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Benchmarks in Search Markets
In addition to LIBOR, which is already regulated in the United Kingdom, these are the overnight interest rate benchmarks known as SONIA and RONIA, the ISDAFix interest-rate-swap index, the WM/Reuters 4pm closing foreign exchange price indices (which cover many currency pairs), the London Gold Fixing, the LBMA Silver Price, and ICE Brent (a major oil price bench-mark).
Reforming LIBOR and Other Financial
LIBOR is often used as a benchmark rate— meaning that the interest rates that consumers and businesses pay on trillions of dollars in loans adjust up and down contractually based on movements in LIBOR. ... For example, a foreign-exchange trade that, absent benchmark effects, would optimally be executed at 5 pm London time could be shifted to match the extremely popular WM/Reuters benchmark, produced by the WM Company, which has a 4 pm London fixing time.
Look up Foreign Exchange Rates (Identifier Lookup). In Thomson Reuters Spreadsheet Link you can search for the codes for historical and forecast foreign exchange (FX) rates and export them to a spreadsheet. You can search by exchange rate name (for example, US $), DS mnemonic, source currency, target currency, or base date. ... Notes For example common stock, currency rate, futures, etc. Industry Geographical region. • Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) industry, sector, super- or sub-sector.
RCV1: A New Benchmark Collection
Studies have shown considerable variation in in-terindexer consistency rates for different data sets (Cleverdon, 1991). The process described above was an attempt to achieve high consistency and correctness for the Reuters codes. Stories were sam-pled periodically and feedback given to ... We therefore include, as Online. 374. RCV1: a new benchmark collection. Appendices 16, 17, and 18, the RBB lists of Topics, Industries, and Region codes. RBB refers to the Reuters Business Brieng archival database offering (Section 2.2).
MVAPICH :: Benchmarks
This benchmark measures the performance of atomic fetch-and-operate and atomic operate routines sup- ported in OpenSHMEM for the integer datatype. The buffers can be selected to be in heap memory or global memory. The PEs are paired like in the case of Put Operation Rate benchmark and the first PE in each pair issues back-to-back atomic operations of a type to its peer PE.
STREAM Benchmark Reference Information
The STREAM benchmark is a simple synthetic benchmark program that measures sustainable memory bandwidth (in MB/s) and the corresponding computation rate for simple vector kernels. Why should I care? ... STREAM is also a useful component of models for scaling of homogeneous throughput workloads (like the SPEC CPU "rate" benchmarks).
Thomson Reuters Cortellis Competitive Intelligence
Thomson Reuters Phone: +61 3 9286 1485 Mobile: +61 466 481 359 amabel.tan@thomsonreuters.com ip-science.thomsonreuters.com.au. Learning Material. • 20. Generate a visual drug pipeline with Spotfire analystics. • 21. Benchmark comparable historical deals. • 22. Get the latest findings from International Conferences. • 24. View latest drugs in development for a disease.
Culture Wars: Rate Manipulation, Institutional
When aggregated by Thomson Reuters, those rates pro-duce a daily benchmark interest rate. ... The report states that [t]he shift away from banks funding each other in an unsecured market has led to a scar-city or outright absence in longer tenors of real transactions underpinning these bench-mark rates and has exacerbated vulnerabilities of these benchmarks.
Typically, Measure frame rate continuously (every second) or one time (when that button is clicked) would not be used during a benchmark run, but instead to evaluate the actual frame rate during some manually executed display task. On some systems, Benchmark results are affected by the monitor refresh rate. The actual frame rate is additionally subject to the fixed delay introduced by Chimera (upper limit ~30 frames/sec).
A Yield Curve analysis is used to display the relationship between short and long term interest rate instruments. The Y-axis displays the yield for the instruments and the X-axis displays the maturity duration for each instrument. ... • Enter a Yield Curve Chain RIC in the instrument box from the command line and press Enter, e.g. 0#THBMK= for Thailand Benchmark Yield Curve. OR. Thomson Reuters Eikon USER GUIDE.
In the past couple of years, Thomson Reuters launched the so-called Islamic Interbank Rate (IIBR). The initiative itself is helpful at this stage, when no other e?orts are yet devoted to addressing the Islamic interbank rate issue. However, Thomson Reuters themselves have stated that the IIBR is an initial step but not the ?nal one to address the challenge. The IIBR initiative Led by Thomson Reuters, IIBR is a multi-stakeholder initiative which consists mainly of two commitees. The Islamic Benchmark Commitee has 23 members...
Exchange Rate Forecasting, Order Flow
Abstract This paper investigates empirically the ability of simple microstructure models based on order ‡ow to overturn the stylized fact that empirical exchange rate models cannot outperform a naive random walk benchmark. Using one year of data for three major exchange rates obtained from Reuters on special order, we …nd evidence that order ‡ow is a powerful predictor of future movements in daily exchange rates in an out-of-sample exercise where an investor carries out allocation decisions based on order ‡ow information.
Benchmarks and metrics | Rate FY 2011 (Percent)
Background & Need
Subsequently the paper compares the mechanisms of interest based benchmark prevailing in Pakistan and the Islamic interbank benchmark rate launched recently in the international market with the proposed mechanism of Islamic benchmark in Pakistan. ... The benchmark must be a means of achieving the distributive justice as outlined by the principles of Islamic economics. 4.0 Mechanism of KIBOR Karachi Inter-bank Offered Rate (KIBOR) uses the Reuters infrastructure for its daily quotations.
Exchange Traded Interest Rate Futures Reuters and Telerate Broker Data Guide New Issue Chains RTFI Pricemakers. ... FXVOL ASEANVOL. Singapore ABS Fixing ISDA/Reuters Swap Fixing Asian NDF Fixings. Benchmarks US Japan Euro UK Spore China. Broker Data GFI - Singapore GFI - CDS Speed Guide GFI - FX Derivatives GFI - Regional Swaptions Page ICAP Garban Intercapital Meitan Tradition Tullet Prebon BGC Partners BGCantor.
Design of experiments for the NIPS 2003 variable selection...
The rule of thumb number_of_test_examples=100/test_errate=100/.15=667 led us to keep 700 examples for testing. The best benchmark error rates are of the order 15%, which confirms that our estimate was correct. ... 2) Sources a. Original owners. The original data set we used is a subset of the well-known Reuters text categorization benchmark. The data was originally collected and labeled by Carnegie Group, Inc. and Reuters, Ltd. in the course of developing the CONSTRUE text categorization system.
Thomson one banker
Thomson Reuters, its agents and employees, shall not be held liable to or through any user for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from reliance on the information contained herein. This document contains information proprietary to Thomson Reuters and may not be reproduced, disclosed, or used in whole or part without the express written permission of Thomson Reuters. ... The current exchange and benchmark rates are on the left, and the historical rates are on the right.
The Reuters-21578 benchmark corpus, ApteMod version. ... The copyright for the text of newswire articles and Reuters annotations in the Reuters-21578 collection resides with Reuters Ltd. Reuters Ltd. and Carnegie Group, Inc. have agreed to allow the free distribution of this data *for research purposes only*.
University ranking and
? For example,Webometrics rankings can be used to benchmark website presence, while the Shanghai, QS and Times HE-Thomson Reuters can be used for research benchmarking. ... y Comparing and seeking to improve one’s state of wellbeing are part of human nature, so the principles of ranking (rating) and benchmarking will continue to be used.
London Interbank Offered Rate
LIBOR is calculated and published by Thomson Reuters on behalf of the British Bankers' Association (BBA) after 11:00 am (and generally around 11:45 am) each day (London time). It is a trimmed average of inter-bank deposit rates offered by designated contributor banks, for maturities ranging from overnight to one year. ... The rates are a benchmark rather than a tradable rate, the actual rate at which banks will lend to one another continues to vary throughout the day.
Not only does this key bank interest rate impact major US indices, derivative markets, and adjustable rate mortgages, but it also accounts for trillions of dollars in loans under its influence. The Libor was officially recognized as a benchmark rate in 1989 because of the ... Libor has viewed as an industry standard since it was first calculated in 1986. Libor rate data is available from various private data vendors, even though Thompson. Reuters calculates the rates. To calculate all the rates on London business days for ten different.
Reuters corpus: benchmark test data for multi-label text categorization. ... Confidence-rated discriminative partial label learning Description: The package includes the source code of CORD, which learns from partial label data by rating the ground-truth labeling confidences of candidate labels. A Readme file and some sample files are included in the package.
European Government Bond Markets: transparency, liquidity...
5.6 Comparisons of euro area public debt markets with the United States. Cash bonds The cost of government borrowing should in principle represent the benchmark cost of borrowing in the currency, so the rate yield represents interest rates. ... As noted above, the MTS platform makes pre- and post-trade information available outside of the B2B space in real-time. MTS provides real-time quotes and the last transaction price in all of the benchmark bonds on the platform via Bloomberg and Reuters.
Dynamic Interactions Between Interest-Rate and Credit Risk
We further allow the credit-risk factors to interact dynamically with the benchmark interest-rate factors. Thus, our modeling of the interactions between interest rates and credit spreads goes far beyond what has been done in the literature. ... For each rm, the data set also contains an expected recovery rate estimate at each date. We obtain the credit rating information on each reference company from Standard & Poors, and the sector information from Reuters. At each date, we divide the CDS data into four groups...
Exchange Rate Volatility Transmission
In carrying this proposed study, we will use the high-frequency exchange rate data from Dow Jones Telerate of Reuters FXFX. ... We will compare Korean won, Malaysian ringgit, Indonesian rupiah, Philippine peso, Hong Kong dollar, Taiwan dollar and Thai baht. In addition we will add Japanese yen for benchmark currency for Asian countries. All currencies are based on US dollar.
(10 points). What is the benchmark rate that Jack Hough is using in his CAPM risk-adjusted discount rate calculation (using MoneyChimp's calculator)? ... where PE is the price/earnings ratio and G is the annual rate at which earnings are expected to increase, currently 25% for the next five years for Amazon, according to the Reuters Research's consensus.
Thomson reuters spreadsheet link for
• view the constituents of custom portfolios, watch lists, and. benchmark indexes. • upload your company's proprietary or custom data, including text, calculations, or other values. ... compare individual securities to custom peer group averages. • look up tickers and other company identifiers, indexes, exchange. rates, and data items, including real-time, fundamental, estimate, and pricing data. • click Reuters financials or Worldscope data item values to open and.
The London InterBank Offered Rate (“LIBOR”) is a leading
20, 2012). 14 Vaughn, supra note 1 (stating FXMM’s “lack of transparency is symptomatic of a self-regulated system that failed to stop traders around the world manipulating the world’s most widely used benchmark interest rate for profit.”). ... Thomson Reuters, a financial data and news provider, acts as. the LIBOR collection agent. Each business day, it collects the banks’. answers to the following question: “At what rate could you borrow.
Forex | 6 Post-Fix Spot Rate Dynamics
These benchmarks are a key linchpin of world nancial markets, providing standardize prices used to value global equity and bond portfolios, to hedge currency exposure, and to write and execute derivatives’ contracts. The most important of these benchmarks, called the “London 4pm Fix”, “the WMR Fix” or just the “Fix”, is published by the WM Company and Reuters based on forex trading around 4:00 pm GMT. This paper undertakes a detailed empirical analysis of the how forex rates behave around the Fix drawing on a...
CASE Lab Research: Euler3d Benchmark
A fundamental characteristic of unstructured grid computations is the requirement to scatter calculated variables across a non-continuous list of memory locations. Thus, we should conceptually expect the benchmark to be rate-limited by raw floating point calculation speed and the memory access speed. As these two are (mostly) sequential operations, both influence the final benchmark speed.
Barclays Settles Regulators’ Claims Over Manipulation of Key...
The Barclays settlement, which offers clues about the scope of the inquiry, may provide a template for future actions. The deal also lays the groundwork for broader reform measures that could reshape how banks report benchmark rates. ... Analysts say the Libor system, which was created in 1986 and is overseen by Thomson Reuters on behalf of the British Bankers’ Association, does not provide sufcient transparency about how banks set their daily interest rates for borrowing in the nancial markets.
Can exchange rates forecast
As a robustness check, we also used …ve other commonly used aggregate indexes (from Commodity Research Bureau-BLS, Reuters/Je¤ries, Moody’s, Dow Jones-AIG, and Goldman Sachs); all are obtained from Global Financial Data. ... 15 Again, we note that these are total return indices, so they are not very clean measures of the theoretical conepts of forward premium, or forward and spot rates. 14. performance of the exchange rate models relative to the three statistical benchmarks described in Section 2.2 above.
Benchmark Study of the
Fordham International Law Journal
Source: Wharton Economics Forecasting Associates; Reuters. There is some controversy over whether the benchmark rate that replaces the ECU London International Bank Offered Rate23 ("LIBOR") -used as a benchmark in swaps and futures markets-will be the British Bankers Association ("BBA") euro. 20. The Paris International Bank Offered Rate ("PIBOR") is an interest rate fu-tures contract.
Research Resources – Finance
Direct Subscriptions (Access information with the Finance department). SDC Platinum - SDC Platinum from Thomson Reuters is the industry standard for information on new equity and debt issues, M&A, syndicated loans, private equity, project finance, poison pills, and VentureXpert. ... Central to this work is the use of survivor-bias-free data to insure the accuracy of performance benchmarks, and the validity of analyses. Created according to clear, unbiased and systematic processes, this database undergoes rigorous procedures...
IMF set | More From Reuters
International Monetary Fund staff are set to give the all-clear for China's yuan to be included in the lender's benchmark currency basket, laying the groundwork for a favorable decision by policymakers, people familiar with the discussions said on Sunday. ... Reuters.com More from Reuters Support & Contact Account Information Connect with Reuters About. Business Markets World Politics Technology Opinion Money Pictures Videos Site Index Reuters News Agency Brand Attribution Guidelines Delivery Options...
How Would the Fed Raise Rates?
Fed-funds rates moved accordingly, becoming the benchmark for short-term lending rates throughout the economy. ... The Fed could persuade the banks. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaks w ith European Central Bank President Mario Draghi at the Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyo., Aug. 22. Reuters. to tighten credit by bribing them with higher returns on their reserves?
Run Run Shaw Library
This study is to analyze the relationship between choice of these benchmark references and interest rate risks of corporate borrowers. The statistical results of the study reveal that the two interest rates fixings in Hong Kong and Singapore are similar as the correlation coefficient between the two rates is ... 13 USD interest rates in the Hong Kong interbank market are in the tenors of overnight, 1 week, 2 weeks, and 1 to 12 months. A minimum of 10 banks / rates is required. Thomson Reuters is the calculating agent for the fixing.
The PARSEC Benchmark Suite: Characterization and
benchmark suite, performance measurement, multi-threading, shared-memory computers. 1. INTRODUCTION. Benchmarking is the quantitative foundation of computer architecture research. ... The HJM framework describes how interest rates evolve for risk management and asset liability management[17] for a class of models. Its central insight is that there is an explicit relationship between the drift and volatility parameters of the forward-rate dynamics in a no-arbitrage market.
A bank cannot see other contributor rates during the submission window - this is only possible after publication of the final BBA LIBOR fixing. After calculation the data is released to the market, via Thomson Reuters and other data vendors. ... The rate, a benchmark for about $360 trillion of financial products worldwide, is derived from a survey of banks conducted daily on behalf of the British Bankers’ Association in London. Manipulating Rates.
LIBOR: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But
The rate was intended to “facilitate[] the operation of markets, and ma[k]e benchmarking more transparent and objective.”14. In October 1984 the BBA—working with other parties such as the Bank of. England—established various working parties, which eventually culminated in the production of the BBAIRS terms ... Thomson Reuters, on behalf of the BBA and EBF, then collates the submissions, calculates the final benchmark rates,33 and publishes the daily rates. III. “This is the way you pull off deals like this”34.
Protocol, Libor and the Paradox of Private Ordering
currency and maturity.89 The official rates, along with the submissions of individual panel members, are then publicly disseminated by Thomson Reuters at around 11:45am London time. The principal benefit of Libor stems from its use as a benchmark rate of interest in connection with a wide range of financial contracts. The floating rate leg of the stylized interest rate swap depicted in Figure 2, for example, was calculated on the basis of a spread over Libor (i.e. Libor + 2.0%).
Scalable feature selection, classication and signature generation
We report on experiences with the Reuters newswire benchmark, the US patent database, and web document samples from Yahoo!. We discuss appli-cations where our system can improve searching and ltering capabilities. 1 Introduction. ... Another application of context-sensitive signatures is nding term associations. Using phrases for search and clas-sication can potentially boost accuracy. The usual way to nd phrases is to test a set of terms for occurrence rate far above that predicted by assuming independence between terms.
ART b | 6 Experiments: Reuters-21578
Reuters-21578 is chosen as the benchmark domain for a number of reasons. ... acq :- acquire acquisition acq :- merge merger crude :- crude oil grain :- grain interest :- interest interest :- rate money-fx :- foreign exchange money-fx :- money exchange. In the rule insertion experiments, rules were parsed and inserted into the ARAM networks before learning and classi cation.
Home : Benchmarking. Benchmark Comparisons. Benchmark institutions are used to assess UK's standing in such areas as tuition, faculty salaries, diversity, and retention and graduation rates. Analysis of benchmark institutions informs decision-making to promote programmatic change and enhancements.
Local benchmark rates are at record lows and two rounds of additional monetary stimulus by the Federal. Reserve have diminished the returns of dollar-denominated assets. ... The troubles in Europe in. Guido Mantega, Brazil’s finance minister, rails against trend for lowering exchange rates to gain trade advantages Reuters. the second half of last year eased the appreciation pres-sure on the real.
Thomson Reuters and Drexel Partner... | Drexel University
The IP & Science business of Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading provider of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, is partnering with Drexel University, an institution widely recognized for its focus on experiential learning, to provide an innovative solution to help the University make informed decisions about its productivity and benchmark status, scholarship and performance.
Adequate information | Benchmarking
Information on deep ecology and on how other corporations are evolving in that area should be a natural part of management information systems that include both competitors and "model companies" against which the company should benchmark itself in terms of ... Reuters, the undisputed leader in electronic financial data and news, has established a task force to design a framework for online information on environmental performance of publicly traded companies. Based in the UK, Reuters serves mainly European customers...
The monthly data on the spot and forward rates for most countries are taken from World Market Reuters (WMR) and Bloomberg series. The data on Eurocurrency interest rates come from Financial Times and DRIFACTS database. ... The specication of this benchmark exchange rate and the deviations from it depend on one’s beliefs about. what variables aect this fundamental rate. Thus, market participants might have dierent views of the bench
BBA attempts to eliminate outliers in the submission pool by dropping the highest 25% and the lowest 25% of submissions each day.31 The rate is then published by Thomson Reuters, and reported along with the submissions of ... Benchmarks, established to look at benchmarks other than LIBOR and chaired by Martin Wheatley, author of the Wheatley Review, and Gary Gensler, Chairman of the CFTC.175 The purpose of the taskforce is to identify benchmark rates, define the types of benchmarks relevant to financial markets...
The monthly data on the spot and forward rates for most countries are taken from World Market Reuters (WMR) and Bloomberg series. The data on Eurocurrency interest rates come from Financial Times and DRIFACTS database. ... The specication of this benchmark exchange rate and the deviations from it depend on one’s beliefs about. what variables aect this fundamental rate. Thus, market participants might have dierent views of the bench
BBA attempts to eliminate outliers in the submission pool by dropping the highest 25% and the lowest 25% of submissions each day.31 The rate is then published by Thomson Reuters, and reported along with the submissions of ... Benchmarks, established to look at benchmarks other than LIBOR and chaired by Martin Wheatley, author of the Wheatley Review, and Gary Gensler, Chairman of the CFTC.175 The purpose of the taskforce is to identify benchmark rates, define the types of benchmarks relevant to financial markets...
Data Set
To meet the needs of social investors, KLD provides research, benchmarks, compliance, and consulting services analogous to those provided by financial research service firms. The Penn World Tables provides national income accounts?type of variables converted to international prices. The homogenization of national accounts to a common numeraire allows valid comparisons of income among countries. WRDS. GMCI. Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters.
} Most common proxy: relevance of search results. } Relevance measurement requires 3 elements: 1. A benchmark document collection. 2. A benchmark suite of queries. 3. A usually binary assessment of either Relevant or Nonrelevant for each query and each document.
Journal benchmarking for
We refer to Web of Science, an online subscription-based scientific citation providing an overall citation search; its main characteristics are given in Journal Citation Reports, an annual publication by Thomson Reuters about academic journals including their IFs. Kurt C. Schaefer (2006) offers an interesting way of applying benchmarking methodology for scholarly self-motivation; “it may be helpful to benchmark the standard to which we should hold ourselves accountable by studying the account of publishing that economists actually...
Vatterott College
The Graduation & Employment Rates listed below are the College’s rates for the programs it currently offers. These rates were the most recent outcomes submitted to the College’s accreditor, the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). Please note, rate information may not yet be available for new programs. Program Program Level. Diploma Diploma. Building Maintenance Mechanics. Carpentry. Graduation Benchmark*. 64%.
International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
We also use the database of Thomson Reuters Tick History (TRTH) to collect some of the index series. We calculate the monthly returns based on the discrete return formula R t = (Pt ? Pt?1)/Pt?1 ?100 1. 3. Research Methodology. ... their closely approximated benchmark index (Schroder (2007). Once we have identified the market regimes for each SRI index, the next step is to measure the. unsystematic risk in each regime and test the strength of the relationship between the unsystematic.
An Architectural Assessment of SPEC CPU Benchmark...
I present a comparative architectural analysis of SPEC CPU bench-marks and the more realistic SPEC Java Server bench-mark. ... The techniques I use to compare SPECcpu and SPECjbb are similar to those of KleinOsowski and Lilja [8]. These authors characterize the SPECcpu benchmarks by instruc-tion mix and level-1 cache miss rates as measured in an architectural simulator.
Learning from Little
3. F-measure is the harmonic average of precision and recall for the positive class. It is superior to grading classiers based on accuracy (or error rate) when the class distribution is skewed. Dierent performance metrics are appropriate in dierent circumstances. ... Fig.3 amplies this point by showing the training set class distributions that would be obtained were one to sample randomly from the test distribution, both for our benchmark problems (left), and for the Reuters-2000 benchmark [14] (right).
The Term Structure of Credit Spreads
Rather, CDS spreads are the annual price of protection quoted in basis points of the notional value, and not based on any risk-free bond or any benchmark interest rates. Periodic premium payments allow the protection buyer to deliver the defaulted ... We obtain the credit rating information on each reference company from Standard & Poors, and its sector information from Reuters, publicly available on Yahoo. We apply several lters to the data. First, we exclude the reference entities that we cannot nd credit rating information on.
