Apache’, and ‘Navaho’ were injected with sterile water as controls. Ten days following inoculation, plants were rated on a scale of 0 to 5 based on the severity of their reaction, with 0 being no visible symptoms, and 5 being complete necrosis from the point of inoc-ulation to the tip of the shoot.
Italian studies - Undergraduate Area... - Monash University
ATS2335 /ATS3135 War and memory: Resistance, massacre and representation in Second World War Italy. ... Students complete: (a.) Three units (18 points) from the Italian language sequence in the major, following the entry point guidelines and taken in order. (b.) One level 2 or level 3 unit (6 points) as listed within the major.
Solar Cell Design and Processing – Fall 2004
The magenta line is if we de-tune the motor from its peak point and allow the solar cell to operate at its peak point. Note that the magenta line is higher than the blue line at low light levels. ... So, when the solar cell is giving only around ? volt then the rotation rates will be substantially less than 10 radians/sec. Final point: You connect the solar cell and motor together without any other resistance. Power in = power out. But you control the system by understanding the force/rotation behavior of the motor.
Strength Training | Wrapping a resistance band
Although resistance tubes also come. in a variety of resistance levels, the elastic. properties of the tubing gives varying levels. of intensity with the same tube. Why Use Resistance Tubes? ... Foot Holds. When performing exercises using the feet as the anchor point for the stretch tube, it is very important that the tube does not slip out from under your feet. This could cause the tube to snap up like a rubber band and possibly hit you. The way you stand on the stretch tube will affect the tension in the tube.
Table of Contents
At this point, Diamond was already discarding two shipments of corn per week because testing revealed high levels of aflatoxin. ... Audience Resistance Our objectives for each audience will create natural points of resistance (See Appendix G). After analysis of the breeders, affected pet owners, Diamond Pet Foods and government agencies, we discovered what the potential resistance points that will hold them back from accepting our campaign.
Jumping/falling deaths
In the article "Suicide as resistance in Chinese society," Sing Lee and Arthur Kleinman (see: Chinese Society: Change, Conflict and Resistance) point out that China has the largest number of reported suicides in the world, and that suicide has a long history in China where it has often been connected to societal critiques. ... In Zhuan Falun, the main FLG text, he says: "In fact, let me tell you that a person will be able to take off in the air once the Great Heavenly Circuit is opened up, and this is so simple... I would say that it is not incredible for many thousands of people to be able to reach this level, because the...
Quiz 7
e. has evolved to become less lethal; have not changed in their level of resistance. Question 5. In the context of host–parasite dynamics, a latent period is. ... d. the time between infection in a host and the point at which it becomes symptomatic. e. the life span of a parasite. Question 6.
General Chemistry Online: Glossary
The SI unit of conductance is the siemens . electrical resistance. resistance. ... for elementary reactions show the actual molecules, atoms, and ions that react on a molecular level. ... Compare with end point . The equivalence point is the point in a titration when...
Influence mechanic properties of weld time and
Dual-phase steels can simply be identified with the tensile properties of low yielding point, high tensile strength and toughness rate, high level of uniform and total elongation. ... In this study, the production of dual phases steel is produced from low carbon Mn-Ni steel at intercritical annealing point. Afterwards resistance spot welding property of dual phase steels which have different martensite volume ratios and morphology; are welded.
Speech Assignments.
The penalty for going outside the time limit is one grade level (e.g. fromB+ to B) for ... Your goal is to make the POINT or THEME of the material available to us--not just summarize the plot. ... Speech Five: The Speech to Overcome Resistance. You have two options.
Plots of the ten-point moving average and test sections grouped by SN but involving wet-pavement accident rate were also prepared. The plots also indicated a relationship between accident occurrence and skid resistance; but the data points were more scattered; and, as stated before, other variables correlated with accident occurrence as well. ... Accident records did indicate whether the accidents occurred on grade or level and on curve or tangent sections.
Negative Resistance Effects in NbN HEB Devices
These phenomena occur when the device is not pumped by the LO, or when the LO power is decreased sufficiently compared with the power level required for optimum operation. The bias voltage is between the critical value at which the device stops being superconducting, and the point where a stable hotspot is formed. ... transition from the superconducting state to the resistive state at a voltage of a few mV and a lower current * Since the voltage increase is associated with a decrease in current, this transition thus represents a negative differential resistance * By adjusting the bias voltage to values...
Theme 22. Electrical properties of human tissues: physical...
The resistance and capacitance of an axon. We can understand many of the electrical properties of an axon (figure 1) with the aid of a model that resembles an electrical cable covered with defective insulation so that current leaks to the surroundings in many places. More specifically, we assume the axon consists of cylindrical membrane containing a conducting fluid, the ... Specifically, if a weak stimulus is applied at some point. on an axon, no significant axon potential changes occur beyond a few millimeters from that point. By contrast, a stimulus above the threshold level produces a current pulse that travels.
Resistance Bands - Sue - Bryant University
Resistance training helps you to build and tone muscle, manage weight, boost metabolism, control blood sugar, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Earn 5 Good Cent$ Wellness Incentive Points per class!
Topic 1.4: projectile motion | Entry Level Knowledge
Suggestions for instruction. Entry Level Knowledge. The special equations for constant acceleration are covered in Topic 1 and students are familiar with free fall from Senior 3 Physics. Notes to the Teacher. ... Specific learning outcomes. S4P-1-16: Draw free-body diagrams for a projectile at various points along its path (with or without air resistance). S4P-1-17: Calculate the horizontal and vertical components with respect to velocity and position of a projectile at various points along its path.