Energy reduction in tertiary education
A Yen is not a Yen
If one examines the online Reuters pages displayed on money market participants’ computer monitors, one finds that there were systematic shifts in the yen interest rates depending upon time of day. Since Japanese banks dominated quoting during Asian business hours, yen ... Loans in the euroyen market are typically made at floating interest rates quoted at a spread above a benchmark rate such as TIBOR or LIBOR. These benchmark rates are rates of interest at which banks borrow funds from other banks.
Kenneth R. French - Description of Fama/French Benchmark...
The Fama/French benchmark factors, Rm-Rf, SMB, and HML, are constructed from six size/book-to-market benchmark portfolios that do not include hold ranges and do not incur transaction costs. Rm-Rf, the excess return on the market, is the value-weighted return on all NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ stocks (from CRSP) minus the one-month Treasury bill rate (from Ibbotson Associates).
List of Assignments
7. What index is used as a benchmark? How has it performed compared with its benchmark over the last year? Over the last five years? (or the life of the fund if it hasn’t been in existence for five years) 8. Is there a load? What is the expense ratio? ... Go to the stocks page of www.reuters.com. Find your company using the ticker symbol and look at the financials. Pick one financial ratio in each of the following categories: Valuation Ratios, Growth Rates, Financial Strength, Profitability Ratios, Efficiency and Management...
National Economic Policy a Downdraft for Florida
Bloomberg News has named Snaith as one of the country’s most accurate forecasters for his predictions about the Federal Reserve’s benchmark interest rate, the Federal Funds rate. Snaith also is a member of several national forecasting panels ... Press Economy Survey, the National Association of Business Economics Quarterly Outlook Survey Panel, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s Survey of Professional Forecasters, the Livingston Survey, Bloomberg U.S. Economic Indicator Survey, Reuters U.S.
Section I—Theory | Measuring Performance Vs. a Benchmark
Portfolio performance is most often measured with respect to a benchmark for investment performance and risk analysis. The benchmark is also known as the normal portfolio—that is, the asset basket a manager would hold in the absence of any judgmental information. ... We do this by calculating the spread levels for each rating category. 21 “Gap Shares Drop on Credit Rating Jitters.” Yahoo Finance–Reuters, January 15, 2002, biz.yahoo.com (March 28, 2002). 22 Changes in business fundamentals are not always accompanied by...
FX rates: Reuters / WM Company - Bonds
- Equities, futures, options, mutual funds: o Reuters o Bloomberg o Thompson. - FX rates: Reuters / WM Company - Bonds ... Even if they are available, partial (liquid) returns need to be properly evaluated by comparison to a partial (liquid) benchmark. Complete quarterly performance results are made available to the Chair of the Committee on Investments and the Chair of the Regents by the end of the following month.
Text retrieval systems
} Most common proxy: relevance of search results. } Relevance measurement requires 3 elements: 1. A benchmark document collection. 2. A benchmark suite of queries. 3. A usually binary assessment of either Relevant or Nonrelevant for each query and each document.
Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Leadership
All nancial data used in this research was collected from the REUTERS nancial markets database and combined with Dow Jones and SAM database of rms that have composed the US DJSI indexes. ... Finally, table 9 presents the defensive hypothesis test for the DJSI rms in com-parison to the three benchmarks. The defensive hypothesis examines the adaptation rate of a rm to economic crises by measuring its sales growth rate post an economic crisis.
Realistic Workload Characterization and Analysis for
gregated mean injection rate do not characterize the variance in injection rate from node to node in locale and over the course of the benchmark in time seen in realistic workloads. Other synthetic workloads exist, including tornado, bit-reversal, and shue. ... Rather than largely ho-mogeneous execution, as modeled by synthetic bench-marks, programs typically have phases or periods in which characteristics such as memory references, and instructions per cycle are radically dierent from other.
CHAPTER XIV | Fixed-rate Market 11?% 13% 1?%
A publicly quoted source (for example: Reuters). Payment frequency: The term of the floating index. Day count ... On the other side, a non-US borrower will swap foreign currency for USD paying USD Libor and receiving x basis points above/below the foreign currency benchmark rate. There is an active EUR/USD XCCY basis swap market. Suppose x is -40.
Do Peso Problems Explain | 6.1 Benchmark estimates
Our benchmark value of p implies that the probability of not observing a peso event in a sample as long as ours is 68 percent. So, our assumption that a peso event did not occur in our sample is quite plausible from a purely statistical point of view. ... We obtain our foreign exchange rate data from Datastream. They are originally sourced by Datastream from the WM Company/Reuters. We use two data sets. The …rst data set consists of spot exchange rates and one month forward exchange rates for twenty currencies (Australian...
Web Animation Benchmark - CSS 3 vs. HTML 5 vs. SVG 1.2
Comprehensive benchmarks in the web are right now Peacekeeper, Dromaeo and Lifehacker. The most used benchmark is Peacekeeper. It is from the developers of the 3DMark, Futuremark but lacks SVG tests. It outputs frame rates of CSS and canvas animations which are for two completely different animation types: CSS animations profiling blocks of changing color and location, canvas profiling a water ripple effect.
Turkish Economy
Screening Reports Approved at the Council of the European Union with Benchmarks ... Source: Reuters EcoWin. Turkey has suffered from chronic inflation since 1970s. However, with the launch of the stabilization program following 2001 crisis, the inflation rate declined dramatically. 9 T?S?AD Economic Research Department. 1st stage: 1980s - liberalization of the economy.
CMSC 411 Project - Summer '97 - Toy Benchmark Analysis
This project should give the reader insight into the run time differences of different architectures. Despite different clock speeds, the reader will see how there are many other factors that affect run time, and how benchmarks can be potentially biased, and how clock rates - which are often boasted - can be misleading. The reader will better understand the role of the compiler, how different compilers on the same exact machine effect program run time, and how significant optimizations can be.
One option is to invest with an “active” bond manag-er that will employ various strategies in an effort to maximize the return on a bond portfolio and outperform the market’s re-turn as measured by a selected benchmark. ... At that time a buy-and-hold strategy was sufficient. However, times changed, in the 1960s inflation in-creased, and interest rates became more volatile. Thus, with more volatile interest rates, there was a great amount of profit potential with bonds.
Accreditations and recognition | University of Technology...
UTS Business School ranked #1 in Australia in the Thomson Reuters measure of research impact in Economics and Business over a four year period, and is rated as “above world standard” and “well above world standard” by the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) report across a ... Through our continuing engagement with industry, we ensure that our courses are kept up to date with relevant industry benchmarks, and that our graduates continue to be in demand for their work-ready, creative, and sophisticated capabilities.
Going Direct
The fund had recorded a 10% average annualised rate of return (Exhibit 1) and C$60.5 billion in cumulative value added (with compounding) above benchmarks since 1990. ... Teachers’ invested. 1 Nicole Mordant, “Canada’s big pension funds reach for the top”, Reuters News, April 18, 2007 (Factiva) 2 David Chambers, Elroy Dimson and Antti Ilmanen, “The Norway Model”, 19 September 2011
Egypt Market
The central bank has kept the benchmark interest rate at a record low since reducing it to 7.25 percent in October in a bid to revive economic growth even as inflation accelerates. ... Reuters and CCFC makes no guarantee or warranty to the accuracy and thoroughness of the information mentioned in this review and accepts no responsibility or liability for losses or damages incurred as a result of opinions formed and decisions made based on information presented in this review.
Introduction | VII. g.a.o. benchmark assessment
16. see u.s. gov’t accountability office, GAO-07-1195, securing stabilizing, and rebuilding iraq: iraqi government has not met most legislative, security, and economic benchmarks 1 (sept. ... strategy, all the while advancing the responsibility of Iraqis in the effort.78 As part of this strategy, General Petraeus recommended a drawdown of surge troops to the pre-surge levels by mid-July 2008.79 He stated that he would revisit further rates for reductions beyond pre-surge...
The random walk as a forecasting benchmark: Drift or no drift?
Moosa, I and Burns, K 2016, 'The random walk as a forecasting benchmark: Drift or no drift?', Applied Economics, pp. 1-12. ... We examine the proposition that the random walk without drift is more powerful in predicting exchange rates than the random walk with drift. It is demonstrated that there is no theoretical reason why the random walk without drift always outperforms the random walk with drift and that this is an empirical issue.
Thrombolysis ImPlementation in Stroke... - UQ eSpace
intervention hospitals, while maintaining accepted benchmarks for low rates of intracranial haemorrhage and high rates of functional outcomes for both groups at three months.Methods and design: A cluster randomised controlled trial of 20 hospitals across 3 Australian states with 2 groups: multi- component multidisciplinary collaborative intervention as the experimental group and usual care as the control group.
Algorithms for Digital Rights Management
1) Tracking Piracy Over a Media of Distribu-tion: Content providers over broadcast channels are wary of any breach of contract, either because content is shown more often or at other channels than has been agreed upon (e.g., news clips by Reuters) or less than has been agreed upon ... A major difficulty relies on the probability estimation for very low error rates [generally, the targeted false alarm. MACQ et al.: Benchmarking of image watermarking algorithms for digital rights management.
Benchmark vs. Non-benchmark Jobs | Human Resources
Benchmark vs. Non-benchmark Jobs. The benchmarking of jobs refers to our ability to match specific jobs to comparable jobs in the labor market. ... To classify a benchmark job, data is compiled from appropriate salary surveys to determine the median salary rate for the job. The job is then "slotted" into the salary grade with a grade midpoint that is closest to the median salary reported in the surveys.
Using BBCP | Fastest bbcp Rate?
Sending Multiple Files. When testing high speed links, it is sometimes difficult to find a datafile that is big enough: the transfer happens so rapidly that you have no time to establish a benchmark or make checks of system performance while it is occuring. ... Fastest bbcp Rate? In the LAN, we have achieved bbcp rates of >980MBytes/sec between two IBM servers equipped with Intel 10Gbit cards. This is essentially line rate. Footnote: To do some of the things described here, you will need to be root.
KEYWORDS Benchmark, improvement, measure, compare, adapt. 1. BENCHMARKING Benchmarking is a topic of general interest in quality management. ... Competitive analysis is an approach to goal setting used by many firms. This approach is essentially benchmarking confined to one’s own industry. Although common, competitive analysis virtually guarantees second-rate quality because the firm will always be following their competition.
AIM QUARTERLY | Benchmark Comparison
GDP growth rate to 1.7% after a previous estimate of Michigan / Thomson Reuters Consumer Confidence. 1.5%. The revision was due to better-than-expected index continues its rise upward. ... The AIM portfolio continues to outperform major. European Industrials stocks. Ryan will remain based in benchmark indices throughout all periods over the last. London. In his free time, he is an avid traveler who, five years (HBI is comprised of 65% S&P 500 and.
Underlying these changes, financial, communications...
The Treasury could benchmark the rate to an index of market rates, in-cluding the federal funds rate, repo rates, or Libor rates, as well as the Fed’s interest rate on reserves. ... Reuters (www.reuters .com/article/2014/02/21/bonds-gdp-linked-idUSL6N0LN1OG20140221). Gorton, Gary B., and Guillermo Ordo?ez. 2013. “The Supply and Demand for Safe Assets,” Working Paper 18732 (Cambridge, Mass.
When Should Time be Continuous?
In addition, the optimal sampling frequency is acquired which justies the appropriateness of the use of the 10- to 15-minute sampling intervals - the benchmark noise lter used in many recent empirical studies dealing with high-frequency foreign exchange data. ... uses these indicative quote data derived from Reuters FXFX screens16 or other competitors such as Knight Ridder and Telerate.17 As the only information source available to all market participants, these quotes indicate the current foreign exchange rates.
We also propose two evaluation methods for document clustering sys-tems. The rst is an adaptation of tree measure algorithms to doc-ument hierarchies. The use of this method will require a pre-dened tree which has been agreed upon as a suitable benchmark. ... hierarchy themselves. Currently the Reuters-215781 data is the most widely used. Work is underway to add another reuters data set which is the Reuters Corpus2 which is a larger version and ocially released by Reuters.
Rates of vertical displacement at benchmarks...
This document addresses the problem of defining accurate subsidence rates on benchmarks, the fundamental height reference points, in this region. We describe the methods used in this study, the sources and quality of the data, the geographic extent, and magnitude of subsidence. This report documents the results of the first comprehensive study of historical subsidence rates relative to a common vertical datum in the lower Mississippi Valley and northern Gulf Coast.
"Benchmark Assessment Rating Study of Technology..."
This benchmark assessment rating will analyze the following: Infrastructure, Hardware/Software, Budget/Funding/Grants, District Technology Policy, Professional Development, and Technology Integration. These benchmark rating are core structures of school instructional technology systems and must work together to provide relevance. A Instructional technology systems Assessment was created to gather this information from West Michigan schools.
Coping with the News: the machine learning way
The most popular classification benchmark during the late nineties was a Reuters collection called Reuters-21578 (based on Reuters-22173) with 21578 documents, that had to be classified in about 100 different [4,13]. ... In the RCV1 collection there are correction rates of up to 77%. Since ML algorithms learn from examples ?classifications done by humans- correction rates are an important limiting factor to their performance. Performance measures in classification systems are really a measure of how much they...
Towards Anytime Active Learning: Interrupting Experts to
How does this vary across datasets? We nd that some interrup-tion is almost always better than none, resulting in much faster learning rates as measured by the number of words an expert must read. For example, in one experiment, annotat-ing based on only the rst 10 words of a ... We experimented with three real-world datasets for text classi-cation with train and test partitions; details of these dataset are available in Table 1. Reuters known as Reuters-21578 collection [8] is a collection of documents from Reuters newswire in 1987.
Africa in the news: DRC delays... | Brookings Institution
Uganda reduces interest rates and revises its tax plan. Professor Emmanuel Mutebile, governor of the Bank of Uganda, announced on Tuesday that the central bank had lowered its benchmark interest rate from 14 percent to 13 percent to pave the way for higher growth. ... Uber expects that the new partnership will create new opportunities for growth among its driver-partners. According to Reuters, Uber has performed relatively well in Nigeria. The ride-sharing service has clientele ranging from students to hospital patients...
across the hospital • Promotes best practices by. appraising and rating evidence and recommendations. SIMPLE SEARCHING. ... With headquarters in New York and major operations in London and Eagan, Minnesota, Thomson Reuters employs more than 50,000 people and operates in over 100 countries. Thomson Reuters shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: TRI) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: TRI).
Determinants of the Benchmark Interest Rates
Abstract This paper empirically investigates the determinants of key benchmark interest rates in China using an array of constrained ordered probit models for quarterly frequency data from 1987 to 2013. Specically, we estimate the behavioral equation of the People’s Bank of China that models their decision-making process for revisions of the benchmark deposit rate and the lending rate.
Executive Summary
Bill and Rachel Ziemba
see Figure 4. on the yen dollar rate from March 30, 2006 to March 30, 2007. However, it appears that those who foresaw the end of the yen carry trade spoke too soon. Although the Bank of Japan recently doubled interest rates (in February 2007), the benchmark rate of 0.5 per cent remains far below other interest rates - encouraging Japanese.
Neural Computing and Applications manuscript No.
It is recently shown by Sun et al. that ran-dom undersampling provides better F1 scores compared to SMOTE on three benchmark text categorization datasets [16]. Li et al. have also recently shown that, despite the gain in recall, oversampling the minority class brings down the ... In order to evaluate the proposed approach, experi-ments are conducted on Reuters-21578 ModApte Top10, WebKB and 7-Sectors datasets that are presented in Section 4. The last part, Section 5 summarizes the conclusions drawn from this study.
However, our sampling methods are quite general and could be used for any machine learning approaches. We conducted extensive comparative experiments on two standard test collections (the Reuters-21578 and the 20-Newsgroups). ... Because of its hierarchical relationship between the available newsgroups, 20-Newsgroups has been used as a benchmark data set for hierarchical text categorization [MRMN98]. Figure 5.2 shows an example document from the 20-Newsgroups corpus.
Star Schema Benchmark
Functional Coverage. The benchmark queries are cho-sen as much as possible to span the tasks performed by an important set of Star Schema queries, so that pros-pective users can derive a performance rating from the weighted subset they expect to use in practice.
Cache performance of SPEC CPU2000 | Benchmark
The prefetches are included in the counts/rates of loads and stores, since they were made from loads to R31. Means for each of the counts are arithmetic, while means for the per-instruction rates are harmonic. The integer and floating-point benchmarks are averaged separately, and then those means are averaged for the overall mean. This gives equal weight to each benchmark in a set, and equal weighting of integer and floating-point data.
Example Library
tm::readRCV1. Read In a Reuters Corpus Volume 1 Document. ... The decrease brings the companys posted price for the benchmark grade EdmontonSwann Hills Light Sweet to 2226 Canadian dlrs a bbl. Texaco Canada last changed its crude oil postings on Feb 19 Reuter. crude2 <- tm_map(crude, function(x)removeWords(x,stopwords())).
Articles & Databases - Eugene McDermott Library...
Factiva, a database from Dow Jones & Reuters Company, provides national and international content, including Dow Jones and Reuters newswires and The Wall Street Journal. ... Key Business Ratios on the Web (KBR) provides immediate online access to competitive benchmarking data. This powerful tool lets researchers examine industry benchmarks compiled from D&B®?s database of public and private companies, featuring 14 key business ratios (users choose a one-year or three-year set of ratios) for public and...
The portfolio managers have limit guidelines checked periodically Ak Asset M Decision Making Organization – Team Based Approach Benchmark ? Benchmark Committee: Meets every 3 months. Benchmark decisions are made for all different portfolio structures according to optimization of expected return and volatility estimations. ? Fixed Income Committee: Meets weekly. ... The integration of this risk software has been maintained with the Reuters 3000 Extra Platform.
WUSTL-ICTS : Impact | Percentile and Average Citation Rates
Percentile and Average Citation Rates. The top 50 cited publications in Elsevier Scopus were also compared to Thompson Reuters Web of Science and Essential Science Indicators (ESI) for further citation analysis. ... “Highly Cited Papers” as defined by Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators are papers that continue to demonstrate high citation rates for up to ten years after publication.
The Pennsylvania State University
This thesis rst proposes a fast online Support Vector Machine algorithm (LA-SVM) that has an outstanding speed improvement over the classical (batch) SVM and other online SVM algorithms, while preserving the classication accuracy rates of the state-of-the-art SVM solvers. ... We study the performance of the algorithm on real-world data using several bench-mark datasets. The Reuters-21578 is a popular text mining benchmark dataset.
Online Appendix to
Sources: Authors’ calculations using Medicare claims and Thompson. Reuters MarketScan data. Online Appendix: Clemens & Gottlieb, “In the Shadow of a Giant” as of August 31, 2015 16. Appendix Table C.2: The Eect of Medicare Price Changes on Private Sector Prices, National Regressions. ... One way to benchmark the magnitudes of these reallocations is by comparison with similarly motivated but more directly nanced programs. For example, the Critical Access Hospital (CAH) program is a prominent means through...
LinkBench: a Database Benchmark Based on the
This benchmark eort was time-consuming, which mo-tivated a more streamlined approach to database bench-marking for the Facebook MySQL workload. ... During the steady-state phase I/O read utilization remains high, indicating that the working set of the benchmark is larger than main memory. The high rates of I/O operations and I/O through-put highlight the benet that MySQL/InnoDB can derive from solid-state storage.
Power Modeling for Heterogeneous Processors
We present a micro-benchmark-based modeling technique that can be used for chip multi-processor (CMPs) and accelerated processing units (APUs). We use our approach to model power on an Intel Xeon CPU and an AMD Fusion heterogeneous processor. The resulting error rate for the Xeon’s model is below 3% and is only 7% for the Fusion. We also present a method to reduce the num-ber of benchmarks required to create these models.
Online Object Tracking: A Benchmark
While much progress has been made in recent years with efforts on shar-ing code and datasets, it is of great importance to develop a library and benchmark to gauge the state of the art. After briey reviewing recent advances of online object tracking, we ... The success plot shows the ratios of success-ful frames at the thresholds varied from 0 to 1. Using one. success rate value at a specic threshold (e.g. to=0.5) for tracker evaluation may not be fair or representative. Instead. we use the area under curve (AUC) of each success plot to.
3. to comprehend selections. clues and a variety of resources including. 4. glossaries, dictionaries, and thesauruses. 6. Learning Standard B. Benchmark 1-B. 7. Apply reading appropriate materials with. Read developmentally appropriate. ... 67. purposes. 70. Springfield Public School District 186 Learning Standards. 71. Rating Scale. 72. Little or no alignment . 74. Moderate alignment.
Euro to Make Money Transparent By 2002, No More...
As Europeans are obliged to switch to the euro by 2002, they will be effectively deprived of all their familiar benchmarks. ... REUTERS Reut04:10 04-30-98 Copyright 1998 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters.
Stop-loss orders and price cascades
6 "Excess kurtosis" is defined as kurtosis above the level of three, where three is the kurtosis of normally distributed variables. The normal is a natural benchmark because most models of financial markets predict normally distributed returns. ... The tests use minute-by-minute exchange rate quotes taken from Reuters over January 1996 through April 1998, covering three currency pairs—dollar-mark, dollar-yen, and dollar-U.K. pound—during New York trading hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The quote for a given minute...
Benchmarking Women’s
In this report, Benchmark-ing Women’s Leadership in the United States, the faculty-student collaboration was rich and fully expressed the inclusivity and perspective that both Marie and Tiffany sought in the women who were to produce this 2013 report. ... Publishing Company. Thomson Reuters McGraw-Hill Education Scholastic Cengage Learning. CEO. James Smith Terry McGraw-Hill.
A Learning-Classification Based Approach for
The training and testing are done on texts taken from British National Corpus (BNC). Roughly speaking, tags-and-words predictors achieved the best overall performance with hit rate approaching 37%, and keystroke savings around 53% —hit rate is defined to be the percentage of the times that the correct word appears in the prediction list. ... • The Reuters is taken from the Reuters-21578 benchmark dataset.
International Journal of Commerce and Finance
Rm = returns on the JSE Pmt = value of the CNX500 Price Index on week t Pmt-1 = value of the CNX500 Price Index on week t-1 3.12.Risk-free Rate. In this study, 364-Day T-bills are used as a risk-free rate and are sourced from the Thomson Reuters DataStream. ... The L & T Equity Growth Fund has the highest correlation (0.98080) and the Religare Invesco Growth Fund has the lowest correlation (0.90691). The Standard Deviation column shows volatility of equity funds, benchmarks and risk-free rates.
S&P 500 is the CBRE Group (CBG).
Lastly it will incorporate a valuation comparison of leading companies and a discussion of XLF (the sector benchmark) and the S&P500. ... Evidence of the financial sectors sensitivity to economic changes can be seen in the sectors beta of 1.37 (Reuters.com). The three most pertinent macroeconomic drivers are regulation, interest rates and U.S. economy as a whole.
ASIC enforcement outcomes
Financial market benchmark rates. 25 In Report 402 ASIC enforcement outcomes: January to June 2014 (REP 402), we noted that ASIC has been focusing on the possible manipulation of the Australian bank bill swap rate (BBSW). ... 26 This is part of larger ASIC inquiries into conduct surrounding financial markets benchmark rates, which also include inquiries into trading in foreign currency, such as conduct surrounding the WM/Reuters fix rate.
Gaole chen (leo)
Why do Withdrawn IPO’s Return to Market: hand-collected data about withdrawn IPO’s and finds that returning IPO firms focus on organic growth such as capital expenditure and R&D rather than M&A activities, and that firms engaging in M&A activities underperform the benchmark. ... Fast and willing to learn new technology and proficient in Bloomberg, Reuters, WRDS, Stata, SAS, MatLab, Visual Basic, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage), familiar with C Greatly interested in financial modeling...
Why interest free Islamic banking is not free from interest?
As an empirical testing, we use the most widely-used benchmark offer/lending rates from both markets: London interbank offer rate (LIBOR) for conventional banks and Islamic interbank Benchmark rate (IIBR) for Islamic banks. ... The rates are shown in percentage points. The sample covers the daily data from April 16, 2012, through March 5, 2015. The figure is based on the data collected from Thomson Reuters DataStream.
APEC in Charts 2015
Economies that use benchmark overnight interest rates as their main monetary policy levers have either maintained or reduced their policy rates as of August 2015 compared to end-2014 levels. Among the APEC members, nine economies opted to reduce their respective monetary policy rates while the rest kept their key interest rates steady. ... Minh VSE (Viet Nam). Data were gathered from Thomson Reuters (accessed 1 October 2015).
Simple Python Frameworks Benchmark
This page contains various test and benchmarks of django, pylons and possibly other frameworks. Those tests shouldn't be trusted in 100%. Django server httperf test. I've tested how much load the django server can stand without any errors. ...
University of New South Wales
To classify daily iron ore price shocks according to the event(s) that caused the change in price, I accessed archived Thompson Reuters news articles through the Sirca Global News Portal and used them to determine what event drove a change in the iron ore price on a particular day.21 To sort through the numerous archived news articles and nd relevant news ... As the xed interest rate can be exchanged for a oating rate, the benchmark for the oating rate is represented by the overnight cash rate (rt).
One Size Fits All? – Part 2: Benchmarking Results
The well known benchmark, TPC-H, is used by many vendors to claim superiority in data warehouse performance. This benchmark is cleverly constructed to avoid using a snowflake schema and to render materialized views unproductive. ... It is common for Wall Street firms to subscribe to multiple stock ticker feeds, such as Reuters, Comstock, or Infodyne.
Making Computers Laugh
One-liners/Reuters and One-liners/BNC data sets, with relative error rate reductions of 8.9% and 7.3%. respectively. No improvement is observed for the. ... ACM Press. D. Lewis, Y. Yang, T. Rose, and F. Li. 2004. RCV1: A new benchmark collection for text categorization research. The Journal of Machine Learning Research, 5:361–397. A. McCallum and K. Nigam.
Recall Systems: Efcient Learning and Use of Category Indices
6 shows the fp-rate and the fn-rate on the Reuters data set. We observe that the performances in terms of accuracy and recall are comparable for our recall system and the approach of learning classiers for all categories. Notice, however, that the recall system speeds up the learn-ing process by about a factor of three. ... [LYRL04]. D. D. Lewis, Y. Yang, T. G. Rose, and F. Li. RCV1: A new benchmark collection for text categorization research.
Best Business Resources on the Net
Server Challenge 08 - CS Labs Wiki | Benchmark
...requests: 0 Write errors: 0 Total transferred: 157000 bytes HTML transferred: 92000 bytes Requests per second: 1142.45 [#/sec] (mean) Time per request: 8.753 [ms] (mean) Time per request: 0.875 [ms] (mean, across all concurrent requests) Transfer rate ... This code was meant to be as short as possible, and thus has a very limited functionality. You can download the source code here. Benchmark. Command: ab -c 10 -n 1000. Server Software: Server Hostname: neptune.price (700Mhz PII, 512 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD...
Portfolio Service | Underlying Benchmarks Equity Benchmark
Parameter. Factor. Underlying Benchmarks Equity Benchmark. Markaz Fund for Excellent Yields ‘Mumtaz’. ... Mumtaz: a Top Performer on the KSE • First mutual fund established in Kuwait in 1999 • Standard & Poor’s A rating (Jan 2010) • Recipient of many awards: Lipper Reuters awards in 2007 & 2010 (for 3 years and 5 years performance) Lipper Reuters award in 2008 (for 5 years performance) MENA Fund Manager award for Kuwait Equity Fund of the year (2009) • Invest on the KSE, mainly large cap with a growth...
Norges Bank Watch 2014
This marked decline in the rate path came as a surprise to the markets and analysts. According to Reuters, none of the 10 surveyed had expected any changes in the policy rate at this meeting. ... NIBOR is important as a set of benchmark rates, but the NIBOR market plays only a minor role in terms of bank funding except for very short maturities, which also are handled in the new overnight market.
Graduate Department of Computer Science
Classifying News Stories. The Reuters RCV1-v2 dataset is an archive of 804,414 newswire stories. The corpus covers four major groups: Corporate/Industrial, Economics, Government/Social, and Markets. The data was randomly split into 802,414 training and ... et al. [2006] show that pLSA and LDA models do not generally outperform LSA and TF-IDF. Therefore for comparison we only used LSA and TF-IDF as benchmark methods. For LSA each word count, ci, was replaced by log(1 + ci) before the SVD decomposition, which...
Graduation and retention rates | Benchmark Average
Graduation and retention rates peer and benchmark group comparisons. University of hawai‘I at manoa fall 1990 to fall 2007 cohorts, as of 2008. Table of contents. Narrative Graduation and Retention Rates, Peer and Benchmark Group Comparisons University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, Fall 1990 to Fall 2007, as of 2008. Graphs Figure 1 UH Manoa Retention Rates: 1 year after entry.
The Relationship between Commodity Prices and Currency...
Literature studying commodity/currency relationships began with the Meese-Rogoff Exchange Rate Puzzle which states that fundamentals-based currency forecasting models cannot outperform random walk benchmarks (Meese and Rogoff, 1983). ... Both the S&P GSCI and Reuters/Jefferies CRB commodity index futures track various commodity sectors including energy, agricultural, livestock, precious metal, and industrial metal products. The GSCI is relatively concentrated in energy commodity futures (approximately 68% in May...
CDA 3101 Benchmarks 14 Over Benchmarks Popular benchmarks Linpack Intel’s iCOMP SPEC Benchmarks MIPS Benchmark Fallacies and Pitfalls Bench Benchmarks measure different aspects of component and system performance Ideal situation: use ... instructions take different amounts of time Useful for comparisons between 2 processors from the same vendor that support the same ISA with the same compiler (e.g. Intel’s iCOMP benchmark). Fallacies a Ignoring Amdahl’s law Using clock rate or MIPS as a...
Contemporary Islamic Law and Finance
In fact, the bulk of Islamic financial practices formally base rates of return or costs of capital on a benchmark interest rate such as LIBOR, and would easily be classified by any MBA student as interest-based debt-finance. Nevertheless, jurists on the payrolls of Islamic financial providers continue to proclaim all forms of interest as rib?, which is subject to the severest. ... 40 Reuters, August 13, 2002 41 c.f. Reuters, August 28, 2002 42 C.f. AAOIFI (2000a, 2000b, 2000c).
In this model the interest/discount rate is given. This results in an over determination of the dynamic equilibrium. Observed investment and consumption are adjusted for calibration. ... Parameter K0 Benchmark Capital Stock, RK0 Benchmark Return on a Unit of K PK0 Benchmark Price of a Unit of K QREF(T) Growth Path for Quantities PREF(T) Present Value Price Paths ICAL0 Calibrated level of Investment
The Use of Bigrams to Enhance
The other was the Reuters-21578 corpus, one of the standard benchmarks for text categorization tasks. All documents in both corpora were preprocessed to retain only the bodies of each document by discarding headers and the likes. ... This suggested that the algorithm was much more successful in increasing correct positives than correct negatives. That was why it performed much better on Yahoo-Science, where the recall rate was originally low, than in Reuters-21578, where recall was already very high to start with.
In Bonds They
AB Intermediate Bond (AABDX) also gets four stars for its thee-year showing, and five stars — Morningstar's highest rating — for its five-year performance. In addition, it gets the highest ratings for total return, consistent return, preservation and fees from Lipper, the fund-tracking arm of Reuters. Like Treasury Inflation Protected, its performance is nearly even with its benchmark, the Barclays Capital U.S. Aggregate Bond Index.
Computational Laughing
1. Reuters titles, extracted from news articles published in the Reuters newswire over a period of one year (8/20/1996 – 8/19/1997) [Lewis et al., 2004]. The ti-tles consist of short sentences with simple syntax, and are often phrased to catch the readers’ attention (an eect ... In Proceedings of the Euro-pean Conference on Machine Learning. [Lewis et al., 2004] Lewis, D., Yang, Y., Rose, T., and Li, F. (2004). RCV1: A new benchmark collection for text categorization research. The Journal of Machine Learning Research, 5:361–397.
Are Credit Ratings Still Relevant?
with regulators relying on the nationally recognized credit rating agencies (NRSROs) such as. Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, and Fitch as the ocial benchmarks of quality (see Flannery, Houston, and Partnoy (2010)).2 Credit ratings directly impact a rm’s cost of capital (Kisgen. ... Mayordomo, Pena, and Schwartz (2010) compare CDS data qualities across the six most widely used databases: GFI, Fenics, Reuters, EOD, CMA, Markit and JP Morgan.
Investment Rating
, also in operation for over 75 years, provides transportation to a 22-state network in the Midwest and Southeast. USF Holland makes claim-free deliveries a top priority. USF Holland is known for their on-time service and sets an industry benchmark. ... On Reuters, they have low risk and 5 Analyst recommend a buy and 6 a hold. March 2nd, Menlo Worldwide, a subsidiary of CNF, announced it launched a new business to provide services to Malaysia customers. Menlo is headquartered in San Mateo, California.
DIBELS ® Next Benchmark Goals and Composite Score
However, student performance increases in a curve, with the most growth occurring in the earlier grades, and slower growth in the upper grades. Between fifth and sixth grade, the difficulty level of the materials increases at a faster rate than student performance, so benchmark goals are lower in sixth grade than in fifth. References. Badian, N.A. (1995).
Developing high frequency
It is difficult to find expected measures of returns for high-frequency trading. As there are no pre-established benchmarks, it seems sensible to compare the overall performance metrics of the rules to the na?ve buy-and-hold benchmark, as there are no academically ... The data used in this research was supplied by the Securities Industry Research Centre of Asia-Pacific (SIRCA) on behalf or Reuters and the ASX. The authors also gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance provided by Bond University through the Vice...
Queuing theory | Disk Performance Benchmarks
Order flow and exchange rate dynamics in electronic
Authors generally favoring the weak flow-centric interpretation include Froot and Ramadorai (2005) and Breedon and Vitale (2004) who conclude that “the strong contemporaneous correlation between order flow and exchange rates is mostly due to liquidity effects.” The data used in the seminal work of Evans and Lyons (2002), for instance, was 4 months of high-frequency data from the Reuters direct-dealing interdealer electronic platform in 1996, and the same data were used in Evans and Lyons (2006)...
Towards Anytime Active Learning: Interrupting Experts to
How does this vary across datasets? We nd that some interrup-tion is almost always better than none, resulting in much faster learning rates as measured by the number of words an expert must read. For example, in one experiment, annotat-ing based on only the rst 10 words of a ... We experimented with three real-world datasets for text classi-cation with train and test partitions; details of these dataset are available in Table 1. Reuters known as Reuters-21578 collection [8] is a collection of documents from Reuters newswire in 1987.
Library services 2003 | reuters business insight
Yrd. Do?. Dr. R. Ceyda ?ZT?RK
The marked-to market value of the position is found by multiplying the daily foreign exchange rates by the amount of the market risk exposed position in order to find the daily realized gain or loss ... JORION, Phillippe, Value At Risk: The New Benchmark for Controlling Market Risk, USA: McGraw-Hill Company, 1997, p.18. RISKMETRICS, Technical Document, New York: JP Morgan- Reuters, 4th Edition, 1996, p.100, www.jpmorgan.com/Risk Management/RiskMetrics.html.
DIBELS ® Next Benchmark Goals and Composite Score
However, student performance increases in a curve, with the most growth occurring in the earlier grades, and slower growth in the upper grades. Between fifth and sixth grade, the difficulty level of the materials increases at a faster rate than student performance, so benchmark goals are lower in sixth grade than in fifth. References. Badian, N.A. (1995).
Developing high frequency
It is difficult to find expected measures of returns for high-frequency trading. As there are no pre-established benchmarks, it seems sensible to compare the overall performance metrics of the rules to the na?ve buy-and-hold benchmark, as there are no academically ... The data used in this research was supplied by the Securities Industry Research Centre of Asia-Pacific (SIRCA) on behalf or Reuters and the ASX. The authors also gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance provided by Bond University through the Vice...
Queuing theory | Disk Performance Benchmarks
Order flow and exchange rate dynamics in electronic
Authors generally favoring the weak flow-centric interpretation include Froot and Ramadorai (2005) and Breedon and Vitale (2004) who conclude that “the strong contemporaneous correlation between order flow and exchange rates is mostly due to liquidity effects.” The data used in the seminal work of Evans and Lyons (2002), for instance, was 4 months of high-frequency data from the Reuters direct-dealing interdealer electronic platform in 1996, and the same data were used in Evans and Lyons (2006)...
Towards Anytime Active Learning: Interrupting Experts to
How does this vary across datasets? We nd that some interrup-tion is almost always better than none, resulting in much faster learning rates as measured by the number of words an expert must read. For example, in one experiment, annotat-ing based on only the rst 10 words of a ... We experimented with three real-world datasets for text classi-cation with train and test partitions; details of these dataset are available in Table 1. Reuters known as Reuters-21578 collection [8] is a collection of documents from Reuters newswire in 1987.
Library services 2003 | reuters business insight
Yrd. Do?. Dr. R. Ceyda ?ZT?RK
The marked-to market value of the position is found by multiplying the daily foreign exchange rates by the amount of the market risk exposed position in order to find the daily realized gain or loss ... JORION, Phillippe, Value At Risk: The New Benchmark for Controlling Market Risk, USA: McGraw-Hill Company, 1997, p.18. RISKMETRICS, Technical Document, New York: JP Morgan- Reuters, 4th Edition, 1996, p.100, www.jpmorgan.com/Risk Management/RiskMetrics.html.
Cost Efficiency Benchmarking | The Rates Departments’ Data
In what may be called routine ABC, the general pro-cedure for obtaining unit cost rates is as follows (Horngren, Foster, & Datar, 2000). 1. 2 Cost Efficiency Benchmarking. Costs for an activity are accumulated in cost pools. A variable, called a cost driver, is identified that ... In this paper we propose a model-based method for benchmarking comparable operational units with multiple cost drivers. The proposed method yields relative cost efficiencies of the units and also provides estimates of what we call benchmark costs.
A Short Introduction to Boosting
error rate of the two competing algorithms on a single benchmark. The. y. -coordinate of each point gives the test error rate (in percent) of C4.5 on the given benchmark, and the. ... The algorithms were tested on two text corpora — Reuters newswire articles (left) and AP newswire headlines (right) — and with varying numbers of class labels as indicated on the. x.
McKinsey on Finance
No executive would dispute that analysts’ forecasts serve as an important benchmark of the current and future health of companies. To better under-stand their accuracy, we undertook research nearly a decade ago that produced sobering results. ... 2Actual compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of EPS; 2009 data are not yet available, gures represent consensus estimate as of Nov 2009. Source: Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S Global Aggregates; McKinsey analysis. 16 McKinsey on Finance Number 35, Spring 2010.
Benchmark Staff Compensation Study - University of Louisville
Benchmark Study Timeline. March 1 - Report to be online. Late February - President, provost, vice presidents and deans to receive a list of employees in their areas who are affected. ... March 15-29 - Employees who are affected will receive checks for back pay for July through February. March 29 - Paychecks of affected professional/administrative and classified employees will reflect pay rate changes.
Beta. A financial measure of a fund's sensitivity to market movements which measures the relationship between a fund's excess return over Treasury Bills and the excess return of a benchmark index (which, by definition, has ). A fund with a beta of has performed better (or worse if ) than its benchmark index (after deducting the T-bill rate) in up markets and worse (or better if ) in down markets.
USENIX Summer Conference | 9. Modied Andrew Benchmark
The overall conclusion is that operating system performance is not improving at the same rate as the base speed of the underlying hardware. The most obvious ways to remedy this situation are to improve memory bandwidth and reduce operating systems’ tendency to wait for disk operations to complete. 1. Introduction. In the summer and fall of 1989 I assembled a collec-tion of operating system benchmarks.
Critical Critical Suc Types of B Comparison: (Partner Selection) Internal – Best in Firm Competitive – Best in Industry Functional Generic Form: Performance Benchmarking Process Benchmarking Strategic Benchmarking Selecting Bench Benchmark Potential Bench Int Comparable sites, branches ... rates, often formatted as defects per 1000 or milli Critical Suc Critical Success Factors (CSFs) Are the Key Indicators That Inform Us That a Particular Task, Activity, Process, Event, Function, Service or Endeavour Is Successful.
LIBOR Manipulation and Antitrust Allegations
LIBOR rates are a benchmark for interest rates on a global scale.36 A benchmark for interest rates needs to be predictable, stable, and reflect market fundamentals37 because a properly functioning bench-mark in financial markets is critical to a properly functioning mar-ket.38 As a benchmark for interest rates, LIBOR provides data which is then used to calculate interest rates. ... 212. See Matt Scuffham, Barclays Faces Libor Claim in Landmark UK Court Case, REUTERS (Oct.
The application of stochastic processes in exchange rate...
Citation. G?ZG?R, G. (2013). The application of stochastic processes in exchange rate forecasting: benchmark test for the EUR/USD and the USD/TRY. ... This paper investigates the short-time exchange rate predictability in a developed and in an emerging market, and for this purpose we consider the Euro/United States Dollar (EUR/USD) and the United States Dollar/Turkish Lira (USD/TRY) exchange rates.
Monthly Economic News and Views
Mergers & acquisition data reiterates potential in Africa. According to Reuters, M&A transactions were valued at $25bn. Increase of 18% from $21.2bn recorded in 2011. Nigerian companies were the 2nd most targeted accounting for 28%. ... Uganda’s inflation eased to 3.4% in February for the second consecutive month. Slowest in 26months. Slowdown may give the central bank room to ease benchmark rate currently at 12% Angola LNG project delayed by technical problems. Plans to begin export of LNG hit by...
Participation and the Business Cycle
3This argument is also present in the popular press (Reuters, 2004) and in speeches by Fed Gover-nor Kohn (2004). 1. that are close to the participation margin. ... The benchmark calibration, which applies equally to the exible and the rigid wage model, is summarized in Table 2. Numbers referring to ows are at quarterly rates. The interest rate is 1.2 percent quarterly.
2008. SOURCES: Financial Times; Reuters. March. May. ... Doubts about the liquidity of prime-mortgage securities intensified, and the benchmark interest rate on 30-year, conforming, fixed-rate mortgages rose in mid-2008. Treasury interest rates were falling at the time due to Fed monetary policy actions and a faltering economy’s weakening credit demand.
* Among them: CDS, Internet, Reuters, Siegel, Bodie, Kane, Marcus, Implied MRP, Economic Press, Datastream, Malkiel, Sharpe, Brigham, Consensus, IMF, RWJ, Shapiro, Kaplan, Shiller, Welch. IESE Business School-University of Navarra - 7. ... 31. Comparison of the interest rate that the market establishes for a standard security in the country to the comparable security in the benchmark country.
Student achievement information | Percentile, Benchmark
student success have yet been collected. Post-LaGrange College Student Success. 1. Graduate school/Job placement rates (for undergraduate and graduate students): Graduating Class. 2011 2012 2013 2014. Percent Attending Graduate School or Employed on the day of graduation, Actual 81% 71% 74% 73%. No reliable benchmark for these data can be determined. Student Academic Progress. 1. Six-year Undergraduate Graduation Rate
Towards Understanding Global Imbalances
Finally, in place of the World Bank's long-term interest rate, the benchmark rate drawn from Trading Economics' data on China is used. ... Wee, Sui-Lee, and Hui Li. “In China, Signs That One-Child Policy May Be Coming to an End.” Reuters 21 January 2013. Wei, Deng. “The Academic Dispute on “The State Advances, the Private Sector Retreats” and Its Next Steps.”
Chinese Patent Quality | Thomson Reuters/IAM Poll
• Focus on increasing indigenous IP development • Quantitative benchmarks set for 2020 • 16 “megaprojects” focused on key technological fields • Supplemented by policy statements seeking to encourage IP. transfer and alliances between public and private sectors. ... • Growing but still significantly behind other world leaders. Thomson Reuters/IAM Poll. • % of respondents who rated each patent office as “excellent” or “very good”. WIPO Study.
Testing the effects of oral
Ankara July 2009. Testing the effects of oral interventions on the covariance. Of exchange rates in a state-of-the-art computational. Environment. The Institute of Economics and Social Sciences of. ... Therefore, we accept the Reuters News as the benchmark and assume that the ocials’ statements that appeared on Reuters News are read by the investors on the news release day.
ISU Extension View
The Reuters farm 260 acres, 200 of which are corn silage, the balance alfalfa and buy all their grains and additional hay needs. Rick and Jayne have remodeled an old stall barn for transition cows by turning the tie stalls into freestalls, adding mattresses and then sand on top. ... Dairy Reproduction Benchmark Goals. Complete and accurate herd records should provide the tools necessary to define past herd performance, assist in establishing goals for the benchmarks being evaluated, and allow monitoring to determine the impact of the...
University of Iowa Health Care 2007-2008 Annual Report...
The use of evidence-based medicine and rigorous comparisons to benchmarks are driving quality-related improvements that benefit patients, including those with illnesses that make them more vulnerable to infections and other complications. ... Iowa’s first ‘Magnet Hospital’ for nursing excellence in 2004, first to be re-designated in 2008. Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals® Performance Improvement Leader. 22,592 inpatient surgical operations. 880,000 patient visits and admissions.
High Performance Web Systems: Mainstream
Benchmarks. Below are links to Web server benchmarking utilities and to other sources of information for benchmarking results. WebStone. Considered the standard benchmarking tool for Web servers. It was heavily influenced by the design of LADDIS, an NFS benchmarking tool. ... The Tiny/Turbo/Throttling HTTP server. Not full featured, commercial. Allows server administrator to specify maximum byte transfer rate on groups of URLs. Roxen.
Socially Responsible Investing serves clients with dual
over/underweight relative to the benchmark • Target no more than 7%, or 4% over the. benchmark weight, for an individual holding. Independent Oversight: Investment Management Division Risk and Performance Analytics Group. ... The composite may include accounts of different base currencies which have been redenominated to a common currency using monthly exchange rates obtained from WM Reuters and Financial Times (FT).