Graphene polarity controllable amplier and its
Since common-source and common-drain ampliers ex-hibit very different gures of merit, the switching of GPC ampli-ers between different congurations is bound to introduce differ-ent and unmatched performance in gain, output DC level, output resistance, etc. as shown in Table 1. While some of these val-ues can be matched by properly choosing the bias points, it is. im-possible to match all of them simultaneously.
Organizatio Occurs when an organization restructures resources to inc Forces for Organ Competitive forces Economic, political, and global f Organization-Level Resistan Power and conflict Differences in functional orienta Group-Level Resistance t Group norms Group coh Individual-Level Resistanc Uncertainty and insecurity Selecti Managing Change: Diagnose the Organization Determine the Desired Future State Implement Action identify possible impediments to change decide who.
Rightful resistance revisited
Despite our ground-level orientation, there is still a need for an ethnography of rural rightful resistance that focuses on ‘peasants involved in these protests and their reality: how they live, who they are, and what they think’, and ‘the historical particulari-ties of the Chinese situation’ (Brandtst?dter 2006, 712, 711).1 In recent years, scholars have taken steps in this ... We opted not to dis-tinguish among grievances or locations in China, and deployed evidence in a manner that Scott (1976, 1990, 1998) does so well: as examples rather than cases, as telling, ground-level illustrations that hammer an analytical point home.
Resistance to xenobiotics and parasites
For example, cyclodiene insecticide resist-ance is associated with a point mutation in the Resistance to dieldrin gene, which encodes a ?-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor subunit20. ... Prospects Although there has been considerable recent progress in our understanding of both the theoretical, ecological and mol-ecular basis of parasite resistance, our level of understanding still lags behind that of xenobiotic resistance.
JFS: Food Microbiology and Safety
Before the tests,heat resistances of a Clostridium sporogenes (PA 3679) spore crop were determined in neutral phosphate buffer and macaroni and cheese product. Trays of maca-roni and cheese products were subjected to 3 processing levels: target process (F0 = 2.4), under target process (F0 = 1.2), and over target process (F0 = 4.8). The inoculated packs were evaluated by count-reduction method and end-point method.
Add Resistance Bands to Your Strength Training- NPTI Fitness
If you’re looking for a new challenge or to shake things up a bit, resistance bands are a great addition to any strength training routine. Similar to free weights, resistance bands come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and levels from easily stretchable to heavy-duty strength. ... With band training, you may feel that your muscles are working harder. Similar to cable machines, the farther away you stretch the band from its anchor point, the more challenge and muscle engaging it becomes to hold. What are Resistance Bands Used for?
Physics 125
gravity but without air resistance. What is the direction of the acceleration at point B? A) It is up and to the right. D) It is straight down. ... 17. Sarah throws a baseball horizontally at 25 meters per second from a cliff 45 meters above the level ground. Approximately how far from the base of the cliff does the ball hit the ground?
? stanbul k?lt?r university
Extra precautions should be considered as voltage levels are increased. 11. Always be careful when electricity is applied to the experiment circuit. Some circuit elements such as capacitors and inductors may produce high voltages even when the power supply voltage is low. ... ? 6. Divide a second sheet of graph paper three ways vertically. Plot a histogram (resistance values versus frequency) for each of the three samples of the resistors. ? 7. Connect the maximum points of each histogram by a smooth curve.
Settings and work regimes, something pozvoljaet uluchshyt...
Totraces were organized under full factorial plan 22 variables were the "height of the point of application of traction resistance (points Trailer) - h» and «the angle of the line of action of the traction resistance - ?». The lower and upper levels of the factors listed in Table. 1. The value of factor levels "height of the point of application of traction resistance (points Trailer) - h"Justified in terms of crop lumen power means (with.
Songs and souls
A slain or dis-missed familiar cannot be replaced for a year and a day. Slain familiars can be raised from the dead just as characters can, but they do not lose a level or Constitution point when this happy event occurs. ... At 11th level and higher, it is +30 feet. Countersong. Abjuration [Sonic] Range: 50 feet Effects: Sound-based or sonic effects Duration: See text (no more than 1 round/level) Saving Throw: None Spell Resistance: No. You use a powerful note to counter magical effects that depend on sound (but not simply spells with verbal compo-nents).
Special Needs Evacuations | Point Park University
Horizontal Evacuation: Using building exits to the outside ground level or going into unaffected wings of multi–building complexes. ... It may also be more appropriate for an occupant who is alone when the alarm sounds. A "solid" or fire resistant door can be identified by a fire label on the jam and frame. Non-labeled 1 3/4 inch thick solid core wood doors hung on a metal frame also offer good fire resistance.
Overview of LIPID metabolism
to replace the need for a Biochemistry textbook, it contains a mixture of information that is critical for you to know and information that serves to illustrate and explain the key points. I have attempted to emphasize important terms, definitions and concepts in red, and have listed key points after each section of the syllabus. ... • Therefore, lipid metabolism behaves as if the body were undergoing prolonged starvation (even though blood glucose levels are high) and ketone body synthesis can become excessive. • The net result is hyperglycemia and ketonemia. Metabolic Syndrome. + TG. Insulin resistance. X. HSL
Obesity genes and insulin resistance
Obesity genes and insulin resistance Belkina and Denis 475. number of points at which this mechanism could provide a measure of protection against insulin resistance. Given their reduced inammatory prole, some of these factors may be operative in MHO individuals [10,11,38,39]. ... For instance, one such potential balance point in MHO patients could be levels of adiponectin, an anti-inammatory adipokine that is secreted by WAT; adiponectin levels drop in T2D patients.
Methicillin Resistance in Staphylococcus
Perhaps S. intermedius lineages bearing the mecA gene existed for some time prior to the mid-1990s and were misclassified as MRSA or expressed mecA at less detectable levels when tested using S. aureus standards. The exact point in time where S. pseudintermedius acquired mecA is not vital to present treatment and control of MRSP expansion. ... 86. Noto, M.J., Fox, P.M. & Archer, G.L. Spontaneous Deletion of the Methicillin Resistance Determinant, mecA, Partially Compensates for the Fitness Cost Associated with High-Level Vancomycin Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus.
Dilip's Lab Exercises | Exercise #6 - Parallel Resistance
Exercise #3 - Series Resistance. Use your breadboard, power supply and the specified ... These voltages are usually used as reference voltage levels for amplifiers and voltage ... Reconnect the circuit at this break point through your multimeter to measure the TOTAL...
VLSI Interconnect – HW04 – due 20 Khordad
1. Consider a multilevel interconnect that exists on both the global and local levels, connecting point A to point B. The schematic of such a configuration is shown in Figure 1. For this HW ignore the parasitic contribution of interconnect vias. Assume the aspect ratio of interconnects in the both levels are equal to one and the wire width in the global level in 4 times of that in the local level. Figure 1. 1.1. The parameters , , , and , are the equivalent distributed resistance and capacitance for the global. and local levels, respectively.
The ball grid array, BGA
Thermal performance, as pointed out in Chapter 6, is measured by the junction to ambient ther-mal resistance, Rja, in units of ?C/watt. ... The typical moisture sensitivity of most small BGAs is Level 3. This corresponds to a maximum exposure time of 1 week on the shop floor, without any danger of popcorning during reflow. If a package is exposed for longer than it is qualified, it must go through a bake, which is typically at 125?C for 12 hours, before it can be elevated to reflow temperatures.
ENGR 120
16. (5 points) The photoresistor circuit used in class is attached to analog input 3 to “measure” the light level. If the. light level is such that the resistance of the photoresistor is 3,000W, then the Serial Monitor will show that “val” is closest to . . . (a) 20 (b) 80 (c) 120 (d) 170 (e) 200 (f) 787 (g) 853. 5V. ... 17. (5 points) The equivalent resistance of the following circuit is closest to . . .
Differential Equations - Modeling with First Order DE's
Extras Here are some extras topics that I have on the site that do not really rise to the level of full ... For instance, if at some point in time the local bird population saw a decrease due to ... This is especially important for air resistance as this is usually dependent on the...
General requirements for students matriculating in academic...
...120 minimum cumulative grade point average: 2.0 core curriculum ... Wellness Coaching: Overcoming Resistance to Change designated Social HMLS ... 1000-3000-Level 3000-Level or Above Refer to Undergraduate Core Curriculum Guide Refer...
Record Details
Additionally, the susceptible wild type Arabidopsis plants showed resistant phenotype when any of the Rad6 gene copies is mutated. This suggests that Rad6 gene has a negative regulatory role in plant disease resistance which was proved for the first time. Yeast two hybrid protein interaction study suggests that RAD6 carrying out its function by interacting with SGT1 protein and regulating resistance related genes. ... Thirty bands showing differential expression levels at varying time points were analyzed.
Basic Transistor Amplifiers
Total signal a DC point A. Small signal ~a or ?a. Prof. C.K. Tse: Revision on Amplifier Configurations. 16. Solution: Add the same biasing DC level. Exactly the same biasing VBE. ... – ? + ~v–o. 1 What is the loading. (resistance) seen here? 2 What is the Th?venin.
Pipe uplift resistance testing
After this point, the load on the pipe will likely decrease as the pipe dis-placement increases. Resistance to upward pipe motion is now governed partly by the weight of the rectangular soil blocks on either side of the pipe, and partly by the. ... A near-constant pipe load was maintained for a longer period of the test on the clay soil, and this is characteristic of soils that exhi-bit secondary creep (constant strain rate at a constant stress level). It appears that all things being equal, higher clay contents will result in lower peak uplift resistance.
Partitioning hydraulic resistance in Sorghum bicolor leaves
rates of gs until leaf water potential reaches a threshold (Girma and Krieg 1992; Tardieu and Simonneau 1998), at which point gs is reduced to maintain leaf water potential above the point when cavitation would cause catastrophic loss of hydraulic. ... A Pearson’s correlation was calculated between the leaf resistances measured and leaf anatomy and considered signicant at the P < 0.05 level. The rate that SWC decreased was determined by calculating the slope of the line between SWC and sampling date.
Chapter 4. DC Biasing | Figure: Operating points
This is the processing of transferring a current from a low to high resistance: transfer + resistor ? transistor. DC Biasing of BJTs. The superposition theorem is applicable and the the investigation of the dc conditions can be totally separated from the ac response. However, while designing, the selection of parameters for the required dc level will affect the ac response and vice versa. So the first step of designing is to chose a suitable operating point. DC Biasing of BJTs. Then a network must be constructed that will establish the desired operating point. Some important basic relationship...
Introgression of bacterial leaf blight resistance and aroma
The higher level of resistance may be the result of gene interaction or quantitative complementation between resistant genes (Yoshimura et al. 1995; Huang et al. 1997; Sanchez et al. ... Theor Appl Genet 115:87–100. Yeam I, Kang BC, Lindeman W, Frantz JD, Faber N (2005) Allele specic CAPS markers based on point mutations in resistance alleles at the pvr1 locus encoding eIF4E in Capsicum sp.