Initializations for the Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
3.3 Initialization Experiments with Reuters10 dataset. The reuters10 collection is our subset of the Reuters-21578 version of the Reuter’s benchmark document collec-tion of business newswire posts. ... rate barrel oper japan. grain earn company rate. mln attack curr. opec prot japanese.
Applied H
It is assumed that the utilization of benchmark answers partly explains this vast difference (Latham et al., 1980). Because the purpose of providing these anchors is to reduce the subjectivity involved in scoring, it is logical to assume that agreement between raters would increase as a function of such a reduction. As was previously discussed, the current format of a situation interview utilizes a 5-point rating scale with benchmark answers only at the 1, 3, and 5 levels.
Illinois Education Research Council
• The greater the number of benchmarks met, the higher the rate of persisting into one’s third year in college. • Among the groups meeting three out of four benchmarks, missing the benchmark in Math appeared to have the most detrimental effect on persistence. • In terms of the groups that only met one benchmark, meeting the benchmark in English or Math appeared to be related to higher rates of persistence.
ThomsonONE.com Investment Banking
The Related Indices & Sectors selection will open the Industry Groups and Sectors page. This page has five tabs across the top: S&P GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard), DJ/DJ Stoxx, FTSE International, ICB (Industry Classification Benchmark), and Indices. ... The Fundamentals selection under the Company Views mode has three items under it: Financial Reports, Reuters Fundamentals, and Comparables. June 2013. ThomsonONE.com Investment Banking User’s Guide McLeod Business Library, Mason...
Also, the high ranking hospitals or ‘benchmark’ hospitals are more likely to use a service line model which means that the physicians are made as partners and the patients are referred by them. [Elisabeth Gardner, 2008]. ... Elisabeth Gardner,Nov, 2008, Thomson Reuters presents list of 100 top cardiac hospitals. Harlan M. Krumholz et al,2006, An Administrative Claims Model Suitable for Profiling Hospital Performance Based on 30-Day Mortality Rates Among Patients With an Acute Myocardial Infarction.
Economic Education Lessons
FTE: The decline in poverty around the world is the result of unprecedented economic growth. But, the current economic crisis reminds us that just as economic growth helps raise standards of living of the poor, a world-wide recession in which rates of growth fall, sends many back into poverty. ... US Standard: 16, 3, 7, 9; Benchmarks: 0. Grades: 6-8, 9-12. Understanding Currency Exchange Rates: Lesson 5 of Nebraska and the World.
Newspaper item: UK GDP
Chronic shortages have forced North Korea to implement unprecedented increases in food prices and wages, South Korea's central bank said yesterday, warning that prices could climb even higher, Reuters reports from Seoul. Rice prices in communist North Korea jumped 5-fold in July as ration coupons used for decades were scrapped and the government boosted prices closer to levels seen on its black market. ... bench-mark / benchmark.
Los Angeles City College | Benchmark
Los Angeles City College Radiologic Technology Five Year Completion Rate. ... Benchmark Met No Yes Yes Yes Yes. In Progress In Progress. Program Completion Rate: Number of students who complete the program within 150% of the stated program length Number of students who initially enrolled in cohort.
Banks and Bank Systems | minimum bid rate
In this research Reuters exchange rates from June 28, 2004 to December 30, 2005 were consid-ered. Each currency has its own holidays. These holidays are included in the time series and as there are no market data available for these dates, the lengths of all time series ... To avoid negative values of the difference between benchmark rate and some own rates of return we have added a constant to the benchmark rate. Using these rates in calculation of weights for different assets a CEMA is calculated following equation 1.
Proceedings of the Sixteenth International Joint
Figure 3: Comparison of C4.5 versus boosting stumps and boosting C4.5 on a set of 27 benchmark problems as reported by Freund and Schapire 16]. Each point in each scatterplot shows the test error rate of the two competing algorithms on a single benchmark.
Europe and the Impact
We find a two-sided relation between rating news and sovereign risk premia. The spillover of rating news is very heterogeneous, and it is substantially stronger for downgrades at lower grades. The impact is often weaker domestically than on bond spreads of other sovereigns. ... However, the use of alternative benchmarks such as the US Treasury bond yield is not feasible given that it is not a natural benchmark for EU sovereigns as perceived by investors, and it could overstate the role of common developments in EU bond...
Guide to financial markets
Obtaining price information Except when a government supports a fixed exchange rate, there is no single posted price at which currencies are traded. Banks, electronic information systems such as Reuters and electronic currency-trading sys-tems display price quotations on customers’ ... Conversely, investors frequently purchase bonds when they expect that the issuer’s rating will be upgraded by one of the major credit agencies, as the upgrade will cause the bond’s price to rise as its yield moves closer to the benchmark interest rate.
error rate of the two competing algorithms on a single benchmark. The. y. -coordinate of each point gives the test error rate (in percent) of C4.5 on the given benchmark, and the. ... The algorithms were tested on two text corpora — Reuters newswire articles (left) and AP newswire headlines (right) — and with varying numbers of class labels as indicated on the. x.
There are differences in the optimizations performed by the compilers, but I've tried to use each compiler's most sensible set of optimization options. Finally, I've started including shared memory benchmarks. The SMP algorithm in the benchmark code is not highly optimized, especially in the benchmark simulation I use. ... TThe given clock speed represents the frequency at which the simulation ran, not the rated clock for the CPU.
Benchmark Management Group, Inc.
Benchmark Management Group, Inc. Contact Person: Kathleen Kroeger, Human Resources Email Address: kathleen@bmgins.com Phone: 262-737-8996 Company Website: www.bmgins.com. ... · Review submissions received from our retail partners (mainly E&S commercial accounts) · Underwrite and rate risks to be placed within our contract binding facilities · Qualify submissions and submit to our insurance carriers for General Liability, Property
Performance Characterization of SPEC CPU2006
We nd that the average dispatch stall rate across all the CPU2006 integer benchmarks decreases by 10% in 64-bit mode. The libquantum benchmark is especially interesting since it is running more than 35% faster in 64-bit mode than in 32-bit mode (as shown in Figure 1), yet it is the only benchmark in this suite that experiences a signicant increase in the dispatch stall rate in 64-bit mode.
One Size Fits All? – Part 2: Benchmarking Results
The well known benchmark, TPC-H, is used by many vendors to claim superiority in data warehouse performance. This benchmark is cleverly constructed to avoid using a snowflake schema and to render materialized views unproductive. ... It is common for Wall Street firms to subscribe to multiple stock ticker feeds, such as Reuters, Comstock, or Infodyne.
Exchange Rate Response to Macro News
The exchange-rate quotes corresponding to the orders in the bank’s record book are from Reuters. ... Figure 4: Intraday Pattern of Exchange-Rate Volatility. This figure plots the absolute returns in each 5-minute interval of the day, averaged across all announcement days in the sample versus the benchmark (days with no announcements).
Algorithms, Initializations, and Convergence for the Nonnegative
4.3 Initialization Experiments with Reuters10 dataset. The reuters10 collection is our subset of the Reuters-21578 version of the Reuter’s benchmark document. ... Table 8: Basis vectors of W(0) created by Random C Initialization for reuters10. W1(0) analyst lawson market trade sterling dollar. W2(0) dollar rate econ. mark bank rise.
Ca?ada College Benchmarks and
Ca?ada College Benchmarks and Goals. 1. Successful course completion rate (%) 2. Fall-to-fall persistence rate (%) 3. Degree completion (total #) 4. Transfer (total #) 4.a. UC/CSU Transfer # 5. Certificate completion (total #) 6. Licensure Pass Rate: Radiological. ... · Green indicates making positive progress from previous year. · ? indicates meeting the benchmark. Canada PRIE. 9/23/2013. Page 1 of 3. Ca?ada College Benchmarks and Goals. 1. Successful course completion rate (%). Definition of Data Element Summer...
From Benchmark to Bankrupt. Between July 2002 when WorldCom declared bankruptcy and April 2004 when it emerged from bankruptcy as MCI, company officials worked feverishly to restate the financials and reorganize the company. ... Reporter. Appeals Court Hears Ebbers Case: Judge Questions Ex-WorldCom Chief's 25-year Sentence. Reuters, 30 January 2006. Rovella, David E. JPMorgan to Pay $2 Bln to Settle WorldCom Fraud Suit.
GPU Benchmarking
Angelo State University
Entry to Student Teaching Benchmark. ... establish accreditation. status. Pass rates. Final -80%.
FACTBOX-Tools to predict
Director, the Centre for Quality and Change
• Indicators normalized by publication active researchers. Banded Rating. • Banding identifies peer groups • Normalize each indicator value so range is 0-100 • Compute the weighted sum of the normalized indicator values • Use 10% ranges for bands. ... In November 2009 we signed a deal with Thomson Reuters, to work with us to develop and fuel a new and improved global ranking for the future. Times Higher Education’s responsibility. “The responsibility weighs heavily on our shoulders.
Benchmarks | Montana State University
Directories. A-Z Index. Montana State University > About MSU > Benchmarks. ... Professional Exam Pass Rates Professional exams are an objective measure of how MSU graduates stack up against their peers nationally. Business Acumen College of Business seniors consistently score around the 90th percentile on the Major Field Test-Business, a standardized assessment of business knowledge and problem solving administered to business seniors across the country in more than 600 institutions.
Sovereign credit risk, banks’ government support, and bank...
For example, Borensztein, Cowan, and Valenzuela (2007) and Gande and Parsley (2005) document that sovereign debt constitutes a relevant benchmark for domestic interest rates, affecting the cost of corporate borrowings. ... The foreign exchange rate data from WM/Reuters are also obtained through Datastream.10. Table 1 shows the number of events and the number of stock-day observations for each country in our sample.
Univers | NSSE 2008 Multi-Year Benchmark R
Benchmark Score The benchmark score is the weighted average of the student-level scores, using only randomly sampled students from each year's data. Multi-year charts appear on pages 4 & 6. Error Bars/Confide Error bars around ea score show the upper bounds of the ... e This is the original count used to calculate response rates and sampling errors for each administration's Respondent Characteristics report. This number includes all randomly sampled students. In 2004 and 2005 it may also include targeted oversamples.
Assessment - About K - Kalamazoo College
Data Set — Ph.D. Productivity — Outcomes Study — Collegiate Learning Assessment — NSSE Benchmarks — Graduation Rates — Office of Institutional Research Accreditation — Institutional Reaccreditation — Purposes — Goals — Team — Timeline — Resource Room — Report President Gonzalez Board of Trustees Consumer Information. ... NSSE Benchmarks. Graduation Rates. Office of Institutional Research.
BEIJING, Dec 27 (Reuters) - China has rejected the appeal of four members of the Falun Gong group, upholding jail terms of three to eight years for distributing materials about the banned spiritual movement, the Xinhua news agency said on Wednesday. ... But Ms. Samdup says Canada's diplomatic efforts toward improving human rights in China "is non-transparent, behind-the-scenes and non-reportable with no benchmarks." Above all, she argues, the policy "has not produced any results."
CS 545 Assignment 8
Key nearest neighbor (kNN) is a statistical learning algorithm which has been studied as a pattern recognition approach for over than four decades [15]. kNN is known to be one of the top performing methods, many studies applied kNN on the benchmark Reuters ... The upper part of the figure shows the training error rates, and the lower one shows the test error rates for the same data sets. Multiple metric LMNN (mm-lmnn), multiple passes LMNN (mp-lmnn), and lmnn(energy) are extensions designed to improve the LMNN...
Information Retrieval | Standard relevance benchmarks
§ User finds what s/he wants and returns to the engine. § Can measure rate of return users. § User completes task – search as a means, not end. ... 8.2. Standard relevance benchmarks. § TREC - National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has run a large IR test bed for many years. § Reuters and other benchmark doc collections used § “Retrieval tasks” specified.
Phase 2 Results: Where Are We Now | Resources
Reuters. ... Benchmark #6 - Range is pretty tight and will be hard to move up. #FOCUS GROUP. Benchmark #7 - We have a lot of transfer students from community colleges and students who take advanced courses in high school - this affects our graduation rates based on the fact that they are tracking students that attend our institution from freshman to senior.
A raging bull or a long term speculative bubble? the puzzling
The market’s benchmark index, Karachi Stock Exchange 100 Index (KSE100) was launched in November 1991 with a base of 1,000 points.1 By the beginning of 2001, it had move up to 1508 registering a steady but modest annualized growth rate of 4.5% (Refer to figure 1). The market started to take off right after Pakistan became a major. ... Houreld, K. “Insight: Pakistan’s Booming Market No Black and White Matter,” Thomson Reuters, April 10, 2013.
12 mo. Job Placement Rate Benchmark 75%
Program Completion Rate LLU Campus Only Benchmark 75%. ... LLU Campus Only Benchmark 75%. 90%. 5-Year Average Pass Rate 1st Attempt in First 6 Months.
The PAQ1 Data Compression Program
Also, the rate of learning in reinforcement conditioning is inversely proportional to the time between the behavior being taught (response) and the reward or punishment. In both cases, the significance of the first event (signal or response) is in inverse proportion to its age. ... PAQ1 was tested against popular and top ranked compressors on the Calgary corpus, a widely used data compression benchmark, and on the Reuters-21578 corpus.
Feed aggregator | Rowan University Libraries
BERLIN (Reuters) - German kidney dialysis provider Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) said it is challenging a U.S. move to end assistance to patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) that it said could have a "material adverse affect" on its business. ... (Reuters Health) - Even though diabetes rates are almost twice as high in black people as in whites, black patients may be far less likely to be included in drug safety trials, a recent study suggests.
"Macroconstants of Development: A New Benchmark..."
Therefore, the new indicator “macroconstants of development", which characterizes the acceleration rate of a country’s technological development, was proposed. Several advantages were recognized for the proposed indicator of acceleration, rate of growth of GDP and GDP per capita, over other commonly-used development indicators. ... Macroconstants of Development: A New Benchmark for the Strategic Development of Advanced Countries and Firms.
Innovative “flipped classroom” curriculum allowing for earlier, more effective clinical training. Exceeds the national benchmark with a 97% pass rate on the national medical licensing exam. ... 95% of graduates find jobs within three months of graduation. Holds Special Commendation status from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for a pass rate of 98% in 2014.
Bond Yield Compression
Data Source: Bloomberg (supplemented with Reuters data on Polish ten-year yields for Jan 3 -Feb 3, 2000 and Dec 7, 2001 – Nov 25, 2002 due to unavailability of Bloomberg Generic Network prices for these periods) and Eurostat for German MCBY (Maastricht Conditions Bond Yields). ... The catch-up process may in particular entail inflation rates exceeding the German ones even after having joined the EMU. The German long-term yields will therefore serve as a benchmark for pricing the NMS long-term debt, but...
Asian shares edge higher, yen falls on Bank of Japan report...
TOKYO (Reuters) - Asian shares edged higher on Monday but prices were capped by uncertainty facing the global economy after a private survey showed Chinese manufacturing activity retreated from two-year highs this month. ... Wall Street ended up on Friday on strong earnings from Dow component Hewlett-Packard (HPQ.N), but the benchmark Standard & Poor's Index (.SPX) posted its first weekly decline of the year.
History and Background Information
Dec. 8: The ECB cuts its benchmark rate back to a record low of 1 percent and offers banks unlimited cash for three years. It also eases collateral rules.
Research Support
Factiva : Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, The Economist, Reuters & other Newswires.
This first is the computing power, the second is memory bandwidth. The latest generation NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX (costing about $500) is rated at 576 GFlops. The top of the line Intel quad core Xenon(costing about $3,300) has a peak performance of 63 GFlops . ... Results: We have implemented two prototypical ABM models which are frequently used to benchmark ABM frameworks. The first is SugarScape, a simple ABM that captures all fundamental concepts of social sciences modeling.
Linda Wise
Number of babies saved through artificial heart-lung bypass technology exceeds national benchmarks Babies placed on an ECMO machine at... ... Reuters: New Cuba reform allows farmers to hire...
Reducing Overuse and Misuse
However, an analysis of claims- and/or encounter-based measures relative to a comparator (e.g., benchmark or best practice) can provide state agencies with a good approximation of the problem. This is also a more realistic approach to identifying the problem for most purchasers. ... 5 | Reducing Overuse and Misuse. State Health and Value Strategies. health plans report common HEDIS measures, including rates of imaging for low back pain and rates of antibiotic use for acute bronchitis. Hold Plans and Providers Accountable for...
Determining the Effect | UVU & Benchmarking
UVU & Benchmarking. Questions. ? Will national findings apply to a mixed mission institution ? Does the use of benchmarks improve 1-year retention ? Do students meeting benchmarks have better graduation. rates at 100% and 150% for their expected degree ? Do the differences apply across degree types.
S65 - Difference In Pay Leave, Twelve Months Or Less
The salary rates are computer generated using the minimum rate for the benchmark class and range. The employee must occupy one full time position during the period of leave.
Micro Law
Almunia explained: Standards are the best tool to pro-mote interoperability of devices or to define safety or quality benchmarks. In the communica-tions technologies, standards are key for a universal interconnection and seamless communication. ... Perhaps the technology has different values and therefore different FRAND royalty rates are appropriate at different production levels. Assume, for argu-ment's sake, that the licensed technol-ogy gives the principal value to the system (this is unlikely).
TT23 – Investment Policy: Individual Investor
Bond Benchmarks Bond benchmarks vary depending on the maturity and issuer of the bonds. One of the easiest places to find the Bond Indexes is in the Interest Rates and Bonds section of the Wall Street Journal. The major Bond Index categories are listed below. While some of the Lehman Brother indices are the most followed, they are not available through our subscription to Bloomberg.
Forecasting increases in the VIX: A time
For example the scheme involving moving average periods of {2,5,10,20} is able to yield the highest proportion of successes in terms of correctly predicting increases to the VIX, 54.95%, but it also has the highest rate of predicting a false increase, 27.52%. ... An initial experiment was undertaken with the view to establishing a benchmark for performance of the new trading strategy. In this benchmark scheme the inclusion of the VIX component occurs only when the previous trading day experienced an increase in the VIX.
Composite performance review | Internal Rate of Return
Venture Capital. Da ta Source: Thomson Reuters. Buyout. 19% 16% 15%. ... Confidential - For Client Use Only. Performance Objectives. Measurement Period: Moving 5 Year Return > Benchmark Beta < 1.20 Alpha > 0.0% Peer Group Rank > 50th Percentile. Statistical Measures. Total Composite Broad Policy Index Target Weighted Index.
Program Outcomes Measured
Benchmark= 75% pass rate calculated by the most recent three year period. Graduation Rate This table shows the number of students who began the final half of the MLT program (defined at Weber State University as those progressing past the first semester of the second year) and graduated.
A release installation of FLUENT 6 for your benchmarking platform is required to run the FLUENT 6 Benchmark suite. Approximately 2GB of diskspace is required for the installation of the benchmark problems. ... From the timing data, we define a derived metric called "Rating" used define the performance of a particular benchmark on a specific hardware platform.
CoMet: A Synthetic Benchmark
Consequently, bench-marks designed for one class of architectures and applications can be inappropriate for evaluating computers and applications in a di erent class. This paper addresses the problem of benchmark-ing distributed-memory ... The time that is reported by CoMet represents the rate at which broadcasts can be initiated. Other useful measures not currently reported by this kernel are: the machine-wide latency in completing the broadcast the times for the initiators and receivers of the broadcasts could be made distinct.
Money Markets -Trad er | Interest Rate Futures
Money market offerings. Btmm ussw mmr IM bbam wcr BBC. Worldwide interest rates benchmarks. DOCP. Monitor various economic data Find global money market rate monitors Bond monitors by country. AIL BBT. Access a British Bankers' Association menu.
FP) graphics benchmarks: SPECviewperf, SPECapc server benchmark: SPECSFS, SPE Comparing and S An Example What we can learn from these statements? We know nothing about relative performance of Comparing and Sum. Per. (cont’d) Arithmetic mean (AM) or weighted AM to track time Harmonic mean or weighted harmonic mean of rates tracks execution time No Quantitative Pri Where to spend time making improvements?
G-M | UCLA Anderson School of Management
It includes over 70 data fields encompassing administrative, performance, assets, instruments, and regions fund data. With performance dating to 1990, the HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index is the industry's standard benchmark of hedge fund ... Mutual Funds Holdings (WRDS) Connect via Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) and/or These Thomson Reuters-produced numeric databases cover Mutual Funds Holdings (CDA/Spectrum S12) and 13f Institutional Holdings (CDA/Spectrum s34).
Support vector machines
Example classifiers for the Reuters cate-gory interest are. • if (interest AND rate) OR (quarterly), then confidence (“interest” category) = 0.9. ... Because there are so many possible com-binations of QP packages, decomposition heuristics, code optimizations, data struc-tures, and benchmark problems, it is very difficult to determine which SVM algo-rithm (if any) is the most efficient.
SOE Unit | Benchmark III: Program Completion
SOE Unit Guide to Undergraduate Candidate Progress. Admission to the University. Benchmark I: Acceptance into Teacher Education. Program. ... ePortfolio Artifacts Student Teaching Reflections Written evaluation/ comments from University Supervisor observations Satisfactory Disposition Ratings Final Student Teaching Rating Final Portfolio Assessment.
Student Achievement and Success Goals
To meet or exceed the benchmark of first-time, full-time students enrolled by the 12th day of class to the end of the term. Navarro College (prior 2-year retention rate average). Navarro: 86.50%. Benchmark: 86.00%.
FALL! - Praveen GY. Reuters. Libor, along with its counterpart Euribor, serves as the primary benchmark for short term interest rates around the world. Many financial institutions, mortgage lenders and credit card agencies set their own rates relative to it. At least $350 trillion in financial swap deals and $10 trillion dollars in loans are attached to the Libor.
Key Interest Rate Definitions
Prime Rate - The benchmark rate used by commercial banks for their corporate borrowers. Commercial loans are usually negotiated at prime plus or minus some percent (such as "prime minus three percent" or "prime plus two percent"). ... The 30-Bond Rate (the yield on a recently-issued U.S. Treasury 30-year bond), sometimes called the Long-Bond Rate, is sometimes regarded as a benchmark rate for long-term interest rates.
Support vector machines
Example classifiers for the Reuters cate-gory interest are. • if (interest AND rate) OR (quarterly), then confidence (“interest” category) = 0.9. ... Because there are so many possible com-binations of QP packages, decomposition heuristics, code optimizations, data struc-tures, and benchmark problems, it is very difficult to determine which SVM algo-rithm (if any) is the most efficient.
The Design and Analysis
For several benchmarking problems, test procedures taking the variability of those point estimates into account have been suggested. Most of the recently proposed inference procedures are based on special variance estimators for the cross-validated performance. ... 22 The Design and Analysis of Benchmark Experiments. Schiavo RA, Hand DJ (2000). “Ten More Years of Error Rate Research.” International Statistical Review, 68(3), 295–310.