Temperature, photoperiod, and the physiological condition of the host plant are important cues for the induction of glycerol, sorbitol and other cryoprotectant synthesis as well as factors influencing the supercooling point, the temperature at which an insect freezes (Lee and Costanzo 1998). ... Recent studies in our lab have found that even soft-bodied larvae and prepupal stages have exceptional desiccation resistance that rivals or exceeds the most desiccation-tolerant insects (Ramlov and Lee 2000; Nelson and Lee in press).
Mechanism of contact resistance formation in ohmic contacts...
In addition, it was observed that the contact resistance as a function of the doping level has very weak dependence. To illustrate this, the authors studied the samples with the doping level changed by more than two orders of magnitude and demon-strated that even in a wide doping range the contact resist-ance at room ... The relation between the electron concentration in the bulk nw and nonequilibrium electron concentration n?x? at a point x of the near-contact space-charge region is obtained by dou-ble integration of the continuity equation over the coordinate x that is perpendicular to the metal-semiconductor interface.
Assays for Antiretroviral Resistance
Using the total drug score, the program reports one of the following levels of inferred drug resistance: susceptible, potential low-level resistance, low-level resistance, intermediate resistance, and high-level resistance. ... Phenotypic assays and sequencing are less sensitive than point mutation assays for detection of resistance in mixed HIV-1 genotypic populations. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 1999;22(2):107-18.
Zero-Differential Resistance State of Two-Dimensional...
The differential resistance is found to be positive again at very high bias where inter-Landau level transitions become important [15–19]. Our experiments thus demonstrate that in the presence of an electric eld and strong magnetic eld, the 2D system of electrons undergoes a transition to a quasistationary state with zero-differential resistance. ... This point is also supported by recent experimental observation of the microwave induced ZRS in low mobility 2DEG [23].
Reliability-Based Load Criteria for Structural Design
There are two primary approaches for reliability based design: (a) direct reliability-based design and (b) Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD). The direct reliability-based design approach can include both Level 2 and/or Level 3 reliability methods. ... in which Xi = resistance and load variables, and failure is said to occur where g < 0 for the specific ultimate or serviceability limit state. Then the reliability associated with any given design is checked by identifying a point.
Emitter Follower
The negative feedback effect due to can be shown qualitatively: We see that the entire output is negatively fed back to the input. The DC operating point can be found as ... Although the emitter follower circuit does not amplify the signal voltage, it drastically improves the input and output resistances, compared with the input resistance and output resistances of the common-emitter transistor circuit. In fact the emitter follower acts as an impedance transformer with a ratio of , i.e., the input resistance is times greater than and the output resistance is times smaller than .
Final Diagnosis -- Case 417
Two distinct resistance phenotypes have been identified: VanA - resistant to high levels of vancomycin (MIC, 64 to > 1000 ug/ml) and teicoplanin (MIC, 16 to 512 ug/ml), and VanB - resistant to various levels of vancomycin (MIC, 4 to > 1000 ug/ml) and susceptible to teicoplanin. ... The VDE isolates showed point mutations leading to amino acid substitutions, nucleotide repeat insertions causing frameshift mutations, and deletions resulting in loss of more than one amino acid.
Resistance Training For | Coaching Points to Remember
Stage of Resistance. Physiologically After prolonged exposure to a stressor, the. body attempts to adapt with a decreased, but still higher than normal, level of physiological arousal and a slow replenishing of stress hormones. ... Safety Considerations. Ensure adequate level of health before you begin Dress appropriately Warm-up and cool-down properly Work into a program gradually Breathe correctly (valsalva maneuver) Use spotter when necessary Use proper technique. Coaching Points to Remember.
arcuz strategy guide | Level-up and Skill Point - Wayne
When paired with a blue/gold or leveled shield you can easily reach 25% block or more with this. Defense Bonus(static) - +10 defense per point. As with all static bonuses it's only really viable early game. ... This is the only way to increase your magic resistance, and it's worth investing in. Extra Weight - +50 encumbrance per point. You might want to invest in this early to mid-game when you don't have the str to carry your items alone.
C) output intensity by the input intensity
Loudness of a sound depends on the A) intensity level and frequency of vibration B) ... How will the capacitive resistance be change if frequency of alternating current ... Intensity of electric field at a point due to several sources A) is the geometric sum of individual...
Lec05 Q
ans: 11.0 m. 9. A helicopter is traveling at 40 m/s at a constant altitude of 100 m over a level field. If a wheel falls off the helicopter, with what speed will it hit the ground (g = 9.8 m/s2 and air resistance negligible)? (P-3.37). ... ans: 208 s. 13. A baseball leaves the bat with a speed of 44 m/s and an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal. A 5 m high fence is located at a horizontal distance of 132 m from the point where the ball is struck. Assuming the ball leaves the bat 1 m above ground level, by how much does the ball clear the fence?
M Anagement and r esistance in w heat and
Resistance to fusarium head blight 139. concentrations of 2 to 11,000 conidia per spike. Great differences were found in type II resistance among cultivars when 200 or more spores per spikelet were point-inoculated. At this concentration of inoculum, the symptoms in Ning 7840 did not spread from ... Infected grain will usually contain DON regardless of the level of resistance of a cultivar to head blight. However, DON contents differ among cultivars (19). Low DON accumulation in some wheat cultivars compared to other cultivars in the same environment has been named type III resistance (78).
Endophyte-mediated resistance against white pine blister
However, P. monticola F2 plantations in Idaho have shown wide variation in mortality due to white pine blister rust, ranging from 2 to 95% infection, despite an initially reported 66% level of resistance (Muller, 2002). ... 4.02. 1. a Estimated mean survival time determined by Systat survival analysis. b As assessed at the last data collection time point. c Signicantly longer survival time than control1, in terms of LSM. (Bailey et al., 2006). This suggests complex and specic interaction between individual hosts and fungal endophytes.
INDIGO @ UIC: Resistance Exercise Training Improves...
Low levels of physical activity promote obesity and contribute to other chronic diseases, such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and some forms of cancer. Vascular dysfunction is a key event in the development of atherosclerosis and associated with a sedentary lifestyle in otherwise healthy adults. ... Subjects were evaluated at multiple time points before, during, and after participation in an 8-week moderate-intensity resistance exercise training intervention.
Introduction | Resistance under Gene Amplication
Thus, assuming some level of simplication and staying within a nite-dimensional structure, in this paper we go back to the two-compartment model with a single cytotoxic agent distinguishing only resistant and sensi-tive cells where drug resistance is treated as a “complete event” [27], and develop it further in two directions. ... We then use this model as starting point for extensions that take into account cell-cycle specicity and various levels of drug resistance.
INDIGO @ UIC: Resistance Exercise Training Improves...
Low levels of physical activity promote obesity and contribute to other chronic diseases, such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and some forms of cancer. Vascular dysfunction is a key event in the development of atherosclerosis and associated with a sedentary lifestyle in otherwise healthy adults. ... Subjects were evaluated at multiple time points before, during, and after participation in an 8-week moderate-intensity resistance exercise training intervention.
Calcium-Mediated Spine Stem Restructuring
Stem resistance and peak values for head potential and stem resistance continue to rise, until Ca = Ccrit. The “active” phase of repetitive spiking in head potential continues until t = 800ms, as resistance slowly decreases (stems shorten), for calcium above a critical level. ... The equations for change in calcium and resistance constitute a slow subsystem. Fixing X at one point along the dendrite, insight may be obtained into the stability of stationary points at that location by considering the average contribution of the fast variables to the measure for change in the slow system over each cycle of length T
Introduction | Resistance under Gene Amplication
Thus, assuming some level of simplication and staying within a nite-dimensional structure, in this paper we go back to the two-compartment model with a single cytotoxic agent distinguishing only resistant and sensi-tive cells where drug resistance is treated as a “complete event” [27], and develop it further in two directions. ... We then use this model as starting point for extensions that take into account cell-cycle specicity and various levels of drug resistance.
Biomechanics of Resistance Exercise
Key Point With heavy resistance training, all muscle fibers get larger because they are all recruited in consecutive order by their size to produce high levels of force. ... Key Point The process of hypertrophy involves both an increase in the synthesis of the contrac-tile proteins actin and myosin within the myofibril and an increase in the number of myofibrils within a muscle fiber. The new myofilaments are added to the external layers of the myofibril, resulting in an increase in its diameter.
Power Point Presentation: Lesson 5 (computer file: lesson5.ppt). Opening: In the beginning of our discussion of Integrated Pest Management, we defined it as "the use of many pest control methods in a well organized and harmonious way in order to achieve long-term pest control". ... organisms. - No toxicity or residue problems. - Can be a permanent solution. d. Disadvantages of plant resistance. - Pest resistant varieties or species of cultivated plants not available for all. pests. - Level of control may not be sufficient. - Discovery and development is slow.
The configuration of a cell interconnection circuit suitable...
The lowest level of this data structure represents a single solar cell with its associated I-V curve. ... points of each circuit element, which are set by user. tions at the circuit output terminals. ... through the shunt resistance) and a non-linear multiplication factor [5, 6]...
Resistance to Mediation: Understanding and
Resistance to mediation: understanding and handling IT 29. country rests heavily upon the attitudes and involvement of the legal pro-fession." Further, Riskin (1982,43) points out ... In this way, everyone can attest to its reality. In psychoanalysis, resistance was originally understood to relate to the tendency of many patients to reject frequently and vigorously offered inter-pretations. But as attention was drawn to this resistance, therapists also noticed another level
Artemether Treatment of Prepatent Schistosoma japonicum...
In the Chinese mainland strain used, ART treatment of prepatent infection at the appropriate time point induced resistance to reinfection. ... Indeed, by early administration of ART, Bergquist and others11 were able to induce a high level of resistance against S. mansoni reinfection in mice. In their hands, that was comparable to vaccination with irradiated cercariae.
TACSM Abstract
Changes in Creatine Phosphokinase Isoenzymes After Varying Levels of Resistance Exercise. ... However, the significant interaction between intensity and time indicated that CK-MM was significantly higher (93.00±4.03 vs. 86.39±4.15%, p = 0.002) and CK-MB was significantly lower (7.13±4.22 vs. 12.37±3.30%, p = 0.006) at 48-hr following the high-intensity exercise trial as compared with the same time point of low.
Cooperative extension university of californiaenvironmental...
The latest information indicates that the antibiotic resistance level in gram-negative enterobacteria (a large group that includes Salmonella) in the United States has remained stable for at least the 12 years covered by the investigation. ... The limited epidemiological information available does not support this supposition. We hope these few points will help to place in reasoned perspective the issue of use of subtherapeutic levels of penicillin and tetracycline in animal feeds.