Bond Market: An Introduction
The benchmark rate can be any rate that “floats”, i.e. changes frequently with market conditions, but it is a rate that is quoted regularly and is reliable in terms of reflecting market conditions accurately. Examples of benchmark rates are ... Telephone-screen trading. Generally, some market makers place indication rates on information vendor (IV) screens (e.g.. Reuters Monitor Service), and deals are negotiated and consummated on the telephone.
Combining Hashing and Abstraction in Sparse High...
100. Table 1: The number of unique features (denoted as # fea-tures) as well as the rate of collisions on the Reuters RCV1 data set for both BoW and n-grams representations. On Reuters RCV1, we report the classication accuracy on the test set, whereas on Cora, we report the average clas-sication accuracy obtained in a ... Vowpal wabbit online learning project. Lewis, D.; Yang, Y.; Rose, T.; and Li., F. 2004. Rcv1: A new benchmark collection for text categorization research. The Journal of Machine Learning Res. 5:361–397.
Welfare | The competitive benchmark
EBS Market, a major electronic trad-ing platform for foreign exchange, introduced a speed delay of up to 3 milliseconds to incoming orders in August 2013; see “EBS take new step to rein in high-frequency traders,” by Wanfeng Zhou and Nick Olivari, Reuters, August 23, 2013. ... As an eciency benchmark, we consider a competitive equilibrium in which all traders take the price as given. To solve for a competitive equilibrium in this dynamic market, let us rst conjecture that the competitive equilibrium price in every period t is
Boosting Approach to Machine
The -coordinate of each point gives the test error rate (in percent) of C4.5 on the given benchmark, and the ?-coordinate gives the error rate of boosting stumps (left plot) or boosting C4.5 (right plot). All error rates have been averaged over multiple runs. ... The algorithms were tested on two text corpora — Reuters newswire articles (left) and AP newswire headlines (right) — and with varying numbers of class labels as indicated on the -axis of each gure. learning algorithm that, when combined with AdaBoost, results in a nal...
There was also neither no attempt to optimize speed by choosing the grid dimensions, geometry, etc. nor to fit the particular machine architecture, e.g. cache memory. It appears that PC's run the POM at the rate of minutes to hours, per day simulated depending on the grid size, and the single-CPU of the NEC-SX4B (comparable to T90 in some other benchmarks with POM) does it almost 10x faster.
Interactive Question Answering
March/April, 1997. Reuters Magazine. q Reduced time for reasoning and decision-making. n Technology contributes to the problem. ... n Advanced research program. q Leader in the support of question-answering research q Has produced dramatic results over the past four years. n Participants have established the benchmark for success in TREC at over 70%. q Has moved beyond factoid questions into highly complex questions involving multiple dimensions and reasoning.
In the Matter of
One of the primary FX benchmark rates that the FX traders attempted to manipulate was the World Markets/Reuters Closing Spot Rates ("WM/R Rates"). The WM/R Rates are the most widely referenced FX benchmark rates in the United States and globally. The WM/R Rates are used to establish the relative values of different currencies, and reflect the rates at which one currency is exchanged for another currency.
Financial benchmarks
4 Internationally, we consider the IBOR interest rate benchmark family and the WM/Reuters and European Central Bank (ECB) foreign exchange (FX) ‘fix’ rates, among other benchmarks, to be systemically important. 5 Benchmarks are of critical importance to a wide range of users in financial markets and throughout the broader economy.
Impact Assessment (IA)
WM/Reuters’ FX benchmark rates (WMR) 4pm London Fix is the dominant global foreign exchange benchmark. The WMR benchmarks are used by market participants for a variety of purposes, but most notably for valuing, transferring and rebalancing multi-currency asset portfolios.
Division 7A - benchmark interest rates
For the purposes of Division 7A of Part III of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936, the benchmark interest rate for an income year is the 'indicator lending rates - bank variable housing loans interest rate'. This rate was last published by the Reserve Bank of Australia before the start of the income year.
Financial Benchmarks
(a) covering all financial benchmarks is arguably not a proportionate response to the problems that have been observed, which have largely been focused on important, widely-used benchmarks including the IBOR family of interest rate benchmarks and the key FX benchmarks; and. ... In April 2015, as part of the Fair and Effective Markets Review, seven additional benchmarks were brought into this regulatory framework including the WM/Reuters London 4pm Closing Spot Rate (an FX benchmark).
Singapore ringgit rate fixing
as benchmark, which is published by rates for the benchmark London methodology to a 'traded' methodol­. Reuters. Interbank Offered Rate (Libor), which ogy." ... major overhaul of its financial bench­ (RM1,890 tril) worth of securities. costs for users of these benchmarks, marks in order to enhance the robust­ This has caused financial market who are primarily professionals and. ness, transparency and efficiency of benchmark rates to be under intense corporates.
FX Benchmarks | Speeches | RBA | Reserve Bank of Australia
Today I will talk about benchmark rates in the foreign exchange (FX) market. FX benchmarks are an important part of the financial market infrastructure. ... WM calculated the fix using data from either Thomson Reuters or EBS (depending on the currency pair). It took snapshots of trade and order rates at one second intervals and calculated the (unweighted) median rate over the minute window.
CES Benchmark Article
Employment estimates for the months between the most recent March benchmark and the previous year's benchmark are adjusted using a linear "wedge-back" procedure, which assumes that the total estimation error accumulated at a steady rate since the last benchmark. For the nine months following the March benchmark (also referred to as the postbenchmark period), CES applies previously derived over-the-month sample changes to the revised March level to get the revised estimates...
Reference Exchange Rate
The reference exchange rate of the kyat for account transactions against the U.S. dollar is based on the auctions conducted by the Central Bank of Myanmar and authorized domestic dealer banks. ... The reference exchange rate, which is determined by market demand and supply conditions, is published for reference purpose only. * The cross exchange rates are based on the rates published by Thomson Reuters. *
Reform Efforts in Interest Rate Benchmarks Since the Council’s 2014 annual report, official sector efforts to strengthen interest rate benchmarks have made substantial progress. In July 2014, IOSCO published its first review of the extent to which the benchmark administrators of LIBOR, Euribor, and TIBOR had implemented the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks. ... Currently, the WM/Reuters rates are regulated as critical benchmarks by the FCA.
Monetary and exchange rate
The borrowing rate announced by the Central Bank on the said markets will continue to stand as the benchmark interest rate for monetary policy, in the absence of a technical rate cut. In the upcoming period, the Central Bank does not envisage any technical rate cut in ... iv) Weekly repo auctions will be held at 11:00 a.m. and the results will be announced on Reuters’ CBTG page no later than 11:30 a.m. The traditional method will be used in auctions; in other words, the interest rate offered in the awarded bid shall be effective.
Computational Chemistry Comparison and Benchmark...
NIST database of small molecules with well established heat of formation, including results from many computational methods, including semiempirical and ab initio with various basis sets.
Interest rates
Since then, Copom has been targeting the Selic rate (short-term interest rate) as main monetary instrument. (2) The TBAN (Financial Assistance Rate) was set up in August 28, 1999 and eliminated in March/99. The TBC and TBAN established a financial assistance band system and were the main Central Bank operational benchmarks in the period.
FWP | Benchmark
“Reuters Page LIBOR01” means the display that appears on Reuters Page LIBOR01 or any page as may replace such page on such service (or any successor service) for the purpose of displaying London interbank offered rates of major banks for U.S. dollars. ... some for which Barclays Bank PLC contributes to the rate setting process, and other reforms to such benchmark rates are also being contemplated in the EU and other jurisdictions, and any such changes and reforms could result in a sudden or prolonged...
Treasury and Federal Reserve
Source. Reuters. September reduced expectations for an immediate Bundesbank tightening, market participants increas-ingly accepted the notion that German ofcial rates would need to rise before the announcement of nal EMU bilateral conversion rates in the spring of 1998. ... In early July, the Bank of Thailand abandoned its basket currency peg regime, allowing the Thai baht to depreciate sharply against. 950 Federal Reserve Bulletin December 1997. 6. Japanese government benchmark two-year bond yield, 1997:Q3.
New york state department of financial services
The most widely referenced benchmark rates include the 4:00 pm (London time) WM/Reuters fix (the “WM/R fix”) and the 1:15 pm (London time) European Central Bank fix (the “ECB fix”). ... 6. For certain less liquid currencies, particularly in emerging markets, benchmark rates, such as the reference rate published by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (“CME”) and Emerging Markets Traders Association (“EMTA”) for U.S. dollars and Russian rubles (the “CME/EMTA USD/RUB Reference Rate”) are set based on...
The Monetary Policy Committee, led by Governor Erdem Basci, lowered its benchmark repurchase and overnight borrowing rates by 50 basis points to 8.25 percent and 7.5 percent, respectively, according to a statement posted on the bank’s website. ... REUTERS -27 December 2016 Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said he has evidence that U.S.-led coalition forces give support to terrorist groups including the Islamic State and Kurdish militant groups... read more. Syrian girl meets president erdogan.
SGS Prices and Yields - Benchmark Issues
1 The SGS Overnight Repo rate was discontinued on 1 January 2014. ... 3 The final 6-month T-bill was issued on 27th December 2013. 4 The 7-year benchmark was discontinued on 1 February 2011.
Fitch lifts Turkey's rating outlook to "positive" - Invest in Turkey
Sectors. Benchmark Turkey. Interactive Map. Success Stories. ... Reuters - Ratings agency Fitch lifted its outlook on Turkey's rating to "positive" from "stable" on Wednesday, citing the country's economic recovery and improving public finances. "Turkey's improving public finances are increasing confidence in its sovereign creditworthiness... debt dynamics are favorable, helped by strong GDP growth and a marked decline in interest rates," said Fitch in a statement.
Hong Kong Monetary Authority | Benchmark tenors
If such a rate does not appear on the Reuter screen 0#INBMK= without a replacement being provided, the rate for the reset will be the 5 year Benchmark Rate appearing on Reuters page INCMT. If none of the aforesaid benchmark rates are available for any reason whatsoever, then the benchmark rate will be decided by IDBI in mutual consultation with the Trustees.
National Bank of Ukraine
Official information. 06.01.2017 Notice on NBU's asset-side and liability-side transactions and interest rates set thereon. 04.01.2017 Notice on the results of the liquidity-providing tender. Archive. ... 4.84. * Source: "Thomson Reuters".
Lost time injury frequency rates (LTIFR) - Safe Work Australia
Frequency rates of serious claims by industry are available on the statistics page. Companies could also benchmark the occupational health and safety performance of their industry against jurisdiction-specific frequency rates published by workcover authorities. Worksafe Western Australia has published a table showing three-year averages of frequency and incidence rates by industry.
Why australia | benchmark report 2016
Now in its 25th year of consecutive growth, Australia has achieved a real GDP average growth rate of 3.3 per cent per annum since 1992. Its forecast economic growth rate between 2016 and 2020 is the highest among major advanced economies. US$1.2. ... Note: The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) uses six objective indicators to rank world universities, including the number of alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, number of highly cited researchers selected by Thomson Reuters...
Explanation of Barge Rates
Today, the WFB no longer exists and the ICC has become the Surface Transportation Board of the United States Department of Transportation. However, the barge industry continues to use the tariffs as benchmarks as rate units. ... Each city on the river has its own bench mark (see table below), with the northern most cities having the highest benchmarks.
Benchmark Programs and Reports
file 1000d for The LINPACK 1000x1000 benchmark program in double precision. lib hpl for Subdirectory containing HPL Benchmark , HPL: A Portable Implementation of the High Performance Linpack , Benchmark for Distributed-Memory Computers , This program can be used for the Top500 tests. ... file top500.ps for a list of the top 500 high-performance computer centers , as rated by floating point performance in November 1995. by Jack Dongarra November 1995.
Bank of ghana news brief
The Thomson Reuters/PayNet Small Business Lending Index rose to 129.9 in Nov. from 119.8 in Oct. (www.reuters.com 05/01/17). UK service sector sees strong expansion in Dec The UK service sector grew at its fastest pace for 17 months in Dec. ... Benchmark Brent crude oil was up 45 cents a barrel at $56.91 by 1225 GMT.
Risk Management In Investment
• Currencies and in what proportions to be held as reserve assets. • Suitable benchmarks to use, for the purpose of investing reserve funds, with limits to take positions on currencies or interest rates relative to these benchmarks. ... Within 10 business days. Daily quotes on Bloomberg Reuters. Counterparty quotes at least once a month. MARKET RISK in Reserve Management Operations • Market risk is the risk to the financial condition of. institutions investments resulting from adverse movements in t he level of market prices.
International market expectations for exchange rates Monthly poll by Reuters (August 2001). Currency. Statistical data. ... GDP growth in the second quarter to zero or even a negative rate. The Bank of England also cut its official interest rate by 25 basis points to 5,0%, and on 30 August the European Central Bank also adopted an equivalent cut bringing its benchmark refinancing rate to 4,25%.
Discussion regarding potential electric system acquisition. Market considerations: interest rate position. • Benchmark tax-exempt and taxable interest rates are at historic lows across the yield curve. ... 0 bps. Source: Thomson Reuters. M C : b rarket onsiderationsdiscussion regarding potential electric system acquisition. Orrowing ate. Comparison. • Current benchmark rates are low even for lower rated credits.
Mineral Royalty Rate Analysis | Chapter 6. The Benchmark
b) if a benchmark based on 10% of mine-head value is retained, examine the extent to which the current royalty rates structure produces revenue that differs from the benchmark, and identify appropriate adjustments that would take revenues closer to the benchmark ... industry groups, the Review concludes that iron ore is consistently achieving a fair return to the community. 97 Stephen Eisenhammer, ‘Brazil’s ‘new’ mining code delayed further, almost forgotten’, Reuters (online), 27 August 2014, http...
3. LIBOR rates were initially calculated for three currencies: the United States Dollar, the British Pound Sterling, and the Japanese Yen. Over time, the use of LIBOR expanded, and benchmark rates were calculated for ten currencies, including the original three. ... 6. Thomson Reuters calculated and published the rates each business day by approximately 11:30 a.m. London time. Fifteen maturities (or “tenors”) were quoted for each currency, ranging from overnight to twelve months. The published rates were made available...
Home | Freight Rates Tool
Currency Converter. Converts Naira to other currencies and other currencies to Naira based on exchange rates of CBN for customs duty calculation only. ... Search for Recommended Benchmark Freight Rates. Proceed to tool.
Needto raise rates to
raise interest rates to restrain in-. flation even at the cost of some. sacrifice to growth, reinforcing. expectations that more rate hikes. are in the offmg. . Guvernment bond yields and. swap rates rose followingReserve. Bank of India (RBI) governor. ... 50 basis point interestrate rise. three factors: structural pres-. The 10-year benchmark bond sures on food prices, crude and. yield rose 3 basis points to 8,46 %, commodity prices and wage and. while the 5-year benchmark OIS demand pressure, Subbarao said
Tradeos of Large
Dataset. Train Number of % non-0 LIBSVM LLAMA LLAMA SGDSVM size features features (SDot) SVM MAXENT. Reuters. 781K. Translation 1000K. ... – Use it for the next 100000 iterations on the full dataset. • Examples – The CRF benchmark code does this to choose t0 before training. – We could also perform such cheap measurements every so often. The selected gains would then decrease automatically.
Response to feedback received
2 The relevant sections of the Blue Book are “Chapter I: Ethics & Behavioral Standards”, “Chapter II: Risk Management Principles”, “Chapter III: General Dealing and Market Conduct”, and “Chapter XII: Benchmark Rate Setting”. 6. MAS’ Response. ... 4 This includes electronic dealing platforms like Reuters Dealing System and EBS. 8. 6.6 Taking into account the new traded methodology, we intend to confine the scope of a Submitter to money brokers for benchmarks based on a traded methodology.
Pricing benchmarks in gas and electricity
The LIBOR rate is based on contributions from market participants; PRAs, unlike Thompson Reuters who formulate LIBOR, have the discretion to disregard unreliable data; and there are multiple PRAs operating in energy markets. 9. Pricing benchmarks in gas and electricity markets - a call for evidence.
Global Benchmark Study
Page 1. Global Benchmark Study of Residential Electricity Tariffs May 2013. Residential electricity tariffs in several benchmarked Asian cities sample are lower than they would otherwise be, due to material subsidies in various forms, such as subsidized fuel prices ... Similar subsidies exist in Thailand where gas is sold to the power sector at regulated prices below market rates. 5 Such subsidies are likely to account for only a part of the overall subsidy. Few Asian utilities are able to earn full market-based returns such that “losses”...
U.S. District Court • Southern District of New York
In re: Foreign Exchange Benchmark Rates Antitrust Litigation. ... Guzman v. News Corp. October 25th, 2013(13-CV-2219). Rosenblum v. Thomson Reuters. October 23rd, 2013(98-CR-1023). United States v. Hage.
Liberalized Syria banks "on Sound Track"
Reuters. Liberalization is spurring rapid growth in Syrian banking but state banks still dominate the sector since it opened to private investment four years ago, a report by the Syria Report online newsletter said on Monday. ... Monetary regulations require banks operating in Syria to deposit a proportion of their capital with the central bank at zero percent interest, which prevents benchmark rates and "closes the long-term lending market," the report said.
Five Major Banks Agree to Parent-Level Guilty Pleas — FBI
According to plea agreements to be filed in the District of Connecticut, between December 2007 and January 2013, euro-dollar traders at Citicorp, JPMorgan, Barclays and RBS—self-described members of “The Cartel”—used an exclusive electronic chat room and coded language to manipulate benchmark exchange rates. Those rates are set through, among other ways, two major daily “fixes,” the 1:15 p.m. European Central Bank fix and the 4:00 p.m. World Markets/Reuters fix.
Today in Energy - Daily Prices - Prices - U.S. Energy...
Prices are republished by EIA with permission as follows: Wholesale Spot Petroleum Prices from Thomson Reuters, Retail Petroleum Prices from AAA Fuel Gauge Report, Prompt-Month Energy Futures from CME Group, and Select Spot Prices from SNL Energy. ... 2269.00. -0.1. U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate Index. 101.40.
Facts and figures on France’s
- High-quality energy and telecommunications at competitive rates. - Renowned quality of life. 1 According to KPMG’s “Competitive Alternatives” biennial guide to business costs in over 100 cities in nine different countries, France stands out for having particularly attractive business setup ... ? The latest list of the world’s “Top 100 Global Innovators” published by Thomson Reuters included more innovators from France than any other European country, ahead of Sweden, the Netherlands, 6 Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
Federal Communications Commission
...Policy Reform, IB Docket No. 11-80; Joint Petition for Rulemaking of AT&T Inc., Sprint Nextel Corporation and Verizon, RM-11322; IConnect Wholesale, Inc. d/b/a TeleCuba: Petition for Waiver of the International Settlements Policy and Benchmark Rate for ... Much more will have to happen before digital liberty finds Cuba’s shores. 1 See, e.g., “Cuba detains dissidents ahead of Pope Francis’ visit,” Reuters (Sept. 13, 2015) (regime arrested dozens of members of Ladies in White, a group founded by the wives and female...
Launch of Spot USD/CNY(HK) Fixing
The Spot USD/CNY(HK) Fixing will serve as a benchmark for the market exchange rates of USD against CNY(HK) at 11 a.m. Hong Kong time. The Fixing is expected to provide a reference rate for the pricing of renminbi (RMB) products in the offshore market. ... The calculated Spot USD/CNY(HK) Fixing will be published on both Reuters Instrument Code and Reuters page CNHFIX at 11.15 a.m. Hong Kong time from Monday to Friday, except public holidays, or if Typhoon Signal No. 8 and above is hoisted.
Print Palmnews
29/11/204 (Reuters) - Indonesia set its crude palm oil export tax for December at zero, a trade ministry official said on Friday, unchanged from the previous month. "The low export benchmark price and zero percent export tax rate will remain since there is still a current low international price for CPO," foreign trade director general Partogi Pangaribuan told reporters in a press release from the trade ministry.
Measuring Scientific Impact at the
Expected Citation Rate Part 2: Benchmark the Field Citation Rate. • Use this linear regression equation to transform the Field Citation Rate. • This benchmarks expectations to NIH-funded papers for any Field (avg. = ... RCR. How is the paper of interest cited relative to expectations based on its co-citation network? 0 = never cited 1 = average 2 = twice the average >20 = exceptionally highly cited. Thomson Reuters Science Citation Index Expanded, 2002-2012.
All News
SAMA has decided to raise the reverse repo rate from 50 basis points to 75 basis points with immediate effect. ... SAMA would like to announce that it has approved naming Thomson Reuters by the banking sector to be benchmark administrator and calculation agent for SAIBOR effective from 20 November 2016 Sunday (20 Safar 1438H).
Trade News
AsemconnectVietnam - Vietnam's benchmark VN Index .VNI edged down 0.23 percent at the break on Thursday after two consecutive gains earlier this week, with investors taking profits in most blue-chip shares. PetroVietnam Gas , the country's third-biggest firm by market value, dropped 1.49 percent while BIDV lost 0.78 percent after rising a combined 11.3 percent since last Friday, Thomson Reuters data showed.
All News
SAMA has decided to raise the reverse repo rate from 50 basis points to 75 basis points with immediate effect. ... SAMA would like to announce that it has approved naming Thomson Reuters by the banking sector to be benchmark administrator and calculation agent for SAIBOR effective from 20 November 2016 Sunday (20 Safar 1438H).
Trade News
AsemconnectVietnam - Vietnam's benchmark VN Index .VNI edged down 0.23 percent at the break on Thursday after two consecutive gains earlier this week, with investors taking profits in most blue-chip shares. PetroVietnam Gas , the country's third-biggest firm by market value, dropped 1.49 percent while BIDV lost 0.78 percent after rising a combined 11.3 percent since last Friday, Thomson Reuters data showed.
CORAL Benchmark Codes
Calculating the SDARS Rate from the Benchmark...
Depending on how the royalty rate for interactive services and the value of music on Sirius XM are estimated, the benchmark rates calculated by Professor Ordover are in the range of 22.4 to 32.5 percent. The rates proposed by Professor Ordover are far above reasonable rates for. ... Data Sources: Bloomberg; CRSP Data; Thomson Reuters Datastream; Capital IQ.
The benchmark FTSE Burse Malaysia (FBM KLCI) ended 6.20 points lower at ... Asia markets flat in first trade of year - Malaysia Outlook (press release) (registration). ... — Reuters picKUALA LUMPUR, Dec 7 ? Malaysia's total trade from January-October 2016 was ...
NOAA Center for Tsunami Research - Project Overview
Research. Modeling. Model Benchmarks. Publications. ... About the Website: REUTERS News Agency has granted permission to use the image of the March 11, 2011 Japan tsunami (A whirlpool is seen near Oarai City, Ibaraki Prefecture, northeastern Japan, REUTERS/Kyodo) for editorial use on the NCTR home page.
Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)
were nominated as a scientist, researcher or technical specialist at ANZSCO skill level one or two by an Australian government scientific agency. have nominated earnings at least equivalent to the Australian Taxation Office top individual income tax rate (currently AUD 180,001). ... You must meet one of two benchmarks: Training benchmark A: recent expenditure equal to at least 2 per cent of the payroll of the business in payments allocated to an industry training fund that operates in the same industry as the business and a...
Source: BEREC MTR Benchmark (as of January 2013) Internal Report. Average revenue per minute (ˆcents) in mobile communications, 2011. Source: EC Digital Agenda Scoreboard 2013. Effective weighted per minute FTRs (ˆcent). Source: Termination Rates Benchmark Snapshot (as of January 2013). Conclusion. Benchmarking of Member States having implemented the pure BU-LRIC methodology.
Before the
The CRB subsequently set those sound recording rates many multiples higher than the PRO rates on the express premises that (1) the sound recording and musical composition performance licenses were not comparable and (2) the sound recording performance right was inherently much more valuable than the musical composition right. It would therefore be manifestly unfair to repeal Section 114(i) at this time to allow music publishers to attempt to use the sound recording rates as benchmarks for the PRO rates.
Attachment A
Measure Steward. JNC. Benchmark data Suggest that a state benchmark be set. Baby Friendly Hospital designation. ... Percentage of Low Birth- weight births Pre-term birth rates Cesarean Section (PC-02): Number of nulliparous women with a term, singleton baby in a vertex position delivered by cesarean section. CDC TBD JNC. Suggest that a state benchmark be set Suggest that a state benchmark be set Suggest that a state benchmark be set.
The commercial results are based on analysis of the 2009 Thomson Reuters MarketScan® Database. This database contains detailed claims data for commercially insured individuals. The data is submitted by large employer groups and health plans. ... • A single conversion factor can be used to benchmark a hospital contract. Lengthy summaries of hospital contracts with medical/ surgical per diems, maternity case rates, ICU per diems, outlier arrangements, and miscellaneous outpatient reimbursement structures are no longer...
Medicare Hospital Comparison
Estimated risk-adjusted rate. Hover over the caret to view interval estimate range. Legend: Better than National Benchmark.
A significant ongoing survey of American buyers also suggested there is substance behind this upturn. The Consumer Sentiment Index is a gauge of consumer confidence published monthly by the University of Michigan and Thomson Reuters. ... In Large Cap, the Fund underperformed the Russell 1000 Index slightly, returning +6.21% versus the Russell 1000’s return of +6.31%. Over the past year, the Fund is behind the benchmark, gaining 29.05%, short of the +30.05% return for the index.
Innovative Feed-In Tariff
MMA | Exchange Rates
The cross rate shown for the US dollar are furnished only as indicative rates for respective currencies, sourced from Thomson Reuters and rounded to four decimals. These rates are indications of market value only and may differ from those quoted by other market sources. Exchange rates are published daily except on public and bank holidays.
Central Bank of Kuwait: Home Page
14.12.16Press Release: CBK Raises Discount Rate by a Quarter Percentage Point to 2.50% From 2.25% More. 07.12.16Governor's Speech: Ensuring Stability in Turbulent Times More. 15.11.16Press Statement: International Monetary Fund 2016 Article IV Consultation - Concluding Statement More.
Energy Asset Rating Program
• Use a technical, rather than a statistical rating scale, rating buildings against a zero-energy benchmark. • Use site energy use intensity (EUI) instead of source. • Adjust the asset rating scales to account for different building types. ... The Benchmark factor takes the energy use, adjusts to a greenhouse gas emissions figure (kilograms of carbon dioxide per square meter), and then translates it to a value that enables a building to be located on the benchmark rating scale (OEH 2011).
Debt Policy Statement
Regular auctions can also provide long-term benchmark rates in the absence of a secondary market. ... Much of the secondary market trading data is already available in Reuters and on the SBP website. This data dissemination process can be further strengthened by providing the data on a historical basis and in a readily usable form.
Request for Proposals
d) Indicative benchmark rate, as of proposal date. e) Additional fees, if any. 11. All the above should be itemized. The benchmark reference data source should be explicitly stated. (e.g. Reuters. or Bloomberg ticker). 12. The Offerer must represent that its bid constitutes a legally binding offer, which will remain valid and open to.
The 90-Day DTF Interest Rate: Why Does It Remain
The 90-day DTF interest rate is the most important benchmark rate in Colombia. It is calculated weekly as a weighted average of the interest rates on 90-day Certificates of Deposits (CDs) issued by banks and other financial institutions to their clients. As illustrated by figure 2.1, the DTF rate responded relatively consistently to changes in the overnight repo rate up until July 2002.
There were no formal auctions, liquid benchmarks, active secondary market or prevailing market rate. Post-1994, the government began developing macroeconomic frameworks to inform guidelines and active debt management strategies. ... The invitation for bids, published on electronic news services (Reuters, Bloomberg, I-Net Bridge and so on) and on the Reserve Bank’s website, includes the following information: • Auction date • Amount of Treasury bills on offer for the different maturities • Closing time of the auction...
Source: Buyouts, Thomson Reuters & National Venture Capital Association. • There were 154 buyout?backed M+A exits in 3Q14. The 50 with disclosed financial terms had a total valuation of approximately $22.8 billion, up from 113 exits with total disclosed value of $20.4 billion during 3Q13. ... Importantly, this change also reduced the overall portfolio’s interest rate sensitivity as STHQ strategy duration is limited to +/-25% of the corresponding 3-year maximum maturity benchmark.
2016 Rates - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Regional Rates and benchmarks, Part D Low Income Premium Subsidy Amounts. 2016 MA rate book. 2016 Rate calculation data including statutory benchmark data. USPCC amounts (prospective and retrospective). 2016 Quartiles and Applicable Percentages.
Further | 5. Benchmarking: rates
The EC notes that rates set by Member States which have implemented BU-LRIC cost models should be taken into account by regulators seeking to benchmark. Further, the rates used should be the cost efficient target rates at the end of any glidepath and not the ... 3.1. The Commission set out its proposed approach to setting MTRs in the May 2012 consultation, such that it would not propose to undertake a cost modelling exercise at this stage, but would propose to set rates by benchmarking MTRs in the Isle of Man.
FDIC: Bank Trends - Houston's Downturn Comes Later...
Asset quality indicators, including delinquency rates and loss experience, are favorable compared to national benchmarks. ... 4. "Enron collapse latest shock to Houston's economy," Forbes.com, January 29, 2002 (Reuters). 5. "Continental to furlough 3,000 in Houston, cut back flights," Houston Chronicle.com, September 15, 2001.
Note: The chart identifies selective indicators for which performance is particularly strong or weak relative to benchmark standards, as explained in Appendix A. The data supplement in Appendix B provides full tabulation of the data and international benchmarks examined for this report, along with technical notes on data sources and definitions. ... 59 Reuters.
The Public Finance Sector
1. Increasing liquidity of the TS market – Continuation of issuing medium and long term fixed rate benchmark bonds (at least EUR 5 bn) in the domestic market – Large liquid issues in the euro and US dollar markets – Adapting issuance policy to market circumstances, including demand in different segments of the TS market – Modifying the principles of evaluating primary dealers activity aimed at fostering. ... Source: Reuters, November 29, 2011. - upgrade or downgrade in comparison to previous Strategy. 19.
Benchmark Report. Fake Medical Center. ... Available phone numbers, support groups, lactation consultant/specialist, WIC, outpatient clinics. The AAP and ACOG recommend against distributing infant formula “discharge packs”14,36 because it reduces exclusive breastfeeding rates and implies health care professional endorsement of specific commercial items.37-39.
Partially Accredited: Approaching Benchmark-Pass Rate
“A school will be rated as Partially Accredited: Improving School-Pass Rate if the school does not meet the requirements for full accreditation or for Partially Accredited: Approaching Benchmark-Pass Rate but the school’s pass rate in each of the four content areas (English, mathematics, science, and history/social science) either: 1) meets the benchmark required for full accreditation, or 2) meets.
Fact Sheet on Inpatient Quality Indicators | Rate per 1,000
The benchmark is the rate used as a comparison point. You may choose your State's rate, the national rate, or any other rate that you may wish to use as a comparison. See the other B tools for more information (B1 explains what the rates mean; B2a and B2b show how to use the software with your data and obtain these rates; B5 explains how to use benchmarks). Comparing Expected Rates of Pressure Ulcers (PSI 3) to Benchmark Rates To Compare Case Mix. Per 1,000 Cases.
Hines first began measuring and rating, or “benchmarking,” the building’s energy performance using the EPA’s free Energy Star Portfolio Manager in 2000. It was an eye-opening experience. For the first time, Hines was able to compare the building’s energy performance to similar buildings in the Seattle area as well as those located elsewhere within the company’s portfolio. Over the years, Hines has continued to benchmark and improve the building’s energy performance.
Annual Research Review
Bear Stearns is a good example because its activities spanned all three layers. Problems began in the asset layer when the value of a benchmark index of securities held by two Bear Stearns hedge funds began falling (see #1 on accompanying figure). ... Correlation between sentiment and VIX is in the upper right-hand corner of each chart. Sources: Bloomberg L.P., Thomson Reuters Corp., authors’ analysis.
Liberalized Syria banks "on Sound Track"
Reuters. Liberalization is spurring rapid growth in Syrian banking but state banks still dominate the sector since it opened to private investment four years ago, a report by the Syria Report online newsletter said on Monday. ... Monetary regulations require banks operating in Syria to deposit a proportion of their capital with the central bank at zero percent interest, which prevents benchmark rates and "closes the long-term lending market," the report said.
Federated U.S. Government Securities Fund: 2-5 Years
Mark Durbiano Joined Federated 1982 33 yrs. investment exp. SECTOR ALLOCATION. The portfolio is overweighted or underweighted relative to the benchmark after an intensive review of: • Historical Spread Analysis • Volatility Analysis • Business Cycle. ... These figures do not reflect sales charges. Copyright 2016 ©Reuters. All rights reserved. Any republication or redistribution of Lipper content, including by caching, framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Lipper.
Overview | Quarterly Benchmark Rates Page 1
Quarterly Benchmark Rates Page 1. 11. fewer residents are more likely to have more extreme rates, as a change of one resident in the numerator will have a larger impact on the rate. Due to this, the final benchmarks that include all 4 quarters may differ from the currently displayed benchmarks.
Deposit and conversion operations
State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan - the only among commercial banks of Turkmenistan using information and trading system Reuters Dealing-2000. This system allows you to conduct Turkmenvneshekonombanku deposits and foreign exchan...
Annual Benchmark Study | 2012 Hourly Parking Rates
2013 Parking Benchmarks. Annual Benchmark Study Spring 2013 Report. In 2008, The MCDOT Parking Planning division conducted the first parking benchmark study which showed MCDOT parking in comparison to jurisdictions nationwide. Since then, the National Parking Association (NPA) has conducted an annual survey which provides a comprehensive snapshot of the parking industry’s rates.
Belarus High Technologies Park - Embassy of the Republic...
Today world leading corporations, such as Peugeot, Mitsubishi, British Petroleum, Gazprom, Reuters, British Telecom, London Stock Exchange, World Bank, Coca-Cola, etc. are among major consumers of Belarusian software developed in Belarus Hi-Tech Park. The Hi-Tech Park project stands out of other departmental projects due to the fact that the Hi-Tech Park is viewed as a national project and is supervised personally by the President of the Republic of Belarus. To benchmark and learn from experiences of other innovative...
AND PERFORMANCE | B’mark (% p.a.)
Sterling valuations have been estimated using the dollar exchange rate as at the 30 September 2015 and 31 December 2015 for the start and end of quarters respectively. (b) Includes total cash holding (State Street custody account & Trustee Bank account) and private equity ... Figures are based on performance provided by the Investment Managers, Mercer estimates and Thomson Reuters Datastream. † Performance shown is provisional. (a) Benchmark return taken as absolute return target of 8% p.a. for performance...
Benchmarking employment costs at Network Rail
This report was researched and written by Incomes Data Services (part of Thomson Reuters) on behalf of ORR. ... · To examine current pay and other elements of the remuneration package (including pensions) for Network Rail’s major groups of employees and to benchmark them against relevant comparators; · As part of the review, to consider the findings of Network Rail’s own recent benchmarking exercise
Professionalism. We strive for the highest standard of professional conduct. We benchmark our work to recognised international and professional auditing standards. Integrity. We strive to uphold the public trust in our work. ... Privacy Statement. Terms Of Use. Rate This Site.
Buildings Technology Center--Building Design...
Benchmarking Charts. Benchmark Your Building. Estimate Savings Potentials. ... Quickly benchmark your building's energy performance (a rating). Approximate energy use and cost savings from building energy upgrades. You can benchmark these 24 building types: Office1 Elementary/middle school1 High school1 Distribution/shipping center1 Clinic/other outpatient health Convenience store Motel or inn Nursing home/assisted living1 Post office/postal center Hotel1 Retail store1 Dormitory/fraternity/sorority.
Online availability of research and additional conflict-of-interest disclosures. Nomura’s Research is available electronically for clients in the US on NOMURA.COM, REUTERS, BLOOMBERG and THOMSON ONE ANALYTICS. ... a) Opportunistic spread differences between the appropriate benchmark and the security or the financial instrument, b) Divergence between a country’s underlying macro or micro-economic fundamentals and its currency’s value and.
The Treasury of
Source: Reuters and The Treasury. Apr May 5-year EUR SWAP rate. June July Aug Sep Oct. ... The benchmarks are calculated by interpolating RIGIBID (EURIBID) indexes in such way originating at the market rate benchmark of the respective deposit term. Comparison of the return of resources placed on deposit against the return of investment benchmark was started in the 4th quarter of 2005.
Benchmarks for a Good Lamb Crop
Benchmarks for a Good Lamb Crop Performance Targets for Replacement Ewe Lambs. Introduction. The theme of this year's seminar is "Building Blocks for Productive Flocks", generally meaning that if the replacement females are managed and grown out well ... mating management to achieve a high ovulation and breeding (conception) rate within a short period of time; understanding the feed requirements (pasture or supplementary) to achieve optimum growth rates of the lambs; knowing the lambs' genetic ability
Central Bank of Tunisia, Home | MAIN RATES
in Tunisia (French version) Analysis of the impact of variation in prices, exchange rate and quantities on the trend of trade in the energy sector (French version) Medium-Term Forecasting Model for Tunisia Construction of monetary conditions indicator for Tunisia (French version) Short-term forecast of economic growth in Tunisia Short term activity forecasting model (French version) + more.
Rates are risk adjusted and benchmark data are provided for comparison. Baystate Medical Center has observed a significant reduction in harm events, improvement in patient safety, decrease in readmission rates, and a reduction in mortality rates both overall and in the specific areas they have focused on (e.g., sepsis). ... There is a lot of planning along the way.” Baystate Medical Center was recently recognized by Thomson Reuters (the second year in a row) as.
U.S. Cost of a Data Breach
As a benchmark study, Cost of a Data Breach differs greatly from the standard survey study, which typically requires hundreds of respondents for the findings to be statistically valid. Benchmark studies are valid because the sample is designed to represent the ... We also analyze the economic impact of lost or diminished customer trust and confidence as measured by customer turnover, or churn, rates. Utilizing activity-based costing, our methods capture information about direct expenses such as engaging forensic experts...
New Officers During
This increase has resulted from higher graduation rates at each of the academies, coupled with reduced demand for new officers. DOD projections for new officer accessions for fiscal years 1995-97 are lower than any year since 1950. Our review of historical data indicates that the benchmark periods were: 1976-80 for the Army, 1976-81 for the Navy and Marine Corps, and 1977-81 for the Air Force.
Scheme funding | Discount rates
It also shows the volatility and changing relationship between bond yields and break-even inflation. Annualised yields on benchmark bonds (%). ... Source: Thomson Reuters. Valuations and recovery plans Scheme funding: an analysis 4. Both assets and liabilities are influenced by prevailing financial market conditions at the valuation date. Liabilities are sensitive to changes in the assumed discount rate, inflation, and mortality assumptions, among other factors.
United states of america
(3) WM/Reuters (“WM/R”) publishes a series of hourly intraday spot rates (“benchmarks” or “fixes”) for certain currency pairs, including a “closing” rate at end of the trading day in London at 4:00 p.m. London Time. For certain currency pairs, WM/R calculates the published rate using the trading activity on a particular electronic trading platform during a one minute window (“fixing window”) thirty seconds before and thirty seconds after the end of each hour.
Centeral Bank Of Yemen
Function and structure, branches, pictures of currency, balance sheet and FX rates.
USGS SET website - SET Theory
The SET cannot provide information on processes occurring below the bottom of the benchmark pipe. Marker Horizons ... When used simultaneously, the SET and Marker Horizon techniques can provide information on below ground processes that influence elevation change. Differences between the rates of Vertical Accretion and Elevation Change can be attributed to processes occurring below the feldspar layer and above the bottom of the SET pipe.
Banque du liban | BDL on Reuters
In addition to being available on the BDL web site on the Internet, the Banque Du Liban disseminates information through Reuters. Banque Du Liban has the following pages offering different types of data: Page Title. Information Type. BDL01. Beirut Forex Market - Daily closing of LBP/$ rate & major foreign currencies.
Safety Lines | Workplace illness rates in Minnesota
Recording the correct cases and accurately including the required information leads to higher quality injury and illness rates that enable employers to better understand their relation to the benchmark rates and help government agencies to properly direct resources. ... Feb. 15, 2018; and. •• Thomson Reuters-Core Publishing Solutions in Eagan achieved. full MNSTAR Program status, with its initial certification Sept. 1
Having efficiency metrics for different workloads and clearly...
At the moment I can't even do meaningful comparison with a part view. This would also able me to have the upper hand when battling with business folk who try to push through inefficienct servers whereas today I don't have independant benchmarks to point them to and use in my defense. ... Harqs. Harkeeret Singh Head of Data Centre Energy Optimisation. Thomson Reuters.
The White House Project | Benchmarking Women’s Leadership
The White House Project 434 W. 33rd Street, 8th Floor NYC, NY 10001 (212) 226-4400. www.thewhitehouseproject.org www.benchmarks.thewhitehouseproject.org. ... 349 Ibid. 350 Mark Lamport, “Three fewer events on 2009 LPGA Tour schedule,” Reuters. (November 2008). 351 Jon Show, Total Prize money on PGA tour drops for first time since ’70’s, Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal.
London Office Policy Review 2004
Benchmark 2 - Availability versus Rents. “When the central London availability rate is moving in a direction such that the 8% level seems likely to be crossed, it would be an appropriate time to review strategic office policy. ... Since the year end, major transactions have been concluded with Reuters for 283,000 sq ft and BP’s supply and trading division for 140,000 sq ft, both at Canary Wharf, 420,000 sq ft with Willis Group on a pre-let at 51 Lime Street, EC3, and 499,000 sq ft with IPC on a pre-sale at Bankside 123
Occupational Wage Search
Benchmarking Occupational Wages. Find out where your pay ranks within your occupation. Explore our wage database of over 300 occupations collated from more than 4,000 private organisations covering over 200,000 full-time resident employees. ... Select Your Occupation*. Contains Starts With. Please wait while your benchmark selection is being retrieved.
Government Securities The National Bank of Romania...
Foreign market. Government public debt management strategy. Rating Agencies. ... Order no.2922/2016 on issuance prospectuses for treasury certificates with discount and government bonds of benchmark type for the month of January 2017. Monthly auction announcement - January 2017.
China’s Stock Market Collapse and Government’s
2. · On June 27, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) stepped in to stop a sell-off in Chinese stock markets, cutting benchmark interest and deposit rates by 25 basis points each (to 4.85 percent and 2 percent, respectively) and the reserve requirement ratio (RRR) for some banks by 50 basis points. ... 34 Samuel Shen and Pete Sweeney, “China’s Key Stock Index Posts Biggest One-Day Rise in 2 1/2 Yrs,” Reuters, June 1, 2015; Koh Gui. Qing, “China Factories Scrabble for Growth in May, Export Demand Shrinks,” Reuters, June 2, 2015.
STREAM is a simple, synthetic benchmark designed to measure sustainable memory bandwidth (in MB/s) and a corresponding computation rate for four simple vector kernels.
Energy Benchmarking, Rating, and
By using benchmarking data to drive energy performance improvement in public buildings, governments can save taxpayer dollars while paving the way for bench-marking policies aimed at the private sector. ... For example, the above Washing-ton state law requires public buildings with an energy rating below the statistical benchmark performance average to complete energy audits.
The benchmark data are useful, however, in providing a basis for esti-mating coverage in the intervening and succeeding years. For each State the estimated average monthly number of covered workers in 1957 was projected to 1960, on the basis of the ... When these higher rates are included, only one State (with less than 1 percent of covered employment) has a maximum of less than 60 percent of wages; five States and the Federal program (with 16 percent of covered jobs) have maximums higher than two-thirds.
(Benchmark. ... Sources: Reuters Energy Information Administration Ceylon Petroleum Corporation. (*) CPC import prices are not directly comparable with spot prices of WTI and Brent as CPC is import prices include freight charges and the price is weighted for average prices of different types of crude oil.
Benchmarking Workbook
Gregory H. Watson, Strategic Benchmarking: How to Rate Your Company's Performance Against the World's Best. It is important that you understand the meaning of specific words before you proceed any further into this workbook. Because it is important, I have put the Glossary in the beginning of the workbook.
It runs in the Family
Benchmark Coatings also discovered a new product when they began applying the intumescent to the columns. They had applied the primer coat prior to the intumescent application that gave the columns a rusted look. The project team really liked this look and asked them to find a product that could mimic the rusted look without compromising the required two-hour fire rating.
Software | Argonne Leadership Computing Facility
ALCF MPI Benchmark Suite: ALCF MPI Benchmark Suite, which is designed to benchmark and measure several basic routines, such as messaging rate, ping-pong, aggregate off-node bandwidth, bi-section bandwidth, and collective operations. Contact: Vitali Morozov Download: ALCF_MPI_Benchmark_v1.01.BGQ.tar.bz2. BigSort Benchmark: The BigSort benchmark sorts a large number of 64-bit integers (from 0 to T) in parallel.
High-leverage training is linked to strategic business goals and objectives, uses an instructional design process to ensure that training is effective, and compares or benchmarks the company’s training programs against training programs in other ... The U.S. labor force will continue to grow more ethnically and racially diverse due to immigration, increased participation of minorities in the work force, and higher minority fertility rates. Between 2006–2016, the labor force growth rates for Hispanics and Asians...
Reserve Bank of Fiji - Home
* Forecasts for 2016-2018 are based on the Macroeconomic Committee's forecast as at October 2016 under 2011 GDP base. f - forecast p - provisional r - revised. Exchange Rate: 06 January 2017. ... Reserve Bank of Fiji Exchange Rates. Chart Book. Charts on the Fiji Economy as at December 2016 Click here to download.