Practice Quiz 3
4) A rock is thrown from ground level at some angle above the horizontal with a certain velocity. It reaches its highest point and starts falling down. What is the magnitude of the velocity of the rock right before it hits the ground? ... Answer: B. 10) A projectile is launched with an initial velocity of 80 m/s at an angle of 30e above the horizontal. Neglecting air resistance, what is horizontal component of the projectile's acceleration?
Air Resistance
Grading for this Lab (total of 40 points for the two weeks): A thoughtful design of a lab to ... Air resistance is sometimes referred to as a drag force. ... Based on your results, do you think your lab design, if written up as a college-level “equation verification lab” would...
Patriots or Traitors – Point of View in the War for Independence
Grade Level(s): High School. Time Period(s): Revolution & the New Nation. Duration: 60 minutes. Unit: VUS.4C. The students are looking at the differences in how the British/Loyalists and the Patriots saw the actions of Great Britain between the French and Indian War and the American Revolution and how each side portrayed the other to promote their own point of view. ... As the British continued to levy taxed in their attempt to rebuild the treasury, the increase in tensions led to resistance, especially in the cities.
Type F6000 Furnace
The set point will stay at this level for a period determined by the set-ting of DWELL 1. Additional positive or negative going ramps are now initiated starting at the level at the end of DWELL 1. When the second ramp reaches the second programmed level, the set point stays at that level for the duration of the segment. ... The furnace chamber is heated by four electric resistance heaters which are embedded in a refractory material.
However, underlying all of these systems at a fundamental level is the operation of DC circuits. Indeed, the ability to analyze and simplify such circuits is central to the understanding and design of more complicated circuits. Furthermore, the measurement of DC circuit quantities, i.e., voltage, current and resistance, are the most basic and fundamental measurements an electrical engineer can make. ... 1.6.2 Current Measurement Via Series Resistance or a DC Ammeter. Attach your PSpice Bias Point simulations for the circuit in Figure 1.9.
Systemic Acquired Resistance
Both the phenotype of NahG plants and the AIP experiments suggest that SA is a signal in resistance (R) gene-mediated resistance responses and that the ability of the plant to rap-idly produce high levels of SA modulates disease resistance. ... We have recently found that maximal induction of SAR occurs only at high concentrations. Given the importance of SA in disease resistance, the path-. way of SA biosynthesis may represent a major control point.
Impact of Resistance
This activity level was well tolerated by even the most frail study participants, including individuals with EDSS scores of greater than 8.0. Strength improvement was corroborated by DeBolt and McCubbin,9 who explored the use of home-based resistance training in 36 adults with MS. They found trends of improvement in gait and balance, although the results did not reach statistical significance. ... because of the numerous data point being compared. The level of statistical significance was set at P < .05.
Resistance to Brittle Fracture of Glass Reinforced
Since no comprehensive information regarding the optimization of insulator rod composites for their resistance to brittle fracture has ever been provided at this level, this work should be of signicant interest to insulator manufac-turers and users. ... 2) Four-Point Bend SCC Testing: Four point bending stress corrosion tests were performed on each of the E-glass and ECR-glass ber composites [26], [30], [32], [34]. The materials were placed in a four-point bend xture—illustrated in Fig. 6—and exposed to nitric acid with a pH of 1.2.
Southern Cross University
The partial interaction model enables debonding initiation and propagation to be analysed in the joint, while parametric studies demonstrate the influence of key variables such as the level of frictional resistance and the length of bonded plate. ... Slab S2.1 provided in Smith et al.’s (2013) study is investigated herein to determine the level of frictional resistance arising from an FRP-strengthened RC slab. The simply-supported slab was 400 mm wide by 150 mm deep and subjected to four-point bending.
Karen McCormack – Faculty | Wheaton College | Massachusetts
I am particularly interested in the policy implications of this work, which point to the need for ... In the new Organizations course, students taking the class at the 300-level with work as interns in ... 2009. "The Place of Resistance", in Studies in Law, Politics, and Society.
Standards and progression point examples
Progression Point for Level 3 At Level 3, a student progressing towards the standard at Level 4 may, for example: Science Understanding · explain how changes in biological, chemical, earth and space, and physical science contexts may be of benefit to society. For example, the use of heating and cooling in cooking, use of electromagnets or the use of pushes and pulls such as brakes in bicycles to make objects move and stop, growing plants from seedlings as a food source, or adding fertilisers to change the composition and characteristics of different soils.
Negative-Resistance Read and Write Schemes for
However, two circuit-level challenges remain for STT-MRAM: potentially destructive read access due to device variation and a high-power write access. This paper presents two STT-MRAM access schemes: a negative-resistance read scheme (NRRS) that guarantees non-destructive read by design, and a negative-resistance write scheme (NRWS) that, on average, reduces the write power consumption by 10.5%. ... is the equilibrium point between a stable RP and an unstable RAP case.
The Resistance and Strength of Soft Solder
The magnets for the muon ionization cooling experiment (MICE) [2] cooling channel are a case in point. Two types of these coils contain splices because the available conductor piece lengths are too short. Because the coil currents are low (<300 A) and the splices are not cooled with helium diˆrectly, the splice resistance must also be low (<10 n?). ... If one measures the resistance of a 0.5 n? splice using a current of 10 A, the signal voltage across the splice will be ~5 nV. This means that the noise in the experiment must be eliminated to the level lower than 5 nV.
Art as a Representation of Resistance
...book was published, the issue of slavery was, at least for the moment, a moot point. ... The representations of resistance by both the British and French take on several forms. ... in St. Domingo," Rainsford is standing next to and at the same level as a black officer in...