Exchange Rates - IRAS
From 2013, please refer to the MAS website for exchange rates data. The average rate of exchange to be used for purposes of tax assessment for any particular year, where the actual rate of conversion is not furnished, is the sum total of the end-of-month rates for the year divided by 12.
Timeliness benchmarks | FWC Main Site
All Decisions Orders Decisions and Orders Awards Agreements Transcripts Decision Summaries Modern Award Decisions Penalty Rates Case Modern Award Review 2012 Organisation Rules 4 Yearly Modern Award Reviews. ... The timeliness benchmarks are intended to set tight performance standards; to that extent they are aspirational. We expect that there will be individual instances where the Commission does not meet its own high standards, for a variety of reasons.
Investing in agribusiness
? High separation rates for one or more groups? ? A surge in EEO complaints out of one shop/region or on one particular basis? ? Unfavorable responses on employee surveys? ? High termination rates for a particular group? ? Others? Analyzing Workforce Data Tables. Compare workforce population to benchmark (source population for the personnel action). Hires - If hire rate is below benchmark (R/CLF), then we have a trigger.
National Bank Of Georgia | What is the monetary policy rate?
In equilibrium, when the economy is free of demand and supply-side shocks, the monetary policy rate is at its neutral level. Thus, the “neutral interest rate” represents a benchmark whereby the monetary policy is neither expansionary nor contractionary, output is at its potential level and inflation is stable. The deviation of the policy rate from the neutral rate is due to the business cycle: booms and busts create the need for monetary policy to deviate from the neutral level.
Defined contribution performance evaluation
The rating assigned to a strategy may or may not be consistent with its historical performance. While the rating reflects Mercer’s expectations on future performance relative to its benchmark, Mercer does not provide any guarantees that these expectations will be fulfilled. ... Performance data was supplied by Lipper, A Thomson Reuters Company, subject to the following: Copyright 2011 © Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved. Any copying, republication or redistribution of Lipper Information, including caching, framing or...
across the hospital • Promotes best practices by. appraising and rating evidence and recommendations. SIMPLE SEARCHING. ... With headquarters in New York and major operations in London and Eagan, Minnesota, Thomson Reuters employs more than 50,000 people and operates in over 100 countries. Thomson Reuters shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: TRI) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: TRI).
Table 1: Prices of SMR CV, SMR 20
For Malaysia, economists are now leaning towards no change in the benchmark interest rate, which has been kept at three percent since May 2011 when the overnight policy rate (OPR) was raised by 25 basis points. ... Indonesia establishes $5.6 billion plantation firm. Indonesian Government plans to create one of the world's largest palm oil and rubber firms in March by combining state planters with total assets of $5.6 billion, a government minister told Reuters News Agency in February.
Egyptian Economic Monitor
Figure I.31 The Government of Egypt Notes, guaranteed by USAID, have been trading at a premium due to low U.S. Interest Rates. Source: Reuters. ... The Egyptian Government announced that ““The Arab Republic of Egypt rated Ba1 Moody’s/BB+ S&P/BB+ Fitch; all stable outlook, has mandated HSBC and Morgan Stanley as joint book runners for a benchmark Reg S/144A USD transaction.
TCV issues
The final investor term sheet is attached. For further details on this issue please refer to Reuters Screen ‘TCVO’. ... Issuer Rating: Instrument: Programme Issue Amount: Status: Type of Issue Maturity Date: Settlement Date: Launch Date Pricing Date: Coupon: Benchmark: Redemption: Re-Offer Price: Re offer Yield: Re offer Spread Coupon Payment Dates
Determining What Individual SUS Scores Mean: Adding an Adjective Rating Scale by Kortum Bangor and Miller May.
Tax Strategy Group
1 Each month, Reuters surveys around ten private sector forecasters (mostly in the financial sector) and publish the median projections for the key macroeconomic variables. ... While still high, rates have come down significantly from their peak reflecting factors such as savings on the banking side and strong programme implementation. In recent days, the yield on the benchmark 10-year bond has fallen below 9 per cent in the secondary market for the first time since February.
The Bank of Thailand’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) lowered its policy rate for the first time in a year. The-cut of 25 basis points is seen as an attempt to gain economic traction amid weakening growth prospects. It was decided to lower the benchmark interest rate to 1.75% from 2% on grounds that easing monetary policy should lend greater support to bolstering lacklustre economic conditions and sustaining both consumer and private sector confidence.
Statement of the Monetary Policy Committee
The expectations of financial analysts are marginally higher than those reflected in the latest Reuters survey of market analysts which shows expected inflation to average 6,2 per cent in 2012 and 5,7 per cent in the following two years. The immediate threat to the global economy posed by the European ... The government gross debt/GDP ratio is expected to peak at 42,4 per cent in 2014/15 (and the net debt/GDP ratio at 38,5 per cent), which is much lower than the international benchmark for debt sustainability of around 60 per cent.
Intermittent Resources and Storage in
pollution • No incentives to reduce ramping rate-related costs. (socialized UC cost). 22. © 2011 Le Xie, All Rights Reserved. Benchmark for Better Dispatch Methods. • Capable of optimizing under uncertainties • Capable of utilizing near-term better forecast • Computationally manageable • Provide ramping-rate related incentives • Coordinate O&M and emission costs at value.
Feature Clustering for Accelerating
The data was gathered by Ken Lang at Carnegie Mellon University circa 1995. (ii) REUTERS is the RCV1-v2/LYRL2004 Reuters text data described by Lewis et al. [2004]. In this term-document matrix, each example is a training document, and each feature is a term. ... D Lewis, Y Yang, T Rose, and F Li. RCV1 : A New Benchmark Collection for Text Categorization Research. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 5:361–397, 2004. S S Keerthi and D DeCoste.
a benchmark credit rating of BBB+. a benchmark term of debt of 10 years. independent third party data series—specifically, a simple average of the broad BBB rated debt data series published by the RBA and Bloomberg, adjusted to reflect a 10 year estimate and other adjustments. ... Thomson Reuters removes outliers from the bond universe based on a fairly straightforward standard deviation style filter in comparison to the universe of bonds in term/rating ‘buckets’. REF _Ref450900503 \h Table 342, below, sets out the...
Demographics - Overview | Census and Statistics Department
Total fertility rate (number of live births per 1 000 female population) (2). 1 234. ... The Population Census conducted from June to August 2011 provided a benchmark for revising the population estimates compiled since the 2006 Population By-census. In the above table, population figures as at 2010 have been revised accordingly.
Part III
Bloomberg and Reuters agencies developed screens on which financial institutions post the prices at which they are willing to complete purchases and sales. These initiatives are very useful, given the importance that ... DIs are important for public debt management because they are very liquid and used as benchmarks for pricing government fixed-rate bonds. BM&FBovespa actions with the DI, regarding futures’ interest rates and inflation, are important and need to be monitored closely by the National Treasury.
I Nvestment r eport
The Inflation Hedged portfolio added performance relative to its benchmark. The portfolio was positioned for an increase in rates by owning more short-intermediate maturity securities and fewer intermediate maturity securities than the index. ... Thomson-Reuters Research.
Yrd. Do?. Dr. R. Ceyda ?ZT?RK
The marked-to market value of the position is found by multiplying the daily foreign exchange rates by the amount of the market risk exposed position in order to find the daily realized gain or loss ... JORION, Phillippe, Value At Risk: The New Benchmark for Controlling Market Risk, USA: McGraw-Hill Company, 1997, p.18. RISKMETRICS, Technical Document, New York: JP Morgan- Reuters, 4th Edition, 1996, p.100, www.jpmorgan.com/Risk Management/RiskMetrics.html.
WV Office of Fleet Management
Statewide maintenance benchmarks were established to help agencies find a better sized fleet to meet agency needs and to help lower overall vehicle maintenance costs, and whether or not the vehicles in their fleet is the right fit for their mission...read more. ... The IRS/GSA issued the 2017 standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible cost of operating an automobile for business purposes: Beginning January 1, 2017 the standard mileage rate for the use of a car will be $0.535.
think staff members Administrators of Rated C Administrators o 30.2% have had parents report SUTQ was important in choosing the center 68.2% have made changes in budgeting/fiscal priorities to meet SUTQ benchmarks 50% think participation in SUTQ has improved the quality of Administrators of Rated Center Administrators o 98% rated the customer service from their Licensing Specialist as Good or.
Validation. 2. Definition of experimental benchmark. 2.1. Experimental set-up. ... CMOS PCO 1200 hs black and white high speed camera (PCO Imaging) with internal frame graber for image aquisition (max. resolution 1280x1024 pixels, maximum frame rate: 40720 fps). cavity. halogen lamp (1000 Watt).
Testimony of doug kantor
Interest rates on credit cards fell precipitously after the reforms and even though the overall rates in that country have fluctuated over time, the spread between their benchmark rates and the rates consumers get on their credit cards is consistently narrower than it was prior to ... • "The free checking accounts many Americans enjoy will soon be a thing of the past as banks scramble to find new ways to recoup overdraft charges and other fees they're no longer allowed to impose." US. Banks May End Free Checking, Reuters (June 17, 2010)...
MEDIUM TERM | Interest rate type
This benchmark target allows some room for flexibility in the market activity while still focusing on euro issuances. Although most floating rate debt has currently highly favorable terms the possibility of the associated costs increasing is quite high since interest rates ... · Publication of Medium Term Debt Strategy. · Publication of auction calendar and results. · Upgrade of Reuters and/or Bloomberg page. The above represents an expansion from a mostly ex-post market communication to a more forward looking, proactive approach to...
What’s Up with the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture...
These baseline values are important because they provide a benchmark against which to measure future progress. The baseline data revealed some interesting findings about the constraints women face in the agriculture sector. First, across the majority of Feed the Future focus countries and regions, the greatest constraints on empowerment among women working in agriculture are a lack of access to credit or credit-related decision making; excessive workloads; and a low prevalence of ... July 28, 2015 | Reuters.
Appendix f | benchmark rates
Appendix f. Benchmark rates for cost of rental and loss of use. The benchmark rates in this Appendix shall apply to claims for rental and loss of use of a motor vehicle made in writs filed in Court on or after 1st April 2016. Type private cars.
Rates, Ratios, and Proportions ( approximately 17 days)
(Expectations for unit rates in this grade are limited to non-complex fractions.) 3. Use ratio and rate reasoning to solve real-world and mathematical problems, e.g., by reasoning about tables of equivalent ratios, tape diagrams, double number line diagrams, or equations. a. Make tables of equivalent ratios relating quantities with whole number measurements, find missing values in the tables, and plot the pairs of values on the coordinate plane. ... BENCHMARK 1 ~ Unit 2. Area of Polygons (approximately 12 days).
Aid Program Performance | Performance Benchmarks
As for the previous year’s APPR, ‘legacy’ investments not aligned with the regional program’s two objectives are not covered in detail in this document. Progress of these investments is described under ‘Analysis of AQCs’. Table 2 Rating of the Program's ... 8. on benchmarks, particularly the benchmark relating to capacity building in the water and agricultural sectors, indicates more robust benchmarks could be set. As a result, the benchmarks were revised during development of DFAT’s new South Asia Regional Aid...
Donations for offering gold foils at
New York, 10 Jan — The dollar eased on Friday after a US labour market report suggested a go-slow approach to raising interest rates, while global equity markets fell on more weak data from Europe, add-ing to worries about tepid growth around the world. Crude oil slipped un-der $50 a barrel as Brent, the global benchmark, posted a seventh straight weekly loss. Gold rose and notched its first week-ly gain in four weeks as political uncertainty in Greece boosted demand for safe-haven assets. Also weighing on in-vestors was a Reuters...
State of the
The latest benchmark indicators for tourism in the Australian economy are: nn Tourism GDP increased by 3.7 per cent (or $1.5 billion) to $42.3 billion in 2012–13. Domestic tourism GDP provided most of the increase in dollar terms, up 3.2 per cent (or $957 million) to $30.8 billion. ... tables (including exchange rates, economic growth and household consumption), as at December 2013, RBA, Sydney Thomson Reuters Datastream Tourism Research Australia (TRA, 2013), Travel by Australians, September 2013 Quarterly results...
National Portal of India
Housing, auto and corporate loans are all set to become cheaper with half a dozen PSU and private banks steeply reducing benchmark lending rate by up ... ... Banks have started slashing lending rates. State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Union Bank of India, IDBI so far have slashed their marginal cost of funds based lending rates. How does it affect the common man's home and auto loan EMIs is the question that matters most.
Source:Reuters. ... The interest rate of benchmark Treasury bill on the secondary market declined from monthly average of annually compounded 24.6% in January to 22.4% in December.
Innovations in | 2. Level of Benchmarking
The implementation of the strategy and achievement of benchmarks requires the tax administration to carry out performance measurements in key areas of its functional activities such as audit, tax enforcement and taxpayer services. ... values (tax gap, cost-to-out-comes ratios, tax compliance level, etc.) should be compared with non-financial bench-. 3) Final rating (R) is automatically calculated on basis of scores of employee’s performance on five different criteria (see upper left part).
Housing | YourHome
Building rating tools. The construction process. Buying a home off the plan. ... Carbon zero housing is considered to be today’s benchmark of best practice; carbon positive housing will play an increasingly important role in limiting global warming and contributing to ‘positive development’, which sets the broader goal of a net positive ecological and social impact.
Malaysian Bonds Market Information, Malaysia Bonds, Islamic...
Corporate Bond Issued/Approved. Secondary Market. MGS & GII Benchmark. Yields Summary. ... KLIBOR. IRS. Exchange Rate. International Reserves. Sovereign Credit Rating History. Rating Watch of Corporate Bond and Sukuk. RAM.
Failure Rate and Event Data for use within Risk
Item ED 4 Lightning Strike Rates. Human Factors. Failure Rate and Event Data for use within Risk Assessments (28/06/2012). Introduction. 1. HID CI5 has an established set of failure rates that have been in use for several years. This document details those items and their failure rates. ... Benchmark exercise on major hazard analysis, vol. 2, part 1.
Data Support Contractors: CHD-Fu, Social and Scientific Systems, Thomson Reuters Healthcare, and Westat. National Healthcare Disparities Report, 2011. Contents. ... If rates could be reduced to the achievable benchmark rate (the rate achieved by the best performing State; see Chapter 1 for benchmarking methods), $11 billion could be saved per year.
Unfortunately, policies adopted in subsequent years hurt, rather than helped, the economy. Consumer Condence has Returned to Pre-Crisis Levels. Reuters/Michigan monthly consumer sentiment index 100. 95. ... Expand State flexibility to provide benchmark benefit packages . Require full coverage of preventive health and tobacco cessation services for adults in traditional Medicaid . Require coverage of EPSDT for children in inpatient psychiatric treatment facilities .
Multiclass Participants Memoranda (MPMs)
With respect to the change in the administration of LIBOR from the British Bankers Association to the ICE Benchmark Administration, the following revision to Section 3.08 of the REMIC Standard Trust Provisions of the Guide shall be incorporated into each REMIC Trust Agreement for any Series where the Trustee determines LIBOR pursuant to the ICE LIBOR method ... that publishes that rate from time to time in place of Reuters) as of 11:00 am London time on the related Floating Rate Adjustment Date.
Transactional Data | AOFM
Monthly Data on Benchmark Treasury Fixed Coupon Bonds Outstanding. ... Historical Data on Cross Currency Interest Rate Swaps.
InCites Benchmarking & Analytics allows you access to article level performance metrics from Web of Science™ Core Collection data 1980-present. Benchmark institutions and researchers to peers using a wider range of Absolute and Normalized metrics. ... Contacting Thomson Reuters. Customer Technical Support
DEHPG.Net Money Follows the Person (MFP) Grantee Help
§ Thomson Reuters (Help) Contact Info § Mathematica (Help) Contact Info § Optimal Screen Resolution § Getting Started § Logging In § Password Change § MFP Finder (Home Page) Screen § MFP Data Report Documents –Download § General Guide for Entering State Grant Data. ... B. Transitions. If the pre-populated benchmark data do not appear to be accurate, please contact your CMS project officer to amend your projections, or contact your MATHEMATICA liaison. · All figures are for the current reporting period...
18In fact, the 30-year FRM rate, the 10-year Treasury yield, and the current-coupon MBS yield are highly correlated as discussed more later in this section. In particular, the spread between the 30-year FRM rate and the 10-year Treasury yield at a given time is priced by the market to capture the perceived riskiness at that time of the 30-year FRM relative the 10-year Treasury yield, the risk-free benchmark. 19For example, see the Reuters article from November 14, 2008.
mGovernment - Services & Activities - Telecommunications...
This would be through the provision of training, support, consultation, and implementing a number of enabling initiatives on the national level. TRA will work during the next phase on connecting the smart services, federally and locally, as well as improving the quality of the provided services, increasing the usage rates and the satisfaction level with mGovernment services.
Going by the old adage ‘what gets measured, gets managed’, GRIHA attempts to quantify aspects such as energy consumption, waste generation, renewable energy adoption, etc. so as to manage, control and reduce the same to the best possible extent. GRIHA is a rating tool that helps people assesses the performance of their building against certain nationally acceptable benchmarks.
Reading First
These graphs represent the data that the state provided. Proficiency rates where the number of students tested is 10 or fewer or where the proficiency rate is 0% or 100% are not shown. ... Selected State Evaluation Findings o First-grade students made progress in all three areas tested on the DIBELS (Nonsense Word Fluency [NWF], Phoneme Segmentation Fluency [PSF], and Oral Reading Fluency [ORF]), comparing the initial benchmark performance to their performance on the end of year benchmark.
NRC: Background as a Residual Radioactivity Criterion...
This report concludes that the temporal and spatial variability of background produces a wide range of doses to United States residents, which prevents the application of background dose rates as a decommissioning criterion. Instead, this report recommends that local background radionuclide concentrations serve as a benchmark for decommissioning criteria, while taking into account the concept of reducing residual radioactivity to a level as low as is reasonably achievable.
Idaho Division of Professional-Technical Education
Measure 2: Maintain the retention rate for staff, other than correctional officers, at 84% or more Retention for staff other than correctional officers decreased slightly, but remained above the benchmark of 84%. ... All Medicaid management information system suppliers, Molina Medicaid Solutions, Magellan (pharmacy system), and Thomson-Reuters (decision support/data warehouse) are working with the state to prepare for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services system certification activities that are anticipated to occur in 2011.
Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) economic data. balance sheet. benchmarks or trend analysis. budget variances. budgets and forecasts. cash flow/profit reports. financial/operational statements and reports (such as expenditures and receipts, profit and loss statements). financial markets monitoring services (such as Reuters).
Market Guide
1666. *Lines renewed. Source: IMF, CEIC, Bloomberg, Reuters. Bilateral trade as % of China's total trade 7.0. ... 1. Bank credit environment in China remains tight As discussed in the earlier sections on FX and interest rates, in our view, the recent PBOC cuts in both the benchmark lending and deposit rates were moves to liberalise interest rates rather than to ease policy.
Founded in 1929, Lord Abbett is an independent
Base Return (Benchmark): This is the weighted average holding period return for the benchmark securities in each group. This weighted average is calculated for each link period using beginning weights, then the resulting values are linked together to calculate the displayed value. ... Lipper Information: Lipper, Inc. ©2013 Reuters. All rights reserved. Any copy, republication or redistribution of Lipper content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Lipper.
QNEXA | n SBP DBP Heart rate RPP
• Study OB-302 and OB-303 met FDA 1-year efficacy benchmarks. • PHEN/TPM associated weight loss was accompanied by improvements in waist circumference, blood pressure, lipids, and HbA1c. 3. ... • CV risk analysis. – Analysis of 1-year safety cohort. – Overnight heart rate monitoring: OB-204. – Post-hoc major adverse cardiovascular event (MACE) analysis.
NNDCensemble > Project Browse
Standardized quality assurance (QA) processes can provide us benchmark suites for the validation of nuclear data libraries that can meet a basic tenet of science: our colleagues can reproduce them. ... The Generalized Nuclear Data (or GND) package defines a new extensible format for storing various forms of nuclear reaction data. The package also includes methods for converting other nuclear data formats to and from GND. (Project not rated).
Structured Interview
Structured Interview: Example Rating Scale. ... Benchmark Handles Definition interpersonal.
Wall street and
“Washington Mutual Inc.’s subprime bonds are suffering from some of the worst rates of delinquency among securities in benchmark indexes, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co. research. … ... See “Profile, Goldman Sachs,” Reuters.com; “Profile, The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.,” Hoovers.com; 4/19/2010, “A Brief History of Goldman Sachs – Timeline,” Wall Street Journal; 1/2010, “The Bank Job,” Vanity Fair (written with cooperation of Goldman Sachs).
Retirement System
A time-weighted rate of return communicates information that is suitable for comparisons to relevant benchmark rates, provides information to assess investment manager performance, and provides comparability among pension plans and investment managers. ... MSCI All Country World Index ex-US. (5.3%). Thomson Reuters Global Focused ex-US (Hedged) Blend (7.6%). Total Equities. 2.6%. Equity Section Benchmark(4). 2.9%. Fixed Income & Cash(5).
Grantee Agency
Each grantee must address all four with some combination of objectives. ? 1. Growth in student academic achievement (including state assessments, where available). ? 2. Graduation and attendance rates. ? 3. Evidence of growth in areas of school culture and climate (including attendance and behavioral. ... Performance Metrics: What data will you collect? How? Target Benchmark for 2015-16 Program Year: What measure of data will indicate success?
Soci?t? G?n?rale. 25. Reasons to Invest in Finnish Benchmark bonds. High credit quality; one of EMU AAA-rated countries. Strong economic fundamentals. Long tradition of prudent fiscal policies. ... 39. www.treasuryfinland.fi. Bloomberg: STF Reuters: SUVA. Contact information of State Treasury Finance Visiting address: S?rn?isten rantatie 13, Helsinki Mailing address:P.O. BOX 20, FI-00054 STATE TREASURY, FINLAND.
“Designed Data” and “Organic Data” | Director's Blog
We find great value when statistical products found in academia, other governmental institutions, and industry are benchmarked to those produced by the Census Bureau. The University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research, collaborating with Reuters, conducts the Survey of Consumers to calculate the Index of Consumer Expectations. ... This well suits academia, other governmental agencies, and industry that benchmark against our statistical products.
CDM – Executive Board. page 14. against a relevant and justifiable industry benchmark hurdle rate. Per the EB 39 Annex 10 Methodological Tool guidance (V. 5.2), “the purpose of the equity IRR calculation is to determine the final return on the initial equity investment”. ... 6 Stoddard, Ed. “South Africa’s gold miners set to strike”. Reuters.
International Criticality Safety Benchmark Evaluation Project...
Flux and other reaction rates spectra in a 299-group energy scheme. Plotting capabilities were implemented into DICE allowing the user to compare the spectra of selected configurations in the original fine energy structure or on any user-defined broader energy structure. ... The International Handbook remains the primary source of criticality safety benchmark data. For more information about DICE, see the user's manual.
Banking / Finance
ClearForest Reuters Israel is a world leader in business solutions enabled by text analytics, supplying the analytical bridge between two previously disconnected worlds of information - unstructured text and enterprise data. ... The Group is active in the wholesale markets in interest rates, credit, commodities, FX, emerging markets, equities and equity derivatives. ICAP has an average daily transaction volume in excess of $2.3 trillion, more than 40% of which is electronic.
Federal Register :: Notice of Proposed Exemption Involving...
19. Each business day the LIBOR average benchmark interest rates are calculated and published by Thomson Reuters, acting as agent for the British Bankers' Association (BBA), for ten currencies (including the United States Dollar, the British Pound Sterling, and the Japanese Yen) and for various maturities (ranging from overnight to twelve months).
Alabama LAUS
UK Debt Management Office | Thomson Reuters
Treasury Bills. DMO Page 12. Thomson Reuters. Conventional Gilts. 0#GBTSY=GEMM. ... Gilt and Treasury Bill prices and yields. - please call 020 7862 6501 / 6735. Public Works Loan Board interest rates.
Medium-Term Fiscal Statement
16. reduction in the notional cost of borrowing for the State. In mid-July spreads on 10-year Irish Government bond yields compared to the German benchmark had risen to around 1,200 basis points. As of mid-October, they had dipped below 600 basis points ... **Annual average except for the Reuters Consensus which is an end-year figure. To date, very few detailed forecasts have been published that cover the 2013-2015 period. Those that are available – from the Department of Finance and the Troika – are summarised in Table 5.2.
Benchmark Problem with
SCoimnsuolratituiomnfoorfACdvAaSncLed3D HSFimPuFlatuioenl AofsLsWeRmsbly. Benchmark Problem with On-The-Fly Doppler. Broadening in MCNP6. Scott J. Wilderman and William R. Martin University of Michigan Forrest B. Brown. ... A plot comparing MPACT axial pin power/fission rate distributions with MCNP6 OTF results is shown in figure 2 below. While there is no reference data for comparison, it is instructive to. Fig.
Thomson Reuters projected that the global Islamic nancial services assets to grow annually at an average of 10 percent and reach USD 3.2 trillion by the end of 2020. The composi on of Islamic Finance is concentrated primarily in banking assets followed by capital market (Sukuk, Islamic funds), and takaful contribu ... In order to form a benchmark yield (or Sukuk) curve and enhance market liquidity, the Treasury started to issue longer term maturity sukuks (5 years) in the domes c markets for the rst me in July 2016.
* Target heart-rate zones are used as a benchmark or reference point. Ranges of heart rates may vary, based on age and/or physical condition. 2. For each activity listed in the chart below, indicate your predicted heart rate and actual beats per minute (bpm), and identify the target heart-rate zone that corresponds with the actual result.
People - Met Office | Analysis of our employee data
Our 2012 data provides us with a benchmark against which we can measure how we perform each year and identify how effective we are in relation to our diversity policies. We now have four more years of data (2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016) to enable us to carry out further analysis and determine what impacts ... Our declaration rate for sexual orientation was Heterosexual (60%), and Gay man (1%). All other categories were less than 1%; but demonstrated that individuals were comfortable with disclosing this information.
Support vector machines
Example classifiers for the Reuters cate-gory interest are. • if (interest AND rate) OR (quarterly), then confidence (“interest” category) = 0.9. ... Because there are so many possible com-binations of QP packages, decomposition heuristics, code optimizations, data struc-tures, and benchmark problems, it is very difficult to determine which SVM algo-rithm (if any) is the most efficient.
The National Quality Standard
The National Quality Standard (NQS) is a key aspect of the National Quality Framework (NQF) and sets a high, national benchmark for early childhood education and care, and outside school hours care services in Australia. ... Find out more on the assessment and rating process and quality ratings. Quality ratings of assessed services are published on the national registers and on the Starting Blocks website. National learning frameworks.
City of Scottsdale - Architectural & Engineering Design...
Benchmark information for Capital Improvement Projects. Benchmarks for other submittals are to be based on NAVD 88 and meet the FEMA Benchmark Maintenance (BMM) criteria. See the criteria defined within the Coordinator’s Manual of the National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System. Use the MCDOT benchmark system in accordance with the BMM criteria.
Good practices of DSM
Implementation of the benchmarking agreement. World top. Cost-effectiveness. Verification bureau bench marking. Bench mark committee. In return… (Expected) results. ... • Belgium: a federal state • DSM measures in Flanders • Two good practices: – RUE public service obligations for electricity grid managers. – Implementation of the benchmarking agreement. November 23, 2007. confidential – © 2007, VITO NV – all rights reserved.
DSI Hydrology Dictionary
load belt of fluctuation bench-mark bench-mark station bend benthon bifurcation bifurcation ratio bio-assay biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) biomass blind drainage bog boil border spring bored well bottom current boundary conditions boundary of saturation Boussinesq's approximation Bowen ratio brackish water braided river breakthrough curve brightness brine broad-crested weir brook bubble gauge; bubble gage (A) bulk density of soil buoyancy.
DSI Hydrology Dictionary
load belt of fluctuation bench-mark bench-mark station bend benthon bifurcation bifurcation ratio bio-assay biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) biomass blind drainage bog boil border spring bored well bottom current boundary conditions boundary of saturation Boussinesq's approximation Bowen ratio brackish water braided river breakthrough curve brightness brine broad-crested weir brook bubble gauge; bubble gage (A) bulk density of soil buoyancy.
Enforcement Fee Structure Review
12.4. Determining Fee Recovery Rates. 13.1. Standard cost categories. 13.2. Costs allocated to activities. 15.1. Rate of return benchmarks. 15.2. Form of profit target. ... as www.hemscott.com, www.reuters.com, and. § Listed companies selected from Plimsoll analyses of UK bailiff and debt collection agencies50. Potentially comparable listed companies from the sources above were narrowed down to the comparable listed companies in the table on the following page
Appendix 2: Project Management Plan
Benchmarking database – McKinsey has a proprietary database of quantitative and qualitative benchmarks. These benchmarks address both effectiveness and efficiency of IT. ... Blackberry) Trader Voice: ? Private Lines ? Trader Turret Position ? Voice Recording. Enterprise Data*. Bloomberg: ? Bloomberg Services Reuters: ? Reuters Services CQG (…): Dow Jones (…)
City of Springfield, MO Public Works Design Guide
City GIS Map. View various data layers including: Elevation Benchmarks. FEMA Floodplain. Sanitary & Storm Sewer. and more! Contractor Rating System. The City rates contractor's performances and is being rated. APWA Accreditation. The City of Springfield is accredited by the American Public Works Association.
Platts Oil Benchmarks & Price
• Derivatives “price out” against Platts spot price assessments or futures settlements. Benchmark Pricing: What the Market Expects. Convergence between market values and published values Benchmarks that fully reflect market value Responsible behaviour Full transparency. ... • Shipping rates are weak and many shipping companies are incurring losses. • Combination of economic contraction and regulation are resulting in less trade in key markets. • Expected impact on bank participation.
National Bank Of Ethiopia - Frequently Asked Question
NBE, as a central bank, does provide loan to the government and banks, not to individuals and business entities. What is the current deposit interest rate? ... The lending rate is fully liberalized, and hence there is no lower/upper lending limit rate in the country. Each bank determines the lending rates.
The Plasma | Benchmarking Summit against GS2 and GYRO
Plasma Microturbulence Project. 2. Benchmarking Summit against GS2 and GYRO. ... Plasma, 2000] (Cyclone standard) ? GYRO local result ?i=1.9 [Candy and Waltz, JCP, April, 2003]. • Benchmark with global GK code [Idomura et al, IAEA 2002]: good agreement for linear growth rate, nonlinear benchmark underway.
A rizona s tate r etirement s ystem
annual net rates of return for ASRS strategic asset class benchmarks, and 4) ensuring sufficient monies are available to meet pension benefits, health insurance, and other cash flow requirements. Mr. Martin also presented substantial information on the total fund attribution and asset class performance versus the benchmarks for those classes. ... Natural gas/LNG price, USD per mmbtu. $18. Source: Bloomberg, FERC, China NDRC, World Bank, IEA, Reuters. * Korean industrial electricity prices are heavily subsidized.
Agriculture Market News Information from APEDA...
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India may soon cut the floor price for exports of wheat from government warehouses by 13 percent, government sources said on Tuesday, which could boost shipments and put downward pressure on benchmark prices in Chicago. The move could come after state-run trading firms in the world's second-biggest wheat producer after China earlier this month received bids lower than the minimum rate for overseas sales, the sources said.
In the investigation, the Department measured whether there was a benefit from these programs by comparing the government stumpage rates in Canada with market rates charged in the United States, because the available in-country prices (private prices in the provinces) were determined to be inappropriate benchmarks. The use of these cross-border comparisons was challenged by Canada, and a NAFTA panel limited the use of cross-border benchmarks.
Zimbabwe Government - Economic Information
This is evidenced by the fact that Zimbabwe continues to have the highest literacy rate in Africa and indeed, in the whole world, and its mining and Agriculture sectors are second to none on the whole continent. The Zimbabwean business model, with its emphasis on empowerment as the driver of economic development, has been hailed as a global benchmark as it recognizes the fact that trade without indigenous participation is exploitative and, therefore, destined to fail.
Outlook for the international...
Source: National Statistical Agencies, IMF World Economic Outlook April 2014, Thomson Reuters and Treasury. While growth in China has moderated, it is still expected to remain solid. ... The mean and range of these forecasts provide benchmarks with which to compare the Government’s economic forecasts. Forecasts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) provide a benchmark from an international institution.
Retail Price Benchmark
This Analysis is based on the Arab Countries Retail Price Benchmark conducted by AREGNET in 2010. The basket methodologies for PSTN, Mobile and Leased Lines are identical to those used by the OECD (Organisation of Economic Co-operation and ... Further analysis conducted on mobile prices and taking into consideration the introduction of off-peak rates during the last quarter of 2010, shows that Lebanon has gained one position among the Arab Mediterranean countries. However, mobile rates in Lebanon...
Energy advisory committee
5. Residential consumers are either offered a basic tariff rate (per kWh consumption) regardless of time and volume of use (e.g. in Singapore), or varying tariff rates for different time and volume of use as a means to encourage energy efficiency and conservation. ... The information would include cost breakdown so that the regulators could assess the proposed rate against established pre-set benchmarks (including the rate of return).
NON-LIFE | Change in Rate of
Measuring the Green Economy | Economics & Statistics...
Unemployment Rate. ... As our nation promotes greater environmental stewardship, it is important to establish national benchmarks by which to measure progress toward a greener economy and nation. While this report does not establish an official benchmark, it outlines a process that might be used to establish such a benchmark.
Source: Reuters Ecowin. When you hold cash equivalents, you must be prepared to receive modest returns. However, as cash equivalents are generally short term and interest rates are reset at maturity, their yields can be adjusted upwards as inflation rises. ... Most unit trusts have a stated benchmark against which its performance is measured. For example, the typical benchmark for unit trusts investing in Singapore stocks is the Straits Times Index. If the excess return is positive, the unit trust is said to have outperformed its...
C Michigan's unemployment rate decreased from 9.8% in November to 9.3% in December, down from 11.1% one year ago. However, the decreases reflect workers leaving the labor force rather than employment gains. Compared with a year ago, employment was down by 3,000 jobs, and the size of the labor force (those working or looking for work) had fallen by 100,000 people. ... January 2012 employment data for Michigan, and final 2011 data, will be released after revised benchmarks are complete, in early March.
National Bank ready to sell up to $70 mln |
It bought $91.6 million in the last two days but sold the dollar over several days last week, as the hryvnia fell to its lowest level since February, Reuters reports. ... 22.12.2016 16:30 National Bank projects 12% inflation rate.
Innovation union scoreboard 2011
2. introduction. 3. innovation union scoreboard: findings for member states. 4. comparison of EU27 innovation performance with key benchmark countries. ... CWTS / Thomson Reuters. The capacity of firms to develop new products will determine their competitive advantage. One indicator of the rate of new product innovation is the number of patents.
Neutral Citation Number: [2015] EWCA Crim 1944
It has operated since 1986 and has become a benchmark for many types of financial transactions and in relation to various currencies. For each currency there are selected a number of prestigious panel banks. Each such panel bank submits its rate for the relevant period or “tenor”, doing so without reference (or at least intended to do so without reference) to any other panel bank. The resulting submissions made by the various panel banks are then collated via Thomson Reuters and averaged, typically with the top...
Import substitution has not become the benchmark...
Import substitution has not become the benchmark for Russian SMEs. 7th August 2015.
The Honorable Michael R. Turner
SBA implemented the framework for the benchmarks at § 4(a) of the Policy Directives. This section of the Policy Directive states the time period over which a firm’s transition rate is assessed, the threshold number of Phase I awards that an awardee must have received during this time period for the transition rate benchmark to be applicable, and the consequences for not meeting the benchmarks.
Step 2 - Comprehensive Planning: Comprehensive planning involves engaging the community in describing and prioritizing long-range goals (5-10 years) and designing benchmarks to measure progress in achieving the goals. ... • Tribal statistical data on income, unemployment rates, or other data which support the project need. • Statistical data from other agencies reinforcing community problems such as: I.H.S., school district, BIA, state or other appropriate data sources.
Rights and Permissions
This measure complements the aggregate ranking on the ease of doing business, which benchmarks each economy’s current performance on the indicators against that of all other economies in the Doing Business sample. Research is also taking advantage. ... Malaysia in-troduced a performance index for judges in 2009. Case disposal rates are already improving. More ways of tracking change in business regulation. Every year Doing Business recognizes the 10 economies that improved the most in the...
City of Chandler Budget Division
The City of Chandler participates in the Valley Benchmark Cities (VBC) group that analyzes performance data across the 11 members cities and towns. The Trends Report includes comparative date for Fiscal Years (FY) 2013-14 and FY 2014-15, across several different functional areas. ... Chandler Provides Value to Residents. Chandler Property Tax Rates & Comparisons to Other Valley Cities.
Unemployment Insurance Fund
The sensitivity to interest rate movements is managed by managing the duration of fixed interest exposure. Such duration is managed relative to an appropriate benchmark. ... Model/Valuation risk. This risk arises from the dependence on systems, models, algorithms and assumptions used to price instruments and structures. The PIC utilises Bloombergs, Reuters and INet, as well as internally developed models. This risk is managed by ensuring that only models from credible sources are used.
Dubai | Benchmark threshold
This is underpinned by an understanding that the benchmark for success can no longer solely be measured by national standards; rather on what students achieve and how education systems perform on an internationally comparable scale. ... However, evidence of substantial variation was detected as different types of schools were found to have made different rates of progress in Dubai. In both Private UK and Private Indian schools, the 2011 score, was found to be 28 points and 55 points higher compared to 2007.
This section then discusses two pure benchmark tax systems, the comprehensive income tax and consumption tax benchmarks and examines how housing would be treated in these ideal systems. Other taxes on housing, specifically land tax and stamp duty, require different considerations. ... Housing and Taxation. Deutsch, Friezer, Fullerton, Hanley, Snape (2009) Australian Tax Handbook (Thomson Reuters).
Quarterly Bulletin
Turkey, however, lowered its benchmark rate by only 25 basis points in December 2012. Most central banks in Latin America kept their policy rates unchanged during the fourth quarter. ... The interest rate trajectory corresponds well with other indicators of short-term interest rate expectations, such as those represented by the Reuters consensus forecast.
b. Develop the bench of future leaders and prepare succession plans early for sustained continuity. 4. Set new expectations by setting benchmarks, and establish a new culture by setting performance standards right up front that all must achieve. ... Mr. Mosler has twice received the prestigious Real Estate Board of New York “Deal of the Year” award, winning in 1998 for the Reuters Building and in 1999 for bringing the European retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) to its United States agship location on Fifth Avenue.
Equal Remuneration Project
The process was outlined in the ERO Benchmarking Process Fact Sheet. Final Benchmarks. When the letters of offer were sent out to organisations in November 2012, there was an opportunity for organisations to apply for a review of their supplementation rates. ... Combining the benchmark increase with the salary group enables a calculation that allows for a more accurate rate, whilst ensuring that organisations are not overpaid ERO Supplementation.
Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report
A former Rabobank Group trader pleaded guilty in U.S. court June 10 to charges of wire fraud and bank fraud for conspiring to manipulate the London interbank offered rate (LIBOR) used to determine benchmark interest rates. ... 17. June 11, Reuters – (Montana) Workers safe after explosions, fire rock Montana wood-products plant. Authorities are investigating the cause of a fire and a series of explosions at a Plum Creek Timber Co. wood-products facility in Columbia Falls June 10.
BELCO Tariff Application
gov.bm›sites/default/files/BELCO Base Rate Filing…
However, historic returns also influence investors’ forward-looking expectations about rates of return. NERA has identified six utilities similar to BELCO and used these historical returns to benchmark BELCO’s rate of return, as shown in Table 1. ... Proxy Group Single-stage DCF Analysis. Exhibit 2.4. Growth Rate ("g") Thomson Reuters4 Thomson Reuters Five Year Growth Rate.
International Benchmark. Rate of continuity and existence of new projects (3 years). Percentage of contribution of Small and Medium Enterprises to the non-. oil gross domestic product. ... International Benchmark. Deficiency rate in the average length of roads per capita in cities compared.
develop a joint benchmark and monitoring tool and IT tool to regularly assess the participation rate of SMEs, local and regional authorities and business support agencies in international know-how transfer. Total budget: ERDF Funding 890 565 EUR, national co-financing 247 135 EUR, total 1 137 700 EUR.
Financial & Statistical Reports
The report also shows the number of movements and average mile per carload data. (Some data has been redacted to protect confidentiality where necessary.) These changes will provide stakeholders with more detailed information about rail shipments, and may be of particular interest to shippers that would like to benchmark the rates they are paying for railroad transportation.
Bahrain Monetary Agency
List of financial institutions, rules and regulations, money and banking statistics, annual report and quarterly bulletin.
N ational C redit u nion a dministration | to Market Rate
The benchmark interest rate is moved up and down a given amount, the cash flows are changed if warranted (for example, if mortgage prepayments are assumed to change at the new interest rate), and the new price is computed for the up and down rate movements. ... Reliable sources for market data include commercial services such as Bloomberg, and Reuters. OTS publishes the Treasury spot rate (zero-coupon) yield curve prevailing at the end of each quarter in its publication Selected Asset and Liability Price Tables.
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GSWAN – Creating Benchmarks for Connectivity. Connectivity creates foundation for rolling out any service electronically hence it is one of the cardinal factors in e-governance. Gujarat has successfully rolled out its SWAN project since 2001 with the vision of providing quality connectivity ... Document Number issued by computer and fee receipt is generated. Market Value & Stamp Duty Calculation as per laid down rules and Jantri (Land Rate). On the spot generation of Ganatri Patrak (calculation sheet) and Notice 3(2) for deficit amount.
and cash-flow • Decisions of growth rate for income and. expenditure • Determine in conjunction with Property. Management the risk for each building to determine discount rate. 3. functions of asset management. 3.3 Monitoring of Profitability ... 3. functions of asset management. 3.4 Benchmarking: • Benchmark to measure efficiency of PM • Magnitude of Portfolio allows us to benchmark. against own buildings • Own Annual Report • SAPIX.
Calendar Year 2012
Private equity investment returns for the year were 4.6% for the twelve month period ending June 30, 2012 as measured by Thomson Reuters VentureXpert. Private equity deal activity declined for the year as did fundraising. ... For the trailing ten years the annualized return is 7.6% and just 0.1% below the policy benchmark. The annualized rate of return for the Plans since 1983, the inception of the current performance measurement process, is 9.1%.
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
• benchmarking total capital and general provisioning levels; • internal capital allocation (including by business unit, geography, product, distribution channel, customer and individual transaction); • risk-adjusted profitability measurement (using risk-adjusted return on ... 1 Benchmarks for desired coverage include selecting one year default rates from Moody’s or Standard & Poor’s, averaging the data of the two ratings agencies, or selecting default rates for a different time horizon and then scaling this to a one year measure.
RateBook | Benchmark Rate
The AzEIP strives to maintain the rates at current market levels. The RateBook contains rates that reflect these levels through the depiction of Benchmark rates. Actual rates paid by the AzEIP may deviate from the Benchmark rates.
Attractive Sectors
Ukrainian agriculture, already enjoying substantial cost advantages due to very fertile soil, lower wages and competitive logistics, still has plenty of headroom for productivity growth as the yields per hectare remain significantly below Western benchmarks. ... Brazil Source: Sea Rates. The export of agricultural and food products is one of the most dynamic sectors of Ukrainian foreign trade. The industry grew at 18% per annum since 2003 and 2015 figures to date place the industry as the single biggest export contributor with 35...
Rights and Permissions
This measure complements the aggregate ranking on the ease of doing business, which benchmarks each economy’s current performance on the indicators against that of all other economies in the Doing Business sample. Research is also taking advantage. ... Malaysia in-troduced a performance index for judges in 2009. Case disposal rates are already improving. More ways of tracking change in business regulation. Every year Doing Business recognizes the 10 economies that improved the most in the...
Table of contents
At end-FY2015/16, the fixed-rate portion of the domestic portfolio decreased by 9.3 percentage points from 68.0% to 58.7%. This was due to the redemption of several fixed-rate benchmark notes and fixed-rate loans from the PetroCaribe Development ... The transaction was executed in an environment that was characterized by volatility, geopolitical tension, uncertainty in the direction of interest rates and low commodity prices. The Thomson Reuters awards ceremony recognizes exceptional performance of bond...
TAC Program - Making Trade Agreements Work for You!
With regard to rates for non-life insurance products, the current system includes fixed rates, banded rates, benchmark rates, and free rates. The Government of Japan will expand the types of products or categories of risk for which benchmark or free rates are used, to the extent possible consistent with appropriate policyholder protection and the fair application of other appropriate and reasonable prudential measures.
Report of the Public Service | Nature of Benchmarking
Timing and scope of the examination. The Public Service Benchmarking Body is asked to examine the pay and jobs of specified grades and to produce a report containing recommendations on the pay rates for these grades in the second half of 2007. ... Index-linked bonds (government guaranteed) For index-linked bonds we assumed a real rate of return of 2% p.a. Our benchmark bond is the French Government Tresor 2032.
B = max
A 3-dimensional plasma uid code is developed, bench-marked and applied to a model with geometrical and magnetic eld parameters chosen to fall in the range of parameters expected for TEXTOR with DED 1]. The resulting patterns ... Charged particles recombine upon impact on any material surface (limiter, vacuum vessel,...) and neu-tral atoms and molecules are released there, typically at an almost equal rate. These neutrals are reionised, and, most impor-tantly, not necessarily within the same uxtube as the former ion.

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