Ballistic resistance
Hence the best material for body armour should have a high level of elastic storage ... The challenge in exploring the ballistic resistance capacity of carbon nanotubes lies in ... length of the nanotube and h is the distance between the bullet impinging point and an end of...
Measures of Toxicity | Acclimation and Resistance
At the community level, we seek to ... An often ignored component in such studies is the evolution of resistance to the toxic substance. ... These parameters can be combined in a simple algebraic equation describing change in population size between two points in time
AC 2009-2517: calculation of the general impedance between
Bartis provided these problems as counter-examples to those who believe that such complex resistive network problems can not be treated at the elementary level. He also elaborated that these types of problems help teach the students how to approach more complex network problems and tackle their solutions. ... 4. A. H. Zemanian, “A classical puzzle: The driving-point resistances of infinite grids,” IEEE Circuits and.
Boston Pledge of Resistance : Records, 1983-1990...
The records of the Boston Pledge of Resistance were given to the University of ... (with Mobe, particularly staff member Anne Shumway, as its central organizing point), took place in the ... Any one, or group, representing a body at any level of the hierarchy could submit...
Kirchho’s Laws, Internal Resistance of a Battery...
One rst must label all possible currents in the circuit, and here the only one is I. One starts the walk at the point indicated and goes around the loop as shown by the curved arrow. The resistance of wires connecting elements like resistors and batteries are ignored, so the rst thing we encounter is the resistor. ... Note the voltage of the level part (horizontal), and calculate 1/e of this. Determine the time the voltage takes to drop to this value, as in gure 6. 8. repeat this for three dierent resistors.
Chart Patterns
Resistance occurs at approximately the same high price each time (horizontal trendline), while new buying on the pullbacks, serve to lift the support levels higher (upward slanting trendline). ... A secondary failure point could be placed at the last point (or point 4 in this example). (See the gray dotted line showing this scenario.) This additional failure point is usually only used if the breakout and subsequent trading has not extended beyond the length of the pattern (i.e., apex) and the risk levels are still within your tolerance.
New England Complex Systems Institute
Current infection control strategies focus on the point of contact between individu-als. We examine the magnitude of the movement of pathogens throughout the dif-ferent geographic components of a prototypical hospital, and a rational for consid-ering system-level strategies that reduce the spatial movement ... Accessed 8/27/ 2008. [6] Blok HE, Troelstra A, Kamp-Hopmans TE, Gigengack-Baars AC, Vendenbroucke-Grauls CM, Weersink AJ, Verhoef J, Mascini EM. Role of health-care workers in outbreaks for methicillin-resistance Staphylococcus aureus: a 10-year evaluation from a Dutch university hospital.
Chapter 6: Resistance to Extinction
There are a number of factors that can influence resistance to extinction (and we will examine some of these below). But in general, extinction displays the same type of diminishing returns curve as does acquisition: The bigger changes will occur early in extinction, and later sessions of extinction will display progressively smaller changes in the ... Shock certainly has to be an activity that occurs well above its bliss point in this type of experiment, resulting in strong pressure to moderate the shocks downward. Thus, certain types of experimentally induced disequilibrium can result in smaller levels of responding.
PhysComp | Devices / OhmsLaw | resistance
To name only one problem, water does not need to flow in a continuous loop from point A to point B, and back again, but electricity has to flow in a circuit, meaning that it usually requires two pipes / wires to carry electricity if it is to work. What is voltage? Using the water metaphor, visualize a large water tank filled ... As you work with electricity longer you will have a more detailed sense or how electricity should behave at various levels of voltage, current and power (the product of voltage and current). The unit of resistance is the ohm, named in honor of German physicist Georg Ohm. The units fit together really well?
Hydraulic Experiments on a Packed Column
Packing materials must have the following characteristics: a large wetted surface area per unit volume of packed space (this allows a large interfacial area to exist), a large void volume (needed for low pressure drops), good wetting characteristics, corrosion resistance, low bulk density, and low cost. ... 3. Record data when the pressure drop across the column is more or less constant. Three group members are necessary at this point in order to keep the two rotameters and the level in the bottom portion of the column stable and also to watch the manometers.
the block resistance and corrects the voltage reading. Sensors and Temperature Sensors Thermocouple Typical Problems A short of the two wires Junction then will be at the point of the short Temperatures readings will be incorrect No Reference Junction Compensation Temperatures readings will be incorrect ... Sensors and Light Sensors Photodiodes A diode that is forward biased by light Very fast reactions to changing light levels Same physical size as LEDs Have small windows through which light is sensed Testing is simple When the window is blocked High Sensors and Light Sensors Phototransistors Usually used instead...
Managing Resistance to Change | Graziadio Business Review
Conversely, strategic adaptation and strategic reorientation may create higher levels of resistance to change because it is more difficult to view these strategies as logically consistent. Strategic adaptation requires extensive and high levels of organization change predicated on a relatively small change in the business strategy. ... An important point to note in closing is that the organization leader must understand the nature of the change and the leader’s role in presenting such change to support effective change implementation.
Welcome to the world of Robotic Surveying.
Level Sensitivity Circular level Plate level Optical Plummet Telescope Magnification Image Field of view Operating temperature limit Other Dimensions Weight Operating time Operating system Point Guide Internal memory. ... 2709 Hamilton Blvd. South Plainfield New Jersey 07080 908.561.5350 fax 908.757.2825 www.esscosupply.com. NiMH Rechargeable Batteries No more NiCad battery problems Water Resistant Design Meets“IXP5” water resistance performance based on IEC529 international standards.
Table of contents
- ro is the output resistance of the transistor The same simplification was performed for transistors M1, M2, and. M14 to calculate the resistance at point ‘b’ as described by Equation 2: R. B. ... output signal dynamic range. The second operating point is at a voltage level below the mid rail value and the third operating point is at a voltage above the mid rail value to make sure that the formulation is valid across a wide range of input bias voltages.
New Insights and New Therapies
Insulin-resistance is defined as any condition in which the plasma insulin concentration is higher than the blood sugar level suggests it should be. It is therefore, not unreasonably, interpreted to mean that insulin is not as effective at lowering the blood sugar level as it should be, i.e. there is "resistance" to its action. ... At a certain point, no amount of over-eating will induce any further weight gain because the tissues are too insulin-resistant to allow further deposition of fat or other material in the cells.
The V2Suit uses control moment gyroscopes (CMGs) within a small, wearable module to provide a resistance to movements against a specified direction of “down.” ... The integration of a wearable IMU with a “down” tracking algorithm has been successfully demonstrated, and a CMG architecture has been defined to provide the required direction and magnitude of resistive torque. An integrated and comprehensive countermeasure system has a measurable impact on human performance following a space mission, and enables system-level mass and volume savings.
Enhancing Mobility
Individual Resident Benchmarks/Goal Setting • Needed for Starting Point & to ... • Exercise program: • Utilize full body strength (resistance) exercises to promote ... • Exercise level 2: has a motor task (bouncing a ball) added to the basic exercise such as an agility course.
Mechanical Behaviour and Split Resistance of
Mechanical Behaviour and Split Resistance of Chestnut under Compressive Loading. Ye?im Benal YURTLUa, El?in YE??LO?LUa. a Ondokuz May?s University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Machinery, 55139, Kurupelit, Samsun, TURKEY. ... rupture force in N; Dr is the deformation at rupture point in mm. In this study, 4?3?3 treatments were considered as four chestnut varieties, three moisture levels and three loading orientations.
Blended Learning. Resistance. Why? | University...
The opportunity to create different paths of learning and thinking is at a critical point. Mellander makes a valid point and I agree-sometimes people model the behavior they are shown. However, I wonder what other reasons are why instructors resist more technology-enhanced learning. ... This resistance is not particular to teachers, even at the collegiate level. IT is human nature to resist change, the very essence of learning.
Induces noise in sound lines Direct Often the product of a chemical reaction Batteries Can be generated using an Ohms Voltage, current and resistance are all related Voltage The potential charge between two points It is a relative measurement We usually measure voltage with respect to “ground” or “earth” Requires a complete path back to ground in order to “flow” Current The “flow”. ... Hot and return Often the return is a screen or braid around an inner conductor Low levels of noise resistance Good for short cable runs at line level or speaker level Balanced – 3 conductors.
Calculation of Resistances for Multiply Connected
Calculation of Resistances for Multiply Connected Domains Using Schwarz-Christoel Transformations. ... Using [8, Lemma 1], the multi-index ? labels successive reections of, e.g., a point a?n ... The form used in our computations truncated to N levels of reection is.
Overcoming Resistance to Whole-School Uptake of
Interestingly enough, the more we embrace restorative practices at a whole school level, the less we should encounter resistance as we involve and work with others in these intensely relational ways. ... others (internal & external). Laggards. • hold out to the end • point of reference is the past • hang out together • suspicious of innovation & early adopters • resistance is rational to them. must be certain that a new idea will not fail. • Pressure and Support • Listening to their concerns • Asking them to produce evidence/come up with.
Virginia Institute of Marine Science - Long-term study shows...
Despite the increasing abundance of disease-causing parasites among the spring imports, data from these studies show a decrease or leveling off in MSX and Dermo among resident oyster populations in the lower James. "The Wreck Shoal study in the lower James provides the most complete long-term study of disease prevalence on a wild oyster reef," says Burreson. "It clearly shows increased resistance to MSX in response to increased disease pressure."
Superconductivity | Part II: Resistance vs Temperature.
The liquid should be level with the top of the disk. ... You will measure the resistance of the superconductor device as a function of temperature to determine . You will use the thermocouple to measure the temperature, as above, and use a four point probe to measure the resistance. When a simple measurement of the resistance of an electrical test sample is performed by attaching two wires to it, the resistance of the wire-to-sample contact point or bond is also inadvertently included.
Resistance, Wave-Making and
This is, no doubt, due to the high level of free-stream turbulence, as mentioned previously. The top two plots of Figure C.1 show that the model agrees very well with O? sterlund’s velocity prole data. Except for one stray point in the top plot, Nagib’s data is also contained within the 2% error bands. ... [15] Coles D.E., “The law of the wake in the turbulent boundary layer”, J. Fluid Mech., Vol. 1, 1956, pp. 191-226. [16] Couser, P.R., Wellicome, J.F., and Molland, A.F., “An improved method for the theoretical prediction of the wave resistance of transom-stern hulls using a slender body approach”, Int.
An Integrative Approach to Resistance to Attitude
Additional Dependent Measure {Page 15) Studies 3 & 4 asked Ss to rate the experiment on 49 point scales of educa-tional valuG, interest, and bias. Results Initial Attitude. A 2x2 analysis of variance of the pre-discrepancy ratings of the focal issue concerning the all-volunteer army. ... Perhaps the proposed motivation supplied by threat forewarning would prompt Ss to concentrate on value number as well as value relevance to produce expected levels of resistance.

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